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Secretary of State Antony Blinken
welcomes UN probe of ‘racism’ in US

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Posted By: Ribicon, 7/14/2021 6:05:09 PM

The United Nations—whose World Health Organization arm was just panned for its probe of the COVID-19 pandemic’s origins confined to guidelines set by the Chinese Communist Party—has been formally invited by the Biden administration to investigate “the scourge of racism, racial discrimination, and xenophobia” in the US, according to Secretary of State Antony Blinken. “As the President has repeatedly made clear, great nations such as ours do not hide from our shortcomings; they acknowledge them openly and strive to improve with transparency,” said Blinken in a statement released Tuesday. “It is in this context that the United States intends to issue a formal, standing invitation


Incredible. Maybe it's time to stop reading the news entirely, as I did during a stretch of the Klinton years. President Trump used normal procedures to try to right the ship, but our government and a large fraction of the stupefied masses are so deeply steeped in Marxism that he made little traction. Bulldozing the UN building would be a nice overture should Failed USA ever again have a president interested in our wellbeing as a nation.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Ribicon 7/14/2021 6:07:12 PM (No. 845981)
The International Marxists, including the Biden junta, all agree: The USA is bad, and must pay. FTA: "In a global report issued last month sparked by Floyd's death, UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet called on nations to 'start dismantling racism.' And earlier this month, Bachelet said that nations should 'fully fund… a wide range of reparations measures” to make amends for slavery, discrimination and colonial rule. The invitation also comes less than a year after the US endured a lashing on its civil rights record before the UN—getting scolded by the likes of China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and North Korea."
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Come And Take It 7/14/2021 6:08:19 PM (No. 845983)
I welcome the end of the UN even more than the end of the Xiden Criminal Cabal.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: marbles 7/14/2021 6:17:32 PM (No. 845990)
Name the problem ( "systemic racism ", it doesn't exist in the USA ) and then give away Americans freedoms and sovereignty to fix it . Dems/lefties really stink and are evil.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: udanja99 7/14/2021 6:25:19 PM (No. 845995)
Anyone who thinks that the USA is racist should go live in Japan for a while.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: marbles 7/14/2021 6:27:12 PM (No. 845997)
And according to the article our record on human right was " scolded " by Russia, China. North Korea and Saudi Arabia "................some group they are to call us out, but the dems/libs really , really hate America and Americans freedoms and liberties.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 7/14/2021 6:31:04 PM (No. 845999)
Oh stop the BS. Rightfully, and sometimes wrongfully, we judge one another. We judge people based on behavior, gender, age, wealth. religion, and yes, RACE. its how we interact with one another. Deal with it. It will never change. Race is being used to indoctrinate the American population into Communism. We are all racist, and we must be controlled. That's what Communism is all about.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: snowoutlaw 7/14/2021 6:35:36 PM (No. 846001)
Racism is the power that holds the Democrat party together, most if not all the racism in this country is directly from and for the Democrat Party. Some examples are the Congressional Black Cacus, NAACP, Chinese Communist Party and there are many more, all 100% racist. Even their names are racist.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Ida Lou Pino 7/14/2021 6:36:26 PM (No. 846002)
The first piece of evidence which Tony "Winken" Blinken presented to the U.N. - - was a series of videos showing young black men beating up old Asian women. So - - we're off to a good start.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: HerbVA 7/14/2021 6:39:27 PM (No. 846003)
Race notwithstanding, why does this POS think the USA should subordinate its sovereignty in any issue to any other entity, especially a thoroughly corrupt one like the UN?
