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Biden says fossil fuel workers should
get new jobs ‘where they live’

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Posted By: Ribicon, 4/23/2021 12:58:15 PM

President Biden on Friday said people who lose jobs in the fossil fuel industry as a result of environmental reforms must be provided new job opportunities “in the places where they live.” Biden claimed in a speech at the White House that phasing out coal, gas and oil doesn’t require economic devastation in current energy-producing regions. “As we transition to a clean energy future, we must ensure that workers who have thrived in yesterday’s and today’s industries have as bright a tomorrow in the new industries as well as in the places where they live and the communities they have built,” Biden told


They could learn to code, then compete with all of the low-wage Indian H1-B job stealers Bidet is importing. They could become bagmen for Ukrainian and Chinese interests, like his worthless son. They could become sexworkers; maybe Mayor Pete and Gay Barry could given them some tips or pointers.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: bad-hair 4/23/2021 1:05:08 PM (No. 764775)
`Next poll Fossil Fuel workers and friends 100,000,000 Slow poke Joe get a new job.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: rememberwhen 4/23/2021 1:06:57 PM (No. 764778)
Next up. Dims feed the millions of new poor they've created on sunbeams and rainbow stew.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: wilarrbie 4/23/2021 1:07:30 PM (No. 764779)
These aren't even clever lies anymore, but they keep dishing up this pablum, Media spoon feeds it to us, and we gobble it up. Under penalty of thought crimes punishments, of course.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Lawsy0 4/23/2021 1:09:02 PM (No. 764782)
And who is better able to ''must be provided new job opportunities'' at these locations? Why the federal (feral) government, of course. I predict that before long ''some'' political opinion sites will allow the use of the more common-use terms for people such as Joe Biden.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: DVC 4/23/2021 1:10:11 PM (No. 764783)
No, fossil fuel workers should keep their jobs, because without fossil fuels we all freeze in the dark.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Quigley 4/23/2021 1:14:24 PM (No. 764789)
The Startled Possum Of The United States is so brilliant. We can pay them to clean the home of the neighbor to the left and the neighbor on the left can clean the home of the neighbor on his left. We’ll have Minimum Housecleaning Fees and everyone just everyone will have a nice 17th century middle class life.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: jalo1951 4/23/2021 1:14:41 PM (No. 764790)
Everyday I wake up and quickly check the headlines before I start my day. I still cannot believe that this idiot is in our WH dragging America and us down the rat hole of insanity.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: swarfer 4/23/2021 1:18:00 PM (No. 764795)
People in this country are so stupid its beyond belief.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Califedup 4/23/2021 1:21:16 PM (No. 764799)
Like Biden and the rest of the communist death democrats really care about workers losing jobs because of their totalitarian efforts to destroy not only the life sustaining fossil fuels industry which will result in, at the most fundamental level, our ability to feed and clothe ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. That is what is these evil communists one and only true goal - Absolute power over every single minute of our lives. They believe in violence, hunger, torture, and liquidation of all who oppose their rule. They are as fanatical and as pitiless as the Muslim terrorist fundamentalists who are also seeking to obliterate us. We are nothing to the communist death democrats and our lives mean nothing to them. They have no conscience. We are the unbelievers who must be removed from the face of the earth. Forget about waiting and hoping for the republicans, the courts, law enforcement, the military, or any other part of the Federal, States, City, and local governments (in Blue States) to step in and stop this downward march to a hell on earth. We are the only ones individually and collectively who can stop this and reverse it. The ruinous effects of these Biden Regime totalitarian policies have not begun yet to trickle down to visibly start showing up in our everyday lives but in 2 to 3 months we are about to experience a true collapse of these United States of America and our comfortable level of life. Be prepared to resist in any way possible right including stopping today wearing a mask of oppression. They are useless and harmful. What will be the final totalitarian straw which will break our backs and result in a mass awakening. I pray it will happen. I do not wish to be a slave. Free America.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: coyote 4/23/2021 1:37:43 PM (No. 764812)
You too, Joe, should get a new job.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Nimby 4/23/2021 1:46:57 PM (No. 764820)
Clueless is what clueless says and does
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Ribicon 4/23/2021 1:53:26 PM (No. 764827)
Second thought, has Joe Bidet ever held an honest job, or has he always been a "public servant" where no accountability is needed, and cost and results are of no concern? We get the government we deserve.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: lakerman1 4/23/2021 2:09:07 PM (No. 764838)
Dementia Jo's total life experience has taken place in Wilmington, Delaware and riding Amtrak between Wilmington and D.C. He is truly ignorant.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Son of Grady 4/23/2021 2:09:54 PM (No. 764839)
Fossil Fool.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: red1066 4/23/2021 2:15:18 PM (No. 764842)
