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Thousand-year-old oak tree on Offa´s Dyke
marking border between England
and Wales finally falls

Daily Mail [UK], by Alexander Robertson

Original Article

Posted By:Attercliffe, 2/19/2018 7:48:50 AM

An ancient oak tree marking the border between England and Wales has fallen down at the grand age of 1,000. The Buttington Oak was planted as a boundary marker and had stood proudly for centuries. It was planted along Offa´s Dyke - a line of earth that fo llows the border between England and Wales - named after Anglo Saxon king Offa. But images show the historic oak, with a girth of 36 feet, now lying on its side in a field near Welshpool in Powys. Eagle-eyed Rob McBride, who has the nickname ´Tree Hunter,´ spotted the grounded oak. Rob,

The mighty tree at Offa´s Dyke was well-known as a landmark in that part of Britain and to all as a historical marker. (Yes, we had to "learn history from The Year Dot," back when I grew up there, not just from the arrival of the Pilgrims).

How sad to see the dead tree--and, probably at some point, by a cold stone marker in its honored place.


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Reply 1 - Posted by: qwerty, 2/19/2018 7:59:43 AM     (No. 11548472)

Hopefully not a stone marker, but rather a section of save-able wood from the tree and well tended for preservation to mark the place.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: curious1, 2/19/2018 8:06:54 AM     (No. 11548476)

And plant another Oak, why don´t they?

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Reply 3 - Posted by: joew9, 2/19/2018 8:53:53 AM     (No. 11548516)

This must be some kind of unusual oak tree. Most oaks only live 100 years. In my area we have many oaks that people are always saying are 200 and 300 years old. Then when they are cut down you can only count 90 or so rings. We had one the city was protecting because it was "growing before the civil war." Lightning took it out and there were only about 90 rings.
I´ll have to research this species of Wales oak. But I´m starting out a skeptic.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: mythman, 2/19/2018 9:23:18 AM     (No. 11548554)

If no one heard it fall, did it make a sound?

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Reply 5 - Posted by: secondtimelucky, 2/19/2018 9:36:04 AM     (No. 11548581)

with a nod toward Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman and the unbelievably talented Tim Conway, the tree was "hollow".

and we have no buffalo ice cream...

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Reply 6 - Posted by: Nevadadad46, 2/19/2018 10:56:25 AM     (No. 11548696)

Grand old tree on a hill, at last, she fell- Oh, if trees could talk, what tales she´d tell.

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Reply 7 - Posted by: velirotta, 2/19/2018 12:06:58 PM     (No. 11548815)

#2, if the oak takes so long to grow, they should re-plant as soon as possible.

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Reply 8 - Posted by: velirotta, 2/19/2018 12:08:24 PM     (No. 11548817)

Here´s a link to the story: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-mid-wales-43084088

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Reply 9 - Posted by: Rumblehog, 2/19/2018 12:45:21 PM     (No. 11548859)

I guess it´s too late for "stem" cell therapy?

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Reply 10 - Posted by: thomthomp, 2/19/2018 12:53:34 PM     (No. 11548869)

Waiting for the claim that global warming did it.

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Reply 11 - Posted by: BigGeorgeTX, 2/19/2018 6:09:45 PM     (No. 11549078)

Any salvageable wood is going to go for a fortune. Talk about old timber growth.

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OJ Simpson ´confesses´ to murdering Nicole
Brown, saying he stabbed her to death after Ron
Goldman tried to fight him when he went to
confront his ex bout hosting drug-fueled orgies
Daily Mail [UK], by Chris Spargo    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 3/12/2018 11:35:34     Post Reply
The hypothetical murder confession of Orenthal James Simpson aired on Sunday night, detailing how Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman might have been killed outside her Brentwood home. In the Fox special OJ: The Lost Confession, which was originally taped back in 2006, Simpson says that he blacked out during the actual murder and when he came to was covered in blood. He also states that he and Nicole were arguing outside and she fell, prompting Ron Goldman to come up to him and threatened to fight him with karate. Simpson said that he then grabbed a knife out of the hands of his

