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Panda Hungry – China Buys Soybeans,
Exempts Pork and Beans From Additional

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Posted By: earlybird, 9/13/2019 8:18:19 PM

In a quite admission of food dependency, China purchased 600,000 tonnes of soybeans yesterday (link), and simultaneously announced that U.S. pork and soybean imports would be exempt from further tariff increases. The surface message Beijing is selling, surrounds their magnanimous panda narrative of reaching out to diminish trade friction. However, below the surface everyone knows China cannot feed itself and if food prices keep rising they could likely have growing unrest.Beijing’s decision to not enhance tariffs of pork and soybeans is very self serving. Particularly because China owns Smithfield foods, the largest producer of U.S. pork. In essence China has lessened tariffs against their own company.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Safari Man 9/13/2019 10:54:31 PM (No. 179290)
Running low on flied lice?
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Reply 2 - Posted by: ColonialAmerican1623 9/13/2019 11:58:39 PM (No. 179309)
They would be buying tobacco too except for the loons.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: texaspast 9/14/2019 12:16:26 AM (No. 179312)
I hat too bee an ole cute, but wee half to quite relaying own spelt chiggers. Quite and Quiet are not interchangeable.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: acesfull 9/14/2019 12:18:15 AM (No. 179313)
This is a huge story and break through for DJT on the Chinese tariff battle. The farmers are a big part of his base and they have been patient and now they will be rewarded with getting their market back. Really a big deal for Trump's electoral votes in the midwest.
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On the mild, cloudy day of April 14, 2015, exactly 150 years and five days after Confederate general Robert E. Lee surrendered to the Union Army at a courthouse in Virginia, an unusual spectacle took place in a committee room inside the Texas Capitol, the grounds of which are adorned with towering monuments and paeans to the slave empire’s army. A thirteen-year-old middle school student from Austin named Jacob Hale was defending a bill, drafted by him and given to his state representative, that would correct what he regarded as a grievous mistake: The state of Texas celebrates a holiday called Confederate Heroes Day, on January 19, Lee’s birthday.
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Environmentalism is pretty wacky. Watching any march, strike, or event with “mother Gaia” at the center of everyone’s concern can really bring out the wackos and what is billed as a march to raise awareness about the left’s irrational fear of climate change — I think we’re all pretty aware at this point — usually ends up being a modern-day pagan gathering. It has also, apparently, inspired funerals. We’ve seen it before, such as the famous video of environmentalists losing it over a fallen tree. (Video)But according to CNN, a funeral was recently held in Switzerland for a glacier called Pizol, which has now completely melted.
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At a 2017 briefing, White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said: If you’re looking for an example of a campaign coordinating with a foreign country or a foreign source, look no further than the DNC, who actually coordinated opposition research with the Ukrainian Embassy. Very few people believed her. (Snip)Fox News’ Dan Bongino and The Hill’s John Solomon were two of the earliest to recognize the coordination between corrupt pro-Hillary Clinton Ukrainians and the Democratic National Committee. Although Clinton lost the election, the effects of their interference can still be felt today. Especially for Paul Manafort. To gain a better understanding of what happened, it’s helpful to know the backstory.
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Yesterday, I predicted that the whole “whistleblower” kerfuffle is likely to end up damaging Joe Biden much more than it will Donald Trump. (Snip) we now know the whistleblower had neither heard the phone call nor even seen transcripts. (Snip) he’s what’s called a “rumormonger” and there is no statute that protects those. Secondly, even if it is true, it is hard to see the foul play as the allegation of Hunter Biden’s grift has been the subject of media attention on the past and the Obama administration had leaned on Ukraine to stop their investigation. This, alone, merits asking the Ukrainians to reopen the case.
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Conservative activist Scott Presler continued to deliver on his pledge to clean up Democrat-led cities across the country. He tackled his biggest project yet on Saturday. Wearing hazmat suits, he and a group of 200 volunteers spent nine hours removing 50 tons of garbage from an L.A. homeless camp. The photographs show a remarkable transformation. In the video below, Presler shows what the camp looked like before they went to work. Yes, this is a real homeless camp in Los Angeles. @realDonaldTrump #LosAngelesCleanup — #ThePersistence (@ScottPresler) September 21, 2019 Nine hours later, the results speak for themselves.
