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Forget Iowa — let's switch to
a one-day national primary

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Posted By: Pluperfect, 2/18/2020 4:49:28 AM

The delays and potential errors in the results of the Iowa Democratic caucus should cause Americans of both parties to reconsider how the country selects its nominees. The current system of primaries and caucuses staggered over several months has three primary flaws. A new method of selecting nominees would be beneficial for the country. First, states that vote early in the process (especially Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada) unfairly carry greater weight in the selection of the nominee than other states. Winners in early states typically receive increased contributions and media attention, both of which are critical for the long nomination process.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: PChristopher 2/18/2020 5:23:42 AM (No. 321910)
THANK you!!! In these days of instant communications....YouTube, Twitter, 24/7 News, Endless televised debates, Etc, Etc, Ad Nauseum, the quaint notion of primaries being spread out to allow for horseback travel between primaries is anachronistic. One Day, One Primary...None of this early, middle and late voting crud....same for the General Election. Just do it! I'm tired of this endless politicking that just seems to go on year after year after year with only slight breaks in between!
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Reply 2 - Posted by: 4Justice 2/18/2020 5:36:45 AM (No. 321915)
Yes!!! I have ALWAYS hated the fact that other states get to choose my candidate long before I can even get to the ballot box!. So many times, my candidate was no longer in the running by the time we get to vote. It is totally unfair and disenfranchises millions of voters.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: DCGIRL 2/18/2020 5:47:02 AM (No. 321916)
I'm for it!! While you are at it, please get rid of the day light saving time.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: caljeepgirl 2/18/2020 6:04:32 AM (No. 321922)
Unfortunately, it'll never fly. It's that 'common sense' thing....
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Reply 5 - Posted by: MainelySane 2/18/2020 6:23:28 AM (No. 321927)
Effectively, that would codify that there are two political parties that are sanctioned by the federal government. If I'm sick of the both Democrat and Republican nut cases running their parties.. That will leave us with nutcase parties running the country. I think the federal government should not even be in the business of helping private parties choose their nominees. The national election day is all the federal government should be in the business of co-ordinating.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Patchy Groundfog 2/18/2020 6:54:31 AM (No. 321952)
As #5 points out it's a tricky one. BUT under the silly Iowa/NH system the media chooses most candidates by flooding a low-population state with reporters and browbeating everyone into the media's choice in most cases. A whole-hog primary would prevent the media from running their silly horse-race stories and from pumping up their preferred candidate.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: chance_232 2/18/2020 6:57:12 AM (No. 321957)
The consequences would be brokered conventions as the norm, not the exception. Im ok with primaries spread out. But...... I think two, three or four primaries instead of the long drawn out process that we have now.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: pinger 2/18/2020 7:05:52 AM (No. 321965)
Agree with this. A friend and I had this exact conversation a couple of weeks ago. May never happen, but should.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: NorthernDog 2/18/2020 7:32:21 AM (No. 321985)
Completely unrealistic. A candidate needs millions of dollars just to compete in 1 state primary. Imagine trying to compete in all 50? We would end up with Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton as 'winners' solely based on name recognition.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: TLCary 2/18/2020 7:37:37 AM (No. 321991)
All 50 States would easily agree to this, as long as their state gets to vote the day before. Who votes when isn't the problem. Giving a damn about who Iowa or NH or anyone in the media endorses is the problem. Quit trying to game the system or follow the herd, and vote for who you believe is the best choice for President.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: tom7 2/18/2020 8:01:06 AM (No. 322023)
Yeah - there's no point in adhering to an old dead piece of paper like the Constitution.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: seamusm 2/18/2020 8:21:29 AM (No. 322043)
I respectfully disagree. Adopting a single day format would further steal power away from the states and the federal government already has way too much. But I think I prefer the current endurance race aspect to the primaries rather than a sprint. Yes, I understand that the electioneering before the primary would still last months if not longer but much more of it would be through paid national advertising instead of face to face. But I prefer seeing the candidates respond to adversity and fatigue.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: petrichor 2/18/2020 8:32:57 AM (No. 322057)
That would make the national primary work like one of those Avalon-Hill strategy games. Pick the states to ignore. Exploit the states where your top rival is weak. Sounds like fun. A lot like A-H's Air Empire. Come to think of it. That wasn't fun.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 2/18/2020 9:41:33 AM (No. 322127)
One day? You would elect whomever is currently popular. The 'flavor of the day'. Talk about Russian roulette. You would have no idea what you are getting. How many times has the front runner at the beginning of the primaries been long gone by the end? If the 2016 Republican primaries had been held in one day, would Trump have won the nomination? That would have been doubtful. It took time for Trump's support to develop.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: MDConservative 2/18/2020 9:44:15 AM (No. 322129)
#5 is spot on. Florida enacted the first presidential primary in 1901, a popularity vote. In those bygone days the candidates were selected by the party big wigs in those "smoke-filled rooms" through conventions and caucuses. Machine politics were the norm, sending controlled delegations to the conventions and horse trading when appropriate. Then, as now, it was all about "spreadin' it around". Actually tying delegates to primary results is something relatively new. Primaries often were "beauty contests" into the 1970s. State conventions until then chose national delegates. Why should the general public choose a party's candidates? Because they "feel" Democrat or Republican. Very few are active or dues paying members. I missed the part about primary elections or political parties in the Constitution.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: zoidberg 2/18/2020 3:53:57 PM (No. 322579)
Just bring back the smoke-filled room.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: jeffkinnh 2/18/2020 3:59:11 PM (No. 322585)
Sorry, totally disagree. A one shot primary would allow candidates to baloney their way through with slick ads and no small scale personal appearances. Think of all the unforced errors that have been pried out of candidates over time. Their ideas are thought about and tested. Sure, the whole Country isn't always tuned in at the start but enough people are to keep the heat on them. The ones that drop out didn't deserve to be there. They had many months to make their case and failed in both ideas and fundraising. Do we really want people who can never poll above 5% in consideration to run the Country? The process is an endurance race and only the worthy survive. Speaking to the dem primary this year, even the late primary states will make a difference. It is probably going to be a tight convention vote and maybe have no clear winner. Primaries matter.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: EQKimball 2/18/2020 7:18:12 PM (No. 322767)
You could have extended playoffs and skip the season, but the best two teams might not emerge. The making of the president also involves the tortuous primaries, caucuses and conventions. Each party's survivor has had to assemble a deft and then a battle-toughened team, faced financial obstacles and prevailed, courted voters in states large and small, suffered the triumph of victories and the agony of defeats, and emerged scarred but unbowed. It is in this national caldron that we see how much they can take and whether they remain true to themselves and their supporters, or waffle and flip flop from state to state depending on how the battle is going. It is not efficient or pretty, but it is the season that determines the playoffs. I would vote for nothing less.