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Heraclitus 7/14/2021 6:50:16 PM (No. 846013)
This is truly an outrage, and i am very angry. I'm angry because we have a traitor in the White House, a traitor an awful lot of stupid Americans voted for, a traitor who is supported by a crooked and venal and mendacious Dem Party and bureaucracy. I'm angry because stupid people exchanged an imperfect man but a man whose love for our country is true and deep for a man who is corrupt, perverted, feeble but fully aware that he's carrying out the wishes of our enemies. And I am angry at the Republican, the stupid ones, whose petty objections to style could override whatever remnants of patriotism remain in their duplicitous hearts to cause them to betray President Trump and the American people. And i am angry that Republicans en masse are not going to the Well and the Floor and coming out onto the steps of the Capitol and making strong protest to those pieces of excrement Biden and Blinken and their gang of evil-doers.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: dwa 7/14/2021 6:51:46 PM (No. 846015)
With Biden and Bilken and the rest of this leftist establishment, we are no longer a sovereign country.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: SALady 7/14/2021 7:08:00 PM (No. 846025)
I would welcome a review of racism in this country if it were honest. But it won't be. It will be about whitey oppressing all those poor minorities. In reality, in the 21st century USA, most crimes of a racial nature are done by blacks. There, I said it. According to FBI statistics (hardly a white supremist source of data), in every racial group, if you are a victim of crime, the majority of the time it will be by someone of your same race. But for every racial groups except blacks, if you are attacked by someone outside of your race, it is most likely to be a black person. That is just the facts based on actual data. So lets address that "systemic racism"!!!
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Reply 13 - Posted by: privateer 7/14/2021 7:13:53 PM (No. 846027)
We all know that Joey the Snarling Meat-puppet is not running this show. The only one I can think of with enough relentless, consuming racism AND vicious, remorseless hatred is... Balack Osama. He as much as told us his dream job would be acting as the hidden puppet-master, spared the tedium and actual effort of pretending to be our president.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: DVC 7/14/2021 7:16:12 PM (No. 846029)
Keep those damned foreigners out of our country. They have NO authority, NO credibility.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Blackbird 7/14/2021 7:22:23 PM (No. 846030)
What a non apologetic left-wing idiot. Typical Biden appointee. Can’t wait for 2022. I’ve run out of nasty but true words to use without getting banned.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: jhpeters2 7/14/2021 7:37:19 PM (No. 846037)
In other words, with the UN involved it is like a Hope/Crosby road movie. Only this time starring 0bama/Harris On The Road To Reparations. A real riot.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: voxpopuli 7/14/2021 7:39:54 PM (No. 846039)
they have NO intention on having an election next year.. the chicoms and Blue Helmets will be over here by then keeping tabs on all the racists..
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Northcross 7/14/2021 7:40:50 PM (No. 846040)
What possible good can come from this? Do I need to list for you some of the "virtuous" countries who sit on the UN Human Rights Council? Cuba. China. Russia. Pakistan. Are we actually ceding to them the moral authority to sit in judgement over the country who has the greatest record of freedom, opportunity, and human rights in the history of the world? Give me a break!
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Reply 19 - Posted by: jalo1951 7/14/2021 7:41:50 PM (No. 846041)
This is disgusting behavior from one of our secretaries. But considering the administration in charge I expect nothing less.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: jalo1951 7/14/2021 7:47:38 PM (No. 846045)
PS When the un gets here I suggest someone drop them off on the southside of Chicago. Hopefully on a hot Friday night in the summer. And then a trip to the TX/Mexico border and maybe a night in Philly, Baltimore or St. Louis. When you get your "report" written I would love to read it. A holes.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: BeatleJeff 7/14/2021 7:49:41 PM (No. 846047)
If it's an honest investigation it will result in a total condemnation of the US Democrat Party. But then, one should never expect honesty from the UN.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: bighambone 7/14/2021 8:02:35 PM (No. 846053)
They could also bring in UN troops from Africa and Southwest Asia to protect all the Black inner city communities from the “White Supremacists” who according to the leftist and socialist Democrats are indirectly causing all the (gun) violence in those ghettos.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: SweetPea3 7/14/2021 8:07:35 PM (No. 846056)
Talk about racism, go live in China. Chinese think Americans are mongrels and our skin smells.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: skacmar 7/14/2021 8:08:40 PM (No. 846057)
I hope all of the Go Along, Get Along RINO's in the Senate who voted these Biden clowns into the Cabinet to implement these idiotic ideas and ideology are happy and proud of themselves. How will they explain these actions away? Our country is being destroyed from within by our own government.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: edgar 7/14/2021 8:27:55 PM (No. 846065)
They can start at UNC Chapel Hill. That group has invited a bunch of racial unrest by being university woke and trying to pander to the equity crowd. The racism is now 'systemic' at UNC. I think they should just tear the place down and start over.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: J. Arthur Brown 7/14/2021 8:31:03 PM (No. 846067)
I think Blinken was the last Cabinet member to let his anti-American freak flag fly, but there it is . . .
