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Dem Rep. Doggett: I’d ‘Support’ Pelosi
Never Sending Articles if Senate Won’t
Allow Witnesses

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Posted By: Imright, 1/2/2020 6:23:26 PM

On Thursday’s “CNN Newsroom,” Representative Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) stated that he would “support” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) if she refuses to send over the articles of impeachment unless the Senate will allow witnesses at the trial.Host Jim Sciutto asked, “I wonder, without witnesses…should Speaker Pelosi refuse to send over the articles of impeachment at all?” Doggett said, “I would certainly support her in doing that. The House has the sole responsibility under the Constitution for impeachment. To send over the articles when the majority leader, Mr. McConnell, has declared that he will breach his oath, that he will not do impartial justice in accordance with the Constitution,

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Reply 1 - Posted by: aasilver 1/2/2020 6:26:54 PM (No. 276779)
Why have witnesses if the articles of impeachment aren't impeachable offenses?
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Reply 2 - Posted by: kdog 1/2/2020 6:29:32 PM (No. 276782)
Was there even a single "witness", legally speaking?
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Midnight Rambler 1/2/2020 6:30:10 PM (No. 276783)
To be a Democrat politician these days you have to have less then zero shame.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: bad-hair 1/2/2020 6:31:51 PM (No. 276785)
And the senate supports not having a trial until somebody brings them the articles saying what the crimes are and, gosh, by the way, who is accused of them. Until Nancy and her impeachment managers show up to ACCUSE SOME PERSON OF HIGH CRIMES ETC>, the senate does not know who the "accused is therefore no trial.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Bur Oak 1/2/2020 6:34:12 PM (No. 276786)
Democrat House members want to control the Senate. Little dictators they are. Personally, the House can just sit on their paper work forever.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: DVC 1/2/2020 6:58:11 PM (No. 276800)
Nutty, Nasty Nancy has NO right to any input or opinion on how the Senate runs their business. NONE.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Rumblehog 1/2/2020 7:22:31 PM (No. 276815)
They're going to hold these Impeachment Articles as the sword of Damocles over POTUS' head in the unlikely event the Dems win back the Senate. Holding the Articles is absolutely un-Constitutional, since Impeachment is supposed to take someone out of office immediately, before he can continue to damage the position he holds.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Avanti1 1/2/2020 7:32:50 PM (No. 276828)
This is nothing but a Democrat power play, just as was the whole House impeachment "investigation" and their entirely partisan vote. A few examples of Rep. Doggett's drivel: FTA: "The House has the sole responsibility under the Constitution for impeachment." The Constitution also says the Senate has the sole responsibility to act on the Articles of Impeachment passed by the House. The House has NO ROLE in telling the Senate how to perform their Constitutional responsibilities. Why is that so difficult for House Democrats to understand? FTA: "So, I think she [Pelosi] could rightly say, we have done our job under the Constitution, the ultimate jurors will be the American people. They should consider what we’ve done." The House has NOT done their job if they decline to sent their Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. If Democrats wanted the ultimate jurors to be the American people, they could have simply waited until the November 2020 elections. Rep. Doggett's statement is pure deflection to cover for the failure of the House to do their job in a fair manner. FTA: “I’d be happiest with a fair and impartial trial in accordance with the Constitution and the oath that these senators take. That’s my strong first preference." Where was Rep. Doggett when the House failed in their duties to find evidence of impeachable offenses? Instead they trampled on basic Constitutional Separation of Powers by refusing to let the courts adjudicate the limits to their Constitutional powers and authorities, not to mention the refusal to follow due process and the House rules. Let the House charade die a quick death and burial.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: john56 1/2/2020 7:35:29 PM (No. 276831)
I think the Senate should send a resolution to the House insisting that the articles be delivered to the Senate by a date certain (1 - 2 weeks tops) and if requested, the President's legal team should be permitted the opportunity to prepare their case as they were not involved in the House kangaroo show trial. If the House refuses to send the articles, the Senate should vote to "deem they had been delivered" (remember how Pelosi back in 2010 had a scheme to pass Obamacare by saying it was "deemed to have been passed by the Senate: when it was not until the Dems figured out they could get it snuck through as a budget measure with 51 votes) and reject the articles of impeachment and not to accept them if presented.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Foghorn 1/2/2020 7:51:06 PM (No. 276850)
The Democrats don't understand they don't run the Senate. If you don't do this we won't send the articles of Impeachment, If you don't do that we won't send the articles of impeachment. In law, if you don't proceed with prosecution the case is thrown out by the judge. End of story.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: earlybird 1/2/2020 7:54:39 PM (No. 276851)
Someone needs to ask Doggett to show where the Constitution calls for witnesses in any Senate trial for impeachment. From your POV, Doggie Poo, it’s over. All over. Now it’s up to the Senate. While you are holding Fancy Nancy’s hand, why don’t you ask her to explain how the Senate has SOLE authority to conduct any impeachment trial. How the House has zero authority over how the Senate conducts any trial.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: JediJerry 1/2/2020 8:25:04 PM (No. 276867)
He would support Pelosi if she announced herself as the new Queen of the Universe too.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Grounded 1/2/2020 8:55:39 PM (No. 276879)
This fossil has been around for 25 years and is a poster boy for the need for term limits. In all that time he has accomplished next to nothing during his tenure in Congress.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: MDConservative 1/2/2020 9:56:26 PM (No. 276945)
