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In the aftermath of Donald Trump,
a black woman like Kamala Harris
never had a chance at the presidency

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Posted By: StormCnter, 12/6/2019 9:13:31 AM

Sen. Kamala Harris would have been an excellent president. But it was never going to happen. The elephant in the room was just too big. She is a woman and she is black. And in the aftermath of Donald Trump, she never had a chance at gaining the kind of broad support needed to keep her campaign financially viable. That’s why she abruptly withdrew from the race on Tuesday. America isn’t progressive enough to elect a black woman as head of state, any more than it was when Shirley Chisholm ran in 1972. It’s questionable whether our country can elect a woman, period.


See? It's Donald Trump's fault! Words fail.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Northcross 12/6/2019 9:18:29 AM (No. 254328)
So Donald Trump forced Democrat primary voters to become even more racist and sexist. Yeah. That makes perfect sense.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Clinger 12/6/2019 9:19:45 AM (No. 254329)
You sanctimonious twit. When a Black woman is the best person to save the republic we'll flock to her in droves. You just cant accept that we stand on and for principles and values articulated in our founding documents and don't give a rip about the identity ties that hold you in bondage.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: pc1eszm 12/6/2019 9:22:26 AM (No. 254331)
First of all, what the heck kind of name is "Dahleen"? smh... Anyhow, Donald Trump had absolutely NOTHING to Kamala Harris' failure as a Presidential candidate. The success or failure of every candidate rests solely with the candidate themselves. I had no problem with a black man occupying the Oval Office - just not Barack Obama. I have no problem with a woman in the Oval Office - just not Elizabeth Warren and certainly not Kamala Harris.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: paral04 12/6/2019 9:24:45 AM (No. 254337)
Who s this person who wrote this? Is she insane?
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Reply 5 - Posted by: HerbVA 12/6/2019 9:24:59 AM (No. 254338)
The problem with so many of those people is the puerile and moronic idea that they are entitled to certain positions simply because they are black.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: heartsurgeon 12/6/2019 9:25:28 AM (No. 254340)
Yet another impeachable offense!
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Reply 7 - Posted by: PChristopher 12/6/2019 9:26:16 AM (No. 254342)
Sen. Kamala Harris would have been an excellent president. Stopped reading right there
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Reply 8 - Posted by: bubby 12/6/2019 9:27:04 AM (No. 254344)
Candace Owens is black woman that has the potential to be "an excellent president" not Kamala Harris whose staff even hated her!
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Rotten in Denmark 12/6/2019 9:27:21 AM (No. 254345)
She’s right y’all. No one let alone a round-healer like her can hope to match his love of country, his achievements and his connection with Americans. Sorry honey, you had no gravitas.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: fourpmfox 12/6/2019 9:35:54 AM (No. 254356)
I think this is the single most absurd article I've ever read !!!
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Kate318 12/6/2019 9:36:00 AM (No. 254357)
Sorry, Dahleen, but your side is the one crawling with Guilty White Liberals. They had their say with The Messiah, and that didn’t turn out so well. Though they’d never admit it, they are leery of doing it again.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: NorthernDog 12/6/2019 9:36:08 AM (No. 254358)
FTA:Black candidates have to prove they can win, just as white ones do. She completely undercuts her long list of complaints by saying a black candidate has to prove he/she can win. Kamalala proved she could not win, over and over again, so was dismissed.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: BarryNo 12/6/2019 9:39:41 AM (No. 254364)
Sour grapes. And by the way, must of us deplorables would just as enthusiastically support the Donald if he were black and female. It's his policies, not his appearance. MLK said, something to the effect; 'let them be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the quality of their character.' No Democrat in the field has the quality of character to be a dog catcher, and that would be slandering Animal Control Officers.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: lakerman1 12/6/2019 9:39:46 AM (No. 254365)
Sweet Jesus, the illogical meanderings of the writer overwhelm me! Blacks did not support Kamala Sutra. Period. And we will not know if Kamala would have done anything in Iowa with white voters, since she blew through several million dollars and ran out of funds to spend on Iowa Motel 6, Super 8, and Avis rent a car bills. (I suspect her internal polls showed the Canadian-Jamaican-Indian strumpet that she was out of luck in Iowa.) Shirley Chisholm is another matter. Chisholm, I recall, was an elementary teacher (based only on my memory) who captured a majority-minority congressional district race,created by the Voting Rights Act and Federal judge rulings, in NYC. She was a sincere, energetic, lovely lady who was more shrill, at times, than Lady Lucifer. She complained loudly, and bitterly, when the Speaker put her on the House Agriculture Committee, finding it to be an inferior assignment. She was the elementary teacher who made you do your homework. And I doubt she could have carried her own district in a presidential election. Kamala Sutra is exquisitely unqualified to be president, just as Peter the Homosexual is, as the failed mayor of a small city . I don't think Kamala would have pulled many votes in California - they know her too well there - and Peter the Homosexual could not carry his home state. Same with ugly Amy, whose drunken father is a campaign foil for her. The article saddens me. The writer would receive a D for effort from me.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: IdahoSky 12/6/2019 9:40:04 AM (No. 254366)
I am beyond weary of identity politics. It leads nowhere and enlightens no one. It just inflames. Dahleen would never think that perhaps Harris's ideas were examined and rejected by the American people. No, it must be her sex and her race. That is useful, perhaps, for convincing other people of her identity class to be aggrieved, but this sort of mindless groupthink has no place in the 21st century.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: hershey 12/6/2019 9:47:23 AM (No. 254379)
The only 'elephant in the room' is the Chicago Tribune...didn't know it was still published....
