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National Guardsmen sleep on Capitol
building floors amid threats of violence<

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Posted By: earlybird, 1/13/2021 8:28:55 PM

(Video) As the threat of violence ramps up in America again, hundreds of exhausted National Guard troops have been forced to sleep on the cold marble floor of the Capitol building. Incredible images show politicians practically stepping over the troops clinging to their rifles in the hallways of the heart of the US government. Sleeping in almost any spot they can find, some are forced to use stairs as a makeshift pillow to get some rest as they ready for a potential insurgence in the run-up to President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration next Wednesday.


Appalling. There are photos here you will never see on our MSM. And this is the best article. Why? Because it is the foreign press. Ours has been cancelled for a long, long time. They are putting out minimal photos, taken this morning in daylight, describing what is shown as “resting”.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: pros7767 1/13/2021 8:53:24 PM (No. 660048)
They are determined to turn us into a police state. Does anyone actually think there are going to be any people at his inauguration?
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Reply 2 - Posted by: clipped wings 1/13/2021 9:07:28 PM (No. 660054)
Bee Ess! The NG officers are full of it! Where are ***they*** “resting? These troops deserve better. Different subject: there are weapons, but is there any ammunition? Probably not.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: bighambone 1/13/2021 9:19:21 PM (No. 660062)
You would think that the political party of big government (the Democrats) would have access to and have provided enough cots so that the National Guard troops would not have to sleep on the floor.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: stablemoney 1/13/2021 10:13:50 PM (No. 660087)
I don't believe much of this is necessary. Noise to detract from the stolen election, and the inauguration of a fake president.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: chumley 1/13/2021 10:41:05 PM (No. 660103)
When I was in the military we could and did sleep everywhere. In trucks, in the desert, in tents, in airports, in warehouses, in forests and foxholes, pretty much wherever one could catch a few minutes of sleep. Whatever purely political purpose they were doing there I dont know, but they probably dont feel abused. Its just another day in uniform.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: thekidsmom66 1/13/2021 10:51:06 PM (No. 660108)
#5, first, thank you for your service. :) Second, my daughter is a Marine, and when I had a layover on a flight to visit, there was a young Marine sleeping on the floor in the airport. People kept staring at him. I texted my daughter and said I felt so bad for him. She said, I promise it does not bother him, he's probably glad for a little extra sleep! LOL
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Son of Grady 1/13/2021 10:53:40 PM (No. 660111)
Dictator pelosi using our troops as props. They are trying to create a false vision of a 1812 burning of Washington.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: rochow 1/13/2021 10:54:26 PM (No. 660113)
Where is big mouth Gen. Millie?? It is an outrage that cots, mattresses or other floor covering can't be provided for the troops. Hotels always have extra. I doubt there will be huge crowds coming to see the pedophile, traitor, plagiarist faux Alzheimer freak being sworn in. This is how our troops are treated??? The entire General bunch of hypocrites that Pelausi recently contacted, (can't she be impeached for that, trying to wrest power from the President?) should be on the carpet and the President should chew them out and then spit them out! What a disgrace!!!!!!!
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Reply 9 - Posted by: skacmar 1/13/2021 11:03:44 PM (No. 660118)
A well staged and Democrat planned spectacle guaranteed to get maximum press attention and reinforce the Democrat urban myth that Trump and Republicans are evil anti Constitution fascists.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Venturer 1/13/2021 11:23:33 PM (No. 660123)
Why do they have guns. They haven't been given a bullet when guarding any riot since Kent state.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Troutgreen 1/14/2021 12:29:02 AM (No. 660149)
Better there than in our homes. That'll be next.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Amanoftwistsandturns 1/14/2021 12:37:22 AM (No. 660150)
I have no idea what that was all about. The DC Armory is a mile from the Capitol and there is ample room to set up cots. I just hope they are eating MREs so that Congress can smell the after effects.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Geoman 1/14/2021 1:10:24 AM (No. 660158)
The ability and the need to grab some sleep pert near anywhere and at any time you're not on the line is a hallmark of Infantry troops everywhere, across all centuries and millennia. On the other hand, it's kind of jarring to see what looks like a battalion of soldiers kitted up for combat in various states of repose while their Commander in Chief is being impeached in the same building.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: web 1/14/2021 1:27:01 AM (No. 660164)
Threat of violence from whom? Not from our side.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: PChristopher 1/14/2021 3:38:03 AM (No. 660186)
The threat of violence from another false flag Antifa attack, I presume?
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Reply 16 - Posted by: anniebc 1/14/2021 5:06:07 AM (No. 660190)
I'm sorry, but I thought they looked quite rag-tagged. What the heck? What are they doing to get ready for the antifa insurgence that keeps them all at the Capitol? Why do they need to be laid out on the Capitol floor like that? Why are so many of them resting at the same time? Resting from what? They're not in battle. Don't they work in shifts? Why can't they go home? Do all of them have to be there at the same time? Have they occupied the Capitol? Why are they all so darn sleepy? This doesn't look right to me. FTA "In a bid to stop a repeat of last week’s scenes, some 20,000 guardsmen are being deployed to Washington, DC, by the weekend. That’s more than triple the amount of troops on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan combined."
