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Obama´s big lie
Tribune Media Services, by Jonah Goldberg

Original Article

Posted By:LittleHoodedMonk, 10/29/2013 2:54:52 AM

"All we´ve been hearing the last three years is if you like your policy you can keep it.... I´m infuriated because I was lied to," one woman told this newspaper, as part of a story on how some middle-class Californians have been stunned to learn the real costs of Obamacare. And that lie looks like the biggest lie about domestic policy ever uttered by a U.S. president. The most famous presidential lies have to do with misconduct (Richard Nixon´s "I am not a crook" or Bill Clinton´s "I did not have sexual relations") or war. Woodrow Wilson campaigned on the slogan "He kept us out of war" and then plunged

Jonah skews 0bama again with the sharp end of his wit.


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Reply 1 - Posted by: steveW, 10/29/2013 3:30:33 AM     (No. 9587181)

Obama lied, socialism he tried.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: Trigger2, 10/29/2013 4:03:47 AM     (No. 9587187)

One lie of a multitude of lies. The biggest lie ever to get reelected. THAT´S why he extended the mandate date for when it was going to start to beyond his second term election--not only for him but for his enabling demonrat buddies who voted for it. Now the demonrats want to extend it beyond the Nov 2014 election to save themselves. Hell no, let them live with their creation.

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Reply 3 - Posted by: pineledger, 10/29/2013 4:14:22 AM     (No. 9587193)

Yes, as JG says, "Obama was either lying to himself or to the rest of us — because he was playing the game to win."

That has been the problem with his administration, his career, and his character: he will do and say anything to win.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: jinx, 10/29/2013 7:06:46 AM     (No. 9587313)

Calling Joe Wilson. He uttered two words: "You lie"! He was right. Once a person has been caught in a bald-faced lie, no one believes anything he says. Obama has been caught in the lies of this century. He lied to those who loved him and voted for him. He has lost his credibility in America and the world. He should be impeached.

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Reply 5 - Posted by: Spidey, 10/29/2013 7:07:04 AM     (No. 9587314)

None of tis heckling on Obama´s lies matters if you cant prove he had criminal intent with the lies.I could make the case the crony contract to the website designers was criminal but getting the public behind that is a different story.I guess Issa is going to demand an expense sheet form the company but they´ll duck and dodge it.A wire transfer to Obama´s overseas bank account would be helpful.

I´ll bet right now,the network news bosses are planning to feature Obama´s speech tomorrow night to avoid coverage of Sebeius testimony before congress tomorrow.You might even see a stooge claiming he got a $50 Obamcare policy.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: Janjan, 10/29/2013 7:12:23 AM     (No. 9587320)

No amount of spin by Obama or the media is going to save this. There are too many people getting hurt. The problem is that the Democrats are right. This is the law of the land and the death spiral has just begun. What say you now McCain? Got any new adjectives for Cruz? Because we definitely have some for you.

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Reply 7 - Posted by: saryden, 10/29/2013 7:13:36 AM     (No. 9587321)

Well, he wasn´t lying when he said he would win in the last election. Places in PA, FL, OH had thousands more votes cast than eligible voters. These were places where photo IDs were not required.
I do certainly feel disenfranchised. Will anything be done to rectify this situation before 2014... or are our legislators just playing games to keep their own careers intact... as America hurtles toward third-worldness?

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Reply 8 - Posted by: texascunning, 10/29/2013 7:14:03 AM     (No. 9587323)

The amazing thing is that most of the first 17 comments after the article agree with Jonah´s premise. For the LA Times, that´s pretty amazing. The normal response to Jonah Goldberg´s columns is to whine and moan about why the Times pays this "conservative idiot" to produce this trash. Maybe those commenters aren´t awake yet.

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Reply 9 - Posted by: dagger, 10/29/2013 7:14:14 AM     (No. 9587324)

First, The Repub establishment owes Ted Cruz, Mike Lee et al a big time apology. Second, the Repubs have been handed a gift beyond measure for 2014 and 2016. They should bury the hatchet with conservatives,the Tea Party, etc., unite and take it to Obam and the Dims. But, I fear they don´t have the stomach for what it takes to win.

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Reply 10 - Posted by: Rinktum, 10/29/2013 7:14:43 AM     (No. 9587326)

Obama lies without remorse because he has no character or honor. He is a man lacking a moral compass. He has no sense of right or wrong other than what he deems it to be. There is no higher power in his life that directs his path because religion is meaningless to him. He worships the god in the mirror. Truth is a chameleon to him. It takes on the hue of his thinking before any given audience. This is not just Obama´s mindset but it is the one embraced by the followers of socialism and communism. The means always justifies the end and there is no truth when you walk that path.

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Reply 11 - Posted by: steveW, 10/29/2013 7:25:18 AM     (No. 9587337)

Obama lies, Democrats cheer.

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Reply 12 - Posted by: leesum, 10/29/2013 7:33:41 AM     (No. 9587343)

His lie should be in opposition adds 24/7.

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Reply 13 - Posted by: BeatleJeff, 10/29/2013 7:34:43 AM     (No. 9587346)

One lie leads to another. Oh, what a tangled web ...

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Reply 14 - Posted by: Arby, 10/29/2013 7:38:32 AM     (No. 9587348)

Yes, all true, but how did Jonah decide on which lie to discuss when there have been so many?