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Reply 17 - Posted by: hammondb3 12/6/2019 9:48:31 AM (No. 254382)
"Ms. Glanton! Ms. Glanton! Listen to my instructions. We can work this out. I need you to put the CRACK PIPE down, put your hands up so I can see them at all times, and SLOWLY back up from your computer and walk to me backwards.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: kiwinews 12/6/2019 9:49:11 AM (No. 254383)
I will NEVER vote for someone who profited by Me Too. She's a prime example of the third leg of that vile triangle: the woman who gladly took the bargain offered, no matter what it did to the chances of sisters who didn't put out. How dare she set herself up as a modern role model? For hundreds of years women have advanced on their backs (with or without marriage, I'm looking at YOU Hillary) - NO MORE! It's 2019, stand tall or go home.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: Right Time 12/6/2019 9:50:15 AM (No. 254385)
No. After Obama, it may be more than 50 years before another black person is elected President if their main attribute for votes is their skin color. Obama might just have proved the theory of racial differences in IQ in "The Bell Curve."
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Reply 20 - Posted by: clayusmcret 12/6/2019 9:54:43 AM (No. 254397)
In the aftermath of Barack Hussein obama, Kamala Harris, an empty-suited hypocrite who bragged about prosecuting people for doing what she was also doing, never had a chance at gaining the kind of broad support needed to keep her campaign financially viable. One obama was enough for America.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: mobyclik 12/6/2019 9:58:12 AM (No. 254401)
Well Dahleen, you DO realize this whole she-bang is a democrat food fight, right? Maybe you haven't noticed all of the Clown Car candidates are democrats and it's Dem voters that threw knee-pad Kamala under the (clown) bus. White AND black Rats couldn't stomach the fool.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: janjan 12/6/2019 10:05:14 AM (No. 254408)
So Harris 'identifies as black'. What she did was try to pawn herself off as an African-American to get the black vote. I have seen lots of articles that refer to her that way so the media was in on the scam as is Cory Booker. The Party of Diversity has 5 white losers left on the stage.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: bpl40 12/6/2019 10:07:42 AM (No. 254413)
If it was Condoleezza Rice, I would go door to door even in this weather for her. Why do they allow such drivel to be published?
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Reply 24 - Posted by: HammerDax56 12/6/2019 10:16:03 AM (No. 254425)
Doubling down on stupid. You know this premise makes every bit as much sense as human poop on the streets of San Francisco being caused by the ‘climate crisis”. No. It’s even more stupid than that.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: ROLFNader 12/6/2019 10:17:02 AM (No. 254427)
This is from The Onion, right? I think that many men would say she has broad appeal. As much and maybe more than most broads. Hope that makes her feel better.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: bgarrett 12/6/2019 10:18:32 AM (No. 254431)
Hey Dahleen women like you force us to believe that women in politics is a bad idea
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Reply 27 - Posted by: TJ54 12/6/2019 10:19:33 AM (No. 254433)
Typical Chicago Moron "journalist." Hey won't doesn't your lesbian mayor end black and black violence in Chicago?
