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WaPo columnist: Sanders
humiliates the media daily

The Hill [DC], by Rebecca Savransky

Original Article

Posted By:MissMolly, 11/23/2017 4:34:59 AM

A Washington Post columnist said White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders humiliates the media on a daily basis. In a column published Tuesday, opinion writer Kathleen Parker referenced Sanders asking reporters earlier this week to say what they were thankful for before asking a question. "Yet again, she controlled the crowd, though this time by candy-coating her usual condescension with faux fellowship," Parker wrote. "I´m thankful I wasn´t in the room." She wrote that her first impulse when someone asks her to share is to "not-share." "For a press secretary to require professional journalists to essentially beg for their supper, surrendering their adversarial posture



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Reply 1 - Posted by: Woodcrafter, 11/23/2017 4:41:39 AM     (No. 11459958)


These people have incredibly fragile egos. They behave like petulant children!

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Reply 2 - Posted by: thomthomp, 11/23/2017 4:51:16 AM     (No. 11459959)

Sarah Sanders doesn´t humiliate the media. They do it to themselves. There are few, if any, "professional journalists" in that room. If they seem like "churlish children" it is because that´s the way they behave, and they should have no problem "taking dictation" from the White House since that is all they did for the eight years of Obama. Ms. Sanders doesn´t create their flaws, she merely illuminates them.

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Reply 3 - Posted by: steveW, 11/23/2017 4:54:46 AM     (No. 11459961)

Hopefully, there will be more punishment than mere humiliation down the line for these Enemies of the American People...

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Reply 4 - Posted by: Sparky Joe, 11/23/2017 6:07:36 AM     (No. 11459971)

Reminds me of Barbara Boxer’s taking offense at a General for addressing her as MA’AM during his testimony at a Hearing - She interrupted his testimony and demanded that he address her as Senator Boxer

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Reply 5 - Posted by: kahunavol, 11/23/2017 6:10:05 AM     (No. 11459972)

Sarah recognizes her position behind that podium gives her the power to control the agenda not be controlled by the fourth estate.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: lakerman1, 11/23/2017 6:17:28 AM     (No. 11459973)

They deserve every bit of it.
When a reporter prefaces a question by asking, "Does the president believe Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens?" Sarah rightfully smacks down the idiot.
When the Urban Radio lady terrorist drips vituperation from her ugly mouth, before a word spills out, Sarah is ready to smack her down.
I like Sarah. I can think of no one better to replace her.
Bleep the press.

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Reply 7 - Posted by: ramona, 11/23/2017 6:18:46 AM     (No. 11459975)

This will probably be a minority opinion here, but I thought it was odd for Sarah to require them to tell what they are thankful for. I feel the same way at meetings where the person in charge begins with some sort of gimmick. This sounds more like what a 2nd grade teacher would do to start the school day and it is neither necessary or appropriate in this setting.

It would have been a bit more appropriate if she had said "Feel free to share what you are thankful for." But not to insist on it. I can´t stand Kathleen Parker´s faux conservative stances in her work, but I think she makes a legitimate point. I get the impression that Huckabee Sanders is trying to get these media people to be more positive, and to push back against their knee-jerk negativity. But it does seem a bit manipulative. I would prefer a Tony Snow approach - more direct (i.e. surely Helen Thomas, you don´t see a moral equivalence between Israel and Hezbollah).

Other than that, Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Ramona (the Pest)

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Reply 8 - Posted by: MattMusson, 11/23/2017 6:55:59 AM     (No. 11459985)

They act like children and she treats them like children.

After all, she is a Mother.

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Reply 9 - Posted by: Udanja99, 11/23/2017 7:02:00 AM     (No. 11459988)

Of course it would never occur to any of the snowflake stenographers for the left that they deserve it.

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Reply 10 - Posted by: pianogirl88, 11/23/2017 7:04:48 AM     (No. 11459990)

Oh my goodness....I hope Sarah Huckabee Sanders gets a magnificent raise sooner rather than later. She is fabulous, and her command of just the right thing to say when it´s needed is such a delight to hear. And she´s irritated Kathleen Parker? WTG, Sarah!

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Reply 11 - Posted by: planetgeo, 11/23/2017 7:18:24 AM     (No. 11459997)

FTA: "To the media, she is the wall Trump promised to erect and, increasingly, it seems, we are the swamp he seeks to drain."

