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Democrats and Their Accomplices Are Worried
About the Presidential Election in Arizona, But
the Senate Is On the Line As Well

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Posted By: ladydawgfan, 5/21/2021 6:23:41 AM

The audit in Arizona may upend the 2020 Presidential election but it could reshape the US Senate as well. Let’s not forget, the audit in Arizona covers both the Presidential race and the Senate race. In November, Democrat Kelly beat Republican McSally by 78,806 votes statewide. In Maricopa County the total difference between candidates is about the same amount with the Democrat winning by 80,183 votes: Therefore, if the audit shows that McSally won Maricopa County, then she would win the state as well.


Yet another reason why the left is throwing tantrums like a bunch of sugered-up toddlers about this audit!!

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Califedup 5/21/2021 7:04:37 AM (No. 792272)
If this audit can produce unimpeachable evidence that the election was stolen in Arizona, it will also call into question every single election race won by a communist death democrat in every single state in this country and will also call into question when was the last election in our country that was fair and untainted by fraud that includes the election of our first kinda sorta black Dictator Barry/Barack Soreto/Obama. I never accepted the fact that this evil crackhead was legally elected. How many elections have been stolen in the past by the communist death democrats? Free America!
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Venturer 5/21/2021 7:05:11 AM (No. 792273)
They may prove the election was illegitimate, but proving that and removing the President or the Senator is another issue altogether.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: stablemoney 5/21/2021 7:13:57 AM (No. 792279)
Things might get real, but I am doubting it will be fast.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: homefry 5/21/2021 7:41:12 AM (No. 792309)
I hadnt thought of that! To get the senate back would be icing!
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Strike3 5/21/2021 7:46:30 AM (No. 792315)
Maybe but I predict huge disappointment for the GOP when millions of former voters do not bother to vote because their vote didn't count the last time around.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: pros7767 5/21/2021 7:55:41 AM (No. 792322)
They should be looking at John James for Senate in Michigan too!
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Quigley 5/21/2021 8:32:48 AM (No. 792357)
Does this article actually say anything about the audit? I may have missed it.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: MDConservative 5/21/2021 9:46:05 AM (No. 792463)
FTA: ,,,"we expect that if fraud was the reason for the difference with reality, then the seat would go to the winner per the legitimate audit." BOMBSHELL!!! There is no "correction" mechanism after the certification of elections, Joe. No one will be bounced from office and replaced by the "rightful" winner. Think the Senate will act to discharge the Democrat in office? Think Congress will impeach Joe and Kammy? Those are the mechanisms...and SCOTUS won't find more for you.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: red1066 5/21/2021 9:52:07 AM (No. 792476)
Gaining a Senate majority was as big a goal for the demosluts as Biteme winning. Fraud would have been in place for every Senate race as it was for the race to become president. How else to account for all six Republican Senate seat losses, but the Republicans picked so many seats in the Congress. The demosluts already had a sizeable majority in the Congress, and they weren't worried about losing that. All they wanted was a veto proof majority in both houses.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: janjan 5/21/2021 10:02:33 AM (No. 792485)
It is quite likely that McSally did win Maricopa County. What happens when this goes to the Supreme Court and they refuse to hear the case? Answer: Nothing.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: oldmagnolia 5/21/2021 10:24:49 AM (No. 792500)
This is also why we know have IFOs.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: chillijilli 5/21/2021 10:28:03 AM (No. 792504)
Sorry to say this but this GP piece is not based in reality. It's a pipe dream. Please don't get your hopes up. I'm a long-time Zonie, I know this state and I know it's politics. McSally had NO CHANCE. She was a TERRIBLE candidate and literally ran away when asked anything by the media, even something insignificant. She was down by double digits forever, and barely campaigned. Kelly had a lock on the Senate; it was never in question. The Gabby Giffords groupies were extremely active and beyond-imagination-well-funded. There's no way Kelly will be removed. None.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: mc squared 5/21/2021 12:10:54 PM (No. 792611)
The Kraken again?
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Strike3 5/21/2021 12:16:21 PM (No. 792618)
One would think that something as important as an election that occurs every four years and chooses the leader of the free world would be locked up tighter than a chastity belt and be as clean as the chocolate icing bowl that you give your kid when you bake a cake. The fact that they are not tells me that both sides are okay with the cheating and somebody or multiple somebodies are paying candidates to take turns. It's not a conspiracy theory when it happens over and over and each event is more ludicrous than the last. The fact that democrats ever win at all defies logic. Per number one, Bathhouse Barry poses a paradox for the left. If millions of white voters voted for Obama then how could we be racist? Or is racism like climate change, it happens only when convenient? Private jets used by thousands of Leftists do not produce any CO2 but your classic Corvette blows it out like steam from Old Faithful in Yellowstone.