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Reply 27 - Posted by: Lawsy0 7/14/2021 8:33:33 PM (No. 846070)
The United Nations should be in Geneva Switzerland or in East Berlin, Germany. The pit of vipers situated on the Hudson, should be glad to get out of this nasty, hateful, racist county. The UN building itself can advertise itself as the whitewashed tomb it has always been. Nobody know how much or if ever a penny of tax has been paid to the state or to city where it is situated.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: Grateful 7/14/2021 8:44:07 PM (No. 846078)
Let's make this very clear. The USA is absolutely the most exceptional country in the history of the world and we will be an even better people when Biden, his sycophants and all of their leftist lemmings have drawn their last breaths.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: RedWhite&Blue2 7/14/2021 8:44:49 PM (No. 846080)
Nuke the UN and the WHO—- They’re in New York? Awwwww, that’s too bad. I firmly believe in war you must slay the enemy wherever they hide! BOOM! Wouldn’t life be greater without all these ignorant commie racist clown haters? Give em all an early dirt nap and a personal interview with our lord God above!
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Reply 30 - Posted by: paral04 7/14/2021 8:55:48 PM (No. 846090)
What about the Muslim racist behavior toward Christians and Jews world-wide. The Mau Maus in Kenya, torturing whites and confiscating their land in Zimbabwe and South Africa as well.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: enemyofthestate 7/14/2021 9:28:00 PM (No. 846113)
Blinken ought to be shot at dawn for treason.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: ColonialAmerican1623 7/15/2021 12:20:01 AM (No. 846195)
Shouldn't they be in Cuba for human rights ? Was it yesterday Michelle at the UN wanted US to pay reparations ? Remember when Shillary wanted the UN to be in charge of our weapons ?
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Reply 33 - Posted by: mifla 7/15/2021 4:55:36 AM (No. 846283)
President - Old white guy. Speaker of the House - Old white woman. Senate Majority Leader - Old white guy. The UN can start with these three.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: 5 handicap 7/15/2021 5:42:49 AM (No. 846304)
I didn't think Blinken was that can anyone be that stupid, giving people who hate us the power to criticize and demean us with the authority granted by us.
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Reply 35 - Posted by: Rinktum 7/15/2021 5:50:15 AM (No. 846310)
#10, Excellent comment. Have you noticed that democrats cannot cite one example of racism on the part of whites? Not one video with an example of racism against blacks. This was a problem for democrats until they stumbled on the concept of systemic racism. Now that is their bogeyman. They threw that blanket over white Americans and intend to keep it there regardless of its veracity. This allows them to create division over something does not exist. Clearly, evil is very clever and always ready with some catch phrase to create whatever they desire at the time. Until the soft weak Republicans in Washington fail to open their eyes to reality, we will be fighting a losing battle. Imagine for a moment what the atmosphere is this nation would be if we had courageous men and women who would fiercely do battle against the lies democrats create in order to divide us. We need truth tellers unafraid to confront these lies. What we don’t need and should outrage every American is a bunch of U.N. perverts who abuse women and children in the country’s they are supposed to help, come here with their arrogance and sanctimony and have the audacity to tell us how to treat anyone. They should clean up their own abusive history before they dare tell anyone anything. O’Biden has given our sovereignty away with his open border policies and now he wants to have this corrupt body tell us where they believe we are wrong which further weakens on our sovereignty. No thanks. Get the U.N. out of the U.S. and get the U.S. out of the U.N.
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Reply 36 - Posted by: Krause 7/15/2021 6:03:03 AM (No. 846316)
Quite the weak sister he is, and who he represents.
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Reply 37 - Posted by: Strike3 7/15/2021 6:31:57 AM (No. 846328)
Most of the world hates us for the same reasons that many blacks hate the whites in America, because we are so successful when we take free rein and get busy producing. No other country can touch us but given a chance to tear America down, they will do so at the drop of a hat while accepting our money with the other hand. The struggling countries of the UN are thoroughly enjoying our current distress. Russia, China and Iran are openly rubbing their hands in glee. If American blacks could see how good they have it, they would get on board and join us in prosperity instead of whining about their imaginary problems while sticking that cup in front of our faces to have the social program funds and reparations dimes dropped into it. Blacks do not want to stand on their own they just want to be first in line when the goodies are passed out.