Well duhhhhhh.

Also regarding Kathleen Parker´s vapors about being able to retain a "professional journalist´s" adversarial posture...

OMGLMFAOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! (Remembering their supine posture during The Era of The Lightbringer.)

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Reply 12 - Posted by: goose, 11/23/2017 7:29:50 AM     (No. 11460000)

The beatings will continue until morale improves. Go Sarah!

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Reply 13 - Posted by: jeffkinnh, 11/23/2017 7:30:43 AM     (No. 11460002)

"we are the swamp he seeks to drain. Out with the media, out with free speech, out with facts!"

The media is a significant part of the swamp because it protects the swampy Socialist bureaucracy as its PR machine.

The media thinks ITS speech is the only thing that matters. They shape a story, hating Trump, castigating Republicans, protecting dems, or hiding information altogether like yawning at Trump´s wildly successful Asian trip. The reality is, the protection of free speech was and IS primarily for individuals; the press was the tool of distribution. In today´s age, one person can reach the whole population if the People choose to pay attention. The need for a "free press" is minimal if individuals can speak openly using modern communication. Anyone in the country has access to what I have just written. Instantly. For free. Unfiltered.

The media thinks THEIR facts are the only ones that matter. How many retractions are placed in newspapers or announced on the nightly "news"? How many times have you read a story of which you have personal knowledge and KNOW they got it wrong. If asked, the paper will say that was their understanding at the time.

And it is the media that has obliterated the line between fact and opinion. Their opinions and their attitudes and beliefs completely and unapologetically color the news. Facts are still out there, just not the ones that the media wants you to have and probably more accurate to boot.

"surrendering their adversarial posture like a dog commanded to Drop The Bone"

Maybe the media feels like this because THAT is how they behaved for BO. They sat with their tongues drooling and tails wagging at BO´s every utterance like the well-trained pets they were.

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Reply 14 - Posted by: Birmingham, 11/23/2017 7:38:49 AM     (No. 11460010)

#13 has the perfect analogy for the press! “Tails wagging” OMG! ???? Drop the bone!! I will never see them the same as they sit there with teeth bared and growling at Sarah.

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Reply 15 - Posted by: uno, 11/23/2017 7:51:41 AM     (No. 11460024)

I always thought they patted each other on the back congratulating themselves for being such Liberal Erudites.
After #13s analogy I´m just going to be visualizing them humping each others legs!

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Reply 16 - Posted by: WhamDBambam, 11/23/2017 7:52:18 AM     (No. 11460025)

This fragility completely explains why journalism was the only major in college they could master.

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Reply 17 - Posted by: Bubby, 11/23/2017 7:57:41 AM     (No. 11460030)

What I want to know is who are the reporters (?) that took money from Fusion GPS and were they at the daily press briefings and what questions did they ask? Our freedom of the press has been perverted by the progressives, communists, socialists, Democrat, leftist propagandists in the msm masquerading as reporters and journalists. What is so special about Sarah is she´s not trying to please these fools in that press room but is dispensing the truth which makes them feel gobsmacked. Thank you Sarah!

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Reply 18 - Posted by: Jebediah, 11/23/2017 8:17:12 AM     (No. 11460047)

How would I even know this? Despite constant offers via email, I do not receive, either hardcopy or on the Net, anything Wash Postie! Nor Newsweekie, or Timie, or NY Timesie........and they also offer constantly. Amazing, since I grew up with all of them and they were essentials in my world.

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Reply 19 - Posted by: Daylily, 11/23/2017 8:20:57 AM     (No. 11460050)

To me, Sarah is the most professional journalist in the room during press briefings. She is a master at polite responses to many stupid and inappropriate questions - and so often with a smile on her face. Don´t we all remember the press secretaries of the former administration - those smirks and snide responses just about drove me up the wall!

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Reply 20 - Posted by: Stryker714, 11/23/2017 8:27:22 AM     (No. 11460058)

Well since they are more democrat agent de propaganda than journalists, perfect! Give it to them Sarah, especi

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Reply 21 - Posted by: stryker714, 11/23/2017 8:33:52 AM     (No. 11460063)

Dang, that phone has a mind of its own. I did NOT hit submit, on computer now. So... especially bring all turrets to bear on: Jonathan Karl, Mary Bruce, Cecelia Vega, Chip Reid, etc. What Sarah does, reminds of knowing one is in the company of a Russian spy and insisting they sing My Country tis of Thee, Star Spangled Banner, etc. GRRREAT! Sorry, no top secret info but you can show your American patriotism!

