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President Trump and First Lady Melania escape
DC scandalfest for nine-day foreign tour-
the first since they entered the White
House-with Jared and Ivanka in tow.*

Daily Mail (UK), by David Martosko, Francesca Chambers

Original Article

Posted By:JoniTx, 5/19/2017 10:55:05 PM

President Donald Trump has departed on a five-stop diplomacy tour through Europe and the Middle East that will cover 15,600 miles in the air over the course of nine days. The president, the first lady Melania Trump, Chief of staff Reince Priebus, Jared Kushner, and Trump´s eldest daughter, Ivanka, left the White House aboard Marine One just before 2pm Friday, EST. Fifteen minutes later, the group arrived at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. The first couple stopped and waved as they boarded Air Force One. They are currently on a 12-hour flight to Saudi Arabia. The chaos-courting leader of the

*Next stop, Saudi Arabia


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Reply 1 - Posted by: JansGraphix, 5/19/2017 11:18:53 PM     (No. 11259296)

Oh no, not with ´Jared and Ivanka in tow´ ... Please, no!

Will the nightmare never cease?

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Reply 2 - Posted by: jfodoch, 5/20/2017 12:07:39 AM     (No. 11259331)

Not to necessarily condone the trip, but at least they´re both staff, unlike the vacation-seeking mother-in-law (and the rest of the unofficial entourage) of Trump´s communist predecessor.

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Reply 3 - Posted by: NYbob, 5/20/2017 12:20:01 AM     (No. 11259336)

British reporters love to make up hysterical over reach of MSM lies. Comey contradicts his own narrative, because he really isn´t that bright and he lies all the time, so he can´t keep his stories straight.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: ColonialAmerican1623, 5/20/2017 12:28:38 AM     (No. 11259346)

That´s different. BathHouseBarry liked to travel with an army.
BTW Daily Mail-it´s "their children" not "there children"

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Reply 5 - Posted by: Califedup, 5/20/2017 12:48:02 AM     (No. 11259362)

"Scandalfest"? Name one real, fact based scandal that can be attributed to the Trump Administration. The only real scandal is the treasonous and seditious crimes being comitted by the democrat communist party members in Congress, in government positions and of course by the pond scum media.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: subal, 5/20/2017 12:52:07 AM     (No. 11259364)

Jared will be his down fall!

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Reply 7 - Posted by: dvc, 5/20/2017 1:24:27 AM     (No. 11259386)


There are NO scandals. Not one. Only fake news screaming hysteria over things that never happened from the hate-America first Enemedia.

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Reply 8 - Posted by: earlybird, 5/20/2017 7:52:58 AM     (No. 11259575)

And even some at this site are buying into it. I hate to see the media succeeding with our own.

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Reply 9 - Posted by: goose, 5/20/2017 8:42:46 AM     (No. 11259620)

President Trump gets back to the work the American people elected him to do. (Remember when Bill Clinton said that when he tried to escape his scandalfest? Notice the different reaction of the press)

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Below, you will find ...

Most Recent Articles posted by "JoniTx"


Most Active Articles (last 48 hours)

Most Recent Articles posted by "JoniTx"

The Future Is Almost Here!
Washington Free Beacon, by Victorino Matus    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 7/19/2017 12:56:40     Post Reply
Earlier this week a colleague and I test drove a Tesla Model X. I immediately pictured the cars from Minority Report. All you have to do is just sit and stare—the driverless machine does the rest. But this isn´t 2054. Fully autonomous vehicles (for better or for worse) are still a thing of the future. But it was nonetheless fascinating. From the outside, the Model X is a sleek, almost nondescript SUV—save for the "T" on the grill and its bat-like headlights. Then the second-row doors open—falcon wings reminiscent of the gullwings on the classic Mercedes-Benz 300SL. After programming my