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Reply 28 - Posted by: skacmar 12/6/2019 10:21:34 AM (No. 254436)
Cut out the whiney pity party for poor old Kamala. It was only DEMOCRATs who had anything to do with her not continuing in the race. The fact that she was even more unlikable than Hillary Clinton and a snarky mean person also had a lot to do with it. If and when the right candidate comes along, people will vote for that person based on who they are and what they stand for (no matter their skin color). Liberals need to stop seeing everything in racial terms. Stop blaming a persons race on their personal failures.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: whyyeseyec 12/6/2019 10:22:03 AM (No. 254438)
Had Harris won the WH and become the first woman POTUS, the Media would have ushered in a new era known as Kramalot.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: Ditto1958 12/6/2019 10:35:06 AM (No. 254452)
Kamala Harris is NOT African-American. Her parents are from Jamaica and India, and she is a first generation American. If people like her want Americans to vote for them, they need to stop labeling themselves. Run as an American who cares about America. Also, if you want to run on your record, remember that your record IS a record. By definition, it is recorded and we can and should look at it. Kamala Harris should take a good look at her record before attempting to run for national public office.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: seamusm 12/6/2019 10:37:54 AM (No. 254456)
This is SUCH crap. I'll be glad to elect a black woman - and so will any of my conservative white friends - when a black woman runs who is qualified and who shares my priorities and values. I will bet a beer that the first black woman to run and win the Presidency will be a Republican.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: MuncsSister 12/6/2019 10:53:32 AM (No. 254470)
Well I guess this means Dahleen will be supporting Candace Owens when she runs, right?
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Reply 33 - Posted by: Moritz55 12/6/2019 10:54:33 AM (No. 254473)
An article worthy of The Onion.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: EliotRosewater49 12/6/2019 10:56:55 AM (No. 254479)
Really one of the dumbest articles a person could write by a AA hire. Horizontal Harris could get enough polling in DEMOCRAT primaries. What did Trump or any republican have to do with that?
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Reply 35 - Posted by: bigfatslob 12/6/2019 11:12:01 AM (No. 254504)
Kamala Harris is black? You could have fooled me she tried to pass herself off as such but she certainly wasn't of 'black persuasion' negro. President Trump did cause anything to happen Harris was her own worse enemy and Tulsi Gabbard just helped her along. Blame Tulsi not Trump.
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Reply 36 - Posted by: msjena 12/6/2019 11:19:53 AM (No. 254510)
Dahleen Glanton is a black woman who blames white people for every evil in the world. Her columns should be banned here.
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Reply 37 - Posted by: columba 12/6/2019 11:27:39 AM (No. 254519)
Color was not the reason. Immorality was.
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Reply 38 - Posted by: VirtuDawg 12/6/2019 11:32:11 AM (No. 254523)
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Reply 39 - Posted by: SALady 12/6/2019 11:32:31 AM (No. 254524)
When the first sentence of your editorial is a huge bald-faced lie, it portends very quickly that your editorial is going to be a huge stinking pile of BS!!!! Kamala Harris didn't lose because she is black or a woman. She lost because she was a horrible candidate who got where she got by sleeping her way there (sort of like the Hilldebeast). The only thing that Dahleen Glanton got right in this really stupid editorial is that Demon-Rats (and all lie-berals for that matter) truly are huge racists!!!! Sorry, hon, but that leaves out conservatives and your president, Donald Trump!!!!!
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Reply 40 - Posted by: bighambone 12/6/2019 11:56:56 AM (No. 254563)
I agree with #19. Obama screwed it up for leftist and liberal Democrat Black candidates being able to get elected anytime in the future. The best chance a Black politician to assume the presidency these days is to jump on Biden’s ticket in the Vice-President slot, hope that Biden is elected, and thereafter that Biden’s noggin goes completely haywire or that Biden slips on a rock, opening the way for such a Black politician to assume the Presidency without actually being elected President. As far as Kamala Harris is concerned, from her TV appearances, both during congressional committee hearings and on the campaign trail it is very evident that she is one nasty piece of work! Also Harris who fraudulently portrays herself as an African-American is not a traditional African-American, as she grew up in Canada the daughter of a highly educated man from Jamaica and a highly educated mother from India. This ridiculous article is just further proof that all the Democrats have on their side is identity politics. Beyond that forget it!
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Reply 41 - Posted by: DVC 12/6/2019 11:58:36 AM (No. 254564)
It had nothing to do with her sex or skin colr. She is an unskilled, mean spirited extreme leftist who got where she is by doing sexual acts for power. Not much there.
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Reply 42 - Posted by: Bona Fides 12/6/2019 11:59:44 AM (No. 254567)
Is this a parody?