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Forget Iowa — let's switch to
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The delays and potential errors in the results of the Iowa Democratic caucus should cause Americans of both parties to reconsider how the country selects its nominees. The current system of primaries and caucuses staggered over several months has three primary flaws. A new method of selecting nominees would be beneficial for the country. First, states that vote early in the process (especially Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada) unfairly carry greater weight in the selection of the nominee than other states. Winners in early states typically receive increased contributions and media attention, both of which are critical for the long nomination process.
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It’s a familiar plotline. An interloper runs for a party’s nomination and, with an anti-insider pitch, scores wins and near-wins in the first contests with vote pluralities. His numerous opponents, fearful of antagonizing his enthusiastic supporters, launch attacks on one another that, predictably, hurt the attacker as well as the target. Party establishment types, convinced the interloper is a sure loser in November, dither and tilt things mildly against him while trying to maintain the impression of fairness. Candidates with no chance remain in the race, dividing the anti-interloper vote, hoping the interloper will collapse.
Florida’s “red flag” law has led to
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Florida enacted its red flag law in the spring of 2018 and they didn’t lose any time in putting it to use. And I mean a lot of use. But as this report from the Associated Press indicates, use of the law is not consistent from county to county and there are serious questions remaining as to how fairly it’s being applied. The law, supported by legislators of both parties , has been applied more than 3,500 times since, with the pace accelerating during the last half of 2019. Even so, an Associated Press analysis of the law showed its use is inconsistent, with some counties
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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex must drop their 'Sussex Royal' label after deciding to step down as working royals. Following lengthy and complex talks, the Queen and senior officials are believed to have agreed it is no longer tenable for the couple to keep the word 'royal' in their 'branding'. Harry and Meghan have spent tens of thousands of pounds on a new Sussex Royal website to complement their hugely popular Instagram feed. They have also sought to register Sussex Royal as a global trademark for a range of items and activities, including clothing, stationery, books and teaching materials. (Snip)It has now been made clear that they will need to 're-brand'.
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A female security guard at a Rockland County library was fatally stabbed when she asked the suspect to turn down the music he was playing on his phone, according to a report. Blanchard Glaudin, 25, has been charged with second-degree murder after being tackled by patrons at the Finkelstein Memorial Library in Spring Valley, The Journal News/ reported. “He was walking just a few feet away,” village Police Chief Paul Modica said Wednesday about the “random” confrontation a day earlier. “She was at the computer terminals and told him he had to turn it down. That was it,” he said,
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LONDON - The British royal family is in discussions with Prince Harry and Meghan over the use of the word "royal" in their branding after the couple abruptly gave up royal duties to start a new life in Canada. (Snip) "As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are stepping back as senior members of the royal family and will work towards financial independence, use of the word ‘royal’, in this context, needed to be reviewed," a royal source said. "Discussions are still ongoing," the source said. Harry and Meghan use the "Sussex Royal" brand extensively. Their website is named and they applied to trademark the phrases Sussex Royal and Sussex Royal Foundation
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Looking ahead to the Democrat Convention in July, I believe that a Bernie Sanders-StaceyAbrams ticket may come out of Milwaukee. Yesterday, Abrams said this on "The View": "It would be doing a disservice to every woman of color, every woman of ambition...for me to say no," she adds. "Of course I want it—of course I want to serve America." My guess is that a lot of Democrats would love to have her serve, too. Let me give you the following scenario: First, Sanders is nominated with huge opposition from the party establishment. Nevertheless, he wins. Second, Democrats like Kamala Harris, the other black lady,
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The Democratic Party’s establishment might well succeed in making Michael Bloomberg president of the United States—not on Election Night 2020, however. But it could happen if a third party were to win some electoral votes and, with no candidate receiving a majority of them, the House of Representatives was called upon to choose between the top-two electoral vote-getters. Today’s civil war within the Democratic Party makes it possible that two candidates will come from it: Bernie Sanders for the Woke Left, and Bloomberg for the establishment. In that case, enough establishment Republicans in the House might join their establishment Democratic colleagues to defeat Trump. This would realign U.S. politics:
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