Morning Joe Panel Goes Nuclear Over
Trump-Putin Dinner Conversation
NewsBusters, by Kevin Baker    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 7/19/2017 12:42:30     Post Reply
The cast of Morning Joe set their freakout level to def-con red in the wake of Donald Trump’s not-so-secretive dinner meeting with Vladimir Putin. “I’m not trying to make this look sinister,” a panicked Mika Brzezinski exclaimed frantically, “I´m not sure who is. We´re just wondering what happened there.” An indignant Joe Scarborough deceivingly declared, “I don’t know what to say,” before going on to, disappointingly, say quite a bit on the matter. However, Mark Halperin arrived to steal the show in the end by stating, “If President Obama had done this exact thing and had not disclosed, there would




The Steve Scalise shooting apparently
didn´t teach Dick Durbin his lesson
about violent rhetoric
Washington Examiner, by Jason Russell    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 7/19/2017 12:30:42     Post Reply
In the wake of the shooting at a Republican baseball practice in June, Senate Minority Leader Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said citizens and lawmakers needed to tone down political rhetoric, or else "shame on us." Shame on you indeed, Dick Durbin. On Tuesday, Durbin invoked a "murder scene" when talking about Republican healthcare reform efforts. "This administration, if it doesn´t want its fingerprints all over a murder scene, ought to step up and join us on the basics like continuing those subsidy payments," Durbin told reporters Tuesday. Durbin apparently forgot his own lecture on political rhetoric after several of his Republican

And You Paid for It! US Postal Workers
Found Guilty of Campaigning for
Hillary Clinton During Work Hours
Gateway Pundit, by Jim Hoft    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 7/19/2017 12:27:02     Post Reply
On Wednesday the Office of Special Council ruled the US Postal Service broke the law when they allowed workers to campaign for Hillary Clinton during work hours on the taxpayer dime. The OSC found the U.S. Postal Service broke the law last year by letting employees do union-funded work for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and other Democratic candidates. (Photo) Jail them or fire them all. The RNC reported— Today, the Milwaukee USPS employee who blew the whistle on the political campaigning, is testifying in front of the Senate Homeland Security Government Affairs Committee. The employee, who is also a union member,

´Let them eat food off the floor,
play in the soil!´: It IS important
to expose your children to germs to
boost their immune system, expert urges
Daily Mail (UK), by Claudia Tanner    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 7/19/2017 2:45:34     Post Reply
As parents, we can´t help fret about keeping our children clean and safe from harm. But over-sterlising their environment may be doing them more harm than good. Exposing youngsters to microbes widespread in the great outdoors will give them a stronger, more robust immune system. That´s according to professor Jack Gilbert, co-author of ´Dirt is Good: The Advantage of Germs for Your Child´s Developing Immune System´. Indeed, the germ expert – and parent – claims that our addiction to indoor-based, uber-clean lifestyles are weakening our children´s defences against illness. ´Most parents think all germs are bad, that is not true.

Breitbart, the Honey Badger, and America
First: Book Provides Clues into How
Bannon Propelled Trump into Oval Office
Breitbart Big Government, by Tony Lee    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 7/19/2017 2:12:07     Post Reply
While previewing his new book, Devil’s Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and the Storming of the Presidency, author Joshua Green wondered whether “history could have been different” if Trump did not move to the right on issues like illegal immigration. Pointing out that at the height of The Apprentice reality show President Donald Trump was more popular among blacks and Hispanics than with whites, Green, the Bloomberg Businessweek writer, wondered if Trump “could’ve run as modernizing, pro-biz, big-tent Republican as laid out in [the RNC’s] autopsy.” But if Trump had run as the legacy media’s and the GOP establishment’s “dream”

Charles E. Grassley postpones anti-
Donald Trump dossier hearing
Washington Times, by Dan Boylan    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 7/19/2017 1:13:09     Post Reply
Senate Judiciary Committee members seeking to to shine light into one of the sleaziest, darkest corner of the Russian election meddling saga will have to wait a little longer. On Wednesday they were scheduled to question the figure who supported the anti-Donald Trump dossier, Washington political operative Glenn Simpson, but committee Chairman Sen. Charles E. Grassley, Republican of Iowa, late Tuesday postponed the hearing. Mr. Grassley’s office offered no explanation for the delay but sources told The Washington Times that Mr. Simpson never intended to comply with the request to appear, which was voluntary. Mr. Simpson’s name cropped up earlier