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Reply 17 - Posted by: chumley 1/14/2021 5:35:14 AM (No. 660207)
To address some of #16's concerns, a great deal of deployment is hurry up and wait. They have everyone assemble at some ungodly hour and make everyone go through a processing line to make double dead dog sure everyone has shots, a will, all their gear and paperwork. Then they sit tight while the cargo is palletized and taken to the terminal. They get briefing after briefing about what to expect, rules of engagement and whatever information they can be given. I've seen that take as much as six or seven hours. Then they load up into the busses and trucks and go to the terminal themselves, where they wait for an airplane that may or may not be on time. Then they watch their cargo being loaded and try to squeeze into the airplane seats with their gear, where they often wait for hours for someone to give the order to take off. At this point you are still on adrenaline so its fine. You dont want to sleep anyway, because orders can and do come down with no notice. Or they dont. So you arrive at the destination and assemble at some point, where you drag your bags and equipment to wherever it is you are going, and you wait some more. Eventually you get sick of war stories and bad jokes, and the cards arent fun anymore. The exhaustion hits and you zonk out. The elite units may be able to deploy very quickly, but the regular outfits, not so much.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: janjan 1/14/2021 5:42:31 AM (No. 660211)
Ridiculous drama. A handful of protesters, including members of Antifa and BLM broke thru the hapless Capital Police to enter the building and the Democrats are treating it like it was the Alamo.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: chillijilli 1/14/2021 7:30:28 AM (No. 660257)
Where's Mike Lindell when we really need him? He's missing one of the greatest photo ops ever for MyPillow.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: jinx 1/14/2021 7:31:06 AM (No. 660258)
There are more troops in DC right now than are in Afghanistan or anywhere else. Sorry, Nancy, there won't be any Trump supporters there to be violent. They will be stopping Antifa and BLM from causing trouble. Then you will have a real mess because those evil groups will protest being arrested. But have no fear; our new Vice President will pub up bail for them.. What a mess you have created!
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Reply 21 - Posted by: bighambone 1/14/2021 11:25:47 AM (No. 660608)
I hate to tell the Democrats, but the barn door (Capitol security) was left open last week for a moronic mob to rush into the Capitol building and scare the crap out of the Congressional aristocracy, and now all the horses are gone. In reality the chances of the Capitol building being rushed again appear to be low. Regardless the Democrats are putting on a show for the media by bringing in a lot of National Guard troops from many States without having the logistics in place to support them, as can be seen by the troops sleeping on the floor and eating out of field ration containers. When I was in Vietnam during all of 1968 we slept in many hard places, that in itself does not phase the troops, one of the safest places to sleep was on top of a hard low sandbag wall. As when the mortar shells and rockets started coming in and you rolled off onto the ground, you immediately lowered your chances of being hit by 50% depending on the side of the wall you landed. But DC is not Vietnam, and these days the Democrats are now building barbed wire fences with concertina wire on the top around the Capitol building, and are requesting that the military bring in even 50 caliber machine guns to use against American protestors. Not a good look for America around the world.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: anniebc 1/14/2021 11:29:25 AM (No. 660614)
Thank you, poster #17. I can see waiting for a C-130 or something, but they are in the Capitol building. I was married to a Marine for 25 years, I never saw anything like this. Our military is full of professionals; this looks like a bunch of third world soldiers. The Capitol building is not a hangar.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: Strike3 1/14/2021 11:41:14 AM (No. 660640)
Hopefully, the inbred idiots of BLM and Antifa do not get the word and come crashing in like they did on Electoral Vote Day.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: Strike3 1/14/2021 11:46:58 AM (No. 660647)
The Marine sentries at the embassy in Tehran had no ammunition when the crazed muzzies took it over during the Carter reign of error. Our military is good but often the officers aren't very smart. This gathering is for show and propaganda purposes only.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: judy 1/14/2021 12:31:54 PM (No. 660705)
Remember when the DC mayor & other mayors ordered Trump to remove the guard because it made the cities look like the military. ....and generals came out in full force to trash Trump for the guard presence.
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(Video) As the threat of violence ramps up in America again, hundreds of exhausted National Guard troops have been forced to sleep on the cold marble floor of the Capitol building. Incredible images show politicians practically stepping over the troops clinging to their rifles in the hallways of the heart of the US government. Sleeping in almost any spot they can find, some are forced to use stairs as a makeshift pillow to get some rest as they ready for a potential insurgence in the run-up to President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration next Wednesday.
Photos show National Guard troops sleeping
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In the hours ahead of another tense Wednesday on Capitol Hill, members of the National Guard could be seen huddled in groups, trying to get some sleep on the floor of the nation’s capitol.(Snip)In photos captured by political staffers and journalists, dozens of camouflaged guard members could be seen takings some down time in the early hours of Wednesday.(Tweet)Much of the online reaction questioned why the troops were not provided more comfortable sleeping arrangements.
