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Cause of death revealed for Georgia
man charged in Capitol riot

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Posted By: Ribicon, 1/13/2021 8:54:12 AM

The Georgia man who was found dead after being charged in connection with the US Capitol riot shot himself in the chest, reports said Tuesday. The Fulton County medical examiner ruled that Christopher Stanton Georgia, 53, died by suicide, according to local outlet 11Alive News. The 53-year-old—who had been charged with unlawful entry and violating a citywide curfew that took effect at 6 p.m. Wednesday, the day of the siege—was found Saturday by his wife in the basement of their Alpharetta home. She called 911, telling officers that there was “blood everywhere,” according to a police report obtained by the Daily Mail.


Shot himself in the chest over an unlawful entry misdemeanor charge with a maximum penalty of up to 180 days in jail and/or a $1,000 fine in DC.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: BarryNo 1/13/2021 9:01:41 AM (No. 659094)
Did he now? In the chest? I thought most people shot themselves in the mouth or through the head. I would say this sounds awfully suspicious. Considering how the FBI has been acting, lately, I might even go so far as consider this a possible murder.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: pros7767 1/13/2021 9:12:51 AM (No. 659116)
Chest is not uncommon #1. Head is more frequent but the chest is not suspicious. Still a tragedy. BLM/Antifa riot without fear of prosecution. American patriots protest and they are charged. Welcome to our new world.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: jinx 1/13/2021 9:44:39 AM (No. 659159)
Another Seth Rich murder that will go unsolved.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: dst4life 1/13/2021 11:01:58 AM (No. 659287)
Shot in the chest = COVID Death.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Kate318 1/13/2021 11:15:36 AM (No. 659303)
Jeffrey Epstein could not be reached for comment.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: DVC 1/13/2021 11:19:13 AM (No. 659308)
Suicide over a misdemeanor? Seems very unlikely. Or another Arkancide?
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The top Justice Department official in early 2017 overseeing the FBI’s Russia probe testified he was briefed as many as six times on its status and was told there was no evidence of Trump campaign collusion, a newly released transcript shows. The testimony of Dana J. Boente is significant because during this time the FBI took major steps to expand the probe.(Snip) “There was no ‘there’ there,” said Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican, who released Mr. Boente’s June 22 closed testimony. “The investigation was pushed when it should have been stopped and the only logical explanation is that the investigators
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Union City’s mayor and other officials condemned a “White Lives Matter” banner found Saturday morning at a city intersection. City officials called the incident—which happened the weekend before the Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday and 10 days after the pro-Trump mob stormed the U.S. Capitol—racist. The banner was found “illegally placed” on the corner of Smith and Dyer streets and removed on Saturday morning, city officials said. A police report was filed, but Union City police could not be reached for comment on Saturday. “The city is disgusted by this despicable act of vandalism that has occurred on the heels of the insurrection
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Bill Gates, the fourth richest person in the world and a self-described nerd who is known for his early programming skills rather than his love of the outdoors, has been quietly snatching up 242,000 acres of farmland across the U.S.—enough to make him the top private farmland owner in America. After years of reports that he was purchasing agricultural land in places like Florida and Washington, The Land Report revealed that Gates, who has a net worth of nearly $121 billion according to Forbes, has built up a massive farmland portfolio spanning 18 states. His largest holdings are in Louisiana (69,071 acres),
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A Florida teacher found herself out of a job after a rant to a classroom full of students in which she blamed Antifa for the Capitol riots. The unidentified substitute was filmed by a Bok Academy student who later posted the meltdown on the Instagram account @knowyourracists. According to the Lake Wales’ school principal Dr. Damien Moses, she was dismissed from school system, TMZ reported. The post began: “Teaching kids that Antifa broke into the Capitol. … She was a substitute teacher in the middle school’s language arts class. She has been dismissed from the Lake Wales Charter School System. “She just RANDOMLY started talking
'Homegrown insurgency': General
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Retired Army General Stanley McChrystal has compared the MAGA riot to the evolution of Al-Qaeda saying in both instances people followed a 'powerful leader' who 'justified their violence', as he warned America is headed for a homegrown insurgency. McChrystal, the former commander of American troops in Afghanistan, said there are terrifying parallels between the birth of the terrorist group responsible for the September 11 terrorist attacks and the violent siege on the US Capitol last week that left five dead and sent shockwaves around the world. Donald Trump has given his supporters 'legitimacy to become even more radical', he told Yahoo News,
Capitol Police intelligence report
warned 'Congress itself' could be
target of MAGA rioters THREE DAYS
before siege as claims GOP lawmakers
gave tours to Trump supporters the
day before are investigated
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Posted by Ribicon 1/16/2021 12:01:09 PM Post Reply
An internal Capitol Police intelligence report issued three days before the January 6 riot warned that 'Congress itself' could be the target of MAGA protesters. The report noted that Trump supporters saw January 6—the day that Biden's electoral college win would be certified by Congress—'as the last opportunity to overturn the results of the presidential election.' 'This sense of desperation and disappointment may lead to more of an incentive to become violent,' the report warned. It continued that the rioters' potential targets were 'not necessarily the counter-protesters as they were previously, but rather Congress itself.' Meanwhile, Capitol Police confirmed Friday