Fake News: White House Calls Idea of
‘Second Meeting’ Between Trump and
Putin ‘False, Malicious and Absurd’
Breitbart Big Government, by Kristina Wong    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 7/18/2017 9:31:15     Post Reply
Several mainstream news media outlets reported Tuesday evening that President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a second, undisclosed “meeting” at the G-20 summit earlier this month in Hamburg, Germany, attended only by Putin’s translator. The “meeting” — occurring during a dinner for heads of states and their spouses, supposedly “raised the eyebrows” of other foreign leaders at the dinner, for breaking national security protocol by not also having a U.S. translator present, according to Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer, who first reported the meeting in a note sent to clients, according to Reuters. However, the White House

Manchin’s vulnerability sets up West
Virginia’s first competitive GOP primary
in modern history
Washington Times, by Seth McLaughlin    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 7/18/2017 9:26:24     Post Reply
The 2018 Senate race in West Virginia could test the theory that competition is good in politics. Republicans are hoping that a hard-fought primary contest does not hamper their chances of thwarting Sen. Joe Manchin III, a Democrat, from winning a second full term in the midterm elections. Democrats, meanwhile, want the Republican fight between Rep. Evan H. Jenkins and Attorney General Patrick Morrisey to get even uglier. A bloodbath in the Republican primary race, which also includes Bo Copley, would increase Democrats’ chances of defending Mr. Manchin’s Senate seat. Donald Trump won the Mountaineer State in a landslide in

Shut it, Sadiq, you petty little pipsqueak
-Britain should be rolling out the royal red
carpet to President Trump, not treating
him like the world’s worst monster
Daily Mail (UK), by Piers Morgan    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 7/18/2017 9:13:22     Post Reply
Donald Trump just enjoyed a very successful trip to France. New president Emmanuel Macron gave him the full red carpet treatment in Paris to celebrate Bastille Day. They and their wives dined together at the Eiffel Tower, watched their two militaries put on a wonderful show, and spoke very highly of each other’s countries. But President Trump didn’t come to Britain. (Photo) Nor is he planning on coming any time soon, despite being half-British. Of course, he should have done so by now. Prime Minister Theresa May invited him in January to visit the UK with a formal state visit, hosted

President Trump To Hold
Rally Next Week In Ohio
Daily Caller, by Alex Pfeiffer    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 7/18/2017 9:01:40     Post Reply
President Donald Trump will hold a rally in Youngstown, Ohio, next week as his administration struggles to follow through on his promise to repeal Obamacare. Trump has held several rallies while in office with his most recent one in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. His rally on July 25 was announced Tuesday by his 2020 re-election campaign. It will be held at 7 p.m. EST at the Covelli Centre. (Photo) At his most recent rally, the president sounded like he was back on the campaign trail as he made jokes, attacked the media, and compared the MS-13 street gang to Al-Qaeda. A

Feds to Fund Texas Border Security Efforts
Breitbart Texas, by Bob Price    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 7/18/2017 8:52:44     Post Reply
The Trump Administration is providing funding for the Texas National Guard’s efforts to assist in securing the state’s border with Mexico. This follows more than three years of the Obama Administration’s refusal to help with any funding for Texas’ border security operations. Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced the State would receive funding from the federal government to help support its efforts in Operation Secure Texas. Members of the Texas National Guard currently deployed to the Texas/Mexico Border will begin to transition to federal orders later this month, according to a statement obtained by Breitbart Texas from Governor Abbott’s office. “The




Most Active Articles (last 48 hours)

When a Broken Headlight Leads to Deportation
40 replie(s)
New York Times, by Liz Robbins    Original Article
Posted By: NorthernDog- 7/18/2017 9:20:32 PM     Post Reply
Heading to church one evening in late March, a farmworker and her sister were stopped for speeding in the village of Geneseo, N.Y. They were driving with their five children in the back of the minivan. Two were not in car seats, as required. The police officer, trying to cite the driver for the infractions, discovered she had no driver’s license, so he called Border Patrol to review her Guatemalan passport. Both sisters were undocumented immigrants. They were detained and are facing deportation. Under a Trump administration that has taken an aggressive stance on illegal immigration, the moving car has