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Reply 22 - Posted by: stablemoney, 11/23/2017 8:37:02 AM     (No. 11460067)

I despise the media. I wish Sarah would administer 50 lashes to each of them every briefing.

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Reply 23 - Posted by: MissMann, 11/23/2017 8:40:26 AM     (No. 11460069)

Yeah, I couldn´t get past the ridiculousness of "their adversarial posture." I saw no evidence of this during the past 8 years! Silly woman.

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Reply 24 - Posted by: rayscain, 11/23/2017 8:45:31 AM     (No. 11460075)

Waaaaa! "churlish children" describes the press corp perfectly!

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a competent, confident woman! My new hero!!

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Reply 25 - Posted by: Vic36, 11/23/2017 9:12:26 AM     (No. 11460089)

Let’s all hope that Kathleen get some help soon. She is a very very sick lady,

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Reply 26 - Posted by: pinger, 11/23/2017 9:16:25 AM     (No. 11460095)

The misnomer here is that in truth, there were very few "professional journalists" in the room...

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Reply 27 - Posted by: nonsense, 11/23/2017 9:40:55 AM     (No. 11460108)

Listening to adults whine is so tedious. The so called "free press" is not free, the collective press is beholden to the Left Liberals who provide them with a paycheck, or is it money under the table from the Russians or Fusion ?

They are "the swamp", the dregs, the blind, the biased, the hateful. I despise the Media for their weakness in being entrapped by their Loony Left Masters.

They are so weak and brain dead that they are incapable of asking any basic who, what, where, when question. Their sole tool of reporting is "got cha´". It´s all about the grandstanding and not about information for the American People. Mostly, they are worthless, and so worthy of disdain.

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Reply 28 - Posted by: Uno_Thatguy, 11/23/2017 9:42:47 AM     (No. 11460109)

"perfectly cast."

At the end of her column, Parker said she was thankful for the "freedom to speak without (undue) fear of retribution."

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Reply 29 - Posted by: mickturn, 11/23/2017 10:22:19 AM     (No. 11460133)

Presstitutes, YOU are getting treated just like you deserve to be treated, suck it up and shut your pie hole!

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Reply 30 - Posted by: Axeman, 11/23/2017 10:25:23 AM     (No. 11460137)

Oh, the irony. Oh, the hypocrisy. Oh, the intense humor!
And #13, I, as I suppose do many others here, normally read the comments before the articles because of the valuable perspective given by my fellow LDOTters.
God bless you with love.

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Reply 31 - Posted by: PAdiva, 11/23/2017 11:09:52 AM     (No. 11460168)

Sarah is demonstrating her control of the crowd.
What will December bring? Will she ask them to bring donations for a soup kitchen in DC? Cards of appreciation to the military? Toys for Toys for Tots?
It´s fun to watch liberals fume.

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Reply 32 - Posted by: david in cal, 11/23/2017 11:40:49 AM     (No. 11460195)

I love watching the contest: the media ask "gotcha" questions and Huckaby swats them down with style.

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Reply 33 - Posted by: iamshazzam, 11/23/2017 11:43:38 AM     (No. 11460196)

Wrong! The "press" humiliates themselves on a daily basis. Fake news is total humiliation. Besides - who appointed them the "experts" on disimenation of information?

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Reply 34 - Posted by: dwa, 11/23/2017 12:16:17 PM     (No. 11460233)

The media (most of it) are arrogant, unethical and abuse their protection under the 1st Amendment. As a previous poster said, they mix their opinion with the "information" and pass it off as unbiased "news" -- which it is not. The media has become nothing more than propagandists who lack the ethics and integrity to recognize themselves as such.

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Reply 35 - Posted by: snakeoil, 11/23/2017 12:49:42 PM     (No. 11460250)

The first thing that happens when a new teacher walks into a classroom with high school, grade school, kindergarten, or romper room is the kiddies will experiment to see what they can and cannot get away with. Sarah put her foot down and the White House press alligators swimming in the elite media swamp had a cow. They resemble cats chasing a laser dot. Although Sarah does a great job, I really enjoyed the few times PT did it himself. Hope in late December Sarah will ask them what they are Merry or Happy about. Asking them if they are gay would confuse them. Kathleen Parker is still getting her checks from Client No. 9 and doesn´t need her press gig.