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Reply 15 - Posted by: bigfatslob, 10/29/2013 7:40:45 AM     (No. 9587350)

If an election was held today and Obama could run he would win. Why? Because the Republicans have shed the Tea Party, declared them dead, and the McCain types would still praise him.
This nation is dead at the top and trying to take all ´real´ Americans with it.
Who really cares if Obama lies when nothing is done about it and he will continue to do it along with his communist cabal.

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Reply 16 - Posted by: bpl40, 10/29/2013 7:57:35 AM     (No. 9587368)

Even if you can prove he had criminal intent in today´s political climate that is going to do a fat lot of good. Zippy is the original Teflon man. Nothing will stick. The saving grace, however, is that he is a very shallow and narcissistic individual. Like the Emperor Nero he will go on committing outrage after outrage because ´it is his due´. In end other Democrats will pay the price.

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Reply 17 - Posted by: Theadora, 10/29/2013 8:12:54 AM     (No. 9587394)

Are we really going to be able to go through another three years of this?

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Reply 18 - Posted by: bubby, 10/29/2013 8:13:23 AM     (No. 9587395)

#16 Is right. McCain is out there praising Hillary as a Presidential candidate and the msm loves it. Good grief the GOP needs to get rid of McCain, McConnell, Hatch, Cornyn all those elite GOP who want to reach across the aisle to their esteemed colleagues and past bipartisan (Democrat) legislation like amnesty. The big government GOP types need to be sent home. But we know that won´t happen so the deficit will continue to grow and the destruction of the country is now guaranteed.

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Reply 19 - Posted by: Udanja99, 10/29/2013 8:13:50 AM     (No. 9587398)

The question now is - will all of the demoncrats in DC and all of the party honchos sacrifice themselves for one small fraud of a man or will they bail on him in an attempt to save their party and themselves? They are in a no win situation of their own making now and, frankly, I´m enjoying the he!! out of it.

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Reply 20 - Posted by: Farmwife1, 10/29/2013 8:21:04 AM     (No. 9587408)

Love Mr. Goldberg. He´s a good writer, pretty cute, and has the best laugh on tv.

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Reply 21 - Posted by: Freeloader, 10/29/2013 8:29:49 AM     (No. 9587419)

The Bamster´s big lie? Last time I checked, those keeping a running score had documented two-hundred-fifty-two examples of our undocumented 44th POTUS´s lying and lawbreaking since taking office!

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Reply 22 - Posted by: Bubbasuncle, 10/29/2013 8:36:30 AM     (No. 9587424)

I agree with #10 and would add that we can produce evidence until the Christ comes again and the Dems will continue to ignore it.

The Republicans are just as responsible, they never stood up to this man once. Even when campaigning against him. All politicians benefit from this law, it gives the government huge power and their backers huge profits.

There is a lot of blame to go around, from the purported conservative pundits that played softball with the democrats and 0bama and sullied the Tea Party, to the 25 republican senators who voted for cloture.

And really folks, what do you think will change? My plan has already been eliminated and I´m paying 70% more with a deductible that went from $1500 to $10,000! Does anyone think that even if the law was repealed that the old policies will come back?

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Reply 23 - Posted by: gwmcclintok, 10/29/2013 9:14:00 AM     (No. 9587482)

Ok you squishy Republicans, don´t go along with delay and save the dims. Let this thing come on in full force. Like a hurricane it will destroy the democratic party and the squishy republic establishment and their great consultants.....Rove and cohorts.

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Reply 24 - Posted by: steph_gray, 10/29/2013 9:19:51 AM     (No. 9587494)

Yes if the law were repealed, old-style policies would of course return. The market is begging for them and a good insurance company could make money with them. There would probably be splashy Internet ads overnight. This also assumes that the stinking mess of OVaporCare would be utterly gone and real reform such as tort reform, removal of interstate barriers, restoration of individual health savings plans - all the good market-based ideas - were quickly implemented.

But nothing is stopping that but a bunch of bad legislators, and, frankly, a lot of we´re-doomed moaning on the ground from our side. Reading this thread, one would assume none of the recent cracks in the ObamTitantic had even happened. But it looks to be taking on water and this is cause for celebration and resolve to fight harder, not defeatism. Way too much of that!

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Reply 25 - Posted by: Felixcat, 10/29/2013 9:36:53 AM     (No. 9587520)

Not long after Obama was first elected I heard a news story about Senator Coburn and how he writes (wrote?) letters/notes to OBama giving him advice, etc. At that point, you had to know that our side was doomed. No way was anyone going to challenge the first black president(FBP). Obama and the Left have used that taupe skin of his to great effect and disastrous results. Of course, conservative pundits like Dr. K, Noonan, et al. now act like gee, we were so conned - please spare us the lame excuses. You didn´t want to say the truth for fear of attacking the FBP and besides, with your incomes you can afford to but the very best in healthcare, etc., unlike the rest of working America.

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Reply 26 - Posted by: Calvinesq, 10/29/2013 9:38:35 AM     (No. 9587522)

Here will be Obama´s new defense (i.e., this is where the Media will go at some point):

We on the right knew Obama´s statements were lies at the time they were made. His supporters and allies in Congress knew Obama´s statements were lies at the time they were made.

Therefore, if everyone knew he was lying when he was doing it, was it a lie?