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Arizona’s Senate is considering another audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 Election results. This will supplement and confirm the results from the current audit going on in the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The Washington Examiner reports: The Arizona Senate may sign a deal for another 2020 election review in Maricopa County following reports that some overseers of the audit are dissatisfied with the process. The present audit, which includes a review of 2.1 million ballots cast in the state’s November election in the county, has been underway since April 23 at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, led by the hired firm Cyber Ninjas.
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Friday on CNN’s “At This Hour,” former Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) urged the GOP to “shun” the “conspiratorial fringe element of the party” if it wants to win elections moving forward. Flake, who has long been vocal about his disdain for former President Donald Trump, emphasized that Republicans should break from Trump and his supporters like Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and instead turn to someone like former House Speaker Paul Ryan. “I do believe … that most Republicans out there want to get back to a party that believes in ideas, the kind that Paul Ryan described.
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“Get a shot, win the lottery!” That’s what state leaders across the country are proclaiming. If you live in Kentucky, get your COVID shot at a Walmart or Kroger store and you’ll receive a free lottery ticket for a statewide nightly drawing of $225,000. New York State is offering free lottery tickets to those who agree to get the shot. The top prize is $5 million. Not to be outdone, Ohio governor Mike DeWine announced the launch of a $1 million lottery for residents of the state who get the shot. There will be five “Ohio Vax-a-Million” drawings in the state.
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Beauty influencer Amanda Ensing has filed a defamation lawsuit against the makeup giant Sephora after they very publicly cut ties with her for being a Christian conservative in January. The makeup shop responded to liberal activists who were outraged that they would dare to work with a Republican by saying that she “shared content on social media that is not aligned with Sephora’s values around inclusivity.” Ensing posts family friendly beauty content mixed with some posts about her Christian conservative views — such as her support for the Second Amendment.
Wayne Root: The Game-Changer From My
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Days ago, I was honored to spend time with President Trump for an exclusive one-on-one interview on my nationally- syndicated radio show, “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” on USA Radio Network. Before I get to the most important game-changer to come out of that interview, I’d like to get one thing out of the way. Just having this interview proves how wrong Democrats, liberals and assorted Marxist fools are about America. Most Democrats today are America-haters and national anthem kneelers. They find only fault with America. They see our history as negative. They see our country as “racist.”
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Once again, Joe Biden is trying to rewrite history by crediting his administration—and his administration only—for having “turned the tide” against the COVID-19 pandemic. “From a year of darkness, we’re now emerging into the light,” Biden said during remarks at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland. “We’ve turned the tide on a once-in-a-century pandemic. We’ve turned the tide on a once-in-a-generation economic crisis, and families are beginning to be able to breathe just a little bit easier. We still have work to do, but our future today is as bright and wide open as it ever has been.” Biden never once mentioned Operation Warp Speed.
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Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), the embattled former Republican conference chair, during an interview Wednesday with the Wall Street Journal’s “Women, Power and Equity” event, said she sees her “re-election bid as a referendum on the future of the Republican Party.” The Wyoming Republican said voters are “potentially facing a choice between what she sees as traditional conservative values and loyalty to former President Donald Trump.” She said she already sees the upcoming 2022 midterm election as being a difficult one for her. Cheney was ousted by her party from leadership earlier this month for having repeatedly criticized former President Donald Trump for his past statements on the 2020 election.
Gaffe: Joe Biden Blames Black Vaccine Hesitancy
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President Joe Biden mistakenly blamed the “Tuskegee airmen” training program for fueling black American hesitancy about the coronavirus vaccine. “By the way, many of the older members of that community had memories of experimentation on black Americans that were not told about, like what happened, with the, you know, Tuskegee airmen and all those tests,” Biden said. “And so there was a great reluctance.” [Video] Biden spoke about vaccine hesitancy in the black community during an interview with YouTube star Jackie Aina. But the Tuskegee Flight Training Program was focused on testing and proving the ability of black Americans to fight in combat, not medical experimentation.
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Friday on CNN’s “At This Hour,” former Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) urged the GOP to “shun” the “conspiratorial fringe element of the party” if it wants to win elections moving forward. Flake, who has long been vocal about his disdain for former President Donald Trump, emphasized that Republicans should break from Trump and his supporters like Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and instead turn to someone like former House Speaker Paul Ryan. “I do believe … that most Republicans out there want to get back to a party that believes in ideas, the kind that Paul Ryan described.
