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The crazy reason the FBI didn´t search
the devices of Hillary Clinton´s inner circle

Washington Examiner [DC], by Tom Rogan

Original Article

Posted By:MissMolly, 6/18/2018 4:59:56 AM

While the FBI was investigating Hillary Clinton´s secret server where she kept official emails out of the view of the authorities until her lawyers could scrub them, for some reason, agents never searched the Blackberries or other email devices belonging to her inner circle at the State Department. Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz and his team received a crazy response when they asked FBI agents on the Hillary Clinton email investigation why not. The agents´ primary excuse was to point to "the culture of mishandling classified information at the State Department which made the quantity of potential sources of evidence


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Reply 1 - Posted by: winnie1, 6/18/2018 5:36:54 AM     (No. 11667219)

If the FBI REALLY wanted access to Hillary´s e-mails they could have gone to the NSA who did offer them to the FBI that would have been the end of the case.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: Attila DiMedici, 6/18/2018 5:58:22 AM     (No. 11667230)

The author seems to operate under the assumption that the FBI agents investigating Clinton wanted to find out whether or not she actually committed a crime. They did not.

The reason they did not search these devices is in this sentence from the article: " but it may also have produced physical evidence to indicate prima facie criminal mishandling of classified material."

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Reply 3 - Posted by: M2, 6/18/2018 6:19:04 AM     (No. 11667249)

The FBI collectively knew what Arkancides were. They were not about to be one.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: rolfnader, 6/18/2018 6:21:54 AM     (No. 11667253)

Those zany FBI leaders ARE a crazy bunch, arent´t they?

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Reply 5 - Posted by: Uno, 6/18/2018 6:29:02 AM     (No. 11667259)

They wanted to remain employed... and alive!!

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Reply 6 - Posted by: LaVallette, 6/18/2018 6:35:52 AM     (No. 11667260)

Employed..... and promoted and given sinecures by the "dead cert" winner of the POTUS election. They even said as much

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Reply 7 - Posted by: DCGIRL, 6/18/2018 7:00:21 AM     (No. 11667274)

Bottomline, the fix was in. No doubt that all involved were told to stand down.

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Reply 8 - Posted by: Uno, 6/18/2018 7:10:49 AM     (No. 11667280)

When yer working under a "For Sale" sign you don´t wanna tick-off the Realtor!

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Reply 9 - Posted by: bigfatslob, 6/18/2018 7:56:16 AM     (No. 11667328)

They weren´t looking because the ´fix was in´ and they wanted their cushy jobs to continue plus they were being fitted for their new Gestapo uniforms.
When, then candidate, Donald Trump said the election was ´rigged´ and he might not concede James Comey hit the panic button to make it look legitimate when he announced the Carlos Danger laptop investigation. This might have lost it for Hillary.
I thought Trump just might have his own spy in Hillary´s evil circle and FBI. One never knows.

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Reply 10 - Posted by: wilarrbie, 6/18/2018 8:00:49 AM     (No. 11667341)

Wasn´t there something about the FBI also then agreed to DESTROY those devices after they had taken a VERY LIMITED look at their contents?

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Reply 11 - Posted by: IDestroyObamasGoons, 6/18/2018 8:07:42 AM     (No. 11667354)

So they couldn´t search the devices because the amount of potential material was "vast". Well, in a criminal investigation, isn´t gathering a lot of material relevant to the case a good thing? Doesn´t getting more evidence for your side help your case? What´s the big deal about it being "vast"? Sure, you´ve got to work through it, and, maybe, when its all said and done, that´s the real reason why these bums didn´t bother with it: too much like work.

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Reply 12 - Posted by: Clinger, 6/18/2018 8:12:34 AM     (No. 11667361)

We didn´t look for evidence because there was too much to look at so now we can go about pretending nothing was wrong. Yea that´s the ticket.

Perhaps the most frightening aspect of all of this is that they don´t even feel compelled to do a better job of lying to us. It´s in our face because they know there´s nothing we can do about it.

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Reply 13 - Posted by: mizzmac, 6/18/2018 8:47:42 AM     (No. 11667397)

Foreign governments can (and do) know what was on Huma´s Blackberry, but Americans cannot? I call BS.

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Reply 14 - Posted by: OhMy, 6/18/2018 9:08:48 AM     (No. 11667423)

This makes sense to me. There is so much evidence of wrongdoing by Clinton that the FBI is paralyzed just thinking about all the work they will need to do to catalogue it. In the Trump Collusion case there is no evidence at all so they go all out punishing Trump associates to get them to lie and make up evidence. All or Nothing indeed. It is not surprising that there was a "culture" at the state department of "gross negligence" in protecting classified information. If the boss does not care about it why should the employees.

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Reply 15 - Posted by: qr4j, 6/18/2018 9:09:39 AM     (No. 11667424)

“We might have found so many dead bodies buried under the basement floor that we dare not look.”

What a sorry excuse ... and yet the IG accepted it. What the hell?!?!