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Reply 27 - Posted by: Avogadra, 10/29/2013 9:53:15 AM     (No. 9587562)

Let me be the first to predict this:

Bob Torricelli, a corrupt New Jersey politician, was hurting the Democrats in a Senate race in his state. Bill Clinton had a "little conversation" with Mr. Torricelli and the Torch immediately dropped out of the contest.

I predict that Bill Clinton will be having a "little conversation" with our figurehead President. Before the end of his second term, Barack Hussein Obama will be headed back to Hawaii to spend more time with his family.

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Reply 28 - Posted by: nonsense, 10/29/2013 9:58:14 AM     (No. 9587575)

Communism is the base of all the Big Lies.

By the way, the One looks terrible. All the pictures of the other half of his brain show her looking just fine. Why isn´t the strain showing on the face of evil one who is purported to have given the stand down order in Behghazi?

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Reply 29 - Posted by: Chuzzles, 10/29/2013 10:00:42 AM     (No. 9587580)

Problem is #25, that the insurance companies have retooled their operations for Obamacare, possibly to the point of not being able to turn it around. I am not a business exec, but that is what I have been reading elsewhere recently.

So not only did Obama nationalize the auto industry with thuggery, he has now pretty much killed the insuance industry too. Electrical power plants are starting to get wobbly as he kills the coal industry.

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Reply 30 - Posted by: Safari Man, 10/29/2013 10:12:24 AM     (No. 9587598)

#3 this may sound like picking nits, but see if you agree... I am not convinced Obama is so interested in winning as he in in making sure everyone else loses.

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Reply 31 - Posted by: TruthAndJustice, 10/29/2013 10:16:36 AM     (No. 9587608)

Americans wanted to live together peacefully and equally...and as too many blacks felt they were impacted by slavery of 100 years ago...people felt good in ignoring wqrnings and electing our first black president.

Too many blacks however see it is an opportunity for retribution and for government theft and redistribution. How sad that those whose forbarers fought for freedom eagerly elected a communist and handed over their freedom.
Turned out Obama, Holder, Jarret et all were the disgruntled racist Communists...never worthy of trust.

Obama and his minions lie and destroy as a matter of policy. They remain silent on the outrageous black on white crime yet tried to use race and the Trayvon case as a race baiting tool encouraging their brown shirts toward vengeance, dividing the American people with the hate they sell.
Lies are the least of Obama´s sins. He is an evil, sinister man unworthy of the office his honorable forebarer George Washington held.

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Reply 32 - Posted by: Holeymoses, 10/29/2013 10:25:46 AM     (No. 9587625)

How about: "If You Like Your President, You Can Keep Him."

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Reply 33 - Posted by: K.I.S.S., 10/29/2013 10:28:34 AM     (No. 9587632)

...everything democrats believe in...liberalism, socialism, fascism, marxism, progressism, communism...are all based on lies...obama is doing what all democrats have always done, are doing & will always do...lie...they are incapable of telling the truth.

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Reply 34 - Posted by: KarenJ1, 10/29/2013 10:38:20 AM     (No. 9587646)

FTA: But the critics were right. Obama was either lying to himself or to the rest of us — because he was playing the game to win.

There is no either or about it, 0bama lied because he wanted to be re-elected and if the media had done their jobs we would have known about the horrific, devastating details of this mess before the election. If he had been in the private sector he would be in jail for fraud in the iducement for selling a fraudulent product. I´m so sick, very tired and infuriated with all the lies of this regime without any consequences. I thought things couldn´t get much worse, but sadly I was wrong.

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Reply 35 - Posted by: Me?Opinionated?Nah!, 10/29/2013 10:44:54 AM     (No. 9587652)


At the very least, why do each of us know that a person by the name of Barack Hussein Obama (among his various and sundry other names) exists, much less has twice been elected our President?


Voter fraud and a corrupt media.

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Reply 36 - Posted by: jimmiet, 10/29/2013 10:58:10 AM     (No. 9587665)

The big lie is that anyone is surprised. The dope smoking choom has been lying his entire life. From the author of his memoirs and even before that, to Obiecare NSA and who knows where it will end. I know this one thing there are a whole lot of folks who knew the truth and said nothing and even more backed him in spite of the truth.

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Reply 37 - Posted by: MDMuskrat, 10/29/2013 11:03:49 AM     (No. 9587674)

Studying the Jonah piece and the 33 posts it generated so far, it is hard to be optimistic.

This, my friends, is the essence of what we´re faced with in politics: "So you play the game the way it has been played over the years, and you play to win." -- FDR

Our LDotters analyze and conclude:

#5: “He should be impeached.”
#16: “Who really cares if Obama lies when nothing is done about it and he will continue to do it along with his communist cabal.”

Folks, we are undefended. Only Congress can impeach and what is the probability that in this current climate the Democrats and Republican squishes will impeach the first ´black´ president?

We are reminded by this ever thoughtful poster on what could have improved our already first rate U.S. health care:
#25: “This also assumes that the stinking mess of OVaporCare would be utterly gone and real reform such as tort reform, removal of interstate barriers, restoration of individual health savings plans - all the good market-based ideas - were quickly implemented.”

#32: Spot on!

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Reply 38 - Posted by: Watlines, 10/29/2013 11:33:44 AM     (No. 9587771)

Both Democrat and Republican politicians lie. We all know it.