So Biteme and the rest of the communist idiots want to raise taxes on everyone. Meanwhile, thousands of high paying jobs that pay an enormous amount of taxes are eliminated by executive order. There is no logic to any of this.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: bighambone 4/23/2021 2:18:18 PM (No. 764845)
Sure, at the same time Biden and the Democrats are allowing the importation of innumerable low wage foreign workers under the guise that they have a right to enter the USA because they claim they have been “oppressed” in their home countries even though they are coming in such massive numbers that they have overwhelmed the immigration court system to where illegal aliens crossing the borderline unlawfully today will not be scheduled for a hearing in court for 5-7 years, while in the meantime they get to stay in the USA and do as they wish including competing with American workers for available jobs, a process that is bound to seriously depress wages for all such workers in accordance with the law of labor supply and demand. Just yesterday the media started reporting that Biden will propose allowing so-called refugees from climate change effected countries all over the world into the USA for permanent residence, who of course will also compete with American workers for available jobs, which is sure to further depress wages and make it harder for unemployed Americans, including minority workers who supposedly voted for Biden, to get any job that will support the customary American way of life. Right now many out of work American workers are not looking to take jobs because they can earn more money by drawing the leftist Democrat generated enhanced unemployment compensation that will last until about September. Resulting in employers, especially those running restaurants claiming that American workers will not take offered jobs because of the enhanced unemployment benefits. So in response Biden is authorizing tens of thousands of supposedly “temporary” foreign workers to enter the USA to take those supposedly unfilled jobs. Those so-called “temporary” foreign workers in reality will never leave the USA as Biden has told the world that he will no longer deport or remove foreigners found in the USA who do not have a legal immigration status. Common sense will tell you that the intention of Biden and the leftist Democrats is to flood the USA with what they believe will be tens of millions of future foreign born leftist Democrat voters, and allow the illegal alien population in the USA to grow exponentially. Obviously those Biden policies are intended to ensure that most American workers end up only being able to earn about the federal minimum wage and become and remain dependent upon leftist Democrat government payouts for their livelihoods. In that respect the leftist Democrats are telling the American people, that’s what they voted for, when they elected Biden and put the leftist Democrats in control of the Congress.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 4/23/2021 2:19:37 PM (No. 764847)
The jerk seems to think that people who worked in the fossil fuel industry for 20 or 30 years will find it easy to transition into a new line of work. Nothing could be further from the truth. The suicide rate will be high among these people. The same thing happened to the steel industry back in the 70s and 80s. The government made a program to train steel workers to become nurse's aids. Consider that for a second. Our 'leaders' could care less about us. There are more important things like saving the planet. Biden is a destroyer.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: jimincalif 4/23/2021 2:24:16 PM (No. 764853)
That's nice, but he has no clue how jobs are created. Biden doesn't even have the sense of George McGovern, who, years after leaving the senate purchased a hotel. He later said that he wish he'd had that benefit of that experience when he was in the senate creating burdens on employers.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: snowoutlaw 4/23/2021 2:42:42 PM (No. 764872)
Sure they can get a job at Burisma, oh wait that's the fossil fuels. I guess that means old big man Joe will have to find another company to take bribes from.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Hazymac 4/23/2021 2:46:23 PM (No. 764875)
Not content to be merely wrong, Xiden likes to combine his general ignorance and malignancy with arseholery. He really needs a rude wake up to reality, but he's probably too far gone to realize. Maybe an animal call might get through to him. Vietnam combat veterans will remember sharing the jungle with the Tokay lizard, whose call earned it a nickname that I can't repeat here. But here's what it sound like. Up yours, Joe. (Tokay lizard)
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Reply 21 - Posted by: or gate 4/23/2021 2:50:43 PM (No. 764880)
Great. Minimum wage jobs for skilled workers.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: SALady 4/23/2021 3:11:08 PM (No. 764902)
I honestly thought it would never be possible to have a worse president than Jimmy Carter. The man was totally incompetent. But then Ovomit came along and proved me wrong. He was incompetent and evil -- the perfect affirmative action president. So, once again, I didn't think it would be possible to have a worse president. Bam, along comes the senile doddering old coot of not-my-president Lyin' Joe biden, in his advanced stages of dementia. Of course, given that he is only president because of the mastery of election theft that the Demon-Rats accomplished this past November, I'm not sure if this really counts. But he is incompetent, evil, and senile. And our nation is getting reamed worse and worse every day because of it!!! So Ovomit and Carter can rest peacefully tonight knowing that they are now the 2nd and 3rd worst presidents in history!!!
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Reply 23 - Posted by: bpl40 4/23/2021 3:27:47 PM (No. 764920)
Marie Antoinette was more realistic. Look what happened to her!
