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McEnany on media double standard: Biden
women get ‘glowing’ profiles, Trump women
got ‘hit pieces’

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Posted By: Imright, 6/5/2021 8:26:20 PM

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany spoke out on “Outnumbered” Friday concerning Jen Psaki being photographed by celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz for a magazine profile, contrasting Psaki’s “glowing” profile versus how women in the Trump administration were treated.“Instead of the glowing profiles, there were hit pieces repeatedly, time and time again,” McEnany noted during the show referring to the biased treatment of Psaki.She commented that the media exhibited exaggerated and groveling flattery towards the Biden administration: “It’s just so sad that you have a fawning press corps like this, a fawning media sycophantically covering members of the Biden administration,” McEnany stated.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: itsonlyme 6/5/2021 8:34:13 PM (No. 806975)
MANY members in the MSM are pathetic pukes. Their hatred for DJT leads them produce fake news along with disparaging views and remarks to anyone associated with him or his ideology. These MSM ferals are the Enemy Of The People.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Nimby 6/5/2021 8:35:51 PM (No. 806980)
Glowing profiles needed for fugly in heart and looks
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Reply 3 - Posted by: downnout 6/5/2021 8:42:17 PM (No. 806984)
Sarah Sanders and Kayleigh would chew up and spit out the remains of Psaki after a debate. The redhead is not exactly a shining example of a communicator.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: ladydawgfan 6/5/2021 8:56:23 PM (No. 806994)
Just call them the prostitute press - they "Lewinsky" the ones they like and the truth gets screwed!!
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Reply 5 - Posted by: snapper451 6/5/2021 11:09:58 PM (No. 807058)
Allow to pit this in automotive terms. Kayleigh is a Ferrari and Circle Back Pasaki is a Yugo. Could not make it any simpler.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: bobn.t 6/5/2021 11:12:07 PM (No. 807060)
There is nothing glowing about "circleback".
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Reply 7 - Posted by: web 6/5/2021 11:15:31 PM (No. 807062)
Melania had more class and beauty than any First Lady in memory, yet the MSM savaged her. They couldn't stop talking about Big Mike's "tone arms" and now it's "Dr. Jill Biden." Yes, she is technically a "Dr. of Education."
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Reply 8 - Posted by: local500 6/6/2021 4:28:25 AM (No. 807116)
Fact check: True. Not one sane or objective journalist would even remotely let Jen Psaki get away with all her "circle back" and other crap.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: dst4life 6/6/2021 8:48:51 AM (No. 807280)
Jen Psaki = Unprofessional Propagandist.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: mamateach 6/6/2021 8:58:44 AM (No. 807290)
This was trending on Twitter yesterday. Kayleigh was called jealous of Jen and a liar for Trump many many times. Psaki was praised for her intelligence and truth telling as well as her caring about the American people. It was very obviously a biased thread, and amazing to see the nastiness of so many verified inwriting!
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Reply 11 - Posted by: RuckusTom 6/6/2021 9:48:56 AM (No. 807336)
See Michelle vs. Milania.
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Vice President Kamala Harris's plane en route to Guatemala has returned to Joint Base Andrews due to "technical issues."Harris will switch planes and continue en route to Guatemala City, where she will discuss the "root causes of migration" during her first international trip as vice president."It is a technical issue. there are no major safety concerns," Symone Sanders, a spokeswoman for Harris, told the White House press pool. Harris is scheduled to spend one day in Guatemala City before traveling to Mexico for the second leg of her trip. She will be received by Guatemala's president, Alejandro Giammattei,
Meghan gave birth to second baby on
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to 'honor her beloved' late grandmother and
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The Duchess of Sussex has given birth to a daughter named Lilibet 'Lili' Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, after the family nickname for the Queen and the duke's late mother Princess Diana.Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's baby girl was born on Friday, June 4 at 11:40am at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital weighing 7lb 11oz, it was announced today. She is said to be settling in at home. She is sister to two-year-old Archie and is the Queen's 11th great-grandchild - the first of the monarch's great-grandchildren to be born since the death of her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, in April. With the Sussexes living in California, it is not known when
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The Democrat scheme to strip states of the ability to hold their own elections is now doomed to fail thanks to Senator Joe Manchin. Democrats cementing into place the tactics that were used to cheat their way into total control of the government is looking more and more short-lived.In an op-ed that was published in Sunday’s edition of the Charleston Gazette-Mail, the West Virginia moderate revealed that he would be voting against the Orwellian named “For The People Act”. The bill has been fraudulently marketed as legislation that would protect the voting rights of people of color.