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Reply 16 - Posted by: Uno, 6/18/2018 9:11:13 AM     (No. 11667425)

Too big to fail?

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Reply 17 - Posted by: IDestroyObamasGoons, 6/18/2018 9:30:47 AM     (No. 11667442)

It really staggers the imagination, the kind of excuses these people come up with. Like, "there´s so much potential evidence, we can´t do any work to look through it". Since when is an abundance of evidence a valid reason for spiking a criminal case? They go after people like Trump where there is essentially zero evidence, but then they say they have to be aggressive and dig through the dumpsters to find something. After all, its Trump, so there just has to be something we can find. Yet they look at the mountain of evidence against Hillary and shrug it off and shy away because there´s "vast" potential for more evidence to be uncovered. Talk about a world gone mad, this is it.

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Reply 18 - Posted by: justavoter, 6/18/2018 9:52:08 AM     (No. 11667464)

Simple reason. They knew all of what they would find would lead to Obama in the middle of it all so the SOP was hands off.

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Reply 19 - Posted by: NYbob, 6/18/2018 10:06:19 AM     (No. 11667477)

I used to respect the FBI. Not now and I spit on every Special Agent who took an oath, but lives a life counter to that oath. EVERY one of them. This corruption is so vast and so ingrained in the FBI that every agent must know about it or have some bit of knowledge or evidence that would prove Comey and others committed multiple felonies in their actions. IF they don´t know, IF they are really that clueless, they don´t deserve the badge. The fact that NONE of them, as far as we can tell, have done the surveillance or evidence gathering that is required for actual justice to be served. What we have is an organization of men and women only interested in power and perks for themselves. Gutless cowards, liars and thieves. Sad that such a damning description seems obvious, but look at the reality. NO ex-agents or retiring agents are stepping up either. ALL of them tainted by this and it is disgusting. Zero bravery or love of country evident.

I´ll give them one thing. With the weasel Sessions as AG, I can see how they have no idea of who to report to in DC. Without the ability to speak directly to the President, who do they trust? However, as FBI agents getting contact with the President would not be impossible, IF they were motivated to do so.

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Reply 20 - Posted by: strike3, 6/18/2018 11:15:25 AM     (No. 11667528)

This "crazy" reason is the official but secondary explanation. The real reason was that Comey and probably other top FBI officials used their home computers to download classified material. How could they go after Clinton and Obama when they were guilty of the same careless, unlawful behavior and gross negligence? I´m thinking now that this is a common practice within the government and our classified information is now worldwide knowledge because of it.

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Reply 21 - Posted by: Davids918, 6/18/2018 11:18:56 AM     (No. 11667531)

It´s not difficult to understand, and Comey essentially laid it out in his presser.

It has always been their assumption Hillary was going to be POTUS, and they knew the level of retribution if they crossed her in any way.

Even though they aren´t a threat any more, this group ended up covering up the crimes, which is usually how people get caught-up in legal trouble, with some going to prison.

This likely went up to the very top within the previous administration, so there are some still needing to be protected.

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Reply 22 - Posted by: Polecat49, 6/18/2018 11:59:31 AM     (No. 11667570)

Because that is what obama told them to do. From that minute on the FIX and LIE to cover it up was in.

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Reply 23 - Posted by: IDestroyObamasGoons, 6/18/2018 1:29:53 PM     (No. 11667697)

The posters above are probably correct in their assessments. What really galls me is the brazenness that these people have when they do this kind of stuff. It´s so in-your-face it´s hard not to get worked up about it. But, in hindsight, the Clintons, and Obama, to a degree, have always been this way. It´s as if they are saying, "Yeah, I did it, but what are you gonna do about it, chumps?" They do it and know they´ll skate because the political establishment protects their own. One of the reasons I voted for Trump was I hope he has the guts to take these crumbums on and not put up with their obfuscations.

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Reply 24 - Posted by: strike3, 6/18/2018 1:47:49 PM     (No. 11667723)

The safe time to find some wrongdoing on Hillary´s part is after they blaspheme the ground in Arlington Cemetery with her rotten remains. Then they can safely blame it all on her without worrying about the Arkansas Mafia. Webb´s kid doesn´t have the guts or the savvy to do anything about it but she´ll probably get to keep all the stolen money.

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Reply 25 - Posted by: Amereagle-redux, 6/18/2018 8:13:34 PM     (No. 11668101)

Maybe they didn’t want to “commit suicide” by getting shot three times in the back?