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Reply 38 - Posted by: Strike3 7/15/2021 6:44:23 AM (No. 846336)
What the incredibly stupid Blinken is suggesting is that America let people like Macron, Johnson, Merkel and various other Euroweenies run the country whose ancestors left Europe to create. If European rule and judgement were all that good, the Mayflower would never have sailed and blacks crying "racism" all the time would still be in Africa.
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Reply 39 - Posted by: Johnnie Barleykorn 7/15/2021 7:31:12 AM (No. 846370)
The United States of America is the least racist country in the world, but the wretched media's goal is to continually foment racism. They will never stop.
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Reply 40 - Posted by: Venturer 7/15/2021 7:36:39 AM (No. 846379)
Do we really need help from someone from Zambia?
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Reply 41 - Posted by: F15 Gork 7/15/2021 7:37:33 AM (No. 846380)
Save yourself some time.....look no further than the White House and the democrat Communist party.
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Reply 42 - Posted by: rusino 7/15/2021 7:39:39 AM (No. 846382)
Get The US out of The UN!..... NOW!
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Reply 43 - Posted by: LaVallette 7/15/2021 8:09:17 AM (No. 846414)
Compare with the Communist Party of China and the UN : "KEEP OUT OF OUR INTERNAL AFFAIRS" while rubbing their hands in glee for for the propaganda coup they will reap to create both internal and international problems for the US from what they already know the UN Inquiry shills will publish as a consequence of the invitation by the US administration to interfere in the nation's internal affairs. "Great nations such as ours do not hide from our shortcomings;" but they also proclaim they are fully capable of solving their own internal problems without prodding and interference form bad faith outsiders.
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Reply 44 - Posted by: stablemoney 7/15/2021 9:06:42 AM (No. 846474)
Blinken is the stupidest idiot possible. Very close to Biden on that point. BTW, as for racism, people don't have to like you. They are free not to. If you don't like not being liked, you might consider changing your behavior, demeanor, ways, and other amendments that might make you more popular. Personally, I like not being liked, because that keeps people away and out of my business.
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Reply 45 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 7/15/2021 9:33:13 AM (No. 846513)
Really, Blinken? Investigate something ginned up by your own corrupt and evil dim party?
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Reply 46 - Posted by: milwaukeeroad 7/15/2021 9:59:59 AM (No. 846544)
Curious if this fool Blinken will invite the UN to investigate our rampant voter fraud?
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Reply 47 - Posted by: HicoKid 7/15/2021 10:21:37 AM (No. 846564)
We Patriots are in fight to the death with the Communist Enemy. The Enemy knows exactly what they are doing, and they have little time to get it done before freedom-loving Patriots actively resist. We cannot wait for our politicians to grow a spine, or simply hope that our blessed Constitution will protect us. The Enemy aims to subjugate and eventually bury the Patriots who have worked all their lives, sacrificed for their families, obeyed our laws and respected the rights of others. We must resist and disrupt our Enemy at every opportunity, whether you be in government, the military, global corporations or at home. Take action so that we remain in the fight to do it over and over again. We must immediately take back what was stolen from us in the November 2020 election. It’s time that our Courts fear the Patriots more than the Enemy.
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Reply 48 - Posted by: edgar 7/15/2021 11:01:04 AM (No. 846609)
I can't wait to hear what the UN's solution is for 'systemic racism' in America. a. Reparations b. Reparations c. Reparations d. All of the above
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Reply 49 - Posted by: Zigrid 7/15/2021 11:17:20 AM (No. 846629)
Another trip down memory lane folks... remember when Clinton told OUR troops they would wear the UN blue helmets... and the military rose up and said NO...they volunteered for US service... not UN service...just another attempt to give control to the UN and china...these world order freaks really are working every come the UN brown shirts... along with biden/obama socialists knocking at your door and tapping your text messages...zuckie and Rasputin can't control our thoughts with their censoring all things conservative... so now they are intruding into our private text world... OMG... they are really frightened by US...
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Reply 50 - Posted by: MickTurn 7/15/2021 11:51:07 AM (No. 846658)
Hey UN, Start with the Democrap Party...
