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AG Bill Barr Speaks About The
Damage to Our Nation From
The “Resistance”…

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Posted By: Imright, 11/16/2019 3:10:48 AM

A rather lengthy speech by U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr to the Federalist Society is getting some increased attention today for the specific focus on how the executive branch has been weakened over the past several decades. More specifically, AG Barr discusses how, in the Trump-era, the resistance movement has abdicated their legislative power and responsibility in favor of a politically motivated intent to harm the constitutional executive power. (Video) [Transcript] – Good Evening. Thank you all for being here. And thank you to Gene [Meyer] for your kind introduction. It is an honor to be here this evening delivering the 19th Annual Barbara K. Olson Memorial Lecture.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: ColonialAmerican1623 11/16/2019 3:17:08 AM (No. 236414)
The key word is "harassment" of this president. We have become a nation of whiners who think laws are changed by protesting and stomping their feet.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: judy 11/16/2019 3:38:36 AM (No. 236423)
It’s because the dems have the corrupt media supporting everything they say & do.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: judy 11/16/2019 3:59:56 AM (No. 236430)
Barr, start by enforcing the law....federal law overrides state law on least it did on the enforcement of Obamacare!
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Reply 4 - Posted by: George R. 11/16/2019 6:33:06 AM (No. 236458)
It seems he is aware of the law and his responsibilities...Gotta wonder why he "HASN'T DONE A DAMN THING!" This clown and his buddy Wraareis useless!
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Judy W. 11/16/2019 6:33:51 AM (No. 236459)
This is a riveting and hugely important speech. It has many great points, and one of them is the specific ways in which the encroachment of the judicial branch and legislative branch on executive powers has hamstrung President Trump (as well as previous Republican presidents to a lesser extent) in carrying out his agenda. He provides many relevant examples, which makes the speech more interesting than a dry recitation of constitutional principles would have done. For example, allowing local (handpicked) local judges to overrule executive orders is something that was very rarely done in the past, but now the left finds Obama-appointed judges to hamper Trump at every turn. My respect for Barr has increased. I hope he and Trump are in deep discussions about what can be done. This should be a must read.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Hermit_Crab 11/16/2019 6:49:55 AM (No. 236465)
Deeds, not words. Bring some indictments against the major traitors and seditionists of the Deep Staters. Anything less is as meaningless as Trey Gowdy's Kabuki Theater bloviations.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: mizzmac 11/16/2019 8:14:55 AM (No. 236502)
Must read, please, Lucianne! I pray that AG Barr acts in accordance with what he said here, but whether/until he does, every American needs to understand what is happening to our Republic and its Constitution, and why!
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Reply 8 - Posted by: MDConservative 11/16/2019 9:09:26 AM (No. 236559)
I also make the motion to make this a must read.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: stablemoney 11/16/2019 9:34:06 AM (No. 236585)
Mr Barr needs to learn to edit and reduce his ponderings if he wants people to listen, or read what he has to say. This is ridiculous in the amount of words to say simple things, easily condensed by pages. I appreciate the message, but if he wants to be effective, spend some time getting to the point.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: jeffkinnh 11/16/2019 10:22:16 AM (No. 236628)
Yes, this is long. But it is intricately, logically, and beautifully worded. A solid and valid case is made that the legislature and especially the courts are out of bounds in their recent actions. I have often wondered how ONE district judge can enact a national ban on presidential action. As per Barr, it is questionable whether even the SCOTUS actually has that power. Unless law is broken, the President IS the executive and neither Congress or the courts have Constitutional power to deny him. Our Country was designed that way. This also gives us a clear look into Barr's thinking. I suspect that while he dislikes what BO's administration did against Trump, he will defer to the President (BO) unless laws were broken; to a point. If BO were acting against a foreign power, Barr would grant him virtually unlimited authority. But against a US citizen in an internal election, the President's (BO) and the government's power is curtailed. I suspect that thinking will shape the actions coming from the internal investigations. I might wonder if the FBI should even HAVE a counter terrorism division, the instrument of so much of the mischief that has gone on. Brennen may have been the architect but the FBI was the tool he used.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: TulsaTowner 11/16/2019 10:22:43 AM (No. 236629)