The difference is that lying is the bedrock of Democratic liberalism. Republicans, thankfully, can be shamed. Not so their opposition.

Barack Obama is the essence of full-blown liberalism at its zenith. Not only does he lie about anything and everything. He believes his lies.

Until Obamacare arrived on October 1, 2013 most Americans, particularly the low-information (stupidly ignorant) voters didn´t care, nor did the mainstream media entrusted to report the noxious swill emanating from the White House and Jay Carney, the administration´s professional liar.

But taking away the health care policies that Americans preferred and charging them more for something they don´t want has awoken even the most ignorant among us.

I love Obamacare, not for what it is, but for what it´s doing: waking Americans up to the fact that liberalism is based on lies, lies, and damnable lies.

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Reply 39 - Posted by: RayLRiv, 10/29/2013 11:55:06 AM     (No. 9587834)

I feel sorry for Øbama. He must really hate his Momma Stanley Ann Dunham.

Whoever would name his child after stomach gas or a belch has some serious issues.

It must sound horrible to Øbama hearing this reminder everytime someone belches or breaks wind out loud


That´s the true seat of his anger...

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Reply 40 - Posted by: MirJoy, 10/29/2013 12:30:52 PM     (No. 9587917)

Simply put, progressives believe THERE IS NO TRUTH; there are just ideas, and ideas change. They really don´t understand the concept of lying.

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Reply 41 - Posted by: owl, 10/29/2013 1:01:57 PM     (No. 9588004)

The last election all but proves just how lame, apathetic, ignorant, gullible and self-centered the American voter has become. The " lo-fo´s " need a swift kick in the wallet to wake up ?. Yes, they do. A nuclear detonation will be necessary to dislodge them from the socialist grip.

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Reply 42 - Posted by: P51DMustang, 10/29/2013 1:15:14 PM     (No. 9588038)

McConnell, McCain and Graham are liars as well. They want this Obamacare and tried to make the GOP believe Cruz, Rubio and the House conservatives were nut jobs undermining the GOP. I will support any conservative who primaries McConnell and Graham. These two RINOS need to be gone.

Worthless loose cannons for the RNC hacks. As for Carl Rove tell him to pound sand; he does not speak for conservatives as an Independent or the GOP.

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Reply 43 - Posted by: Coy860, 10/29/2013 1:26:34 PM     (No. 9588053)

Obamacare and the Government are violating the "property rights" of millions of Americans. They OWN their private healthcare insurance policies and gov´t has no right to cause the loss of those property rights.

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Reply 44 - Posted by: doctorfixit, 10/29/2013 1:54:19 PM     (No. 9588121)

Barack Obama is a lie. Obama is an invention of the mainstream propaganda machine. No past, no records, no accomplishments. He came out of nowhere, he came from nothing. He is Hope and Change. Hope for a life without responsibility, effort, or consequences. Change for any reality that intrudes on the socialist myth. He is the big spider in a giant web of lies.

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Reply 45 - Posted by: 3XALADY, 10/29/2013 2:10:27 PM     (No. 9588154)

Bingo, #45. He is also known as Barry Soetoro, ____ Soebarkah (?) and maybe even as _____ Dunham. Read about these too long ago to remember. ONE of the Social Security number he uses belongs to Herbert Bounell who may have been in Voodoo Granny´s family. His father could be one of several people. I won´t go into the lies brought out above.

For the first about two years of his ´reign´ it was a lonely place here for we conservatives who had paid attention to what he was. It took that long for articles to start appearing written by a few who were beginning to figure him out. They just came in trickles until the second election and now it´s Katie bar the door! We´ve been had, folks. Big time. By this liar and his many minions.

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Reply 46 - Posted by: gramma b, 10/29/2013 3:42:50 PM     (No. 9588283)

He doesn´t have "deep hatred" for all the American people, just the White ones.

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Reply 47 - Posted by: Charactercounts, 10/29/2013 4:31:18 PM     (No. 9588353)

Jonah´s article is dead right.

The thing that amazes me is that anyone ever believed Obama. His demeanor screams "liar."

And we had the evidence before the 2008 election--Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, "spread the wealth around" to Joe the Plumber, fundamentally transform the USA, and on and on. All anyone had to do was pay attention.

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Reply 48 - Posted by: gone2pot, 10/29/2013 5:41:12 PM     (No. 9588444)

His critics on the right said he was lying, that he was really more interested in income distribution.

All seven of the tea party Republicans that haven´t yet become just Republicans.

Such charges were dismissed as paranoid and even racist.

By all Democrats, most Republicans and the entire staff at the Weekly Standard, you know, that "conservative" publication.

But the critics were right.

No, they were racists while the Weekly Standard has become the new version of Howie Kurtz´s firm grasp of the obvious, especially Fred Barnes; adroitly opining now about what most of us new in the summer of 2008. What a mind.

Obama was either lying to himself or to the rest of us — because he was playing the game to win.

Sadly, he already has and the game is now over but the GOP´s demand for Depends has gone through the roof!

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Reply 49 - Posted by: Rafter, 10/29/2013 7:12:42 PM     (No. 9588576)

O-Bomber lied... Democracy died.

And again, O-Bomber lied... and America died.

Turn out the lights.

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Reply 50 - Posted by: Rafter, 10/29/2013 7:24:33 PM     (No. 9588593)

#28, that´s an interesting thought...