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Reply 43 - Posted by: CEP 12/6/2019 12:15:23 PM (No. 254590)
No she would not have been an excellent President. She wanted to punish the American people with all sorts of taxes and take aways from hard working citizens who have worked all their lives to get somewhere. I am sick and tired of these people who punish those who plan their lives and work to better themselves.
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Reply 44 - Posted by: zephyrgirl 12/6/2019 12:24:20 PM (No. 254596)
I would argue that if you're going to blame a president for Heels-up Harris' failure, you ought to blame Obama. After his eight years, I doubt only the most committed leftist whites would ever vote for a black again.
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Reply 45 - Posted by: cartcart 12/6/2019 1:25:30 PM (No. 254672)
There is not one Democrat that voted for her. Not a single one! Frankly, the voting has not begun! She is responsible for her own message and her own fund-raising and the Democrats neither supported her financially or accepted her message. Those racist people! She and the Chicago Tribune cannot blame this on anyone else. She was a poor candidate. No, not because she is a black woman, but because she is not popular among her own party.
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Reply 46 - Posted by: DARling 12/6/2019 2:08:08 PM (No. 254719)
In other words, we dodged a bullet. If the race card is all you've got then there must have been no substance to Ms. Harris' qualifications.
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Reply 47 - Posted by: tom7 12/6/2019 4:53:02 PM (No. 254860)
Kamala's problem is not that she is a woman, nor that she is black, but that she has built her career based on meanmouth (and, like Dahleen, had a mother who could not spell). Bitchiness, Kamala's salient characteristic, is not an attribute that people seek out for leadership.
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Reply 48 - Posted by: bighambone 12/6/2019 5:04:37 PM (No. 254868)
The writer of the article claims that Black women, who comprise one of the largest leftist and liberal Democrat identity based population groups, get the worst societal deal of any such group. In that respect one must ask is that because so many Black women have such bad anti-social attitudes, as anyone who has hired Black women to employment opportunities quickly finds out?
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Reply 49 - Posted by: vinegrower 12/6/2019 8:43:17 PM (No. 255016)
What a load of racist dribble. I would be happy to vote for a Black woman but not Kamala Harris, who has no idea what she stands for. She is a complete lightweight without a platform. She didn't really want to be a Senator just ran for the office as platform to the presidency. Didn't work out as planned.
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Reply 50 - Posted by: XCenturion 12/6/2019 9:10:50 PM (No. 255032)
Sheila Jackson Lee would have been a better candidate.
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Reply 51 - Posted by: Italiano 12/6/2019 9:17:56 PM (No. 255039)
Hilarious. I wonder if Kamalahaha was as "animated" following her crash-and-burn as Hillary was on election night, 2016. Probably less booze, fewer items thrown, but more F-bombs. A lot more F-bombs.
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Reply 52 - Posted by: Omen55 12/6/2019 9:54:14 PM (No. 255079)
Show US an American Maggie Thatcher & watch the stampede for her.
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Reply 53 - Posted by: paral04 12/7/2019 9:37:54 AM (No. 255446)
What drivel. Kamala Harris is not liked. She has no track record other than getting a job ny sleeping with the boss. Pick a competent black woman who has shown leadership ability and she will have a chance.
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Reply 54 - Posted by: Agent Orange 12/7/2019 12:58:25 PM (No. 255706)
What Ms Mattress Back failed to mention, the dimocrats didn't want her. It was the left primary and fund raising cabal that didn't want her as a potential canidate. So how does that go that this was President Trumps fault? MSgt USAF (ret)
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Adam Schiff Has Jumped the Shark 31 replies
Posted by Pluperfect 12/8/2019 4:34:41 AM Post Reply
Many Americans remain nonplussed over revelations in the House Intelligence Committee’s Impeachment Inquiry Report that its chairman, Adam Schiff, not only secretly subpoenaed telephone records from President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, but also obtained responses that detailed dates and lengths of phone calls to Trump attorney Jay Sekulow, ranking committee member Devin Nunes, and Hill reporter John Solomon. That Schiff self-disclosed this action as a rightful part of his committee’s information gathering is equally stunning. Every bit as bad, it appears that national telephone carriers AT&T and Verizon, who so tout their corporate concerns about subscriber privacy, responded to such obviously politicized demands without a whimper.