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Reply 51 - Posted by: jasmine 7/15/2021 3:35:04 PM (No. 846909)
The Democrats' goal is to normalize and empower unelected global entities. It invites them to sit in judgment of the American people, not to empower us, but to condemn us. Americans have no duty to tolerate the abusive nonsense the "Democratic" Party so enjoys spewing at middle America. Remember, it is not the American people who invited illegal aliens from south of the border to come to the US "to be heard." Joe Biden himself did that. Where is the MSM, and why won't it tell us why Biden's message to Cubans fleeing oppression is to stay home? How is his administration's warning to Cubans that they will be sent back to their open air prison acceptable to the American people if they try to escape?
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Reply 52 - Posted by: Mother of AL 7/15/2021 5:32:26 PM (No. 847043)
I will NEVER submit to the UN coming in to my beautiful, wonderful country, unless it is to take out the slop from every outhouse of every red blooded American patriot!! I also will never submit to rule by any Democrat ever again! Never!
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Reply 53 - Posted by: Kafka2 7/16/2021 12:33:25 AM (No. 847347)
With China, Russia and Cuba on the UN commission, I can just imagine what their investigation will report. I am sure that their comrades in Antifa and BLM will give them an ear full. Biden and Blinken are freaking idiots.
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NFL 'will play the black national anthem
'Lift Ev'ry Voice And Sing' before the Star
Spangled Banner at its 2021 season games'
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Posted by Imright 7/16/2021 2:47:45 AM Post Reply
The NFL plans to perform or play the black national anthem before games this season, ESPN reports. 'Lift Ev'ry Voice And Sing,' traditionally referred to as the black national anthem, will be performed before 'The Star-Spangled Banner,' during the season opener on September 10, when the Kansas City Chiefs host the Houston Texans.The NFL, in collaboration with the NFL Players Association, is also considering featuring names of victims who suffered police brutality on uniforms, helmets or patches on jerseys.
Biden grappling with ‘pandemic
of the unvaccinated’
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Posted by IowaDad 7/17/2021 6:57:51 AM Post Reply
WASHINGTON — Two weeks after celebrating America’s near “independence” from the coronavirus, President Joe Biden is confronting the worrying reality of rising cases and deaths — and the limitations of his ability to combat the persistent vaccine hesitance responsible for the summer backslide. Cases of COVID-19 have tripled over the past three weeks, and hospitalizations and deaths are rising among unvaccinated people. While the rates are still sharply down from their January highs, officials are concerned by the reversing trendlines and what they consider needless illness and death. And cases are expected to continue to rise in coming weeks.
Arizona state senator demands electors be
recalled for new election, calls for audit of
all 50 states
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Posted by Imright 7/16/2021 8:17:52 PM Post Reply
Following an Arizona Senate hearing Thursday about the ongoing audit of Maricopa County’s election results, a Republican state senator issued stunning tweets calling for the state’s electors to be recalled and a new election held.State Sen. Wendy Rogers, a retired Air Force pilot, posted the tweets after Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan, CyFIR founder Ben Cotton and Arizona Senate Liaison Ken Bennett testified about their current findings.“Thousands of names were added to the voting rolls after election day, but are recorded as casting a ballot in the 2020 election,” Logan claimed at one point in the hearing.Meanwhile, all three slammed the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors for refusing to
Pope reverses Benedict, reimposes
restrictions on Latin Mass
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Posted by IowaDad 7/16/2021 7:38:41 AM Post Reply
ROME — Pope Francis cracked down Friday on the spread of the old Latin Mass, reversing one of Pope Benedict XVI’s signature decisions in a major challenge to traditionalist Catholics who immediately decried it as an attack on the ancient liturgy. Francis reimposed restrictions on celebrating the Latin Mass that Benedict relaxed in 2007. The pontiff said he was taking action because Benedict’s reform had become a source of division in the church and been used as a tool by Catholics opposed to the Second Vatican Council, the 1960s meetings that modernized the liturgy. Francis issued a new law requiring individual bishops to approve celebrations of the old Mass
Biden says social media is 'killing people'
with vaccine misinformation after Jen Psaki
snapped at reporter's 'inaccurate' claim the
White House is 'spying' on Facebook posts
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Posted by Imright 7/16/2021 5:15:12 PM Post Reply
President Biden said social media platforms such as Facebook were 'killing people' as the White House on Friday doubled down on the danger of COVID-19 misinformation.He spoke to reporters minutes after the issue dominated a White House press briefing, with reporters asking whether the administration was spying on American citizens by flagging misleading, dangerous information.As he left for a weekend at Camp David, Biden was asked if he had a message for social media companies like Facebook. 'They’re killing people. I mean it really,' he said.