The Case Against Universal
Background Checks
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On Capitol Hill this week, lawmakers got a visit from Attorney General Bill Barr and White House Legislative Affairs Director Eric Ueland, looking to sell them on a gun control proposal. The proposal(Snip) parallels legislation proposed by Senators Pat Toomey (R-Penn.) and Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) in expanding federal background check requirements.(Snip)The White House quickly backtracked when the information was made public. (Snip) Either White House Legislative Affairs and the Department of Justice have gone completely rogue, or the White House is merely testing the appetite of the Senate for action. But either way, it’s a misguided effort. Here’s why.
Dowager Dowd cries impeachment again 5 replies
Posted by earlybird 9/23/2019 9:43:45 AM Post Reply
In Washington, where there's smoke, there's mirrors. After 67 years of living there, Maureen Dowd knows this. Nevertheless, she rode toward the smoke to cover the impeachment fire that isn't. Readers of the New York Times expect self-righteous outrage no matter how ignorant and misplaced that anger may be. She delivers. Fortunately for her the latest attempt to sabotage Justice Brett Kavanaugh fell apart within 24 hours of the Times's World Exclusive last Sunday.(Snip) She is obsessed with writing Orange Man Bad columns. It matters not that every one of them is wrong. She fills a need for people who cannot accept an outsider as president.
It’s Deja-Vu All Over Again – The Ukraine
Effort is Simply “Obstruction 2.0″…
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Posted by earlybird 9/23/2019 9:38:15 AM Post Reply
[Background] As I’m wiping down the white-board to outline the corrupt purposes, intents and connections, suddenly it becomes obvious. The Ukraine story is Obstruction 2.0. (Snip)To assemble a quick elevator explanation of the Muh Russia obstruction construction,(Snip) CTH previously said: To get impeachment, they needed obstruction. To get obstruction, they needed an investigation. To get the investigation, they needed evidence. To change dossier from oppo-research to evidence they needed a FISA. To get a FISA they needed a target. The target was Carter Page. While assembling the more recent deployment of Adam Schiff’s Ukraine story, I recognize something familiar: To get impeachment Schiff needs obstruction.
US Embassy pressed Ukraine to drop
probe of George Soros group during
2016 election
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Posted by earlybird 9/22/2019 1:32:59 PM Post Reply
While the 2016 presidential race was raging in America, Ukrainian prosecutors ran into some unexpectedly strong headwinds as they pursued an investigation into the activities of a nonprofit in their homeland known as the Anti-Corruption Action Centre (AntAC). (Snip) was part of a larger probe by Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office into whether $4.4 million in U.S. funds to fight corruption inside the former Soviet republic had been improperly diverted.The prosecutors soon would learn the resistance they faced was blowing directly from the U.S. Embassy in Kiev, where the Obama administration took the rare step of trying to press the Ukrainian government to back off its investigation
Amid Too Much Good MAGAnomic Data,
Bloomberg Cancels the Recession…
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Posted by earlybird 9/22/2019 11:39:32 AM Post Reply
Last week U.S. economic data included the Labor Department’s report on initial filings for unemployment benefits, at historically low levels. Also last week, the Commerce Department reported the U.S. housing market (new homes and permits) was the strongest since 2007. Then came the Philadelphia Fed’s index of manufacturing business activity in September, more than doubling estimates as factories continue to expand. And if that wasn’t too much winning, the Commerce Department then announced August retail sales growth was double expectations. Main Street USA is very strong.
Hammer time: US construction index at
record high, more work than workers
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Posted by earlybird 9/22/2019 9:36:22 AM Post Reply
Optimism in the U.S. construction industry has reached a record high, with builders forced to push off work because finding help is difficult due to the historic unemployment low. The new Commercial Construction Index, compiled by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and USG Corp., climbed to a record high in the third quarter, with 77% of commercial contractors optimistic about their future.The index,(Snip) also found that “half of all contractors” expect higher revenue and the expectations for bigger profits next year also surged. “Contractors are thinking about the future and are optimistic about what’s ahead,” said Christopher Griffin, CEO of USG Corporation.
Deplorables got it right 4 replies
Posted by earlybird 9/22/2019 9:09:34 AM Post Reply
It is an article of faith among the Washington Establishment that supporters of President Donald John Trump are dumber than rocks. And yet we deplorables were right while the experts were wrong. Hmm. We were told repeatedly that we were voting against our own economic interests in voting for President Trump. (Snip)Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman wrote, "Now comes the mother of all adverse effects — and what it brings with it is a regime that will be ignorant of economic policy and hostile to any effort to make it work."So we are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight.