Who needs Germany and France?
Brussels bigwigs push Merkel and
Macron aside on EU future
Daily Express [UK], by Harvey Gavin    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 3/12/2018 7:43:56     Post Reply
RADICAL plans for Eurozone reform championed by France and Germany have been put on hold, with the two countries failing to even express support for their own proposals ahead of a major summit later this month. Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron had been due to unveil their joint vision for the future of the currency on March 22. The ambitious reforms, which both leaders have expressed a strong desire to see become a reality, including ensuring Eurozone unity and the future sustainability, issues which have plagued the single currency for years. But as European finance bosses meet in Brussels today, some officials

High school student charged for planting
´weapon of mass destruction in cafeteria
after ´desecrating American flag and replacing
and raising the ISIS banner in its place´
Daily Mail [UK], by Daniel Roth    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 3/12/2018 12:25:35     Post Reply
A high school student in Utah was arrested for bringing a ´weapon of mass destruction´ onto the campus of high school and was later believed to have pledged allegiance to the terror group ISIS. The St. George Police Police Department said that it has charged the adolescent for the ´manufacture, possession, sale, use or attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction,´ with more charges possibly to come for ´criminal mischief.´ St. George authorities also said that they believe the juvenile suspect is responsible for desecrating an American flag flying at Hurricane High School and replacing it with an ISIS flag in

To Moses or to AIPAC?
Arutz Sheva [Israel], by Jack Engelhard    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 3/11/2018 8:23:31     Post Reply
The Jewish State’s neighborhood, if someone would please tell AIPAC, at least its top brass, is not Disneyland. Good thing it only lasted three days, that AIPAC Policy Conference. On the fourth day someone could have gotten up to dismantle Israel altogether. As it was, during the gathering in Washington, in which everybody came, someone speaking for this group billed as pro-Israel insisted on dismantling Israel only by half. (What a relief…all things considered.) The rest goes to the Arabs who already control 99 percent of the Middle East…and still not enough. Well not enough for the Arabs…and even some Jews in

‘The EU is NOT innocent’ Trump continues attack
on Brussels with most scathing rant yet
Daily Express [UK], by Oli Smith    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 3/11/2018 8:11:02     Post Reply
DONALD Trump delivered a relentless attack on the state of the EU as the president ramped up his rhetoric against the Brussels elite for trying to "act innocent" when they are "taking $100bn of trade a year from the US". Donald Trump issued his most critical assessment of the EU to date during a campaign rally last night, as his rant against Brussels drew huge applause. President Trump, who was addressing a rally in Pennsylvania, railed against the EU over tariffs and laid down a a tough red line in his talks with the bloc. He said that he will remove the




Kim Jong Un can spin this any way he likes, but
Trump has taunted and tortured Little Rocket
Man into blinking first and the world can
(temporarily) breathe a massive sigh of relief
Daily Mail [UK], by Piers Morgan    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 3/9/2018 6:28:52     Post Reply
So, it worked. President Donald Trump´s inflammatory and bellicose ´Little Rocket Man´ taunting at North Korea´s Kim Jong Un has, astonishingly, brought the pint-sized dictator to the negotiating table. Trump´s ´my nuclear button´s bigger than yours´ shock tactics scared the life out of almost everyone else, including me. But it turns out there was method to his apparent madness. In a stunning development, Jong Un´s agreed to meet Trump by May, and pledged to refrain from further nuclear and missile tests in the meantime. Even more significantly, he is apparently ´committed to denuclearization´ – according to South Korea´s government, after a meeting its officials

Senator Lindsey Graham warns
Kim Jong Un: If you play Trump it
will be end of you and your regime
Daily Mail [UK], by Sarah Marsh    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 3/9/2018 3:43:37     Post Reply
Senator Lindsey Graham offered a word of warning to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un after President Trump accepted his invitation to meet. The Republican politician said on Thursday that he hoped for peace, but warned Kim that ´it will be the end´ of him if he tried to take advantage of Trump. In a statement, posted on Twitter, Sen. Graham also issued a caution to the U.S. and the international community as he said he thinks North Korea will be ´all talk and no action´. It reads: ´After numerous discussions with President Trump, I firmly believe his strong stand against North Korea

