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Prince Philip passes -- and all of a sudden,
Meghan Markle looks kind of small

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Posted By: Magnante, 4/10/2021 10:15:27 AM

His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, the able and admired consort of Queen Elizabeth II, has passed at the age of 99. Britain is honoring him (snip) Who's been the face of the British royal family lately? Why, none other than Meghan Markle and her adjunct, the wretched Prince Harry, who follows her around and goes along with her whims like a beagle. Unlike Prince Philip, Prince Harry abandoned his duty, arguably abandoned his country, ignored his family's wishes to strike out on his own, (except with his daddy's money) and generally went with selfishness. He now pursues the celebrity lifestyle in Los Angeles,

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Reply 1 - Posted by: bamapreacher 4/10/2021 10:32:19 AM (No. 750404)
Change the headline to read "Meghan Markle looks even smaller if that's possible."
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Reply 2 - Posted by: DARling 4/10/2021 10:38:28 AM (No. 750411)
All of the younger royals could have learned something from Prince Philip. He honored his wife, who also happened to be his queen. Like a good Christian spouse and British subject, he put his needs behind those of his country and family. That is not just something a disciplined royal would do. Any man who goes to work every day, doing a job he doesn't always like that much, knowing it's necessary to keep the home fires burning, is a prince, in my book.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: pros7767 4/10/2021 10:53:39 AM (No. 750430)
Meghan Markle always looked small. The one who looks the smallest right now is Harry. I can't help but wonder whether the depth of the hurt and betrayal he showed towards his beloved Grandmother and Grandfather is finally sinking in. I sure hope so. He has NOTHING to be proud of and in fact, should be quite ashamed. RIP Prince Phillip. You lived your life well!
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Catherine 4/10/2021 10:59:48 AM (No. 750436)
Prince Philip told Harry "you date actresses, you don't marry them." So I highly doubt MeAgain will go to his funeral. Besides, she knows if the baby goes to England, there is still a law on the books that says all children belong to the crown and the Queen could take him, legally.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: DVC 4/10/2021 11:15:11 AM (No. 750447)
She has always been very, very small. She' a nasty, gold digging witch.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: gramma b 4/10/2021 11:32:59 AM (No. 750472)
Harry brought a snake into his family. I wonder if he regrets it at all. I think she is having babies only to keep her claws in the family. I don’t think she is capable of loving anyone but herself.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 4/10/2021 12:05:35 PM (No. 750502)
Monica, your story headline implies Markle was not small previously. Let me clarify. She was always small. And still is.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Jebediah 4/10/2021 12:13:22 PM (No. 750505)
ALL OF A SUDDEN??????? And throw Oprah into that mix as well-------they could haVE WAITED until Phillip was either well or a few weeks after his death....I suspect they didn't because they were afraid they wouldn't catch the viewer wave and. the Prince looking wonderful and Meghan looking ridiculous and petty. As to Harry............? Will be interesting to see how he fare back home (behaves) without his wife telling him, what to do or think. Meghan is no Diana!!!!!!!!
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Reply 9 - Posted by: hershey 4/10/2021 12:26:51 PM (No. 750519)
She's always looked small to me...another casting couch denizen like Mattress Back...
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Reply 10 - Posted by: 3XALADY 4/10/2021 12:48:56 PM (No. 750532)
I heard in a news report that Prince Philip had performed 20,000+ duties for the Queen and many other unselfish things over the years. What have you done for your country or family lately, 'airy? You are a pitiful soy boy.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: jinx 4/10/2021 1:13:27 PM (No. 750553)
Megan is nearing 40 and could not make it in Hollywood. She has no real talent. No one had ever heard of her until she started dating Prince Harry. She used him to become a "star" and he fell for it. She invited stars like Oprah and the Clooney's to her wedding even though she did not know them at all. She did not invite her own family from either side, the Black or white. She used the money from Prince Charles to buy a house in LA to be neighbors with real stars. She is a user and will get rid of Harry once he is no longer useful. Harry should have stayed in England and been there for his grandfather who was always there for the family. He made his messy bed and will now have to live in it. Money is not everything.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Annie Xango 4/10/2021 2:23:03 PM (No. 750587)
Truth to tell..pretty sure re this..anyway..that woman has been 39 longer than Jack Benny..she is a tad over the 40 mark.....
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Catherine 4/10/2021 4:09:45 PM (No. 750644)
Megan is in her 40's already. Her sister posted her birth certificate a while back. Old gal is lying about her age.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Island Life 4/10/2021 4:23:17 PM (No. 750656)
Initially Nutmeg was new, cute, sweet and coy. We've now seen beyond the outside walls of the actress; it's going to take Harry Wales a bit longer. After the birth of Archie she was on camera answering the question of any more kids? No, it's not good for the environment. She sensed the hatefulness towards her from the public both in America and in England, and released another hook to keep Harry by her side - hell, she's got nothing else going for her. And she wanted to make sure her husband's depleting fortune went towards adequate accommodations for her. Unfortunately for Harry he's burned a lot of bridges. After the horrible lies Nutmeg told about Kate, I don't think William is going to be too welcoming to him. And probably not Charles either. I feel so bad for the woman, the one person on this earth, who literally gave her life for her country. Probably not the greatest mother, or sister, but certainly a great leader for Britain. Prince Philip was initially a bit of a gadfly but with the advice of Lord Mountbatten knuckled under and took his rightful place a few paces behind the Queen. Meghan Markle truly deserves a stool in hell.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: ALynnMcW 4/10/2021 6:01:05 PM (No. 750726)