May I suggest the following...

Billyboobboob Klintoon wants Hill-err-ee-ass Herself to become our
First Lesbian President... (okay, he sez bi-sexual... whatever)
and that would of course make himself the...
First Laddie... (borrowed from someone)

So he probably doesn´t want Joseph Biden to get into the White House first...
Since an incumbent DimWit POTUS could probably block the DimWitch Hillary
from securing the nomination.

But... it´s a pleasant train of thought.
I hope for impeachment precisely because, not only does the fraud deserve it...
but a Buh-Biden presiduncy would essentially block Hill-err-ee-ass...

And the Butch Butcher of Benghazi is such a liability, with her corruption and
fraud and raping lying hubby, that Biden would not want her on the ticket...
I would guess...
because Billyboobboob would show up and steal all the headlines and correct
all of the presidunce´s gaffes.

Just my educated guess.

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Reply 51 - Posted by: Dodge Boy, 10/29/2013 8:31:52 PM     (No. 9588668)

And to build a little bit on what poster #11, said, I believe Lenin and Stalin would view Obie with disgust as a failed community organize who couldn´t deliver communism to the USA.

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Reply 52 - Posted by: O.G.´s Mom, 10/29/2013 8:32:33 PM     (No. 9588669)

What difference at this point does it make? as someone once said. We have ObamaCare, we have Obama for at least another 3 years, we have a Senate led by a sleazeball criminal and with a Democrat majority made up of sleazeballs, and, ladies and gentlemen, we have a cowardly establishment Republican Party who will do nothing to alter this train wreck, who is doing everything it can to ruin those in the Party that are trying to stop this train wreck and we have a fawning and compliant press that will continue to hide the truth and spin Obama´s wishes. We have ObamaCare, it is ours and it will never be revoked. So, what difference at this point does it make if Zero lied? This is what the beginning of a dictatorship looks like and we´d better get used to it. Immigration is next. And then whatever else Zero and the Dems want. Sorry for the negativity but it gets worse and worse everyday.

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Reply 53 - Posted by: Tianne, 10/29/2013 10:00:58 PM     (No. 9588784)

Wonderful, thought-provoking article, as always, by Jonah Goldberg,

That our current President can stand before us at all, requires an incredible amount of self-delusion. Our President has no credible family history, no credible scholarly accomplishments, no credible job resume. He is but a shell of a man, who is stumbling through life bereft of any inner guiding principles.

It has been reported that, although he lived a somewhat traveled and privileged life as a child and teenager, he was also concurrently both emotionally neglected and horribly used – his fleeting comfort came at a price. As he grew older, he sought out those who stood for nothing, who believed in nothing, and who only wanted to destroy what others had built. They collectively invented a false purpose for themselves because, although they were all educated, they were shallow, lazy and self-indulgent - they contributed nothing but betrayal, agitation, and chaos. He felt big and comfortable with them as they showered him with praise and adulation.

Now, after a life of easy promotion, what is left is only an elaborate embarrassment without substance. He displays no loyalty, bravery, gratitude, or national commitment.

It has to be painfully difficult for him to admit that he isn’t the man that he presents – that his dreams are just that. So, he continues to live in his own, elusive Obamaworld where he despises his obligations and where he conjures up intricate and laudatory falsehoods to explain his destructive programs, activities, and motives.

Because, at the end of the day, to paraphrase the famous line from, ‘A Few Good Men’, he “can’t handle the truth”.

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Reply 54 - Posted by: Hammock, 10/29/2013 11:05:13 PM     (No. 9588868)

I can´t help pointing out another presidential whopper - Johnson campaigning in 1964 on "No Wider War".

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Reply 55 - Posted by: ColonialAmerican1623, 10/29/2013 11:12:45 PM     (No. 9588878)

Not his first lie and it won´t be his last.
We are just too stupid for his socialist ideas. We should roll over and take it. How dare We call him on anything ?

Keep in mind if the tables were turned and GW had done this, Nancy and the Dems would be in front on a camera non stop. If it affected Medicaid and free stuff, you know what would happen.

There is such a simple solution to this and it´s not like we haven´t called and emailed.
All he had to do was mandate ´guaranteed issue´ on health insurance policies and cut our losses or at least demand a refund from Mooochelle´s friends at CGI. When the CEO´s of major insurance companies met with ValJar, they knew the solution too.

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Reply 56 - Posted by: rational, 10/30/2013 8:52:17 AM     (No. 9589293)

You´re a little late #52

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Reply 57 - Posted by: Peterfleming, 10/30/2013 10:57:14 AM     (No. 9589531)

Lenin and Stalin are watching from Communist hell and of course they´ll criticize Obama Jaret holder and Soros.
Obama´s not scheduling as many mass killings of innocent people, to put fear into the peasants, as Lenin and Stalin did Not near as many.a

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Below, you will find ...

