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Thursday: Biden Says Trump Has ‘Put Israel In
Danger.’ Friday: Trump Announces ANOTHER
Arab Country Normalizes Relations With Israel.

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Posted By: ladydawgfan, 9/12/2020 9:32:27 PM

On Thursday, while speaking at an event organized by the rabidly anti-Israel group J Street, former Vice President Joe Biden snapped that President Donald Trump had “put Israel in danger” by withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal. He also insinuated that Trump has put American Jews in danger because he has “embraced” conspiracy theories. Biden’s timing was hilarious considering that on Friday, Trump announced that Bahrain became the latest Arab country to normalize relations with Israel, following the United Arab Emirates having done so in August. [Tweet] Biden stated, “Trump has put Israel in danger by tearing up the Iran nuclear deal, and replaced it with nothing.


Has Dementia Joe been right about ANYTHING RE foreign policy??

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Reply 1 - Posted by: MMC 9/12/2020 9:39:41 PM (No. 538941)
When has a Democrat EVER stood up for Israel?
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Reply 2 - Posted by: john56 9/12/2020 9:55:49 PM (No. 538952)
Sleepy Uncle Joe is full of you-know-what. President Trump has been successful in reminding the Arab world that the adage "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Their true enemy is Iran. Both Israel and the Arab world are better off working together to defeat the non-Arab Persians.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Petronius 9/12/2020 11:16:38 PM (No. 538989)
Where has Joe been for the last 6 months, in his basement?
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Reply 4 - Posted by: JunkYardDog 9/13/2020 12:35:00 AM (No. 539019)
You have to wonder at this point if Biden's own staff is telling him the truth about Trump's achievements.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Trigger2 9/13/2020 12:35:29 AM (No. 539020)
I suspect Joey the Pervert would be give every arab nation billions of our tax dollars to be nice to them.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: mifla 9/13/2020 5:47:36 AM (No. 539079)
Keep talking Joe. Just keep talking.
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As a Trump supporter, I don't casually dismiss the polls that consistently show he's behind. But I am cautiously optimistic he's going to win, for many reasons. Trump won in 2016 against overwhelming odds, the formidable Hillary Clinton machine and almost-unanimous predictions of his defeat. Though Trump was a well-known public figure, people didn't know whether he would fulfill his campaign promises and govern as a conservative. Many were skeptical, especially on social issues, based on some of his past positions. Sure, his outsider status was a major part of his appeal, and, yes, Clinton's unlikability helped, but I'm unimpressed with the theory that Joe Biden will defeat Trump because Trump has baggage
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Ordinary Americans are growing wary of the so-called experts. This phenomenon extends well beyond the biased purveyors of fake news. Most of us gave up on the liberal media long ago. According to Gallop, we are now an overwhelming majority. Today we include a growing group of experts and insiders, otherwise known as the elites. We’ve been mislead. We’ve been talked down to and dismissively treated like children who can’t handle the truth. Opinions are presented as facts. Decisions and pronouncements that were supposedly data driven regularly ignore data at odds with the decision makers’ opinions. The infamous hockey stick global warming model comes to mind.
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President Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee passed an enormous milestone this week — making contact with their 100 millionth voter through door knocking and phone banking. The RNC says it has knocked on the doors of 12 million potential voters in battleground states since mid-June — that’s around 1 million a week — while the Biden campaign has knocked on zero. The wildly different door-to-door strategies could make all the difference in races up and down the ballot in states like New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Michigan, which were won by razor-thin margins in 2016. And to get there, RNC chief of staff Richard Walters told The Post,
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Ken Miller walked into one of the four storefronts on the right flank of the Richland Shopping Center, asked if this was where he could change his voter registration, sat down with a purpose, and began to fill out the form. “It is time to go,” he said, flatly, as he checked his Pennsylvania driver’s license number to place on the form. Miller did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016; he didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton, either. He said he is a retired insurance manager and does not like what he sees coming from the party he has been a part of his adult life.