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If Fox News wants to restore its cable news ratings dominance, changes will have to be visible far lower in its organization than what is being reported. Though I was angry over its election night coverage and have been dismayed at the behavior of a number of its on-air personalities, I take no joy in the ratings crisis that seems to be engulfing Fox News. For all its faults, its reach, resources, and stable of outstanding talent like Tucker Carlson make it an essential voice
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During former President Bill Clinton’s testimony before a grand jury about his Oval Office shenanigans with 22-year-old White House intern Monica Lewinsky, the Philanderer in Chief shrewdly said, in response to a question, “It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” In Apple CEO Tim Cook’s case, it depends on what his meaning of “that” is. More precisely, in the case of Apple’s de-platforming of conservative-leaning social media site Parler, it matters a hell of a lot what Cook’s meaning of “that” is, when he says of Parler: “We don’t consider that free speech.”
Harvard Students Petition For Trump-
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A group of students at Harvard University are demanding that the degrees earned by Trump allies be revoked as punishment for their political opinions.“Harvard must revoke the degrees of alumni whose incendiary language and subversion of democratic processes—rooted in a history of white supremacist voter suppression—incited the violent insurrection on January 6,” the petition said, which was obtained by Fox Business. “This includes all who have used their platforms to deny the validity of the presidential election. They do not and should not represent a university committed to ‘strengthening democracy’
The Capitol Hill Riot Was Pelosi’s Fault,
Not Trump’s: Why couldn’t Congress’
private police force of 2,000 protect it from
a mob of hundreds?
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Posted by OhioNick 1/16/2021 4:11:35 AM Post Reply
The Capitol Police have over 2,000 sworn officers. A police force dedicated to protecting Capitol Hill has more personnel in its service than the police forces of most of the country. Congress' private cops are the 19th largest police force in the country. It’s a larger force than the police forces of Atlanta, Baltimore, Denver, or Milwaukee with a massive $460 million budget. It’s the only legislative federal force in the country that is answerable exclusively to Congress. While Democrats advocated defunding the police, their private police force budget shot up from $375 million in 2016 to $460 million in 2020. After the Capitol Hill riot, expect it to go higher. Much higher.
Moving day approaches- “deep cleaning” of
White House, Jill Biden’s $1M bathroom
renovation plan
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Posted by Imright 1/16/2021 7:23:17 AM Post Reply
Pallets of empty cardboard boxes were delivered Wednesday to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Moving day is less than a week away and preparations are underway for Trump’s departure and the Bidens arrival. Before the Bidens arrive, deep cleaning is scheduled to take place in the White House and Jill Biden has plans for a million-dollar bathroom renovation in the East Wing. We are still in a pandemic so it’s reasonable that intense cleaning will happen as one group leaves and another moves into the White House. This year the cleaning that takes place during the transition between two administrations is more intense (and costly) than normally done.
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Pentagon officials confirm break from tradition,
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This year, for the first time since its inception in 1989, the Armed Forces Farewell event will reportedly not be held for an outgoing president.“The Pentagon, in a break with recent tradition, will not host an Armed Forces Farewell tribute to President Donald Trump. … Two senior defense officials confirmed … Thursday that no military farewell is being planned for the commander in chief,” Defense One reported Thursday.No reason was specified for the break in tradition. It’s also not clear whether the event was canceled by military brass or by the president himself. The latter scenario seems unlikely given his love for the military.
Ralph Lauren cuts ties with golfer
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The Ralph Lauren Corporation is cutting ties with golfer Justin Thomas over his use of a homophobic slur. Thomas apologized for the incident, which occurred at a PGA Tour tournament in Hawaii last Saturday. "There's no excuse," Thomas told the Golf Channel in an on-air apology immediately after his round. In a statement, the company said it was discontinuing its sponsorship of Thomas because of his use of the slur, which the company said inconsistent with its values.(Snip) A former world No. 1, Thomas is now third in golf's rankings. "As we make this decision, our hope is that Mr. Thomas
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As has long been transparently predictable, the eve of the inauguration of Joe Biden has coincided with the determination of state and local elected Democrat officials that the threat of a COVID-19 pandemic has passed, and economic and social life in Democrat-controlled cities and states can now begin to return to “normal”. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made his view known earlier this week: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday he wants to start opening restaurants, theaters and offices by launching rapid testing sites in New York City and eventually at hundreds of new sites in other city centers throughout the state.
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President-elect Joe Biden has unveiled a $1.9 trillion relief package that includes a third stimulus check of $1,400, in addition to the $600 direct payment issued last month. But Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts thinks struggling Americans need more cash to weather the ongoing pandemic. Markey called for Congress to pass his proposal of $2,000 monthly stimulus checks in a statement on Friday. "The $1,400 in direct cash assistance is a down payment that will help families make rent, put food on the table, and pay the utility bills after Senate Republicans blocked that additional funding back in December," the
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