Former President Barack Obama and wife
Michelle are in negotiations for a Netflix
series and it WON´T be used to respond
directly to Trump or conservative news outlets
Daily Mail [UK], by Jessica Finn    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 3/8/2018 11:01:43     Post Reply
Former President Barack Obama and wife Michelle are in advanced negotiations to produce a Netflix series with high-profile shows. Netflix would pay Barack and Michelle, for exclusive content only available on the streaming service, according to the New York Times. Netflix has over 118million subscribers world wide, and will allow the former president to reach an enormous audience in his post-presidential life. The number of episodes and the format of the shows have yet to be decided, but don´t expect it to act as the answer to Fox News. The Obamas also won´t be using the platform to directly respond to President Trump

Breaking: Vehicle PLOUGHS into six people
in Brooklyn, New York causing ´serious injuries´
Daily Mail [UK], by Dan Falvey    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 3/8/2018 10:07:06     Post Reply
A BMW has ploughed into six people on a Brooklyn street in New York leaving some of the victims seriously injured, it has been reported. They were hit near Glenwood Road and Nostrand Avenue. A vehicle is believed to have lost control and drove onto the event in front of a group of shops. Police have reportedly confirmed that two people were seriously hurt in the incident which took place at approximately 7.30pm (1.10am GMT). The other four are believed to have sustained minor injuries. It is unclear what caused the car to lose control. There have been warnings on Twitter that the collision has

The fascinating story of explorer who became
the first white man to meet spear-wielding New
Guinea tribe, as his great-great-grandson
returns 150 years later to meet locals*
Daily Mail [UK], by Sarah Dean    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 3/8/2018 3:13:57     Post Reply
When a bold Russian explorer arrived with two servants on the rugged coast of New Guinea in 1871, the tribe he encountered had never met a white man before. The feared people inhabiting the world´s second-largest island, in the southwestern Pacific, had a fierce reputation as headhunters and cannibals and Nickolay Miklouho-Maclay’s life was very much in danger as he stepped ashore. But - as he explained in his diary - his ´defenselessness´ was his safety. Miklouho-Maclay showed no aggression towards the Papuans and in return, they decided to let him live. The handsome 25-year-old had endured a gruelling 10-month



The Farrakhan exception
Arutz Sheva [Israel], by Jack Engelhard    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 3/8/2018 2:29:51     Post Reply
I think it’s time to be afraid. If it can happen in America, no place is safe. Farrakhan wants us dead everywhere, including Israel. This is getting to be a habit. Like any habit, we get so used to it, we forget to scratch where it hurts. So quite recently, and now getting prime attention, Louis Farrakhan held another rally – and there he goes again, blasting the Jewish people. Pure hate speech. Ordinarily people like that get shunned. They do, if they speak contrarily about Blacks, gays, transgenders and Muslims – but these are Jews he’s talking about, and like I said,

Norway won´t retaliate against
U.S. tariffs: NTB news agency
Reuters, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 3/8/2018 2:23:00     Post Reply
OSLO - Norway does not plan to retaliate against U.S. import tariffs on metals, despite being a major producer and exporter of aluminum, Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Soereide told Norwegian news agency NTB on Thursday. President Donald Trump plans to impose a duty of 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum to counter cheap imports, especially from China, that he says undermine U.S. industry and jobs. “Norway has not prepared retaliatory measures. I believe there should be a high threshold for taxing Norwegian consumers and businesses by imposing restrictions on trade,” Soereide, of Norway’s ruling Conservative Party, was quoted

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Fox News host Jesse Watters to divorce after
cheating on wife with 25-year-old employee

67 replie(s)
New York Daily News, by Stephen Rex Brown    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 3/11/2018 5:20:16 AM     Post Reply
Fox News is in sleazy Watters yet again. The network’s prominent host Jesse Watters — who dined on Monday with President Trump — is in the midst of divorce due to an affair with a 25-year-old associate producer. Watters’ wife, Noelle Watters, filed for divorce in October. The couple has twin girls. Sources said the 39-year-old host informed the network of his adulterous relationship with Emma DiGiovine shortly after Noelle filed divorce papers. DiGiovine was transferred to “The Ingraham Angle.” DiGiovine and Watters are still dating, sources said. A woman at DiGiovine’s home in Cranford, N.J., declined to comment.