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LTC Alexander Vindman, USA, now retired, burst onto the national scene in October of 2019 when he testified before Congress as part of the Democrats’ orchestrated effort to impeach President Trump on abuse of power charges. A window into his ego and narcissism was evinced when he admitted during that testimony that he was offered the position of defense minister of Ukraine three times, as reported here. He was being played and corrupted by the Ukrainians in order to influence US policy toward Ukraine. This “flattery” amounted to bribery that should have gotten him court-martialed for corruption and doing favors for a foreign government –
Let’s Not Pretend That the Left Would Have
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The Woodward Tapes have provided for some interesting dialogue in the country over the last several days. Both “teams” have gone to their corners, one defending the President for the statements made to Woodward and the other criticizing him. I am going to choose a different path to approach this: One of critical thought. Some of the statements made by Democrats go a little something like this: “Trump knew it was more severe than it was and didn’t do anything.” “Trump knew it was deadly and lied to the American people about it.” “Trump knew it was going to spread and made it worse!”
Thursday: Biden Says Trump Has ‘Put Israel In
Danger.’ Friday: Trump Announces ANOTHER
Arab Country Normalizes Relations With Israel.
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Posted by ladydawgfan 9/12/2020 9:32:27 PM Post Reply
On Thursday, while speaking at an event organized by the rabidly anti-Israel group J Street, former Vice President Joe Biden snapped that President Donald Trump had “put Israel in danger” by withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal. He also insinuated that Trump has put American Jews in danger because he has “embraced” conspiracy theories. Biden’s timing was hilarious considering that on Friday, Trump announced that Bahrain became the latest Arab country to normalize relations with Israel, following the United Arab Emirates having done so in August. [Tweet] Biden stated, “Trump has put Israel in danger by tearing up the Iran nuclear deal, and replaced it with nothing.
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President Donald Trump bestowed the Medal of Honor on a U.S. soldier Friday, calling him “one of the bravest men anywhere in the world” for his role in a daring 2015 mission to rescue dozens of hostages who were set to be executed by Islamic State militants in Iraq. Trump picked the 19th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks to honor Sgt. Maj. Thomas “Patrick” Payne, who negotiated a barrage of enemy gunfire and repeatedly entered a burning building in a harrowing effort that saved more than 70 hostages. The president said that Payne, who was in high school on 9/11,
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"Welcome to Freedom!" exclaims real estate agent Ashley Scott as she surveys the nearly 97 acres of land that she and a group of 19 Black families purchased in August. "I'm hoping that it will be a thriving safe haven for people of color, for Black families in particular," Scott says. The land sits just East of Macon in rural Wilkinson County, Georgia. Scott and her friend, investor and entrepreneur Renee Walters, didn't initially plan on buying a large plot of land, but they had a vision that was clear—to create a safe space for their Black families.
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William Shakespeare famously observed that “all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” One of these players, Joe Biden, is currently trying out for the biggest role of his life. Unfortunately, he’s in danger of bombing the audition. He’s flubbing lines, breaking character, and occasionally forgetting the plot. His rambling, often incoherent speech in front of a supportive audience at a church in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on September 3 shows that he’s no longer playing the role of viable presidential candidate. Instead, he’s stumbled into the last scene of Shakespeare’s “strange, eventful history” — “second childishness and mere oblivion.”
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ore Americans say former Vice President Joe Biden has the mental clarity to be president versus Donald Trump, according to the latest Fox News poll released Sunday. Despite the Trump campaign and the president himself repeatedly questioning the mental acuity of Biden, a larger percentage of U.S. adults say they believe the Democratic presidential candidate has the traits best suited for the job. A slight majority of likely voters—51 percent—told Fox News they believe Biden, 77, has the "mental soundness" to be president, compared to 47 percent who say the same about Trump, 74.
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Left-wing pop star and actress Cher declared President Donald Trump a “mass murderer” and floated death as a punishment in a now-deleted tweet. Cher stated that it is “CALLED MURDER IF YOU MURDER MORE THAN ONE PERSON,” which is apparently a reference to President Trump’s handling of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, the Moonstruck star has made that same connection in the past.The “Strong Enough” singer wrote: There's A Blame 4 Killing Someone....Its Called "Murder"
Senate Republicans scramble to contain fallout
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Senate Republicans hoping to go on offense this week found themselves instead playing defense once again because of controversial remarks by President Trump — this time to Watergate reporter Bob Woodward. It was a familiar dilemma for GOP senators used to being chased by reporters over their thoughts on Trump’s latest furor, but in this case it came with terrible timing — eight weeks before an election in which the Senate is on the line and as they hoped to call attention to Democrats blocking a coronavirus relief bill Thursday on a procedural motion.