This was a speech, not meant to be a sound bite or a brief article. The magnitude of what has been going on since before Trump was even sworn in is hard to imagine. Maybe someday, should we survive as a free people, long books will be written to chronicle the evil, seditious behavior of the Democrat party, the so-called free press, and the frighteningly corrupt permanent Deep State. It will require a long attention span for everybody to absorb all of this horror. President Trump needs our full support in even beginning to clean this filth out of our country.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: HisHandmaiden 11/17/2019 12:19:29 AM (No. 237147)
Definitely a Must Read, please... Then pray for our President, AG Barr, and America! That truth will out. Amen. KAG
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In early May 2017, Hillary Clinton declared herself "an activist citizen and part of what she called The Resistance. Later that month, May 17, 2017, she officially launched a "political organization aimed at funding 'resistance' groups" to oppose and undermine the president. As early as June 2, 2016, Hillary had been questioning President Trump's "fitness to lead" and given a "tour-de-force assault on his record," calling him "too dangerous and unstable" to be president. She has spent the past three years declaring herself the real winner of the 2016 election and attacking the president's fitness for office. Looking at her pitiful illusions in multiple interviews,
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During a portion of an interview with CBS released on Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stated that President Trump’s tweet about former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch was designed to “undermine” Yovanovitch and that President Trump’s “insecurity” means that “he has to diminish everyone else.”Pelosi said Trump was tweeting about Yovanovitch because “he knows — he made a mistake, and he knows her strength, and he was trying to undermine it. Of course, presidents appoint ambassadors, but people don’t insult people, especially when they’re giving testimony before the Congress of the United States.”Host Margaret Brennan asked Pelosi about the debate over whether Trump
State Department Aide Confirms He Overheard
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A State Department aide testifying behind closed doors on Friday confirmed to House impeachment investigators that he overheard President Trump asking a top U.S. diplomat about political investigations that he was seeking from the president of Ukraine. The official, David Holmes, was the aide mentioned Wednesday by William Taylor, the acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, as having overheard a phone call between Gordon Sondland, the U.S. Ambassador to the European Union, and Trump. According to Taylor's testimony, a member of his staff — later identified as Holmes — was with Sondland in Kiev when he overheard Sondland speaking to Trump on July
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Former CIA Director John Brennan sent President Trump a very ominous warning on Friday in the middle of Schiff’s impeachment show trial. Disgruntled fired US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testified on Friday on day two of the Adam Schiff show trial. Yovanovitch, an Obama holdover, was fired in May of this year and she perjured herself in last month’s closed-door testimony. (snip)“Your comments reflect the despicable nature of your character, hate & fear of our foreign service officers & desperation to protect your corrupt & criminal acts. Your efforts to intimidate will fail.
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Last Saturday, Rudy Giuliani was spotted dining out at a Manhattan hotspot and loudly gabbing about his plans to start a podcast, like a man without a care in the world. And in fairness, it’s possible that, thanks to the brain decay the ex-mayor has clearly suffered, he thinks he has nothing to worry about. Other people in his position, though, would likely be more than a bit concerned about their future, given that, based on a new report, the president’s lawyer is now the subject of three different investigations. According to Bloomberg, Giuliani is being investigated by federal prosecutors for potential campaign-finance
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Pope Francis has said that politicians who rage against homosexuals, gypsies and Jews remind him of Hitler. 'It is not coincidental that at times there is a resurgence of symbols typical of Nazism,' Francis said in an address to participants of an international conference on criminal law. 'And I must confess to you that when I hear a speech someone responsible for order or for a government, I think of speeches by Hitler in 1934, 1936,' he said, departing from his prepared address. 'With the persecution of Jews, gypsies, and people with homosexual tendencies, today these actions are typical (and) represent ''par excellence'' a culture of waste and hate.
Peak disdain for Trump supporters from
Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe
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Posted by M2 11/16/2019 2:48:26 PM Post Reply
The Ruling Class hates the lesser mortals who populate the realm they think they rightly rule. When Flyover Country forced Donald Trump on them as president, the outrage that was born of the initial shock grew into outright disdain for those put him into power. Senior Deep State bureaucrats like Peter Strzok and Lisa Page may be able to smell Trump supporters at Walmart, but for really intense class snobbery, there are few places that do it better than Harvard. At Harvard, few professors carry more political cachet than Laurence Tribe, who holds the title “University Professor,” (a very big deal at Harvard) and teaches constitutional law at Harvard Law School.
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