Most Recent Articles posted by "LittleHoodedMonk"


Most Active Articles (last 48 hours)

Most Recent Articles posted by "LittleHoodedMonk"

Israeli unit against terror-financing
fighting new enemies at a new speed
Jerusalem Post [Israel], by Yonah Jeremy Bob & Niv Elis    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 4/21/2014 12:00:33 AM     Post Reply
The Israel Money Laundering and Terror Financing Prohibition Authority (IMPA) has exploded in growth since its 2002 founding; but Israel has been criticized heavily for not keeping up with fighting these threats. (Snip) Besides legitimate transactions, the lack of oversight has led bitcoins to be used for buying and selling illegal drugs, Internet malware, laundering money and authorities have warned of it being potentially used for funding terrorism. Bitcoin is not the only new potential hi-tech terror-financing and money-laundering option, which also include paypal, webmoney, e-money and other new electronic transactional

Photos Link Masked Men
in East Ukraine to Russia
New York Times, by Andrew Higgins & Michael R. Gordon *    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 4/20/2014 10:38:14 PM     Post Reply
Kiev, Ukraine - For two weeks, the mysteriously well-armed, professional gunmen known as “green men” have seized Ukrainian government sites in town after town, igniting a brush fire of separatist unrest across eastern Ukraine. Strenuous denials from the Kremlin have closely followed each accusation by Ukrainian officials that the world was witnessing a stealthy invasion by Russian forces. Now, photographs and descriptions from eastern Ukraine endorsed by the Obama administration on Sunday suggest that many of the green men are indeed Russian military and intelligence forces — equipped in the same fashion as Russian

Source: ´Massive´ attack
targets al Qaeda in Yemen
CNN, by Mohammed Jamjoom    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 4/20/2014 10:19:57 PM     Post Reply
An operation targeting al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is under way in Abyan and Shabwa, Yemen, a high-level Yemeni government official who is being briefed on the strikes told CNN on Monday. The official said that the scale of the strikes against AQAP is "massive and unprecedented" and that at least 30 militants have been killed. The operation involved Yemeni commandos who are now "going after high-level AQAP targets," the official said. A day earlier, suspected drone strikes targeted al Qaeda fighters in Yemen for the second time in two days, killing "at least a dozen," the government official said. The predawn strikes targeted a

Tactical advantage: Russian military
shows off impressive new gear
Washington Times, by Rowan Scarborough    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 4/20/2014 10:06:40 PM     Post Reply
Elite Russian troops are displaying a new arsenal of body armor, individual weapons, armor-piercing ammunition and collar radios — a menu of essential gear that gives them a big tactical advantage against a lesser-equipped Ukrainian army. If President Vladimir Putin orders an invasion, the new-generation body armor, in particular, would provide exceptional protection against small arms if Russian troops go street by street to capture Kiev and other cities. “What we saw and what was dangled in front of the West was a clear indication that Putin is on a roll,” retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Robert Scales said. “It just seems to me from watching

Vice President Biden to Meet Ukraine
President, Prime Minister In Kiev
Reuters, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 4/20/2014 9:57:34 PM     Post Reply
Washington - U.S. Vice President Joe Biden will meet with Ukraine´s acting president, Oleksander Turchinov, and Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk during a visit to Kiev on Tuesday, the White House said on Sunday. Biden arrives in Kiev on Monday afternoon local time. He will meet with members of Ukraine´s Rada parliament from different political parties and regions as well as representatives from non-governmental organizations during his two-day stay, the White House said in a statement. In those meetings, Biden will "discuss the international community´s efforts to help stabilize and strengthen Ukraine´s economy and to

13 Dead in SW China
Coal Mine Gas Blast
Xinhua News Agency [China], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 4/20/2014 9:37:15 PM     Post Reply
Thirteen people were confirmed dead in a coal mine gas explosion in southwest China´s Yunnan Province early Monday, the local government said. The accident happened at around 12:30 a.m. in a pit of Hongtutian Coal Mine in Fuyuan County in the city of Qujing, the county government said in a press release. A total of 56 people were working in the pit, of whom 42 escaped without injuries and 14 were trapped, it said. As of 8 a.m., rescuers had retrieved 13 dead bodies and were searching all-out for the missing miner. The county government said Hongtutian is a private mine and is properly licensed for operation.

Story of Joseph Heller´s
´forgotten´ Catch-22 script
BBC News, by Ian Youngs    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 4/20/2014 9:23:25 PM     Post Reply
After Joseph Heller published his seminal war novel Catch-22 he adapted the book for the stage. He hoped it would go to Broadway - but more than 40 years on, his script has very rarely been performed. Now it is finally getting its UK premiere. (Snip) Yossarian´s nightmare: Stationed in Italy and afraid of being shot down, he wanted to be declared insane and sent home. But military rules said that fear of death was a rational response, so anyone who asked to be grounded could not possibly be truly crazy. And those who were insane would not be aware of the fact, and therefore would be unable to ask to be grounded.

Who could be the next Ted Cruz?
Top 10 tea party primaries of 2014.
Christian Science Monitor, by Linda Feldmann    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 4/20/2014 8:56:26 PM     Post Reply
1. Mississippi: Chris McDaniel vs. Thad Cochran: In the early going, tea party-backed state Sen. Chris McDaniel was seen as the strongest challenger to a sitting US senator this cycle. He’s a young (early 40s), energetic trial lawyer and former talk radio host, with six years´ service in the state legislature – and he believes six-term Sen. Thad Cochran (R) is part of the problem in Washington. The challenge for Mr. McDaniel is to persuade enough Republican voters in the June 3 primary to toss out a senior senator who is skilled at bringing federal dollars to Mississippi. McDaniel ran into trouble after qualifying his support for Katrina aid,

