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Tucker Carlson: We Cannot Let Democrats
Run This Country Because They Hate It

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Posted By: Imright, 7/7/2020 2:59:02 AM

Monday, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson opened his show by giving President Donald Trump’s speech at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota high marks. He then pointed to the Democrat backlash and concluded that Democrats and their allies in the media hate the country.He alluded to remarks made by presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) to bolster that point. Carlson then posed the question: Could the left in America lead a country that it hates?“So what to make of all of this,” Carlson said. “It’s long been considered out-of-bounds to question a person’s patriotism. It’s a very strong charge,

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Mushroom 7/7/2020 3:53:47 AM (No. 469662)
Frankly there are more than a few "NeverTrumpers" that fall into the same category. It might be better to just look at the 'Deep State' politicians.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: HisHandmaiden 7/7/2020 5:46:41 AM (No. 469676)
Tucker, sadly, you are at least 12 years too late... Sean warmed us about Rev. Wright’s hate America church where Zero attended for over 20 years. KAG
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Reply 3 - Posted by: bgarrett 7/7/2020 6:41:38 AM (No. 469705)
The democrats ARE running this country and have been for 50 years
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Roy Davis 7/7/2020 6:51:14 AM (No. 469714)
Like I said in 2006, when it was looking like dim-0s would take over congress. I predicted we would go into recession quickly if that happened. Then in 2008, when it looked like obama would be elected I said if he is, we would go into a depression. There has NEVER been a time that dim-0s gained power when the country did not suffer from it.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Rob_NC 7/7/2020 7:06:02 AM (No. 469727)
So should they even be here?
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Reply 6 - Posted by: ARKfamily 7/7/2020 7:25:03 AM (No. 469739)
I tend to believe it is liberals who are ruining America. My definition of liberal: a person who is defiant of God's Ten Commandments. It so happens, right now, that Democrats are trying very hard to take God out of society so I cast them as liberals. They vote party line and are put in place when they step out of those bounds. When you take a look at all of the problems facing America, most of them have stemmed from liberalism. Hollywood, sports entities, politicians, the media, big corporations, Nascar etc. have all had policies stemming from liberalism. Whatever brings in big money, go with it. Never mind the message. Now, they have to start looking at policies (when they should have been all along) and undo them if the crowd gets angry or violent.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: starboard 7/7/2020 8:15:35 AM (No. 469779)
Thank you Tucker for standing up even with all the slings and arrows.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: stablemoney 7/7/2020 8:18:56 AM (No. 469783)
The Democrats are running the country, even when we elected Republicans. Sessions recuses himself. Dr. Fauci shuts down the whole economy. Texas has a Republican Gov, but all the major cities are ran by Democrats. The major corporations have liberal CEO's and the policies of their stores are liberal. The school textbooks are all written by liberals. The media is 95% liberal. The technology companies are liberal. Every aspect of our lives is now ran by the Democrats. Every aspect is mandatory. The left does not allow choice. Technology now allows complete control of access to goods and services, if you do not comply. Our state legislatures and Congress only meet to vote lockstop for omnibus legislation written by Democrat activists, no debates, no representative input, representatives have not read what is in it. It does not matter what the court system rules. The Democrats will whittle away until they find a leftist judge that will rule their way, and John Roberts will rubber stamp it. Our news organizations are propagandists that are unmatched in the world. We live in a totalitarian system. The people have discovered that they control nothing about their lives. Going to work, health choices, who to hire or fire, whether the business can open. They don't have to take your property to take control of it. They don't have to take your liberty. They have taken control of your access to goods and services. We are living in a landfill and a hellhole. That is what liberalism has brought us.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Rinktum 7/7/2020 8:27:01 AM (No. 469797)
