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Report: Fox News Hosts Criticized,
Mocked Trump During Advertiser

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Posted By: earlybird, 10/14/2019 2:08:44 PM

A new report about the relationship between President Donald Trump and Fox News alleges that hosts Chris Wallace and Martha MacCallum criticized and mocked Trump during a closed-door meeting last month. Fox News hosts Bret Baier, Chris Wallace, and Martha MacCallum attended an event in Manhattan to assure advertisers that “Trump doesn’t own” them, according to a piece published Sunday in the New York Times. The Times report continues: “‘Contrary to the opinion of some people, he’s not our boss,’ Ms. MacCallum said, marveling at Mr. Trump’s criticism of Fox News for airing interviews with Democratic presidential candidates.


And yet it’s OK for Biden to tell Fox to not have anything to do with President Trump… Personal aside: I may be the only one here who has never liked Martha MacCallum. I think of her as Sorority Buffy.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: stablemoney 10/14/2019 2:36:08 PM (No. 207202)
Martha, Trump never claimed that he owned you. Trump only asked that you cover Trump's side of an issue, rather than cross examining your guests with charges, like you are a prosecutor, rather than someone that listens to your guests, and lets the audience make up their own minds.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Hermit_Crab 10/14/2019 2:39:03 PM (No. 207203)
And this surprises who???? There are maybe eight people at Fox Entertainment network, Fox News and Fox Business Network who don't hate Trump, and maybe half of those people actually like him.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: America Rising 2020 10/14/2019 2:55:29 PM (No. 207213)
Fox lost it a long time ago
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Reply 4 - Posted by: America Rising 2020 10/14/2019 2:59:15 PM (No. 207216)
Fired Shepptard Smith,..."We live a very nomal life....".....Sure “I don’t mind talking about it. It’s just, you know, that’s just my personal life. And I’m not hiding anything,” Smith, 54, told the outlet about his beau. “I have a longtime boyfriend and we’re as happy as we can be and we live a very normal life and go to dinner and go to games and see his family and see my family,” he shared. “It’s great for us.”
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Reply 5 - Posted by: anniebc 10/14/2019 3:01:59 PM (No. 207223)
I'll bet MSNBC, CNN, and the other crap alphabets never have such advertiser meetings to assure them that they are not biased against the USA.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: 66Strat 10/14/2019 3:02:18 PM (No. 207224)
This is not at all surprising and really should not even be news.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Gnana1 10/14/2019 3:02:44 PM (No. 207227)
Should not surprise anyone! Have not watched Bret Baer for years. Never watch Chris, and I think Martha is a back stabber. Actually I don't watch much on FNC anymore. Will not even all the 5 to be on. Watch Fox and Friends and Maria. Watch Varney. Listen to Rush. Like Charles Payne. Cannot stand Cavuto for years. Watch Lou Dobbs. Will watch Trish if guest are right. Can't stand her voice mostly, not her reporting. Watch Tucker as long as he doesn't have on some looney lefty. Watch Sean if he has guests I am interested in, which lately he does. Watch only a few minutes of Laura I. Her voice and interruptions are as bad as Sean. I will watch Soloman, Sarah Sanders, Joe deG, and Toensing, sometimes Andy McCarthy, military who are not anti Trump. These few individuals are making mistakes. Lousy examples of the elite media mob.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Wendybird 10/14/2019 3:05:29 PM (No. 207230)
MacCallum is quite enjoyable and balanced as a rule. I haven’t noted any particular animus toward President Trump, rather the opposite. The program only gets annoying when they have people on like that psychotic Chris Haun, I think his name is.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Moritz55 10/14/2019 3:25:20 PM (No. 207241)
Good grief! All this is such a nothing burger. And besides, look at who published this “news” in the first place: The New York Times.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: 3XALADY 10/14/2019 3:27:07 PM (No. 207242)
I'm with you, OP, on MM. She emotes smarm if that is possible and makes sense. Almost harf inducing. Mostly Fox is on mute if it is on except for Tucker, Hannity and Laura. Also enjoy GG and sometimes Jesse. Most of the reporting ladies I can do without, and add in Jessica Tarlov (ugly and screechy woman), Chris Hahn and Juano.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: TexaTucky 10/14/2019 3:31:04 PM (No. 207248)
Oh, a report from the Times, eh? The New York Times? Then it MUST be true. We Ldotters always believe whatever the Times comes out with. Although I love OP, I love Martha almost as much and have never seen her express anything negative about Trump. She's even a bulldog at times, not letting liberals guest get away with their lies and obfuscations about him. Could it be possible that this is just one more attempt by the Left to put a wedge between conservatives and the people we turn to for conservative news and opinion?
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Reply 12 - Posted by: LesUNo 10/14/2019 3:31:49 PM (No. 207250)
Drowning in their own smugness and not smart enough to shut up. Turn off the television.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Cindiana 10/14/2019 3:41:45 PM (No. 207270)
I have always thought Martha does her best to seem impartial, but I also feel there's a bit of Gretchen in her. If I recall correctly, her neighbor is Colbert, and she spoke fondly of him. That says a lot.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: happywarrior 10/14/2019 3:45:13 PM (No. 207274)
