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Yesterday A Vehicle Owner Learned The Hard Way
Why You Shouldn’t Park Your Car
In Front Of A Fire Hydrant (Video)

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Posted By: Black Conservative Voice, 2/22/2021 12:43:55 PM

Finding the perfect parking spot is the bane of every driver’s existence and but sometimes the desire for the closest spot can put others in danger. You’ve seen it, people illegally parking in front of fire hydrants for easy access, but firefighters are teaching these inconsiderate parkers that this is a matter of life and death. Yesterday New York firefighters had to smash a car’s windows as it was blocking a fire hydrant. The driver was also given a ticket by the New York Police Department. The video has been viewed more than 90,000 times and has sparked a debate!


Reconsider the next time you see that “open” hydrant parking spot, so your selfish parking doesn’t end up costing a life

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Black Conservative Voice 2/22/2021 12:54:55 PM (No. 704808)
Liberals are complaining that the firefighters could have gone over the car, they can't the size/weight of the hose doesn't allow for bending around like that.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: bad-hair 2/22/2021 1:10:23 PM (No. 704818)
It takes about 1 second to blow out 2 side windows. If there's a fire burning I would expect the FD to use the fastest solution, unless of course the fire was a mostly peaceful one.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: IowaDad 2/22/2021 1:29:23 PM (No. 704829)
I couldn't quite tell how much water was leaked into the car . . .
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Reply 4 - Posted by: LanceLink1 2/22/2021 1:35:40 PM (No. 704835)
It the car was between your burning house and the hydrant what would be your suggestion then?
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Vaquero45 2/22/2021 1:41:57 PM (No. 704842)
I saw this happen in 1991, in the movie "Backdraft". Back then it was funny. Now, it's schadenfreude. The vehicle owner got just exactly what he deserved.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: RayLRiv 2/22/2021 1:51:20 PM (No. 704850)
This happens more often than not in NY. Driver played stupid game, drive got stupid prize.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: bighambone 2/22/2021 2:52:28 PM (No. 704895)
The driver asked for it when he or she blocked that hydrant. The best thing that could happen now is for as many people as possible to watch the video and take heed. Who knows that person that parked there could well have been inside the nearby building that was on fire and was rescued by the firefighters.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Highlander 2/22/2021 3:52:38 PM (No. 704948)
Been done before. I bet many, many times.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: JHHolliday 2/23/2021 12:49:44 PM (No. 705778)
You can also get a ticket for running over a firehose in the street with your car. A friend of mine in high school learned that the hard way.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: zoidberg 2/23/2021 3:26:36 PM (No. 705920)
I was told that in DC, they can break your windows with an ax, write you a ticket, and send you a bill for a new ax.
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Yesterday A Vehicle Owner Learned The Hard Way
Why You Shouldn’t Park Your Car
In Front Of A Fire Hydrant (Video)
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Finding the perfect parking spot is the bane of every driver’s existence and but sometimes the desire for the closest spot can put others in danger. You’ve seen it, people illegally parking in front of fire hydrants for easy access, but firefighters are teaching these inconsiderate parkers that this is a matter of life and death. Yesterday New York firefighters had to smash a car’s windows as it was blocking a fire hydrant. The driver was also given a ticket by the New York Police Department. The video has been viewed more than 90,000 times and has sparked a debate!
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JUST IN – Following Australia’s Lead
Russia Has Passed A Law On Fines
For Censorship Against Russian Citizens
The Law Will Apply To
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Big Tech’s efforts to restrict user access to various Internet platforms are a serious challenge, President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with leaders of parliamentary factions on Wednesday. He responded to the recent statements made by Vyacheslav Volodin, speaker of the State Duma (lower house), who put the spotlight on Big Tech’s violation of freedom of speech. “What you said about these so-called platforms, IT companies, is a serious challenge not only for us – we see what has happened in the [United] States,” Putin noted. According to him, it is quite obvious that such an “ideological divide” runs throughout the world.
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The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms launched an initiative last year aimed at providing information to Second Amendment-loving Americans. The goal was to provide a comprehensive list of companies and/or CEOs who back gun control initiatives and legislation or have anti-firearm corporate policies in place.“When we started this project last year, we were actually surprised, and in some cases disappointed, at some of the businesses we added to the list," CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb said in a statement. "We discovered several brand name businesses and corporate leaders who evidently have a nefarious agenda to limit gun rights.
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On Sunday’s airing of “Fox & Friends,” Jedediah Bila warned that former President Trump should be careful not to divide the country even more than it already is at his upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference appearance and speech.During the segment, a long list of Trump’s policies were ticked off that Biden is now doing away with in what is being called the “great undoing.” It was noted that Trump will “certainly maintain a strong guiding voice on what the Republican Party will be.”That list included a number of items, and later more foreign policy issues such as China and Iran would be added to it:
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Biden Kicks Texas To The Curb – Denies
Statewide Major Disaster Declaration Request
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Governor Greg Abbott requested statewide designation for major disaster relief from President Biden. Biden denied the statewide designation and only approved some counties in Texas, not all of them. Abbott asked for a declaration that covered the entire state because the winter storm knocked out power and heat throughout the state, as well as leaving millions of Texans without water. Texas has 254 counties. Biden approved only 77 counties for disaster relief. The governor calls it an important first step but it falls far short of what Texas officials requested. Biden signed the declaration late Friday. It covers much of the Texas population.
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Supreme Court’s ‘Inexplicable’ Refusal to
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The Supreme Court on Monday struck down a Republican challenge over absentee ballots received up to three days after Election Day in Pennsylvania.Republicans in the Keystone State had sought to block a state court ruling that allowed the Nov. 6 deadline extension in the 2020 election.The decision prompted dissents from three conservative justices; Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, and Neil Gorsuch. The trio argued that while the legal questions in the case may not have affected the outcome of the November election, the Supreme Court should taken the opportunity to clarify election law because the same legal issues could impact future elections.
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cable companies including AT&T and
Comcast and streamers Amazon and Hulu
demanding they drop Fox News, OAN
and Newsmax over 'misinformation'
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Two Democratic lawmakers sent letters Monday to a dozen cable, satellite and video streaming companies, including Amazon and Hulu, urging them to drop right-leaning news networks they claim pushed 'misinformation' in the 2020 election. Representatives Anna Eshoo and Jerry McNerny, both of whom represent California and sit on the Energy and Commerce Committee, claim it's the responsibility of these companies to address media outlets 'disseminating misinformation to millions' through their airwaves. In the letters, Eshoo and McNerny accuse the right-leaning outlets Fox News, One America News Network (OANN) and Newsmax of serving as 'misinformation rumor mills and conspiracy theory hotbeds
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