What will a grandchild
mean for Hillary Clinton?
Washington Times, by Ben Wolfgang    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 4/20/2014 8:49:49 PM     Post Reply
It’s America’s version of the royal baby watch, but Chelsea Clinton’s announcement last week that she’s pregnant ended up taking a back seat to her mother’s political ambitions. Within hours of the revelation, pundits, columnists and reporters pontificated on what being a grandmother will mean for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign, should she decide to run for president in 2016. One predicted the pregnancy would “change the dynamic” in the upcoming White House race, and another declared that it has sent “ripples” through the political world. But some analysts say Mrs. Clinton’s future grandchild and the impact on presidential politics

Country music singer
Kevin Sharp dead at 43
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 4/20/2014 8:41:49 PM     Post Reply
Fair Oaks, Calif. - Kevin Sharp, a country music singer who recorded multiple chart-topping songs and survived a well-publicized battle with cancer, has died. He was 43. His sister Mary Huston said Sharp died at his mother´s Fair Oaks home at 10:49 p.m. Saturday of complications from past stomach surgeries and digestive issues. "He had a strong heart, that´s what kept him alive, (but) I´m so happy for him, that there´s no more suffering," Huston said through tears and exhaustion. She had cared for her brother since his return home to Northern California last Friday after 10 weeks in the hospital.

John Paul Stevens: It’s okay
for justices to take politics
into account when retiring
Washington Post, by Katie Zezima    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 4/20/2014 6:23:54 PM     Post Reply
Retired Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens said it is appropriate for justices to take the political climate into account when thinking about retirement. "I think so," Stevens said when asked by George Stephanopoulos on ABC´s "This Week" if it is appropriate to take politics into account when deciding to retire. "It´s an appropriate thing to think about your successor, not only in this job," said Stevens, who retired in 2010 and was replaced by Justice Elena Kagan. Stevens cited former defense secretary Robert Gates, who said in a new book that he was also concerned about who would take his place.

Red-state Democrats blast
latest Keystone delay
Washington Times, by Stephen Dinan    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 4/20/2014 6:14:12 PM     Post Reply
The Obama administration’s latest Keystone pipeline delay had barely been announced late last week when red-state Democrats began to howl, calling the move everything from ridiculous to irresponsible and vowing to explore ways to force President Obama’s hand. The outcry from within the president’s own party underscored the tricky politics for those Democrats, many of whom are facing tough re-election bids, and decisions such as Keystone make it difficult to be tied to Mr. Obama right now. It also set up a major test: Can those Democrats find a way to pass legislation overruling the administration’s decision,

Most Active Articles (last 48 hours)

´America´s royal baby´: How Chelsea´s first
child could give Hillary Clinton a boost in
the polls if she runs for president in 2016

42 replie(s)
Daily Mail (U.K.), by Jessica Jerreat    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 4/19/2014 7:12:10 PM     Post Reply
For Hillary Clinton, having her own baby grandchild to kiss on the campaign trail, could be one of the biggest boosts to her possible presidential election campaign. Although the former Secretary of State and First Lady has not said if she will run in 2016, the arrival of her first grandchild will soften her image, analysts have said. While Chelsea only revealed her pregnancy on Thursday, supporters of her mother have already started cooing over a possible baby in the White House. With the Clintons having a near-royal status in the U.S., the announcement of a new arrival due this fall has sent

Living in the New York Times World
39 replie(s)
American Thinker, by J. Paul Masko    Original Article
Posted By: magnante- 4/19/2014 7:48:36 AM     Post Reply
I began reading the entirety of the first section of the New York Times at nine years old, and continued that practice, more or less, for decades.(snip) ...the power of reverence, intrinsic to what I call the “cascade” of The Times: the near avalanche-like flow and distribution of information through electronic and print networks: through like-minded network newscasts, magazines, local newspaper s, blogs, daytime talk TV, late-night entertainment, statements at media award ceremonies, the celebrity Twitterverse, etc. The cascade rolls through Saturday Night Live, Jon Stewart, The New Yorker, the mouths of third-grade teachers, Elmo, Madonna and Susan Sarandon …through

Barack Obama and the politics of lies
35 replie(s)
Washington Examiner [DC], by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 4/20/2014 5:45:25 AM     Post Reply
That was quite a victory dance President Obama did Thursday while claiming Obamacare is “working” because eight million people have now supposedly signed up for the health care program. He even indulged in some less-than-subtle mockery of Republicans - and by extension the majority of Americans who have disapproved of Obamacare since before it became law. "The repeal debate is and should be over,” Obama said, taking a dig at Republicans who are “going through, you know, the stages of grief … anger and denial and all that stuff …” But a president who is viewed by most Americans as less

In a Hole, Golf Considers
Digging a Wider One

32 replie(s)
New York Times, by Bill Pennington    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 4/19/2014 10:48:33 AM     Post Reply
GREENSBORO, Ga. — Golf holes the size of pizzas. Soccer balls on the back nine. A mulligan on every hole. These are some of the measures — some would say gimmicks — that golf courses across the country have experimented with to stop people from quitting the game. Golf has always reveled in its standards and rich tradition. But increasingly a victim of its own image and hidebound ways, golf has lost five million players in the last decade, according to the National Golf Foundation, with 20 percent of the existing 25 million golfers apt to quit in the next few years. People under 35 have especially spurned the game, saying it takes too