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Sharpton: ‘I Still Can’t Understand’ Why
Evangelicals, Christians ‘Enthralled’ to Trump
34 replies
Posted by Imright 9/23/2019 7:42:52 AM Post Reply
Sunday, MSNBC “PoliticsNation” host Reverend Al Sharpton delivered a memo to President Donald Trump addressing his solution to solve homelessness in California. Sharpton questioned Trump’s Christianity for saying homelessness was bad for business, saying he “subverted the humanitarian called Jesus’ message to nurse a political grudge against California.” He then said he does not “understand” how “avowed Christians” and “evangelicals” support the president. “Absent a certain baseline racism, I still can’t understand why avowed Christians, let alone evangelicals, are still enthralled to you, Mr. President
WATCH–Jerry Nadler: Climate
Change Is a Greater Threat Than a World War
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Posted by M2 9/22/2019 6:42:15 AM Post Reply
House Judiciary Committee Chairman and Democrat New York Rep. Jerry Nadler claimed Friday that the threat of climate change is greater than that of a world war. Nadler’s remarks were made as he spoke in Washington, D.C., at one of several global climate strike protests. “We have to make sure people feel the depth and the immediacy of this crisis, which is approaching us much more rapidly and much worse than the scientists proposed twenty years ago and ten years ago,” Nadler said. “Half measures will not do,” Nadler continued. “We are facing a crisis. If we had a world war, God forbid, the country would mobilize.”
'How dare you': Greta Thunberg tears into
world leaders over inaction at U.N. climate summit
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Posted by NorthernDog 9/23/2019 2:04:57 PM Post Reply
In an angry and emotional speech at the United Nations climate summit on Monday, Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg tore into world leaders for failing to act. "This is all wrong," Thunberg said, reading from a piece of paper. "I shouldn't be up here. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean, yet you come to us young people for hope. How dare you." "People are suffering," the 16-year-old continued through tears. "People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are at the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about
“Troubling in the extreme’:
Romney breaks ranks with GOP
over Trump and Ukraine
27 replies
Posted by tisHimself 9/23/2019 6:20:33 AM Post Reply
Republican Utah Sen. Mitt Romney said that if President Trump asked Ukrainian officials to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, it would be "troubling in the extreme." After reports of a complaint filed by an intelligence community whistleblower, details have surfaced of a conversation in which Trump allegedly urged Ukrainian officials to dig into both Biden and his son, Hunter, for his business dealings there.
Megan Fox Defends Letting Her
6-Year-Old Son Wear Dresses
To School
21 replies
Posted by Imright 9/22/2019 5:34:10 PM Post Reply
After revealing her appreciation for motherhood last week, "Transformers" actress Megan Fox then defended her decision to let her 6-year-old son Noah wear dresses to school. Speaking with "The Talk" last Thursday, Megan Fox said that her son sometimes wants to wear dresses to his "liberal, hippy" school, and she allows him to pick the outfit he desires despite the ridicule he faces from other boys. "Sometimes, he'll dress himself and he likes to wear dresses, sometimes," Fox said,
10,500 Steaks at 2020 Democrat Steak
Fry Despite Their Meat Consumption
Climate Change Concerns
20 replies
Posted by M2 9/22/2019 6:39:12 AM Post Reply
Democrat presidential candidates took part in the Polk County Democrats Steak Fry in Iowa Saturday, which featured thousands of sizzling steaks. Their participation follows weeks of climate change alarmism from the presidential candidates, many of whom have signaled support for limiting beef consumption in order to combat what they say is a looming climate catastrophe. According to reports, organizers were prepared to grill roughly 10,500 steaks plus 1,000 vegan burgers. Seventeen candidates attended the event, including: Joe Biden (D) Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) Kamala Harris (D-CA) Cory Booker (D-NJ) Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) Michael Bennet (D-CO) Beto O’Rourke (D) Andrew Yang (D) Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) Julián Castro (D) Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) Tim Ryan (D-OH
Crash: Emmy Ratings Plunge
To Worst In History
19 replies
Posted by Imright 9/23/2019 1:10:08 PM Post Reply
The TV people put on a TV show to praise TV, but TV viewers tuned out in droves. The 71st Primetime Emmy Awards on the Fox network hit a record low with a dismal 5.8 household Nielsen rating — a 22% drop from last year, Deadline reported. Last year, the show pulled a 7.4 rating (10.2 million viewers). The latest show got crushed by NBC’s "Sunday Night Football," even though it featured the undefeated Los Angeles Rams versus the lowly Cleveland Browns. TV's biggest night included all the virtue-signaling viewers have come to expect from awards shows like the Oscars and Grammys.