Donald Trump is Moving People to Tears
with Heartwrenching Story About Fallen
Soldiers’ Mothers
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Posted by Imright 6/6/2021 2:59:16 PM Post Reply
Donald Trump returned to the primetime spotlight with a highly anticipated speaking engagement at the North Carolina GOP state convention in Greenville on Saturday night. While millions turned their eyes to the political heavyweight as he laid out his vision for America’s future, it was a heartwrenching story that the former president related about Gold Star mothers that laid bare the heavy responsibilities that come with the presidential office.“I’d visit soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital, where the doctors are truly fantastic, what they can do,” he said. “I’d see these young people who were blown to pieces, and it’s, it’s just so sad.”
Arizona Audit: Third Shift Counts Ballots
ALL NIGHT As The Hand Count Begins
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On Saturday night, The Arizona Audit continued to wind down. They will soon not need the 8 PM to 1 AM counting shift. There are now only 7 untouched pallets of boxes remaining. The floor is starting to add more forensic tables after they removed 12 counting tables because they are so close to completion. On Friday, The Gateway Pundit reported that the Audit had reached 67% of ballots counted. At the time, they had 10 untouched pallets on the floor. Now there are seven pallets remaining.
Outrageous: Brian Williams Pushes Ad
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On Friday night, MSNBC host Brian Williams collaborated with the Lincoln Project in giving free publicity to the far-left Antifa terrorist group by shamelessly exploiting the Normandy invasion that was pivotal to defeating the Nazis in Europe. Williams -- who still has not informed viewers of the Lincoln Project's ethical problems -- concluded the show by showing the group's new ad lauding Antifa members, likening them to World War II patriots.Setting up the ad, the MSNBC host recalled:(Video) Last thing before we go tonight. An important anniversary coming up this weekend.
96-year-old American is lone veteran
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Charles Shay was the only veteran at a ceremony in Carentan, where paratroopers landed in the early hours of D-Day, when the small French town marked the 77th anniversary of the epic World War II invasion Friday.He is also expected to be the sole representative of the more than 150,000 allied troops who landed on Normandy’s beaches at Sunday’s anniversary day ceremony at the Normandy American Cemetery of Colleville-sur-Mer.The 96-year-old Native American from Indian Island, Maine, now lives in the country he helped liberate from the Nazis as a 19-year-old Army medic.
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The San Francisco Giants told fans Tuesday that the team will add gay pride colors to its hats and uniforms in recognition of Gay Pride Month. “The 11 colors of the new Pride logo are emblematic of the Progress Pride Flag and signify inclusion and progression with the six pride colors,” the team said in a statement, “red (life); orange (healing); yellow (sunlight); green (nature); blue (serenity); purple (spirit); and black and brown to recognize LGBTQ+ people of color and light blue, pink and white to recognize people who are transgender.”
Why Was the US Department of Defense Funding
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Late Friday the British publication DailyMail reported that the United States Department of Defense provided $39 million in grant funding to “EcoHealth Alliance” as part of the aggregated grant funding received by EcoHealth Alliance to conduct various types of “gain of function” virus research – a type of research in which scientists engineer viruses to make them more transmissible or lethal and which can be used to create bioweapons. EcoHealth Alliance used a large amount of its funding to support research projects on the subject at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, led by Chinese “bat virus” expert Dr. Shi Zenglhi — the “Bat Lady.”
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University graduates have designed a women's urinal they claim is six times more efficient than the traditional lockable toilet. Amber Robyn and Hazel McShane, who graduated from the University of Bristol last year, designed the hands-free Peequal when they were asked to solve a 'real life problem' for their masters project.(Snip) Not wasting time on opening and closing doors and cleaning toilet seats, or laying toilet paper out over the seat, are also ways the design improves efficiency. A prototype of the urinal, which is semi-private so others waiting to use the Peequal can't see anything from the waist down,
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A 21-year-old Amazon delivery woman viciously beat another woman, 67, who had called her a bi**ch after the San Francisco-area driver told her to 'check her white privilege' when she'd complained about a delayed package. Itzel Ramirez, the Amazon driver, was arrested after she was filmed assaulting the woman in Alameda County, the sheriff’s office said on Friday.(Snip) ‘I believe the Amazon driver said something about “your white privilege,” and my tenant said, “You don’t need to be a b***h about it,” turned around and walked away,’ Smith told KTVU-TV. Ramirez was so enraged that she began punching
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The recent campaign launch by a Bush family scion has upended their longstanding unity, causing heartbreak behind the scenes and even a rare public rebuke from a longtime Bush loyalist. The Bushes have long been known for their conservative politics and loyalty to their inner circle. Political consultants and advisers for former President George H.W. Bush, former President George W. Bush, and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush often worked with them for a decade or more, remaining in close contact years after the time in elected office had come to an end. George P. Bush, Jeb’s son, was elected as