Someone here posted a little while back that she has cow teeth and it still makes me laugh when her name comes up (because I don't watch anymore). Thank you to that poster!
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Reply 15 - Posted by: bighambone 10/14/2019 3:54:37 PM (No. 207286)
Many years ago I had a chance to converse with Mike Wallace as he was following up on a 60 Minutes segment. As we talked I was a little surprised because he did not appear to be a mainstream media liberal. I only talked with Mike Wallace once and that was my impression of him. I have watched Chris Wallace many times and my impression of him is that he is just another mainstream media liberal. As far as Martha MacCallum is concerned, she just seems to go with the crowd that allows her to keep her TV program, and right now that crowd is probably globalist investor class oriented.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Daisymay 10/14/2019 4:59:42 PM (No. 207353)
I think the "Talking Heads" at FOX have their own little Cliques. You know, the ones that smirk or laugh a bit when a certain name comes up, or the story is about Trump and they have to talk about it, but they have their own little side joke going during the Break. I think John Roberts is Two-Faced. He tries to pretend he is unbiased, but I think he's a never trumper! Bret Bair, Martha, Neil, Dana and a few others belong in that group. I just watch what interests me, and turn the rest off and get a good Hallmark Movie on the Screen. I like happy stuff, not gloom and doom from FOX!
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Reply 17 - Posted by: red1066 10/14/2019 5:15:48 PM (No. 207360)
These two should be the next to leave FOX. One got her show because she's a woman, and the other is a MSM alumni.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: caljeepgirl 10/14/2019 5:48:12 PM (No. 207390)
I was a sorority girl myself, OP, but I never could stand her! Kind of a loud-mouth....she's certainly no Shannon Bream!
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Reply 19 - Posted by: judy 10/14/2019 5:52:44 PM (No. 207395)
Martha, Wallace & Bret ...Trump does not want you to own him he just wants a fair shake .... you know like you give the democrats. Fox forgets where they came from. My viewership has dropped 75%, because 75% of Fox are libs, they are not fair & balanced.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: bighambone 10/14/2019 6:19:57 PM (No. 207415)
There is another Fox talking head who is insufferable on the weekends. his name is Leland Viddart or something close to that. The other day he had a lady on who was announced as being a high level Turkish Government official. Leland keep budding in and interrupting that lady continuously saying that he had spent a long time in the Middle East and knew what was going on there, and what she was saying was not true. Instead of Leland continuously interrupting that lady, he should have allowed her to talk and make her points, then have an expert on the show right after her to rebut the points that she was trying to make, and then let the audience decide. I thought that was Fox’s mantra, being fair and balanced?
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Reply 21 - Posted by: lisa belanger 10/14/2019 8:52:45 PM (No. 207547)
i do not watch these phonies martha, brtett, wallace i turn them off peiod
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Reply 22 - Posted by: HammerDax56 10/14/2019 8:59:57 PM (No. 207552)
Old enough to remember Alison Cameroda in that seat. Here’s your sign.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: earlybird 10/14/2019 9:31:23 PM (No. 207569)
Re #20, Leland Vitter. Fox brought him in off the street, where he was terrible, put him in a suit, coiffed his hair and now he thinks he’s a big boy anchor. But only on weekends. That’s where they used to park Alysin Camerata before they couldn’t handle her being there either and fired her. Both are dumb as a post. I saw Leland do a bit on the street after a black man had been shot. Leland the Brave grabbed a young black woman who was standing on a curb nearby and said she had seen “everything”. Leland was in hog heaven, pushing her to answer this and that. Turned out she had it all wrong. Hadn’t seen a thing...
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Reply 24 - Posted by: judy 10/15/2019 2:43:33 AM (No. 207657)
Leland is rude, crude & 1000000 times worse than Shep, Wallace, Roberts, Juan & Geraldo. He makes the other libs at Fox look like Kindergarteners.
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NotThese days we're often regaled with news stories highlighting firsts – 'she's the first LGBTIQ++ Latinx to graduate from the Che Guevarra School of Global Warming who has devoted her life to petting same-sex kittens, tilling community gardens while simultaneously running Riverkeeper kayak trips for one-legged dogs found on the streets of Portland.'You get it.So it was rather surprising to discover that mainstream news stories of the first openly gay White House Cabinet member – ever, ever – were left on the newsroom floor.Rick Grenell, the U.S. Ambassador to Germany, was just named to head the Department of National Intelligence by President Trump.

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Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders lost his cool when former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg called him the “best known socialist” who “happens to be a millionaire with three houses.” A fiery end to what had already been a contentious Democratic primary debate, which included the billionaire businessman for the first time, was sparked by NBC anchor Lester Holt’s question to Sanders about two-thirds of voters being “uncomfortable with a socialist candidate for president.”
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