Vatican Names Abortion Promoter
Jeffrey Sachs as ‘Special Invitee’ to
Amazon Synod
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Posted by M2 9/22/2019 11:23:29 AM Post Reply
The Vatican published the list of participants in its upcoming pan-Amazon Synod Saturday, which includes as “special invitee” Jeffrey D. Sachs, who is among the world’s foremost proponents of population control. In his 2008 book Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet, Sachs argued for legalizing abortion as a cost-effective way to eliminate “unwanted children” when contraception fails. Abortion, he wrote, is a “lower-risk and lower-cost option” than having unwanted children born into the world. The “legalization of abortion reduces a country’s total fertility rate significantly, by as much as half a child on average,” he wrote approvingly, while criticizing America’s
Florida girl, 6, arrested for battery by
school resource officer
for temper tantrum: report
19 replies
Posted by M2 9/22/2019 9:03:08 AM Post Reply
A Florida grandmother claims her 6-year-old granddaughter was arrested by a resource officer after throwing a temper tantrum at school — which she says happened because the child suffers from sleep apnea. Meralyn Kirkland says the child, Kaia Rolle, was acting out at Lucious and Emma Nixon Academy, a charter school in Orlando, as a result of lack of sleep. The 6-year-old was then brought to the principal's office. Kirkland told WKMG-TV that while there, a school staff employee grabbed Kaia's wrists, sparking her to lash out and kick her legs. The school resource officer — Officer Dennis Turner, of the Orlando Police Department —
Astonishing Transformation: Scott Pressler’s
Group Cleaned Up L.A. Homeless
Camp In 9 Hours; Removed 50 Tons
Of Garbage
18 replies
Posted by earlybird 9/23/2019 10:08:24 AM Post Reply
Conservative activist Scott Presler continued to deliver on his pledge to clean up Democrat-led cities across the country. He tackled his biggest project yet on Saturday. Wearing hazmat suits, he and a group of 200 volunteers spent nine hours removing 50 tons of garbage from an L.A. homeless camp. The photographs show a remarkable transformation. In the video below, Presler shows what the camp looked like before they went to work. Yes, this is a real homeless camp in Los Angeles. @realDonaldTrump #LosAngelesCleanup — #ThePersistence (@ScottPresler) September 21, 2019 Nine hours later, the results speak for themselves.
The Madcap Adventures of
‘Buckaroo Banzai’ Biden
18 replies
Posted by M2 9/23/2019 7:19:34 AM Post Reply
Sometime-Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden was at it again, voicing his brand of tough-guy boasts that he can “beat Trump like a drum.” A 1980s sci-fi cult film about a weirdo, Buckaroo Banzai, who travels through time dimensions in many manifestations battling evil and saving good guys reminds us of the latest incarnation of Joe Biden. Biden sees himself as something similar, as Americans are reacquainting themselves with the three-time presidential candidate, who for years has been regaling audiences as the swashbuckling hero of an amazing repertoire of his own larger than life stories. Sometimes the bard Buckaroo Biden entertains crowds as the self-sacrificing tribal white knight who physically
Gripers brutally attack Melania over
dress; which sells out same night
18 replies
Posted by Imright 9/22/2019 9:35:38 AM Post Reply
By most accounts, first lady Melania Trump crushed the Australian state dinner Friday, exuding grace and elegance.But haters gonna hate. Critics — notably the disgraced New York Times — blasted her for the dress she dared to wear. The seafoam green gown by J. Mendel that first lady Melania Trump wore during the evening’s historic state dinner was reportedly already sold out by the end of the night. And this despite the critics. “By the time Mrs. Trump debuted it, the dress was marked down to a mere $1,497 and came with free shipping. And before the evening ended, it was sold out,” The Washington Post confirmed.
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