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Dan Bongino offers two shocking
theories about the target on Flynn's back

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Posted By: PageTurner, 5/19/2020 8:43:22 AM

Dan Bongino has come up with a knock-your-socks-off theory about why Flynn’s December 29, 2016, telephone call with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak didn’t need unmasking. He also offers a surprising twist on the charging papers against Flynn, something that may expose the DOJ's con on the court. A lot of people noticed something interesting in the newly released list showing Obama-era people unmasking Flynn communications: No one unmasked Flynn’s call with Kislyak. There were no unmaskings between December 28 and January 4. The next unmasking,

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Reply 1 - Posted by: mathman 5/19/2020 9:01:14 AM (No. 415593)
Ouch! The problem with Bongino is that he knows too much. Having been there and done that, his take has been accurate far too often. I think Dan is correct once again. Like my friend Ken Tiemeyer, Dan knows where bodies are buried, and is always worth a listen.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Clinger 5/19/2020 9:31:12 AM (No. 415647)
Dan is the absolute best aggregator, integrator and dot connector of this whole sordid affair. He is not prone to throwing things out there for effect, when he does present something as theory it has far more behind it that wild speculation.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: bighambone 5/19/2020 9:38:02 AM (No. 415657)
Why don’t they simply declassify and publicly release the complete transcript of the telephone call between Flynn and Kislyak that FBI had in hand at the time they interviewed Flynn. The transcript would show if Flynn said anything improper to Kislyak contrary to US interests, if Flynn had a motive to lie about his talk with Kislyak, if the FBI had a justifiable reason to interview Flynn as the FBI already knew the entire conversation between Flynn and Kislyak from the transcript, and if the interview, as alleged, was used as a pretext to entrap Flynn to get him removed as President Trump’s National Security Advisor for nefarious reasons involving his prior dealings and statements while he was an intelligence executive in the Obama Administration. There is really no reason to keep the telephone call classified as anyone who knows how the Russians operate know that any telephone call initiated by Kislyak to Flynn would have been recorded by the Russian intelligence services. In that respect the Russians know the contents of that telephone call, along with the Obama crew, the FBI and possibly some yet unidentified possibly foreign intelligence service. The only people who do not know are the American people. Claiming that they are protecting sources and methods by keeping the transcript classified is just baloney.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: MDConservative 5/19/2020 9:51:20 AM (No. 415678)
Let's ask another: How could Flynn then plead guilty to have lied about sanctions? This guy is supposedly no dummy, a retired three-star to be appointed the President's National Security Advisor, with a crackerjack, expensive legal team in his corner. And despite all that, he was coerced into pleading to a crime he did not commit, could not have committed. Let's get to the bottom of this once and for all.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Strike3 5/19/2020 10:05:46 AM (No. 415692)
The FBI ended up with the transcript of the call but unless the intel agencies are using shared technology these days, which I doubt due to the inherent jealousy among them, the NSA would have intercepted the call from the Dominican Republic. They are the only ones with decryption technology. Ergo, they are all dirty unless the NSA gives out what is asked for without any sort of validation of need to know, or a direct order from the Kenyan imposter.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: DVC 5/19/2020 10:34:27 AM (No. 415736)
Nothing is shocking any more. All of the CIA, FBI and DoJ in Washington were completely corrupted, running a massive illegal, unconstitutional, criminal, traitorous coup plot to prevent Trump from being elected, and after elected to harm him and try to prevent their previous criminal activities from being uncovered. As far a I can tell at this point, there is exactly ONE organization which followed the law, NSA. NSA staffers saw suspicious activity, notified their chain of command, and the head of the NSA, Adm. Rogers, apparently the ONLY honest man in all of the Obama administration, shut it down, reported it to the FISA court, and the FISA court started an investigation. Nothing is shocking any more once you realize that there was only one honest organization left in DC, only one. ALL the rest of them - essentially all cabinet agencies - were subverted for political purposes, breaking the law many times a day. And who will go to prison? The IRS folks are safely retired, probably will never be bothered. Will the rest of these criminals just walk?
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Reply 7 - Posted by: starboard 5/19/2020 10:37:27 AM (No. 415745)
Kudos to Dan Bongino. A smart cracker jack detective who always has the facts.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: BarryNo 5/19/2020 10:44:35 AM (No. 415766)
It's a plausible scenario. Though to me it gives too much credit to Obama's people. When he was setting up his cabinets and supporters, one thing was obvious from the beginning: Obama didn't want ANYONE around, who might outshine him. And he's not that bright. Even his puppet masters aren't that bright. Most of them come from inherited fortunes managed by hirelings on their behalf. There are some unsavory exceptions, like Soros, but on the whole, there are few distinctions among them outside of membership in the 'Mile High Club'. If they disappeard tomorrow, life would go on, and the world would probably be a better place.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: GO3 5/19/2020 11:35:00 AM (No. 415875)