Tucker has been spot on in all his opening monologues here lately. He gets it. He see what is happening in this country and is fearful for his children and grandchildren’s futures. We all are because this country does not in any way resemble the one in which we grew up. It is vastly different. Democrats have unleashed a godless political philosophy that has the power to destroy this, once blessed, nation. I will admit it’s not too different in my little town but there is an undercurrent of unrest whether it be others, like me, who are as concerned or some people with a dark motive. You can feel it though and it is disconcerting. I do believe this present turmoil we are experiencing is different. It is not just the friction between political ideology. It goes far deeper than that. It goes right to the core of the beliefs we hold. Actually, it is pretty cut and dried. You either were inspired by the President’s speech at Mt. Rushmore, or you were appalled. There were two very different philosophies revealed by which reaction you had to the speech. Democrats have for decades indoctrinated and dominated every aspect of our society: government, education, entertainment, politics, news media, corporations, and even the medical and military communities. Of course, they were horrified. The rest of the country was thrilled to hear our history proudly proclaimed and our great country given its due. One thing I believe we know for sure is that the democrats must be defeated on November 3rd. That date will go down in history as a time the country chose which path to follow. We cannot lose. We must defeat every democrat on the ballot. This must be a clear victory and it still will be challenged by democrats. They will not go down without a fight. God help us to muster the good people in this country to go to the polls and vote for President Trump and a straight Republican ticket. Pray we are victorious because if these past few months are any indication of what the democrats have planned for us, it will be a nightmare existence where only the connected and strong survive. God bless Tucker Carlson for giving a strong and unwavering analysis of the situation. He is right. The democrats cannot be given power.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: marbles 7/7/2020 8:29:12 AM (No. 469801)
The dem politicians know exactly what the agenda is. As we have seen they will do whatever it takes to attain it including the destruction of America. For them it's all about power and what they believe is their right to rule. The dem voters, for decades have been spoon fed hate and hatred for " evil " that is America and the republican party. For a long time it was nudge , nudge . Starting with Trump ( who greatly upset the dems plans because he won't go along to get along) it's been non stop in your face . The MSM, supposed reporters of the news , aka the truth, now make up the news to support the dem agenda and are aghast when called out on it. Keep in mind that when America was founded the majority of the people living in the colonies did not support independence.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: fayebeck 7/7/2020 8:48:11 AM (No. 469816)
#3 you are correct, BUT I think the democrats have been in charge since 1932. Much of FDR is still with us. Burned into our souls. Same with obama and others. Can anyone remember anything of Reagan's tenure that is still with us? I can't.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: KatieJo 7/7/2020 9:01:34 AM (No. 469832)
A wise man named Nathaniel Grigsby passed away at age 78 on April 16, 1890. He had this inscribed on his tombstone "Through this inscription I wish to enter my dying protest against what is called the Democratic party. I have watched it closely since the days of Jackson and know that all the misfortunes of our nation has come to it through this so called party therefore beware of this party for treason." He was a Civil War veteran, a 2nd Lieut., of Company G, 10th Indiana Cavalry, a farmer and a friend of Abraham Lincoln. He was also very right.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Trump'sCousin 7/7/2020 9:13:49 AM (No. 469844)
I think the comment by lucianne staff under the headline i awfully optimistic. I cant believe that in my lifetime, especially the last 20 years, how the nation has eroded. It would not surprise me to see them win by whatever means necessary and strike the final blow to this once great republic I'm not a pessimist I'm a realist
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Laotzu 7/7/2020 9:15:13 AM (No. 469846)
Tucker Carlson is authoring the Federalist Papers of the modern era with his video monologues.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: raspberry 7/7/2020 9:29:31 AM (No. 469858)
Democrats are driven by a lust for power and motivated by hate. They do anything to achieve their goal to control everything. It is Satanic.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: HotRod 7/7/2020 9:46:12 AM (No. 469888)
FTA: "It’s long been considered out-of-bounds to question a person’s patriotism.'' That may be true for the politically correct mob, pertaining to themselves, but they view patriotism as a racist issue for conservatives. For some twisted logic (or derangement) the radical left thinks true patriotism means trashing America's history and values. IOW, America has always been a bad country and it must be fundamentally transformed into their ideal. We have now seen their ideal: Violence. The use of violence to attain power and keep it. Violence to impose their values and opinions on people who disagree. Violence to pander to a voting base. No free speech. No Second Amendment. No opposition to anything they want. Otherwise, they will burn your city down.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: MDConservative 7/7/2020 9:57:14 AM (No. 469908)
Letting the Swamp's UNIPARTY Republicans run this country isn't a whole lot different. Just slowed strangulation. At least they allow "patriots" to cling to their icons.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: HisHandmaiden 7/7/2020 10:48:26 AM (No. 469949)
Read George Webb’s new book online from Kindle for 99 cents, “Awan Minutes to Midnight.” Here are the first 2 chapters. And follow him on Parler, Georg Webb, then pray and share with as many patriots as possible. KAG