Cop startled by ‘loud sound’ before
shooting bride-to-be: investigators

39 replie(s)
New York Post, by Chris Perez    Original Article
Posted By: mc squared- 7/19/2017 7:30:50 AM     Post Reply
The Minnesota cop who shot and killed an Australian bride-to-be opened fire on her after being startled by a “loud sound” near his patrol car, investigators say. Officer Mohamed Noor, 31, began blasting at 40-year-old Justine Damond, of Minneapolis, just moments after he and his partner, Matthew Harrity, heard the noise in the alley behind her house, according to the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. The agency provided an update Tuesday on their investigation into the Saturday night shooting. Officers Noor and Harrity had been called to Damond’s home after she called 911 to report a possible sexual assault happening

Susan Rice Abruptly Backs Out of
Tuesday Testimony Before House Panel

37 replie(s)
Gateway Pundit, by Christina Laila    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 7/17/2017 6:45:28 PM     Post Reply
Susan Rice will no longer be appearing in front of the House committee on Tuesday to answer questions about her unmasking of Trump and his private associates. Rice was expected to give a testimony to the House committee probing her unmasking scandal. It has apparently been postponed. (Snip) As TGP previously reported, independent journalist, Mike Cernovich broke the Susan Rice unmasking story in early April. Cernovich reported via Medium: The White House Counsel’s office identified Rice as the person responsible for the unmasking after examining Rice’s document log requests. The reports Rice requested to see are kept under tightly-controlled conditions.

Clinton Donors Have Picked Their
2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee

37 replie(s)
Observer, by Michael Sainato    Original Article
Posted By: NorthernDog- 7/17/2017 10:05:40 PM     Post Reply
Since Hillary Clinton’s unexpected loss to Donald Trump, her donors have strategized with Democratic leadership about how to revive the failing party. Billionaire George Soros held a closed door conference with wealthy donors in November 2016 that addressed how to “take back power” and was attended by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. On the weekend of Trump’s inauguration, David Brock hosted a retreat for the most prolific Democratic donors to figure out how to “kick Donald Trump’s a--.” On July 15, Page Six reported that Sen. Kamala Harris, a potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, met with top Clinton donors in the Hamptons. Many figures in Clinton’s inner circle attended, including Clinton’s

Trump had second, private meeting
with Putin at G20 summit

36 replie(s)
New York Post, by Danika Fears    Original Article
Posted By: Lalo- 7/18/2017 8:06:37 PM     Post Reply
President Trump sat down with Russian President Vladimir Putin for a second discussion at the G-20 summit in Germany this month — a talk the White House never disclosed, according to reports. The talk came hours after their two-hour bilateral meeting on July 7, towards the end of a “couples-only social dinner” at the summit, National Security Council spokesman Michael Anton told CNN. Trump and Putin conversed in the room where the dinner was being held. “No staff or Cabinet were at the dinner at all, for any of the countries,” Anton said, adding that translators were present. The White

Target´s Chief Sounds Alarm on
Pullback by Hispanic Shoppers

33 replie(s)
Bloomberg News, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: NorthernDog- 7/18/2017 11:21:03 PM     Post Reply
Target Corp. Chief Executive Officer Brian Cornell is sounding alarm bells over the state of Hispanic shoppers in the U.S. -- a key growth demographic for many retailers and consumer brands. “The Hispanic consumer in the U.S. is shopping much less,” Cornell said at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech event Tuesday in Aspen, Colorado. “They are staying home. They are going out less often.” Cornell didn’t mention President Donald Trump by name, but he talked about a shift in behavior this year and mentioned “border towns” -- where retailers for years have depended on shoppers from northern Mexico for higher revenue.