FB oversight member says free speech
‘is not an absolute human right’
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Posted by earlybird 7/16/2021 12:59:41 PM Post Reply
A Facebook Oversight Board member says free speech is “not an absolute human right,” and must be balanced against “other human rights” when deciding what content to censor. The board member, former Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt, said “free speech is not an absolute human right.” “It has to be balanced with other human rights,” she said Thursday at a Politico Europe event. The 20-member Facebook Oversight Board was set up last year to allow corporate executives to claim distance from politically sensitive decisio
Forget about Booting Biden 34 replies
Posted by Magnante 7/16/2021 3:35:30 AM Post Reply
As the forensic audit in Maricopa County, Arizona, winds down, expectations are rising that the defects of the 2020 election will finally be addressed. A recent poll reports that "more than half" of Republicans expect the audit to bounce President Biden out of office. That's not going to happen. And that's not a bad thing. Fixing the 2020 election requires more than Biden has to offer. Real reform requires going after the people who put Biden in office. (snip) There is no precedent or framework for revoking Biden's Electoral College "win."
Poll-dancing: Is Biden really
at 49 percent approval?
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Posted by Magnante 7/17/2021 4:15:41 AM Post Reply
Here are the biased numbers for the recent Economist-YouGov poll that gives Joe Biden a 49% approval rating. (snip) Dem (324) Republican (235) Independent (260) Ninety-nine more Democrats sampled vs. Republicans were included in the results. It is not hard to get the results you want if the polls are assembled in this way, and this is always the method with these polls. A total of 819 from 1,500 participants. Does that mean the rest were dumped because they are not registered to vote or affiliated with a party? Were their answers included in the reported percentages?
Chrissy Teigen Says She's Been
Put In The 'Cancel Club' Amid
Fallout Over Cyberbullying Accusations
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Posted by Black Conservative Voice 7/16/2021 5:28:53 AM Post Reply
Chrissy Teigen opened up about being put in the "cancel club" after she was accused of cyberbullying model Courtney Stodden and others online. Teigen shared a photo on Instagram with a lengthy caption expressing how she's been feeling to her fans.
Nautically correct Australian officials
to rebrand shark 'attacks' as
'negative encounters'
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Posted by Ribicon 7/17/2021 12:16:34 AM Post Reply
Officials in Australia are rebranding shark “attacks” as “a negative encounter” as experts argue the former had given the nautical predators a bad reputation not based on science. At least two of the six Australian states have reportedly changed the way they officially describe shark attacks. In New South Wales, the government’s shark reports now refer to shark “incidents” or “interactions,” and in Queensland, the state government refers to them as “a negative encounter,” Sky News reported.(Snip)Proponents argue the word “attack” has created a culture of fear around sharks, one often depicted in movies. “Sharks are very curious animals,” Leonardo Guida, a shark biologist
Twitter explodes after Psaki urges Big
Tech to unite on bans for
'misinformation' spreaders
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Posted by Moritz55 7/16/2021 7:05:40 PM Post Reply
The White House is courting intense criticism again Friday after press secretary Jen Psaki said that once users are banned from one social media platform for spreading coronavirus "misinformation," they should be expelled from all others as well. Remarking on steps social media outlets could take for public health, she advised they "create robust enforcement strategies that bridge their properties and provide transparency about rules. You shouldn't be banned from one platform and not others if you are for providing misinformation out there."
Durham report may not be
'broad' as hoped but prosecutions
in play, Nunes says
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Posted by Ida Lou Pino 7/16/2021 10:08:21 AM Post Reply
Any report compiled by special counsel John Durham "may not be as broad as we want it to be," warned a leading Republican congressman, who nevertheless expects more prosecutions. Rep. Devin Nunes, the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, made the observation as he assessed what remains to be seen of the inquiry into the origins and conduct of the Russia investigation. The long duration of the special counsel investigation has frustrated former President Donald Trump, who often asks about Durham's progress.
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