It’s Time for Juan Williams to Go
51 replie(s)
American Thinker, by Peter Barry Chowka    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/12/2018 4:59:07 AM     Post Reply
His double-talking defense of Democrats who embraced Louis Farrakhan, and of Farrakhan himself, is the last straw. For the past ten months that I have been reporting prolifically about the cable news wars and the Fox News Channel, readers who have posted comments to my articles have most often cited Juan Williams as the #1 Fox News personality whom they cannot stand. I am willing to cut any opinion meister a lot of slack, but the last straw for me came on Friday March 9, when Williams appeared live in-studio with Shannon Bream on her nightly program Fox News@Night. On

Elizabeth Warren refuses DNA test
to prove Native American heritage

49 replie(s)
New York Post, by Marisa Schultz    Original Article
Posted By: Ribicon- 3/11/2018 1:28:16 PM     Post Reply
Washington – Sen. Elizabeth Warren batted down calls for her to take a DNA test to prove her Native American heritage in an interview that aired Sunday. “I know who I am. And never used it for anything. Never got any benefit from it anywhere,” Warren said of her ancestry on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” The Massachusetts Democrat has been under increased pressure to provide evidence of ?her ?Native American roots, with President Trump repeatedly mocking her as “Pocahontas” as recently as Saturday. An editorial this month in Massachusetts’s Berkshire Eagle urged Warren to buy a DNA test for $99 to resolve the

Sen. Warren says she isn´t
running for president in 2020

42 replie(s)
CNN Politics, by Alessia Grunberger    Original Article
Posted By: NorthernDog- 3/10/2018 9:22:04 PM     Post Reply
Sen. Elizabeth Warren says she isn´t running for president in 2020. "I am not running for president in 2020," Warren told CNN´s Jim Acosta on Saturday. Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat and staunch critic of President Donald Trump, made the statement in an interview for CNN´s "State of the Union," scheduled to air at 9 a.m., ET, on Sunday. The lawmaker said the same thing to Chuck Todd of NBC News in an interview for "Meet the Press" when pressed about her Senate re-election campaign and her pledge to fulfill her six-year term. "For the people of Massachusetts, and for the

Stormy Daniels and Ted Kennedy
38 replie(s)
Power Line, by John Hinderaker    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 3/11/2018 5:28:16 AM     Post Reply
The Democrats are trying to make something out of Donald Trump’s alleged dalliance, twelve years ago, with porn performer Stormy Daniels. I wrote about it here. Frankly, I don’t think anyone cares. But the story is interesting because it raises questions about what, in our era, constitutes a scandal. Trump’s long-ago romps with Daniels–assuming the stories are true–don’t qualify. There is one person, of course, who has a right to be outraged and probably is, but Melania doesn’t work for the Washington Post or the New York Times, and what she makes of the story is none of our business. Worst case,

Barack TV sounds like
a sit-con to me

37 replie(s)
Boston Herald (MA), by Howie Carr    Original Article
Posted By: nhchemist- 3/11/2018 9:10:39 AM     Post Reply
So Barack Obama is in talks with Netflix, The New York Times reports, “to produce a series of high-profile shows that will provide him a global platform after his departure” from relevance last year. High profile? Global platform? Uh, won’t the ratings determine whether this is really high-profile TV, or just another big payday Obama didn’t come near earning on his own merits, like every other damn thing that’s been handed to him throughout his pampered, indolent life? (Snip) What can I say except to paraphrase one of Dear Leader’s most memorable statements: “If you like your Netflix, you can

Peggy Noonan: I Did Not Call Trump a
Neanderthal—‘That Would Not Be Fair’
to Neanderthals

36 replie(s)
Breitbart Video, by Pam Key    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/11/2018 7:37:05 PM     Post Reply
Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan said she did not call President Donald Trump a “Neanderthal” as he claimed at a rally on Saturday because “that would not be fair” to Neanderthals who had a “certain artistic complexity.” Partial transcript as follows: CHUCK TODD: I’ve got to bring up last night’s rally a little bit. Because to me, it was a culmination of a week that he loved — he loved his presidency this week. This was the presidency he dreamed of. But what was funny was about how he sort of mocked the

How would you vote on
age limit, 3-day wait for gun
purchases? It might be on ballot.