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Reply 36 - Posted by: lonestar jack, 11/23/2017 2:06:08 PM     (No. 11460279)

OK media lets all lock arms and kneel down in solidarity.

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Reply 37 - Posted by: grateful, 11/23/2017 2:21:17 PM     (No. 11460286)

Rebecca´s jock strap is way too tight

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Reply 38 - Posted by: Butch59, 11/23/2017 3:12:12 PM     (No. 11460310)

Sarah Huckabee Sanders just goes to show that not everyone that has came out of Arkansas are red necks. Not even me, even tho I wasn´t born there (I was born in California but escaped there when I was 9yrs old) and grew up in northeast Arkansas. And I still call it my home state.

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Reply 39 - Posted by: papasparky, 11/23/2017 5:54:22 PM     (No. 11460347)

Sarah, through performance, negates once and for all time, the mistaken theory that common sense, quick wit, and civility can not be passed on via DNA.

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Reply 40 - Posted by: EQKimball, 11/23/2017 6:26:57 PM     (No. 11460354)

How does the press compare this with their beloved FDR forcing a reporter to sit in the corner and wear a dunce cap? (See 1988 WaPo article.)

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Reply 41 - Posted by: Tianne, 11/23/2017 6:57:20 PM     (No. 11460363)

Well, as Kathleen Parker is admonishing Sarah Sanders for being a scold, Ms. Parker´s remarks in their entirety are nothing but a resounding scolding of Ms. Sanders.

Apparently scolding is permissible for the goose but not for the gander.

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Reply 42 - Posted by: suedotsue, 11/23/2017 7:26:33 PM     (No. 11460370)

Their adversarial posture? Where was adversarial posture during 8+ years of drooling, love smitten media covering Obama, media that even bragged about getting him elected? They knew Obama withheld information from them, more than any previous president, also humiliated their photographers by denying them access and appointing his own White House photographer.

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Reply 43 - Posted by: enemyofthestate, 11/23/2017 8:37:01 PM     (No. 11460397)

So, the media feel "humiliated," do they? That´s nothing. Think about how the media smeared and destroyed Justice Thomas, Judge Bork, Vice-President Quayle, and Sarah Palin.

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Fox News’ Eboni Williams Tears
Into David Clarke For Calling
John Lewis ‘John Who?’

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Mediaite, by Justin Baragona    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 12/9/2017 3:42:41 PM     Post Reply
Prior to President Donald Trump’s visit to the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum today, Fox & Friends brought on Trump supporter and former sheriff David Clarke to discuss the president’s appearance. And things got very tense very fast. Right off the bat, co-host Pete Hegseth asked Clarke what he thought about Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), a civil rights icon, deciding not to attend the opening because Trump would be in attendance. Clarke reacted by immediately dismissing Lewis. “John who?” Clarke mocking stated. “John Lewis — he was bloodied on the Selma bridge, Sheriff, when trying to protest voting

California governor blames devastating wildfires
on climate change and says deadly winter infernos
will be ´the new normal´

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Daily Mail (UK), by Keith Griffith    Original Article
Posted By: M2- 12/10/2017 8:41:56 AM     Post Reply
California´s governor has said that deadly wildfires in the winter will be ´the new normal´, as fire crews rushed to contain the fires, with dry desert winds expected to intensify over the weekend. Governor Jerry Brown on Saturday toured Ventura County neighborhoods ravaged by a weeklong wildfire that killed at least one person and destroyed hundreds of homes and other buildings. At a news conference, the Democrat said drought and climate change mean California faces a ´new reality´ where lives and property are continually threatened by fire, at a cost of billions of dollars. He added that gusty winds and

Why I Can No Longer Call
Myself an Evangelical Republican

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New York Times, by Peter Wehner    Original Article
Posted By: bemused conservative- 12/10/2017 8:05:09 AM     Post Reply
There are times in life when the institutional ground underneath you begins to crumble — and with it, longstanding attachments. Such is the case for me when it comes to the Republican Party and evangelicalism. I’ve been a part of both for my entire adult life. These days, though, in many important ways they are having harmful effects on our society. The latest example is in Alabama, where Roy Moore, the Republican Senate candidate, stands accused of varying degrees of sexual misconduct by nine women, including one who was 14 years old at the time. Mr. Moore leads in most