Democrats Will Soon Regret That
Republicans Failed To Repeal ObamaCare

33 replie(s)
Investor´s Business Daily, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: RockyTCB- 7/19/2017 6:36:47 AM     Post Reply
Health Reform: There were lots of celebrations on the left side of the aisle after the Senate GOP bill to repeal and replace ObamaCare died. The good times will be short lived, because one way or another ObamaCare is going away, and it´s not at all clear that Democrats will gain additional leverage over what comes next by waiting for its collapse. It was amusing to hear Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer say, after the Senate bill failed, that Republicans should "work with Democrats on a bill that lowers premiums, provides long-term stability to the markets and improves our health care

Mike Lee, Jerry Moran oppose healthcare
bill, killing it in current form

29 replie(s)
Washington Examiner, by Josh Siegel    Original Article
Posted By: viola- 7/17/2017 9:27:54 PM     Post Reply
Sens. Mike Lee and Jerry Moran jointly announced Monday night that they will oppose a vote to open debate on the Senate GOP´s healthcare bill, meaning Republicans currently do not have the votes to advance the legislation in its current form. Lee, R-Utah, and Moran, R-Kan., announced their opposition to the bill in tweets in which they cited one another, but they issued separate statements.With Sens. Rand Paul, R-Ky., and Susan Collins, R-Maine, already coming out against advancing the healthcare bill, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., no longer has the votes he needs to have least 50 of 52

Subway looks to update stores with
ordering tablets, vegetable displays and a
brighter atmosphere as sales have fallen
for four straight years and the chain*

28 replie(s)
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 7/17/2017 6:37:43 PM     Post Reply
Subway wants to freshen up the look of its stores as it tries to stem a sales decline. The sandwich chain says the redesign - which includes a brighter atmosphere, displays of vegetables behind the counter and ordering tablets - is the first major revamp since the early 2000s. The changes will take place as stores around the country are remodeled and new ones are built. The makeover comes as Subway´s sales have fallen for four straight years amid competition from places including Jimmy John´s and Firehouse Subs. Since 2012, Subway´s average annual sales per store are down 13 percent

Fox News Takes a Sharp Left Turn
27 replie(s)
American Thinker, by Peter Barry Chowka    Original Article
Posted By: steveW- 7/18/2017 2:32:14 AM     Post Reply
If any doubts remained that the Fox News channel is continuing to swerve from its conservative roots, they were erased on July 16, 2017 when Ezekiel Emanuel, M.D., a principal architect of Obamacare and a barely hinged spin doctor for the Democrat socialist left, appeared on the channel’s signature weekly program Fox News Sunday in his new role as a paid contributor. During the program, the ever arrogant Emanuel jumped on the Resist Trump bandwagon and suggested that President Trump is worthy of being impeached. Hired last February primarily as a health policy analyst (he is a physician and professor,

Not Enough ‘Women’, ‘People of
Color’ in Dunkirk, USA Today Complains

27 replie(s)
Breitbart, by James Delingpole    Original Article
Posted By: toledo- 7/18/2017 11:23:27 AM     Post Reply
Dunkirk is a great movie but there aren’t enough ‘women’ or ‘people of color’ in it, according to a review in USA Today. The movie – with a cast including Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh, and former One Direction singer Harry Styles – has been given a slew of five-star reviews for its vivid, nailbiting depiction of the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk in 1940. But though USA Today’s reviewer praised it too, he couldn’t resist giving it a little rap on the knuckles about its shameful lack of diversity and equality: The trio of timelines can be jarring as you

Report: Donald Trump Jr. ‘miserable’
27 replie(s)
The Hill, by Rebecca Savransky    Original Article
Posted By: Lalo- 7/19/2017 8:42:30 AM     Post Reply
Donald Trump Jr. is reportedly "miserable" and can´t wait for the next four years to end. A friend of President Trump´s sons told People that Trump Jr. and Eric Trump "never wanted this." “Don can’t do any deals, because he’ll be overly scrutinized. He just goes to work every day and is miserable," a source in their circle added. Trump Jr. is facing backlash after news surfaced earlier this month that he took a meeting last year with a Russian lawyer. Last week, Trump Jr. released a chain of emails detailing his conversations about setting up the meeting with the Russian


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