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Reply 19 - Posted by: janjan 7/7/2020 11:01:56 AM (No. 469964)
We, our parents, and probably grandparents sat back and let this happen. When I was a child Walter Cronkite was the last word on everything and no one knew her was a Leftist and Communist. We don’t have that excuse. Most things are obvious. We talk tough on internet blogs, but the anarchists have not reached our neighborhoods so we sit on the couch watching them on cable news. By the time they reach our doorsteps it will be too late.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Highvoltage 7/7/2020 11:10:00 AM (No. 469978)
The Democrats lead guy has a teleprompter in a news conference so his handlers can give him cognitive answers to read.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Arby 7/7/2020 11:18:50 AM (No. 469993)
There are (or were) traditional democrats who supported the working man and woman but loved the country and supported it. They are now largely gone. There are never-Trumpers who simply hate Trump. There are angst-ridden democrats who long for a semi-socialist utopia and wring their hands when they see that we're not getting there. There are also radicals who literally hate the country, probably because they hate themselves and their lack of learning, character, integrity and inability to attract attention any other way than by acting out. The radical haters are now leading the democrat party and Biden will be beholden to them. His likely veep would be closer to them than he is and that person would likely succeed him, perhaps quickly in his first term. Those who hate the country and seek to 'transform' it would destroy it. Hopefully it could be saved after the public awakened to reality, but that public awakened to reality in 2016 and should now see the face and heart of the democrat party in the actions of the House of Representatives. This is make or break time, people. Work. Pray. Vote.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 7/7/2020 11:29:33 AM (No. 470004)
I think we need to pay attention to what #19 said. Sitting here punching up comments and posting articles isn't going to be enough. We need to get out and speak up loudly.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: little guy 7/7/2020 11:42:44 AM (No. 470016)
Tucker is basically taking Bill O'Reilly's place as a voice of reason & thought. Tucker has grown into the job and speaks and thinks clearly now much more than when he first started. At least he shuts up long enough to let his guests speak ... unlike Hannity and now somewhat Laura. Let's hope he's happily married, says nothing untoward and can keep his hands to himself! To his point and the article, sadly America's political bent has swung like the pendulum in Poe's old short story. Each swing gets longer but also deeper! The far swing to the left was Obama and now it is still swinging back to the right under Trump. We need to make it climb totally up the arc and pause for awhile at the top by getting Trump re-elected and also giving him the House & Senate ... yes, again. This time they will play ball better than Ryan did I have no doubt. Another 4 years of Trump and a Republican congress will stop the Dems in their tracks. It will be a Waterloo defeat. No one in their right minds now can vote Dem in November. No one.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: Timber Queen 7/7/2020 12:59:54 PM (No. 470112)
I disagree slightly with #19, "We, our parents, and probably grandparents sat back and let this happen." My parents did not sit back and neither have I. Conservative patriotic voters have been denouncing the Dem party for decades, but unfortunately all we had were Republican politicians who for every election cycle promised us they would get the feds out of local education and did nothing about abolishing the Education Dept. They would say they wanted energy independence and ended up locking up more resources. The GOPe touted their presidential leaders with modifiers before "conservative". Millions of Americans rose up as the Tea Party and were forcefully neutralized by our own "leaders". They were all we had, and we had to vote for them. How could we protect our heritage when our "defenders" were secretly plundering along with the pirates? Not I, nor patriotic American people, should shoulder the blame for this Democrat debacle. It was the Democrat Party who decided a long time ago that having their own way was superior to having a country shared with others. It was the Republican Party who decided a long time ago that joining the Democrats in selling out the country was much easier and more financially rewarding than having to share the country with those deplorable others. All this perfidy and mendacity were glossily manipulated by propaganda masters in our "free" press. Yet out of this miasma came Ronald Reagan, the Tea Party movement and now our greatest champion, President Donald J. Trump. No, we did not "let" this happen. It was evil done to us to purposely overwhelm our resistance. In the past we had to fight in the shadows against shadows, now we fight in daylight on an open field. One of us, a true citizen, is leading us towards our rightful American Restoration. MAGA:KAG - The Best Is Yet To Be.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: RedWhite&Blue2 7/7/2020 1:38:03 PM (No. 470170)
Let’s defeat the radical left Let’s beat them badly Let’s destroy their cult Let’s ruin their evil Let’s smash their narrative Let’s blow up their lies This is war They act like warriors That’s what WE must do too! WARRIORS!