Portland Mayor Bans Police Use of
Tear Gas After 100 Days of Rioting
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Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has banned the use of tear gas on rioters in the Oregon city. [snip] have used tear gas to quell riots over nearly four months. “We need something different. We need it now,” the mayor wrote, adding: It’s time for everyone to reduce the violence in our community. We all want change. We all have the opportunity and obligation to create change. We all want to focus on the fundamental issue at hand–justice for Black people and all people of color. Wheeler said his administration and Oregon’s Legislature are seeking “safer alternatives” to the nonlethal gas.
Democrat Nancy Pelosi: Trump Securing
Peace Deals In Middle East Is
‘A Distraction’
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Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) claimed on Friday that President Donald Trump’s recent success in securing peace deals in the Middle East was nothing more than “a distraction.”“How much credit do you give the President of the United States for these peace agreements?” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked.“Well, hopefully they won’t—hopefully they will beneficial [sic] to the region,” Pelosi said. “We’ve been waiting for a very long time for the president’s proposal for an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement that honored the two state solution. It was coming in two weeks, it was coming in two months, it was coming in six months—it still hasn’t come in any way that has
Endorsement: Joe Biden isn’t just ‘anybody
but Trump.’ He’s the right fit for our
polarized time
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This year’s presidential election confronts voters with the most consequential choice they have faced in decades, and for many, their lifetimes: between a divisive, authoritarian-leaning incumbent and a seasoned patriot who brings not only five decades of experience, ability and commitment to American values, but also bold ideas at a time of national crisis. Nothing less than the health of our constitutional democracy is at stake. So stark is the contrast between Donald Trump and Joe Biden that we feel compelled to announce our endorsement of the Democratic nominee and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris of California, now, at what is traditionally the beginning of the fall campaign and before
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It’s been hard to miss the steady drumbeat of articles and think-pieces over the past few months about Election Day war games and post-election planning underway on the left, rooted in obsessive fears that President Trump will refuse to accept an electoral loss, triggering a constitutional crisis and maybe even widespread civic unrest, all in a desperate attempt to cling to power. “The Left Secretly Preps for MAGA Violence After Election Day,” reads a recent headline at The Daily Beast. “Is Trump Planning a Coup d’État?” asks another recent piece at The Nation. “Is America in the Early Stages of Armed Insurgency?” frets Slate.
Startling anonymous post from a claimed
Biden ex-staffer lays out the alleged
depths of his dementia
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Normally, I would spurn the idea of citing an anonymous post that purports to contain inside information on a presidential candidate. But two factors currently weigh on my mind, causing me to make an exception. One is that MSM Trump-haters have no compunction at all over relying exclusively on anonymous sources (snip) But the other factor is more serious and directly relevant to the anonymous post I am about to cite. The Biden campaign clearly is hiding their candidate from exposure to circumstances that might test his mental acuity and vigor on a sustained basis. We now have direct evidence that the campaign has been deceiving the public by using a teleprompter
What Life Is Like In California’s
Post-Apocalyptic Landscape
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I woke up in the morning wondering about the dark red rays coming from behind the curtain. While I expected the darkened sky, the degree of darkness and the fact that I couldn’t smell fire surprised me. Northern California fires have become increasingly common over the last decade as a consequence of mismanaging the environment. Native Americans staged controlled burns to safeguard their villages and create favorable hunting conditions. We failed to emulate that practice, and, as even Mother Jones concedes, so much fuel accumulated in the wilderness that megafires began burning year after year.
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San Francisco, Calif. -- The Poopalosi protestor live streamed this performance piece from Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s residence in the posh Presidio Terrace neighborhood on YouTube. Believe it or not, thanks to District Attorney Chesa Boudin, this act is quasi-legal in San Francisco. When Boudin, a public defender who ran on an anti-police campaign platform, was elected in 2019, he promised not to prosecute so-called “quality of life” crimes, including public urination, defecation and prostitution. Within hours of posting on Friday, Lifes Mavrek, the moniker on YouTube of this Cuban-American vagabond, raised thousands of dollars and generated tens of thousands of views.
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