This is a very confusing article or Bongino has misinterpreted the requirements to spy on US citizens. First, there is no interception allowed of communications of US persons or US entities whether in a foreign country or not. Even where the US has military/intel assets overseas per agreement with the host country, US persons cannot be collected upon unless certain requirements are met. Second, outside of a domestic criminal investigation, the FBI relies upon referrals so to speak from the IC which has intercepted foreigners who may have been communicating with a US citizen. It could work in reverse if there is any foreign actor involved, but there is a limited amount of time to make a decision as to whether to pursue the matter further. If the FBI wants to continue, the they should then go to the FISA court. Third, "unmasking" is not a way to spy on US citizens; it's revealing the US person who has been previously spied upon. All of this, of course, is assuming everyone is doing things legally, which we know zippy's admin didn't give a hoot about that. I tend to ask similar questions as #4. In addition to his crack legal team, Flynn had to have known that one of the exceptions to prohibiting collection on US citizens is having or have had a security clearance. Also, why make a call to a foreign leader from the Dominican Republic? This may have been totally innocent, but to an outside observer it might seem he was trying to be slick in order to conceal something. Anyway, Bongino may be right, but this article does him no favors.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Starboard_side 5/19/2020 11:35:16 AM (No. 415878)
Very good theory, and would explain a lot. That Flynn had compromised attorney's, alone, should be grounds for dismissal of the "charge" against him. Yet, it now looks like the judge is also either compromised to not see that Flynn was railroaded.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: pensom2 5/19/2020 1:04:22 PM (No. 416001)
#9 asks, "Also, why make a call to a foreign leader from the Dominican Republic? This may have been totally innocent, but to an outside observer it might seem he was trying to be slick in order to conceal something." The article clearly states that Kislyak initiated the call to Flynn while Flynn was vacationing in the Dominican Republic: "The twist here is that, as Obama and Co. knew, Flynn wasn't in the U.S. He was vacationing in the Dominican Republic. It's unlikely that Kislyak made more than one call to the Dominican Republic during this crucial time frame. All Obama had to do was ask to see a call on the 29th from Kislyak to the Dominican Republic."
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Reply 12 - Posted by: GO3 5/19/2020 1:46:06 PM (No. 416033)
OK, #11, Kisylak called Flynn in the Dominican Republic. I got that wrong, but in fact only reinforces my point that any US citizen communications cannot be acted upon whether collected here or overseas without certain requirements being met. Zippy and company don't follow the rules; we know that. But the article is misleading on this point. The CIA, or NSA or whoever cannot divulge the "US person" content whether he was in a foreign country or not. That is only the case if a "referral" to the FBI and granting of a FISA warrant for the FBI to continue to collect. Or, if a cleared person is up for renewal or re-investigation. This is why #5 is closer to the truth IMO.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: bighambone 5/19/2020 2:05:40 PM (No. 416054)
In order for Kislyak to initiate a telephone call to Flynn he had to have Flynn’s cell phone number. Who else would have had that number, and put a watch on it, you can bet that all the intelligence services that Flynn worked with in the past, including big time foreign intelligence services that have the ability to monitor all calls initiated in Russia or anywhere else to specific telephone numbers. That would include the US National Security Agency, and the British Secret Intelligence Service that is a member of the “Five Eyes” USA-Commonwealth intelligence collaboration machine, an intelligence operation that would have most certainly passed a transcript of the call to the CIA. Once in the hands of the CIA, you can bet that the transcript would have found its way to the FBI and then to the Obama White House. I still say what is in the transcript is the most important element of all.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: doctorfixit 5/19/2020 2:49:55 PM (No. 416094)
The level of chicanery and sophistication of these plots is astounding. It's pretty obvious they had the resources of the entire spy apparatus at work on the coup. All hands on deck. What in hell was Flynn doing vacationing in the Dominican Republic?
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Reply 15 - Posted by: GO3 5/19/2020 3:17:52 PM (No. 416117)
Sorry to post again, but #13 hit the nail on the head. Some mid- to high-level IC types communicate with neutrals or adversary counterparts from time to time, but IMO it has gotten out of control. The further up you get the more they do it. Remember Vindman? These guys think they can get an edge on influencing policy by promoting their ability to grease the skids with folks of questionable character. In one instance I am familiar with, an entire section of analysts were busting their hump on getting and analyzing information about a key foreign player, only to have the boss call the guy up on his cell phone to smooth things over. Makes you wonder what the hell use is it to do the work at all. These free agents have no thought about a coherent decision making process or putting the country in a good position. It's all about their rise to power. I have no doubt that while Flynn was a high level active duty intel guy, that he communicated with his foreign counterparts in Russia, the Mideast, etc. There was a rule in the day that no communication goes outside the HQ without approval of the Chief of Staff. Hopefully, Trump's appointees are now following this rule. I think Flinn was presuming too much. He was in a different ballgame as a civilian member of Trump's team and overstepped his bounds.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: MickTurn 5/19/2020 4:17:01 PM (No. 416175)
Yep, what Dan points out is how really slimy Obama is...
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