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Reply 26 - Posted by: or gate 7/7/2020 1:45:37 PM (No. 470180)
A big yes.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: Smart11344 7/7/2020 2:01:42 PM (No. 470195)
Simply put, Tucker is absolutely right.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: czechlist 7/7/2020 2:38:48 PM (No. 470233)
#11 Unfortunately I am surrounded by Reagan's legacy, his biggest mistake. Most are good people but too many live like they are still South of the border. He never should have trusted Tip O'Neill and the Democrat Congress to deal with immigration.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: WesternTradition 7/7/2020 4:35:55 PM (No. 470336)
Carlson/Scott 2024
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Reply 30 - Posted by: EQKimball 7/7/2020 5:28:01 PM (No. 470409)
A huge fan of Tucker though I am, on this one we disagree. It is more complicated than hating the country. Progressives often love many things about the country, including in no particular order, our national parks, baseball, tennis, snooty schools and universities for themselves and their children, art museums for the right kind of art, big cities, CNN, NYT, NPR, et al., labor unions, the right nonprofits, mosques, abortion on demand, civil rights and helpful trial lawyers, Beverly Hills, Malibu, San Francisco, Marin County, Cape Cod and the Hamptons, and the right to protest. What liberals most often do not like are--again in no particular order--churches, red states, a confining (as distinguished from a "living") Constitution, Republicans, big business, billionaires not named George Soros, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Cuban, Larry Ellison, and Michael Bloomberg (among others), capitalism (except the companies owned by the aforementioned liberal billionaires), conservative white men and women, conservative black men and women, evangelicals, parochial schools, charter schools, the filibuster depending on which party controls the Senate, school choice, southern symbols of any kind, the notion of sin (which has been replaced by political correctness), the Christian notion of Christmas, the Fourth of July, carbon fuels, utilities, the military, the flag, the Star Spangled Banner and football (as distinguished from liberal millionaire players). Overall, however, they generally love America when they are in charge, and hate it when they are out of power. They are, in sum, like very spoiled children, who love or hate their parents depending on whether they are being lavished with gifts and candy or being made to eat their peas and do their homework.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: ColonialAmerican1623 7/8/2020 12:18:49 AM (No. 470760)
We the People deserve better than what We are paying for. We should run a full page announcement in the Washington newspaper telling those in Congress who hate this country to resign. Today works for me. As that little school dropout Greta said "How dare you !"
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Posted by Imright 7/8/2020 10:14:23 AM Post Reply
The New York Times obtained a copy of disgruntled family member Mary Trump’s tell-all book ahead of next week’s expected release — to the surprise of no one — and reported that it claims President Trump paid someone to take the SAT for him.The book, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” set to be published next week, and includes a passage that claimed that Trump hired a proxy to take the test for him — the niece claim cheating was “a way of life” for the president.“The high score the proxy earned for him, Ms. Trump adds, helped the young Mr. Trump
Washington & Lee Professors Vote to
Remove ‘Lee’ from School Name
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The faculty of Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Virginia, voted on Monday to remove the name of Robert E. Lee from the university’s name. During a faculty meeting on Monday, 79 percent of faculty voted in favor of a change to the university’s name.According to a report by the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the faculty at Washington & Lee University voted on Monday to remove “Lee” from the university’s name.Zoila Ponce de Leon, an assistant professor at the university, argued that the name change would be a small step towards making students from “diverse backgrounds” more “comfortable” on campus.
COVID Deaths Plummet, But the
So-Called News Remains Negative
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RUSH: Now, let’s get into some COVID-19 news and, folks, are you asking yourself what of any of this is true and what isn’t? It’s almost like the tale of two viruses. We have an entire group of stories that are about how much worse the virus is.(Snip)The number of deaths associated with COVID-19 are way down. It’s why they’re not being reported. The game here is to scare you into siding up with a new lockdown. They want you to hear all these brand-new numbers of cases as deaths. But deaths are down. The curve was flattened.
Dem Rep. Omar vows 'whole
system' of U.S. economy must
be gutted due to 'oppression'
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Rep. Ilhan Omar says America is a giant “system of oppression” needing an immediate “dismantling” far beyond current calls for criminal justice reform. The Minnesota Democrat told constituents Tuesday that most national conversations about the death of George Floyd and the coronavirus pandemic fail to realize the size and scope of change she envisions. “We can’t stop at criminal justice reform or policing reform,” she said during an outdoor press conference.(Snip) Ms. Omar urged Americans that it was time to “guarantee homes for all” due to racial disparities in home ownership. We are fighting to tear down systems of oppression that exist
Meghan's Prince Harry wants you to
apologize for the sins of his ancestors
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Going for the wokester cred, Meghan Markle's husband, Prince Harry, would like you to apologize, or rather, 'reflect' on the colonial sins of his ancestors. Here's how bad it was: Prince Harry today faced criticism after he appeared to take a swipe at the British Empire by saying the history of the Commonwealth 'must be acknowledged', even if it's 'uncomfortable'. The Duke of Sussex, 35, made the comment as he joined wife Meghan Markle, 38, for a video call with young leaders from the Queen's Commonwealth Trust last week that was made public today. As part of the discussion on 'justice and equal rights', Harry said the Commonwealth needs to follow others
Tucker Carlson: We Cannot Let Democrats
Run This Country Because They Hate It
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Monday, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson opened his show by giving President Donald Trump’s speech at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota high marks. He then pointed to the Democrat backlash and concluded that Democrats and their allies in the media hate the country.He alluded to remarks made by presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) to bolster that point. Carlson then posed the question: Could the left in America lead a country that it hates?“So what to make of all of this,” Carlson said. “It’s long been considered out-of-bounds to question a person’s patriotism. It’s a very strong charge,
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