I’m truly sorry Harry tragically lost his mother as a young child. You can’t compare personal experience as everyone is different. But Phillip suffered no less a loss than Harry and managed to go on to lead a life of service to others and not about himself as a victim.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: cheeflo 4/11/2021 10:14:55 AM (No. 751129)
All of a sudden?
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On Friday, Japanese Prime Minister Joshihide Suga became the first world leader to visit the Biden White House. These visits help set the tone for an administration. That being the case, the new administration’s tone is inept and rude. Biden was also absent for the first part of it, leaving an awkward Kamala Harris to trash the U.S. for gun violence before turning to welcome Suga. When Biden took over, things went downhill. (snip) Normally, when a foreign head of state arrives, the President gives him or her a formal greeting. This time, however, the President was nowhere to be found.
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In a highly disrespectful and embarrassing move, Kamala Harris welcomed Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga to the White House on Friday.Joe Biden was nowhere to be found as Kamala Harris welcomed Yoshihide Suga, the first foreign leader to visit the Biden White House.But it was way worse than we originally reported. No one met Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga at the door when he arrived.The only one standing there was a stationary Army guard.Compare and contrast: (Tweet/Video)
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On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci said that fully vaccinated people can go to indoor restaurants, but “it’s a relative risk. When you have a lot of infection in the community, then you want to be careful. That’s why we say, wear a mask.” Host Joy Reid asked if fully vaccinated people can eat in indoor restaurants, fly, or hug their older relatives. Fauci said, “You know, it depends on the level of infection in your community. It doesn’t matter what the level of infection is, if you are vaccinated and you want to have something in the home, you, your family
Why Is Everyone Swallowing Biden’s Lies? 28 replies
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How did this happen? How did the nation go in an instant from disbelieving every utterance of Donald Trump to robotically repeating — and acting on — every claim that falls out of Joe Biden’s mouth, no matter how disconnected from the truth? The most glaring example involves Biden’s fact-challenged tirade against Georgia’s new voting law. At his first and only press conference, Biden declared the state’s efforts to protect against voter fraud were worse than Jim Crow, “un-American,” “sick,” and “despicable.” (This was the same press conference where moments later Biden bragged about how much time he’s spent with China’s genocidal communist dictator before calling him “a smart, smart guy.”)
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Ron DeSantis continues to trigger the libs, and it’s not just because he’s really good at owning them. They can’t stand the fact that he beat one of their supposed future stars in Andrew Gillum, and they hate him even more for defying their COVID hysteria and producing results that bested all the comparatively populated blue states. In fact, Florida sits at 28th in the country in COVID deaths per one million, a mark that is simply amazing when you consider the state has the second-largest vulnerable, elderly population in the country. Today, DeSantis continued his crusade against the hysterical among us, delivering a message to vaccinated Americans
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BROOKLYN CENTER, Minn. — A forest of little tree air fresheners has grown on a temporary chain link security fence outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department. “A lot of them on there,” Adam Labrie said from across the street. The Minneapolis man, who quietly took in the scene Friday with his two children, sees the air fresheners as a symbol. (Snip) Before he resigned, Brooklyn Center police chief Tim Gannon said Wright was stopped for expired tabs and the air freshener was only noticed later. State statutes are clear about objects hanging from rear view mirrors. With a few exceptions
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'Beautiful Things' sells just
10,000 copies in its first week
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Hunter Biden's new autobiography, Beautiful Things posted disappointing sales in its first week on the shelves, selling just over 10,000 copies despite a massive promotional push. The new 272-page book detailing Hunter's struggles with addiction and tragedy debuted at #12 on the Publisher's Weekly hardcover nonfiction chart, after selling a meager 10,638 copies. It was edged out slightly in the rankings by 'The Calcium Connection: The Little-Known Enzyme at the Root of Your Cellular Health.' Topping the list was poet Amanda Gorman's The Hill We Climb: An Inaugural Poem for the Country, which sold 42,000 copies for the week.
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Say what you want about Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, but one thing about the first-term Republican Congresswoman from Georgia that no one can dispute is that she does not back down from a fight, especially when she’s on the receiving end of an unprovoked attack.(Snip)The latest Democrat to learn that Greene has not morphed into a meek and timid freshman lawmaker after the House voted in February to strip her of her committee assignments was Rep. Eric Swalwell (CA), .(Snip) It all started on Wednesday after Greene challenged Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) to a debate about the Green New Deal.
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White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Friday said President Biden has no plans to remove UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield over comments she made that “slavery weaved white supremacy into our founding documents and principles.”The senior US diplomat described racism and discrimination in the US in taped remarks this week to Al Sharpton’s National Action Network.Emerald Robinson of Newsmax asked Psaki at her daily press briefing whether Biden is “going to remove her from her position” — saying the speech hit themes similar to an anti-US diatribe by Chinese diplomats in Alaska last month.
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