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An art gallery in Portland, Oregon, removed a window drawing that depicts President Donald Trump being beheaded ISIS style. The founder of One Grand Gallery in the Northwest city told KPTV-TV that he took down the controversial drawing after threats from Trump supporters and a request from his landlord. The gallery founder asked to remain anonymous for fear that someone would try to harm him. The horrific image shows a man whose face is concealed holding Trump’s head with one hand. In the other hand, he is holding a knife to the throat of Trump, who is bleeding profusely from

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Benghazi Survivor Drops Hot Fire After
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Daily Caller, by Benny Johnson    Original Article
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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attacked President Trump for not “defending a diplomat” who “has spent his career standing up for America” on Thursday.Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul — the diplomat in question — was among the group of American officials that Russia sought to question in connection with a fraudulent scheme to launder hundreds of millions of dollars out of Russia to help fund Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The Trump administration has yet to disclose its position on the case. As Sarah Sanders told reporters on Wednesday, “The president is going to meet with his team, and

Zinke Is Shipping The Headquarters
Of The Largest Land-Owning Agency
Out Of DC

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Daily Caller, by Tim Pearce    Original Article
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Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is making plans to move the headquarters of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) out of Washington, D.C., to a city in the West. The federal government owns 640 million acres in the U.S., or roughly 28 percent of the nation’s entire landmass. The BLM manages 248.3 million acres of public land, more than any other agency, according to a March 2017 report by the Congressional Research Service. Today, @Interior confirmed that they are planning to move the BLM HQ west. This is great news since 99% of the land that the BLM manages is located

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USA Today, by Nancy Armour    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 7/19/2018 8:47:19 PM     Post Reply
Beating your wife is worse than protesting during the national anthem. So, too, is sexually assaulting a woman. While that might seem obvious, it needs to be clarified given The Associated Press´ report Thursday that the Miami Dolphins are now including protesting during the anthem on their list of "conduct detrimental to the club." Under NFL rules, that´s an offense punishable by a suspension of up to four games. The Dolphins later told the AP that "all options are still open." But to give you an idea of how heinous at least one NFL team sees trying to draw attention to racial and economic inequality, a four-game suspension is

One FBI text message in Russia probe
that should alarm every American

29 replie(s)
The Hill [DC], by John Solomon    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 7/20/2018 4:49:01 AM     Post Reply
Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, the reported FBI lovebirds, are the poster children for the next “Don’t Text and Investigate” public service ads airing soon at an FBI office near you. Their extraordinary texting affair on their government phones has given the FBI a black eye, laying bare a raw political bias brought into the workplace that agents are supposed to check at the door when they strap on their guns and badges. It is no longer in dispute that they held animus for Donald Trump, who was a subject of their Russia probe, or that they openly discussed using the powers

Resign, Mike Pompeo.
Resign, John Bolton.

29 replie(s)
New York Times, by Bret Stephens    Original Article
Posted By: Hazymac- 7/20/2018 9:41:44 AM     Post Reply
Before the word "resignation" became a euphemism for being fired, it connoted a sense of public integrity and personal honor. Attorney General Elliot Richardson and his deputy, William Ruckelshaus, showed both qualities when they resigned from the Nixon administration during the Saturday Night Massacre in 1973. Jimmy Carter’s secretary of state, Cyrus Vance, did likewise when he resigned during the Iran hostage crisis in 1980. Assuming Mike Pompeo and John Bolton still have their own senses intact, they, too, should resign following the epic disgrace of the U.S.-Russia summit inHelsinki on Monday. So should their senior staff. I don’t suggest

NFL, NFLPA freeze anthem rules
amid backlash to Miami policy

29 replie(s)
Associated Press, by Rob Maaddi    Original Article
Posted By: Dignitary Protection- 7/20/2018 10:52:39 AM     Post Reply
The NFL´s two-month old national anthem policy is on hold. Hours after The Associated Press reported that Miami Dolphins players who protest on the field during the anthem could be suspended for up to four games under a team policy issued this week, the league and the players union issued a joint statement late Thursday night saying the two sides are talking things out.

The entire Republican Party
is becoming a Russian asset

29 replie(s)
Washington Post, by Paul Waldman    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 7/21/2018 5:14:54 AM     Post Reply
In the past few days, President Trump has given at least some Republicans reason to express displeasure over his relationship with Russia. First he performed a pathetic ritual of subservience before Vladimir Putin, standing beside the Russian leader — after a private meeting between the two, which no aides were permitted to attend — and dismissing the copious evidence of a Russian attack on the 2016 election in deference to Putin’s word. Then we learned that Putin had suggested that we make Americans available to the Kremlin for questioning, including Michael McFaul, the former U.S. ambassador to Russia, in exchange

No arrest in fatal shooting
during argument over
handicap parking space

29 replie(s)
Tampa Bay Times [FL], by Kathryn Varn    Original Article
Posted By: Hazymac- 7/21/2018 9:15:14 AM     Post Reply
CLEARWATER — Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri announced Friday that his agency will not arrest a man deputies say shot and killed another man during an argument over a handicap parking space. The incident falls under Florida’s self-defense law known as "stand your ground," the sheriff said during a news conference. The law gives immunity to those in fear of their lives who use force to defend themselves. The shooting "is within the bookends of ‘stand your ground’ and within the bookends of force being justified," the sheriff said, later adding, "I’m not saying I agree with it, but I don’t make

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