Sarah Silverman recalls being
‘scared, ‘shaken’ when boyfriend
flew U.S. flag: ‘I was freaking out’

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Washington Times, by Jessica Chasmar    Original Article
Posted By: NorthernDog- 12/8/2017 5:03:42 PM     Post Reply
Comedian Sarah Silverman addressed the topic of American nationalism during a monologue on her Hulu talk show Thursday night, describing the “visceral reaction” and fear she felt when an old boyfriend of hers hoisted an American flag on his own property. (Snip) “[My sister] was like, ‘Dude, nationalism is innately terrifying for Jews. Think about it: flags, marching, blind allegiance — these things tend to ring a bell for us,’” she said. “Right. Of course. Duh. It made sense. And it made me realize that the things that terrify some people are the same things that give other people great

California gov: Trump doesn’t fear
God or ‘existential consequences’

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The Hill [Washington, DC], by Julia Manchester    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 12/9/2017 10:35:14 AM     Post Reply
California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) says President Trump´s stance on climate change demonstrates that he does not appear to fear the "wrath of God" or have any regard for the "existential consequences" of his climate change policies. “I don’t think President Trump has a fear of the Lord, the fear of the wrath of God, which leads one to more humility ... this is such a reckless disregard for the truth and for the existential consequences that can be unleashed,” Brown said in an interview on CBS´s "60 Minutes," which is set to air on Sunday. Brown, who previously studied to become

Maybe Trump needs emergency
brain repair after slurred speech

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NY Daily News, by Linda Stasi    Original Article
Posted By: Scottyboy- 12/9/2017 11:17:50 PM     Post Reply
Loose dentures? More like loose screws. Donald Trump was slurring his words pretty good last week for a guy who fancied himself an expert when it came to Hillary Clinton’s alleged brain damage. What would he make of his own slurred speech and bizarre behavior? brain tumor from the weight of that massive combover sitting on top of his head like a live farm animal? Simply slurred speech because his thoughts are so fantastic that his mouth can’t keep up?

Firing Mueller would be disastrous;
discrediting him is impeachment politics

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Washington Examiner, by Byron York    Original Article
Posted By: FlyRight- 12/10/2017 7:14:26 AM     Post Reply
Short of impeaching President Trump, does anything excite Democrats, the Resistance, and NeverTrumpers like the prospect of the president firing special counsel Robert Mueller? Firing Mueller would, or course, be the quickest way for Trump to get impeached, which might explain a certain air of anticipation in discussions of whether — some prefer to say when -- Trump will sack the prosecutor leading the Trump-Russia investigation.There has been a lot of news and commentary recently interpreting criticism of Mueller by a number of pro-Trump media voices as an effort to encourage Trump to fire Mueller, or lay the groundwork for

Alabama Sen. Shelby: ‘I couldn’t
vote for Roy Moore’

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CNN Wires, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/10/2017 12:09:02 PM     Post Reply
Sen. Richard Shelby says he wants a Republican elected to the Senate on Tuesday to represent Alabama, but that he didn’t vote for GOP candidate Roy Moore in the special election. The Alabama Republican said he’s already cast his ballot, and that he chose a write-in candidate. “I’d rather see the Republican win, but I’d rather see a Republican write-in. I couldn’t vote for Roy Moore. I didn’t vote for Roy Moore,” Shelby told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.” Moore has been accused of pursuing sexual relationships with teenagers when he was in his 30s. In some

Inside Trump´s Hour-by-Hour
Battle for Self-Preservation

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New York Times, by Maggie Haberman and Glenn Thrush    Original Article
Posted By: FlyRight- 12/9/2017 1:49:27 PM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON — Around 5:30 each morning, President Trump wakes and tunes into the television in the White House’s master bedroom. He flips to CNN for news, moves to “Fox & Friends” for comfort and messaging ideas, and sometimes watches MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” because, friends suspect, it fires him up for the day. Energized, infuriated — often a gumbo of both — Mr. Trump grabs his iPhone. Sometimes he tweets while propped on his pillow, according to aides. Other times he tweets from the den next door, watching another television. Less frequently, he makes his way up the hall to the

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