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Reply 24 - Posted by: mc squared 4/23/2021 3:42:26 PM (No. 764930)
Serious question: Has there ever been a more stupid, malevolent person in the WH? He outdoes Hussein.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: bad-hair 4/23/2021 3:45:40 PM (No. 764931)
Hey 9 and 16 and Ldot moderators ... Lately the comments have a higher word count than the original articles. Time to crack down a bit. If you want to be a pundit go pund someplace else.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: rikkitikki 4/23/2021 4:54:13 PM (No. 764988)
FTA: "...people who lose jobs in the fossil fuel industry as a result of environmental reforms..." And, to date, no one has explained: 1. why the environmental reforms will actually reduce carbon emissions (hint: the net impact of electric cars and 'green energy' is more CO2); 2. how CO2 could cause any warming loop, since the observed increases actually follow temp increases, not the reverse; 2. what caused the last 50 ice ages / interglacial warm periods....because, until this is done, no one can explain why the the current warm period is not just a continuation of the same warming trend the Earth has been on for the last 14,000 years. Biden and the greenies are not following "the science"....they wouldn't know science if it hit them in the face.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: Jesse Jenkem 4/23/2021 5:12:48 PM (No. 765006)
I remember he wanted coal miners to learn to program, did he give any job advice to these people?
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Reply 28 - Posted by: OK state mom 4/23/2021 5:52:19 PM (No. 765026)
#25: #9 and 16, who I suspect are the same person, often make more sense than the original writer.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: Bazi 4/23/2021 6:11:20 PM (No. 765048)
Right. You are 50 years old and will need $$$ amount of income to support a family and mortgage. A footloose 20 year old will be competing for the same new job. Who...who will get the job?🤔
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Reply 30 - Posted by: Pepperpot59 4/23/2021 7:29:26 PM (No. 765112)
I have a problem. I'm so upset I've been calling President Biden Joe, that jackass, Biden. That's probably wrong are supposed to respect our leaders
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Reply 31 - Posted by: Pepperpot59 4/23/2021 7:30:12 PM (No. 765113)
Sorry about the two post I hit the wrong button. So now I'm going to refer to president buying as Joe, the symbol of the democratic party, Biden. That should take care of the problem.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: NorthernDog 4/23/2021 7:43:54 PM (No. 765128)
A lot of fossil fuel jobs are in off-the-beaten-path areas - northern Wyoming, West Texas, SW Louisiana. There is little other industry and few, if any, Grub Hub driver jobs.
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Reply 33 - Posted by: SALady 4/23/2021 7:45:07 PM (No. 765129)
Gee, not-my-president Lyin' Joe biden, between your economy busting dictatorial decrees, and the way the never-ending government over-control over the stupid Coronavirus, exactly what jobs are going to be left when you destroy all of the energy jobs too?!?!?!? How silly of me to ask not-my-president Lyin' Joe biden this question. He is too senile to have a clue as to what he read that day. As with everything he says and does, his handlers hand him papers, and he either reads them or signs them without a clue as to what they say. But if he reads them good, Jill will say "good boy" and give him extra cookies with his milk before his nap time. Ah, the state of the American presidency in 2021!!! We are so reamed thanks to the Demon-Rat mastery of election theft last November!!!
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Reply 34 - Posted by: padiva 4/23/2021 9:36:12 PM (No. 765183)
How much does shoveling manure at the side of the road pay? The horse and buggy will come back into style.
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Reply 35 - Posted by: J. Arthur Brown 4/23/2021 10:19:48 PM (No. 765217)
This is as worthless as Clinton's promise that American workers displaced by plant relocations under NAFTA would be retrained for well paying jobs.
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Reply 36 - Posted by: mifla 4/25/2021 8:09:47 AM (No. 766412)
You first Joe.
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Posted by Magnante 4/25/2021 4:40:41 AM Post Reply
There’s something off about Kamala Harris. And no, I’m not talking about her hard-left political beliefs, the lies she tells, or her endless reinventing herself for political advancement. In that regard, she’s just another leftist politician. What’s bizarre about Kamala is her inappropriate laughter about things that ought to inspire solemnity. What makes laughter inappropriate? It’s inappropriate when you’re speaking to a crowd and you’re the only one who laughs. Of course, that can also happen to a bad comedian, but there’s no indication in the clip below that Kamala was trying to tell a joke.
Caitlyn Jenner has balls 24 replies
Posted by Big Bopper 4/24/2021 11:33:15 AM Post Reply
Caitlyn Jenner was born as a boy named Bruce and grew into a heck of a man. After his college football career was cut short by a knee injury, the young man switched to the decathlon. Competitors must excel in 10 very different sports including jumping, sprinting, pole vaulting, shot putting, discus throwing and distance running. Bruce was a dedicated and gifted athlete. He won the Gold Medal in the Olympic Decathlon in 1976 at a time when the Soviet block routinely cheated with drugs. He not only won, but set a world record in doing so. In the game of life, Bruce was just getting warmed up.
Tucker Carlson is saving journalism 21 replies
Posted by earlybird 4/24/2021 9:38:16 PM Post Reply
I should not have to write this, but journalists should accept criticism. Largely they don't. And lately they are upset because Tucker Carlson is taking them to task on his nightly Fox show. Speaking from personal experience, your critics do you a valuable service. His criticism is golden because Carlson grew up in journalism. He told Outkick, "When I was a kid, my dad worked in print in the newspaper and then in television. He had a sound guy, a cameraman, a producer. They’d come over to our house a lot. And I remember thinking, “These are truly open-minded, courageous guys.” They took no bullshit from anybody. They were also skeptical.
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