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The increasingly fascistic American left is setting a trap for the rest of their fellow citizens—often termed “deplorables,” but more appropriately dubbed “normals” by Kurt Schlichter—by warning that we intend violence all over the country during Joe Biden’s inauguration. This is nonsense, of course, but any kind of demonstration can be declared violent by a complaisant media or, more ominously, manipulated in that direction by provocateurs,(Snip)Part of their intent is clearly to undermine the Second Amendment—actually to disarm us. Another part is to justify yet more censorship and “canceling,”(Snip) Do not fall for it. There is a much better way to protest the inauguration. Don’t show up!
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Rep. Jason Crow, Colorado Democrat, said Wednesday that Republican members of Congress are scared they’ll be killed if they vote to impeach President Trump. He said the GOP is “paralyzed with fear.” “I had a lot of conversations with my Republican colleagues last night,” Mr. Crow said on MSNBC. “A couple of them broke down in tears talking to me and saying that they are afraid for their lives if they vote for this impeachment.” “My response was, you know not to be unsympathetic but welcome to the club,” he said. “That’s leadership. Our country is in a very challenging time.”
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The National Mall in Washington, DC will be completely closed off to the public on Inauguration Day amid ongoing security concerns. Only security personnel and the media will be allowed to access the traditional gathering place for crowds keen to see the ceremony, according to officials who spoke to The Washington Post. The extraordinary shutdown of the entire mall for the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden comes as the city and federal authorities act to prevent further violence following the 6 January assault on the Capitol Building.
Nancy Pelosi Wears Same Outfit to
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Posted by Ribicon 1/13/2021 5:57:36 PM Post Reply
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has reworn the outfit she appeared in during President Trump’s first impeachment in 2019 for the second impeachment vote against the president. On Wednesday, Ms Pelosi appeared at the House impeachment vote wearing a black dress with three-quarter sleeves and a blue and black floral mask. She paired the outfit with a gold necklace. As confirmed by her office in a statement to People, Ms Pelosi first wore the suit dress and necklace on 18 December 2019, when the House passed two articles of impeachment against the president for abuse of power and obstruction of justice. While today’s outfit was nearly identical,
NYC to terminate all contracts with
Trump, Mayor de Blasio says,
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Posted by Ribicon 1/13/2021 9:23:49 AM Post Reply
New York City is canceling contracts with the Trump Organization, Mayor de Blasio said Wednesday, citing the commander-in-chief’s incitement of the deadly siege of the U.S. Capitol last week. “The President incited a rebellion against the United States government that killed five people and threatened to derail the constitutional transfer of power,” de Blasio said in a statement. “The City of New York will not be associated with those unforgivable acts in any shape, way or form, and we are immediately taking steps to terminate all Trump Organization contracts.” The announcement came as the House of Representatives was set to impeach the president on Wednesday.
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President Trump potentially faces a torrent of criminal charges when he leaves office, including charges linked to the deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, making prosecutors worry that he is a flight risk. Mr. Trump’s real estate empire extends to multiple luxury properties in countries that don’t have extradition treaties with the United States. And Mr. Trump himself publicly mused in October that he’d leave the country if he lost to Democrat Joseph R. Biden. Douglas McNabb, a private attorney with expertise in international extradition defense, said that if criminal charges are brought, Mr. Trump fits the bill for becoming a fugitive from justice.
Tom Hanks heads TV special celebrating
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Tom Hanks will host a 90-minute primetime TV special celebrating the inauguration of Joe Biden as president of the United States, with performances by Justin Timberlake, Jon Bon Jovi, Demi Lovato and Ant Clemons. “I was left speechless when I was asked to perform! ” Lovato wrote on Instagram. Clemons was also effusive: “To say that this is a dream come true, would be an understatement!”
FBI report warned of 'war' at Capitol,
contradicting claims that there was no indication
of looming violence
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Posted by Dreadnought 1/13/2021 12:12:02 AM Post Reply
WASHINGTON — A day before rioters stormed Congress, an FBI office in Virginia issued an explicit internal warning that extremists were preparing to travel to Washington to commit violence and "war," according to an internal document reviewed by The Washington Post that contradicts a senior official's declaration that the bureau had no intelligence indicating that anyone at last week's pro-Trump protest planned to do harm. A situational information report approved for release the day before the U.S. Capitol riot painted a dire portrait of dangerous plans, including individuals sharing a map of the complex's tunnels, and possible rally points for would-be conspirators to meet up
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi named nine members of her caucus to be impeachment managers to argue the Democrats' case in the Senate once the article of impeachment is sent to the chamber. (Snip) "Tonight, I have the solemn privilege of naming the Managers of the impeachment trial of Donald Trump," said Speaker Nancy Pelosi. "It is their constitutional and patriotic duty to present the case for the President's impeachment and removal. They will do so guided by their great love of country, determination to protect our democracy and loyalty to our oath to the Constitution. Our Managers will honor their duty to defend democracy For The People with great solemnity,
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