Republicans Are FINALLY Taking Action
To Stop Doing Presidential Debates With
Biased Moderators Like Chris Wallace
31 replies
Posted by Imright 6/5/2021 9:56:28 PM Post Reply
Every four years, conservative voters across the country watch with frustration as presidential debates are moderated by liberal journalists who clearly hate Republicans.The Republican candidate often ends up debating with the moderator as much as their Democrat opponent.It makes people on the right angry but no one ever does anything about it. Until now.FOX News reports:Ronna McDaniel: RNC will advise presidential candidates to skip debates unless reforms made The Republican National Committee (RNC) is taking aim at the organization that for more than three decades has hosted and produced the presidential and vice presidential general election debates,
Fauci says GOP efforts to demonise him
are 'nonsense' and 'an attack on science'
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Posted by Ribicon 6/6/2021 11:50:39 AM Post Reply
Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, says the latest round of conservative attacks against him are "nonsense" attacks on science. The doctor appeared on Rachel Maddow's show on MSNBC to discuss a trove of emails of his that were obtained by BuzzFeed News and The Washington Post that are at the heart of the recent criticisms. "Dr Fauci is the subject—in a negative way—of every hour on Fox News prime time now, where they think he can somehow be blamed for causing Covid or something, since he's the country's lead scientist on it. Or maybe he's a secret Chinese communist.
North Carolina police force says it WON'T
respond in-person to 911 calls about theft,
fraud, or trespassing after 84 cops left the
force since January 2020
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The police department in one of America’s fastest-growing cities is facing staff shortages so severe that it will not respond to certain 911 calls, including complaints of burglaries, theft, property damage, identity theft, or trespassing.The Asheville, North Carolina Police Department said that it has lost 84 officers since January 1, 2020.APD Police Chief David Zack says the attrition rate, which has accelerated since protests against law enforcement became widespread in the wake of George Floyd’s death in May of last year, has reached crisis proportions.He said it is necessary to no longer respond in-person to low-level offenses
What happened to 'congratulations', Joe?
Biden tells US graduate class of 2021 that
systemic racism is one of 'the greatest
crises of our time' and compares it to
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Posted by Imright 6/6/2021 10:00:38 AM Post Reply
President Joe Biden told new graduates that systemic racism is one of the 'greatest crises of our time' and said it was an 'inflection point' similar to the Vietnam War. Biden's brief video message to graduates was released by the White House under his @POTUS address as the coronavirus pandemic has put a dent in commencement ceremonies. Comparing today's students to those who graduated during the era of the civil rights and anti-war protest movements, Biden encouraged them to seize the moment to tackle climate change and systemic racism which he described as one of 'the great crises of our time'.
Obama Suggests Republican States Passing
Election Integrity Laws are 'Rigging the Game'
25 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 6/6/2021 4:13:34 PM Post Reply
Former President Obama criticized voting laws being passed by Republicans across the country, saying that such changes to the voting system is "rigging the game." He said during an Economic Club of Chicago event Friday about the new election integrity law in Georgia: That's the kind of dangerous behavior that we're going to have to push back on. Obama suggested that urban areas will face more barriers in order to vote, alleging that the law made a "different set of rules for how votes are counted in Atlanta versus how they're counted in the rest of Georgia."
Meghan gave birth to second baby on
Friday: Couple announce with 'great joy'
that they've named the little girl Lilibet Diana -
to 'honor her beloved' late grandmother and
the family nickname for her great-grandmother
the Queen
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Posted by Imright 6/6/2021 3:19:55 PM Post Reply
The Duchess of Sussex has given birth to a daughter named Lilibet 'Lili' Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, after the family nickname for the Queen and the duke's late mother Princess Diana.Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's baby girl was born on Friday, June 4 at 11:40am at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital weighing 7lb 11oz, it was announced today. She is said to be settling in at home. She is sister to two-year-old Archie and is the Queen's 11th great-grandchild - the first of the monarch's great-grandchildren to be born since the death of her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, in April. With the Sussexes living in California, it is not known when
Pandemic burnout causing teachers
to rethink returning in the fall
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Posted by NorthernDog 6/6/2021 9:44:49 AM Post Reply
For many teachers across the country, the stress of managing their own health concerns during the pandemic, juggling classroom and online education and trying to maintain a connection with students has brought them to a breaking point. A January survey by RAND Corporation found that because of pandemic-related anxieties, one-quarter of U.S. teachers plan to leave the profession by the end of the year. “One of the most consistent narratives you’ve probably heard over the past year is [that] teachers who are stuck in these hybrid situations feel like they’re doing justice neither to the students who are in the
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