The sad case of George Conway 30 replies
Posted by MissMolly 12/9/2019 4:47:38 AM Post Reply
We all know that social media is bad for the soul. If someone is in, as they say, ‘a bad place’, a good friend wouldn’t send them onto Twitter. A good friend would tell them to switch off, put away the iPhone, and get some fresh air, away from the fervid online swamp of liking, blue-ticks, trolls, and ratios. George Conway needs that sort of friend right now. The poor man is clearly not well. His wife Kellyanne works for Donald Trump. He hates Trump and goes around saying how awful the 45th president is. There’s been all sorts of speculation as to the health of relationship,
FBI says it presumes base shooting was
terrorism; gunman was angry at US, Israel
29 replies
Posted by LittleHoodedMonk 12/8/2019 6:52:24 PM Post Reply
Pensacola, FL - The Saudi gunman who killed three people at the Pensacola naval base had apparently gone on Twitter shortly before the shooting to blast US support of Israel and accuse America of being anti-Muslim, a US official said Sunday as the FBI confirmed it is operating on the assumption the attack was an act of terrorism. Investigators are also trying to establish whether the killer, identified as 2nd Lt. Mohammed Alshamrani, 21, of the Royal Saudi Air Force, acted alone. Alshamrani, who was killed in the attack at a classroom building Friday, was undergoing flight training at Pensacola, where members of foreign militaries routinely receive instruction.
Biden blames staff, says nobody
‘warned’ him son’s Ukraine job could
raise conflict
28 replies
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Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed in a new interview that when his son Hunter was a board member of Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings while he was in office, no one informed him that it could pose a problem. Biden insisted again that Hunter did nothing wrong, but this time appeared to fault his staff for not cluing him in that there could be concerns about his son's involvement with the foreign company that had been under investigation while Biden was in office and dealing with Ukraine policy.
Candidates of color raise concern over depleting
diversity in the Democratic presidential field
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Shortly after California Sen. Kamala Harris announced she was ending her presidential bid, the question of depleting diversity in the Democratic field became a rallying point for several of the remaining minority candidates in their own campaigns. New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker in an impassioned speech on Thursday blasted the influence of money in politics as one of the reasons she dropped out. (Snip) However, several minority presidential candidates have complained that the structure of the Democratic National Committee's polling and fundraising rules to qualify for debates unduly makes it difficult to get the coveted primetime spots on stage needed
What's Going on With Drudge?
Rasmussen Claims 'Matt's Not
There Anymore...Word Is He Sold'
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"What happened to Drudge?"A lot of people have been asking that question lately. If you talk to conservatives these days, you'll hear that Matt Drudge's eponymous news aggregation site has gone over to the dark side—that Matt's joined the anti-Trump resistance. And now, Rasmussen Reports, an arguably reputable polling operation, is calling Drudge out on Twitter, even suggesting that the site has been sold. The whole kerfuffle appears to have begun at the end of November, when the Bongino Report, touted as a Trump-friendly alternative to Drudge, launched. Bongino taunted Drudge with a pair of tweets:
Portland considers “mandatory rest spaces”
for the homeless on private property
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Portland, Oregon, like many cities on the left coast, is struggling with a growing homelessness crisis. But what can they do about it? One idea that’s now being floated is to change the building codes so that all new structures (including private property, not just government buildings) include spaces for people to “rest” and “feel welcome and safe.” This understandably has prospective property owners concerned, since the wording is all quite vague and suggests that they will be forced to allow the homeless to camp in and around their buildings. (KATU News)
WOW – OAN Stunning Lutsenko Interview –
Outlines: Marie Yovanovitch Perjury,
George Kent Impeachment Motive, Lindsey
Graham Motive to Bury Investigation…
21 replies
Posted by earlybird 12/9/2019 8:34:08 AM Post Reply
In a fantastic display of true investigative journalism, One America News journalist Chanel Rion tracked down Ukrainian witnesses as part of an exclusive OAN investigative series. The evidence being discovered dismantles the baseless Adam Schiff impeachment hoax and highlights many corrupt motives for U.S. politicians. Ms. Rion spoke with Ukrainian former Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko who outlines how former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch perjured herself before Congress.Senator Lindsey Graham is directly connected to the group of U.S. politicians who were participating in the influence network within Ukraine. One of the downstream consequences of Rudy Giuliani investigating the Ukraine corruption and money laundering operation to U.S. officials is that it ends up
Pro-Abortion Pelosi's Convenient Catholicism 21 replies
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If House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a "practicing Catholic," then Sen. Elizabeth Warren is an American Indian. If she is a practicing Catholic, then one hopes that one day, she gets it right. You cannot be in fundamental disagreement with a fundamental doctrine of the Catholic Church and then wrap yourself in its vestments to proclaim you don't hate anybody.
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