Another pipsqueak trying to make news.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: snowoutlaw 1/2/2020 9:58:30 PM (No. 276946)
Typical projection, its the Democrats like Biden that have said they won't go.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: bighambone 1/2/2020 10:00:35 PM (No. 276947)
Pelosi has no constitutional authority to tell the US Senate how they must run an impeachment trial. If Pelosi does not forward the two impeachment articles to the Senate when it comes back into session, the Majority Leader should notify Pelosi that the Senate will convene an impeachment trial on a date certain and if the impeachment articles are not sent to the Senate by that time that the Senate will dismiss those impeachment articles for lack of prosecution as the President just like every other American has the right to a speedy trial in accordance with the US Constitution. The Senate should then move on to other business.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Trigger2 1/2/2020 11:32:28 PM (No. 277028)
The only witnesses allowed should be the fake ones with 2nd and 3rd hand information that the House of Cards put forth.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Strike3 1/3/2020 4:09:39 AM (No. 277138)
There are no witnesses you ignorant democrat fool, but then Pelosi knows that.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: StormCnter 1/3/2020 5:19:50 AM (No. 277145)
I know Lloyd Doggett. He's a slender reed in any windstorm.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: WhamDBambam 1/3/2020 7:17:33 AM (No. 277203)
What happens if they're never sent over and this session of Congress ends?
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Reply 21 - Posted by: JackBurton 1/3/2020 10:29:52 AM (No. 277417)
It's like this.... If the president is impeached... then there's a trial in the Senate. If there is no trial in the Senate, then the president hasn't been impeached. Can't have it both ways.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: heartlandconservative 1/3/2020 9:37:42 PM (No. 278105)
What we are seeing in good ole DC is the truth of the old saying,,If good people do not become involved in politics you will soon find that those who are, are your intellectual and moral inferiors.
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So much for the taunt from Iran’s “supreme leader,” Ayatollah Khamanei, that America “cannot do a damn thing” about Iran’s attack on our embassy in Baghdad. It took President Trump but a day after that jibe to wheel on the Iranians. He launched a drone attack that found and killed the commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, General Qassim Soleimani. It is likely to mark a turning point in the not-so-quasi war that Iran has been levying against us — and, among others, Israel. This is not a situation in which responsibility is being debated on murky evidence.
Pelosi Condemns Trump’s ‘Provocative and
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House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) condemned Thursday’s U.S. airstrike killing top Iranian military leaders, calling it a dangerous, disproportionate response by President Donald Trump to this week’s attacks on a U.S. embassy in Baghdad, Iraq.The targeted airstrike killed powerful Iranian military commanders the Pentagon says were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American and coalition service members - and were plotting more attacks, reports: “Major-General Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Qods Force and considered
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The U.S. killing of Qassim Soleimani In Baghdad on Thursday ends an enduring threat. At least in the short term, however, it will unleash Iranian retaliation. The leader of the external action arm of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Soleimani long led that regime's efforts to destroy its enemies and expand its revolution. From an explosive campaign that killed hundreds of U.S. soldiers in Iraq, to supporting Bashar Assad's regime with legions of Shiite fighters and IRGC operatives, to conducting a campaign of bombings and assassinations and intimidation across the world, Soleimani was a master of his very dark arts. He was a serious
America just took out
the world’s no. 1 bad guy
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Posted by Pluperfect 1/3/2020 4:26:53 AM Post Reply
So, just who is this top Iranian general the U.S. just eliminated? For many of us who watch and analyze news out of the Middle East daily, he was the world’s number one bad guy. Qassim Soleimani has been in control of Iran’s Quds Force for more than 20 years. His current greatest hits include helping Bashar al Assad slaughter hundreds of thousands of his own people in the Syrian civil war, stoking the Houthis in Yemen’s civil war, and overseeing the killing of hundreds of Iraqi protesters recently demonstrating against Iranian influence in their country.
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Schiff says Americans don't want war with
Iran after airstrike that killed Iranian general
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Posted by Harlowe 1/3/2020 1:28:11 AM Post Reply
House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff responded late Friday to the U.S. airstrike ordered by President Trump that killed Qassim Soleimani, the head of Iran's Revolutionary Guard, and six others at Baghdad’s international airport.(Snip)“Tonight’s airstrike risks provoking further dangerous escalation of violence," Pelosi said in a statement. "America--and the world--cannot afford to have tensions escalate to the point of no return." She added that the strike was undertaken without consultation with Congress. "Congress must be immediately briefed on this serious situation and on the next steps under consideration by the Administration," she said.
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Hustler Magazine is under fire of a graphic Christmas card that was sent to several lawmakers featuring a depiction of President Trump’s assassination. The cover of the card shows an illustration of a gunman saying, “I just shot Donald Trump on Fifth Avenue. And no one arrested me.” The inside, however, shows a figure resembling President Trump laying in a pool of blood in the middle of a busy street with smiling civilians along with the gunman saying, “Merry Christmas.”
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