32 replie(s)
Tampa Bay Times, by Mary Ellen Klas    Original Article
Posted By: Hazymac- 3/11/2018 8:22:28 PM     Post Reply
With the first gun control measure signed into law in decades, a key Republican member of the Florida Constitutional Revision Commission has drafted a proposal to make sure the age limits and waiting period stand up to any constitutional challenge from opponents. The proposal, by Miami attorney and CRC member Roberto Martinez, was filed with the CRC on Friday, just moments after Gov. Rick Scott signed SB 7026 into law, which bans the sale of any firearm in Florida to anyone over the age of 21, imposes a three-day waiting period on all handgun purchases and bans bump stocks. The CRC meets

Oakland Coffee Shop Will Not Serve
Cops for ‘Safety of Customers’

31 replie(s)
Breitbart California, by AWR Hawkins    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/10/2018 3:04:19 PM     Post Reply
Oakland coffee shop Hasta Muerte Coffee refuses to serve police due to a concern for the “safety of customers.” The policy came to light after NBC Bay Area reported the coffee shop refused to serve an officer in uniform on February 16. KCRA reports that the store took to social media, saying, “We have a policy of asking police to leave for the physical and emotional safety of our customers and ourselves.” An Instagram post by Hasta Muerte provides an overview of the store’s position, saying in part: We know in our experience working on campaigns against police brutality that

Chuck Todd responds to
Trump´s ´son of a b---h´ jab:
´It creates a challenge to parents´

30 replie(s)
Fox News, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 3/11/2018 4:53:46 PM     Post Reply
(Video) - President Trump reserved special wrath for NBC’s “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd at a Pennsylvania campaign rally for congressional candidate Rick Saccone on Saturday night, referring to him as a “sleeping son of a b---h.” And Todd has wasted little time addressing the jab. (Snip) “I bring my kids up to respect the office of the presidency and the president. I don’t allow them to say anything negative, ever, about the president,” Todd said. “It creates a challenge to all parents when he uses vulgarities like that.” The president’s use of an epithet also drew the ire of veteran broadcaster Tom Brokaw, who expressed

Parents up in arms after NYPD
removes cops from schools

29 replie(s)
New York Post, by Sara Dorn & Susan Edelman    Original Article
Posted By: mc squared- 3/11/2018 10:13:08 AM     Post Reply
The last NYPD cops assigned full-time to New York City public schools are being moved out — despite nationwide calls for heightened security in the wake of last month’s Florida shootings. As the nation mourned the 17 victims of the school massacre at Parkland, Fla., the NYPD was removing Sgt. Raul Espinet from his post at Francis Lewis HS in Fresh Meadows, Queens — where he had worked for more than a dozen years. Parents, teachers and students are livid over the beloved cop’s departure. “My colleagues think it’s outrageous — and really stupid,” teacher Arthur Goldstein said. “We’re not

Council to Give Out ‘Pronoun
Badges’ in Drive to ‘Educate Public
on Trans Identities’

28 replie(s)
Breitbart London, by Virginia Hale    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 3/10/2018 12:06:38 PM     Post Reply
Brighton & Hove City Council will equip staff with badges declaring their “preferred pronouns” as part of a project seeking to educate the public that making assumptions about a person’s sex “can be hurtful and distressing”. Council and voluntary sector staff in the city will be “encouraged” to wear the badges, which include messages such as “My pronouns are she/her/hers” and “My pronouns are they/their/theirs” when they are distributed in the week leading up to ‘Trans Day of Visibility’ on March 31. (Snip) The badges will come in a range of different designs reading “My pronoun is”, including customisable ones on which people


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