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On Jan. 6 Capitol Police started firing flash grenades and rubber bullets at peaceful protesters with US and MAGA flags.From the video you can see the protesters are NOT on the Capitol steps and were behind barriers.There were children and seniors in the crowd.The protesters were NOT breaking any laws.This was before protesters entered the US Capitol — many of them entering after police gave them the OK.Julie Kelly from American Greatness released a second video
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WASHINGTON— Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said Sunday time is running short for a bipartisan deal on infrastructure, indicating that President Joe Biden will look to act without Republican support if there is no consensus when Congress returns from its Memorial Day break.“By the time that they return, which is June 7, just a week from tomorrow, we need a clear direction,” Buttigieg said. “The president keeps saying inaction is not an option. And time is not unlimited here.” He said the American people “expect us to do something.”Biden plans to meet with lead Republican negotiator, Sen. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, this coming week and says he remains open
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During an interview aired on Friday’s broadcast of SiriusXM Urban View’s “The Joe Madison Show,” White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci said that he trusts scientists in China to be honest about the origins of COVID-19 and that you have to make a distinction between scientists in China and the country’s government.Host Joe Madison asked, “Do you trust the scientists, your colleagues? You have to work with them in China. Do you trust them to be honest and forthcoming?” Fauci responded, “Well, yeah. Yeah, I think that you have to have a difference between the scientists in China and the Chinese government. I don’t have much insight \
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horrifies Greenwich Village neighbors
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A lawless, drug-infested Washington Square Park is horrifying even famously free-spirited Greenwich Village residents. “We may be liberal but this has gone too far,” lamented Steven Hill, who has called the neighborhood home since 1980. “There have always been drugs in the park, mostly pot, but what’s emerged this spring is like nothing we’ve ever seen before.” (Snip) He added, “De Blasio seems like the worst mayor ever. The city is just going down the sewer.” Neighbors said they were told during a recent community meeting with police that manpower at the 6th Precinct is down 50 percent over the past year. The NYPD would not confirm that figure.
Hillary Clinton Spreads Fake News: ‘Angry
Mob’ At the Capitol ‘Killed a Policeman’
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Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (D) shared fake news on Friday, the day Senate Republicans blocked a bill aiming to establish a commission to investigate the January 6 protests and riots at the U.S. Capitol, asserting that the “angry mob” that rushed the U.S. Capitol that day “killed a policeman.” “An angry mob attacked our Capitol, our lawmakers, and our election. They killed a policeman. And Republican leaders would rather we all not know more about what happened,” Clinton said:
How Fact-Checkers ‘Deceived The Public’
About Possible Virus Outbreak From Wuhan
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It’s not an accident that most Americans are just starting to hear about the lab leak theory of COVID-19 origin as a potential legitimate source for the global pandemic’s outbreak. It’s because the theory was suppressed for more than a year by corporate media fact-checkers and their allies in Big Tech.The pages of The New York Times and The Washington Post have been filled with articles in recent weeks about the newfound potential legitimacy of the lab-leak theory. The theory posits that COVID-19 was accidentally released from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, potentially after being genetically engineered as a part of “gain-of-function” research.Evidence for the lab-leak theory has
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Video: Antifa Soy Boy Tries To Destroy The Jacked-Up
Truck Of An American Patriot – Receive Instant Justice
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Posted by Black Conservative Voice 5/30/2021 12:28:22 PM Post Reply
The crises of the last two years show a significant breakdown of our civil order– and a sharp risk to the average person. And this goes double for driving incidents in the cases of protests. There are several high-profile cases where terrified big rig truckers and passenger car drivers struck protesters on roads and highways, or get into a fight while protecting their vehicle A video that was sent to us this morning shows a confrontation between an Antifa soy boy who was blocking the road and a meat-eating American patriot.
Evangelical Lutherans Accept Self-Mutilation as Christian 24 replies
Posted by Magnante 5/30/2021 9:12:57 AM Post Reply
In 251 A.D., a young woman resisted the sexual advances of Quintian, a Roman proconsul. Her resistance cost her a sentence in a local brothel and, eventually, her life. Before she died, she was subjected to tortures that included having her breasts torn off by pinchers. (snip) We are speaking of the recently appointed bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran church, Megan Rohrer. Rohrer, who identifies with the trans movement, has had her breasts surgically removed and now wishes to be referred to with the preferred pronouns "they" and "them."
On Memorial Day weekend, Kamala
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Obama earned rightful derision for the fact that, no matter the occasion, his tweets were always about Obama. Memorably, when he marked the 58th anniversary of Rosa Parks's refusal to sit on the back of the bus, his tweet, rather than picturing Parks, pictured Obama on the bus, gazing wistfully out the window. However, at least he acknowledged the occasion. Kamala Harris took things to a whole new level when her Memorial Day tweet had a picture of her smiling, along with the breezy message to “Enjoy the long weekend.” Of course, Memorial Day is not just an opportunity for a three-day weekend.
Feds say employers can require
workers to get COVID vaccine
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Posted by Ribicon 5/29/2021 5:03:31 PM Post Reply
It’s the jab or the job. Employers are allowed under federal law to require workers to get a COVID-19 vaccine before they can physically return to the workplace, according to updated guidance issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Friday. But they must provide “reasonable accommodations” for workers who refuse the shots because of a disability—including pregnancy—or for religious reasons, the agency said. The decision may mean unvaccinated employees could be required to wear masks, or to work remotely. The EEOC’s rules also gave the green light to companies offering incentives as a means of encouraging staffers to get vaccinated,
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