White House asks American parents to
monitor their children for signs of terrorism

32 replie(s)
Daily Caller, by Eric Owens    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 4/19/2014 5:50:04 PM     Post Reply
In a speech earlier this week, Lisa O. Monaco, President Barack Obama’s assistant for homeland security and counterterrorism, insisted that American parents must be vigilant because their “confrontational” children could be on the verge of becoming terrorists. Monaco’s full, prepared text is available here. She presented the speech, entitled “Countering Violent Extremism and the Power of Community,” at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government on April 15. Monaco began her remarks by eloquently describing the lives tragically lost last year during the Boston Marathon bombings. Interestingly, the Harvard grad failed to mention the religion or the motive of brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan

Obama: ´For me, Easter is a story of hope,
a belief in a better day to come´

30 replie(s)
Investor´s Business Daily, by Andrew Malcolm    Original Article
Posted By: SurferLad- 4/19/2014 9:16:36 AM     Post Reply
Hi, everybody. For millions of Americans, this time of year holds great meaning. Earlier this week, we hosted a Passover Seder at the White House, and joined Jewish families around the world in their re-tellings of the story of the Exodus and the victory of faith over oppression. And this Sunday, Michelle, Malia, Sasha, and I will join our fellow Christians around the world in celebrating the Resurrection of Christ, the salvation he offered the world, and the hope that comes with the Easter season. These holy days have their roots in miracles that took place long ago. And yet, they still inspire us, guide us, and strengthen us today. They remind us of our

Harry Reid calls dissident Nevada ranchers
´domestic terrorists´ following show of
force against the federal government

30 replie(s)
Daily Mail [UK], by David Martosko    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 4/19/2014 9:29:17 AM     Post Reply
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Thursday that a family of dissident ranchers and their supporters in his home state of Nevada are ´domestic terrorists,´ citing this week´s standoff with the federal government´s Bureau of Land Management. Cliven Bundy has refused to pay grazing fees for land where his hundreds of cattle roam every day. The land is owned by the federal government, which says he owes more than $1 million. Bundy, however, insists that since his family has been using the land since the 1870s, Uncle Sam can´t collect the grazing fees. A tense standoff developed this week after

Ted Cruz, Invoking Reagan,
Angers GOP Colleagues
but Wins Fans Elsewhere

28 replie(s)
Wall Street Journal, by Monica Langley    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 4/19/2014 8:09:17 AM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON--Rushing to an afternoon vote last month, Sen. Ted Cruz hopped the underground tram to the U.S. Capitol from his office across the street. The Texan planted his black ostrich cowboy boots in the middle of the small subway car without getting so much as a nod from the other senators--Republican or Democrat--amiably chatting or huddled in their seats. Mr. Cruz finds himself standing alone a lot these days. His response to the cold shoulders: "The establishment despised Ronald Reagan" before he became president, "but the people loved him." For the 43-year-old Republican, the Reagan name illuminates his political life´s

Stop dressing so tacky for church
27 replie(s)
CNN, by John Blake    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 4/20/2014 4:40:56 AM     Post Reply
If the Rev. John DeBonville could preach a sermon to lift the souls of churchgoers across America, his message would be simple: Stop dressing so tacky for church. DeBonville has heard about the “come as you are” approach to dressing down for Sunday service, but he says the Sabbath is getting too sloppy. When he scans the pews of churches, DeBonville sees rows of people dressed in their Sunday worst. They saunter into church in baggy shorts, flip-flop sandals, tennis shoes and grubby T-shirts. Some even slide into the pews carrying coffee in plastic foam containers as if they’re going to Starbucks. “It’s like

Clintons celebrate Chelsea’s
pregnancy announcement

26 replie(s)
New York Post, by Stephanie Smith    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 4/19/2014 8:32:52 AM     Post Reply
The Clintons had a busy night of celebrations after Chelsea announced she and husband Marc Mezvinsky are expecting a baby. Bill joined “House of Cards” star Kevin Spacey at the Revlon Rainforest Fund Benefit Concert at Carnegie Hall Thursday, joking of Spacey’s Machiavellian character, “When I was president people accused me of murder all the time, made a show of investigating. Spacey’s president for 15 minutes and he gets away with murder.” Spacey, who sang during the event with Sting, Stephen Stills and James Taylor, also showed off his Johnny Carson impression, taking a swipe at the coverage of Flight

The Growing Financial Disaster of Obamacare
22 replie(s)
Power Line, by John Hinderaker    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 4/19/2014 5:55:20 PM     Post Reply
President Obama asserts that 8 million people have signed up for Obamacare, as though that were something to be proud of. In fact, Obamacare has always been a fiasco from a fiscal perspective–a black hole of subsidies and expanded Medicaid, with largely fictitious mechanisms in place to pay for it. As the number of subsidized participants grows, the disaster gets worse. Charles Blahous explains: Our national discussion…is missing the truly significant story here; what is unfolding before our eyes is a colossal fiscal disaster, poised to haunt legislators and taxpayers for decades to come. It is quite possible that the ACA is

Gospel story of Jesus’ resurrection a
source of deep rifts in Christian religion

21 replie(s)
Washington Post, by Kimberley Winston    Original Article
Posted By: NorthernDog- 4/19/2014 10:46:11 PM     Post Reply
“On the third day, he rose again.” That line, from the Nicene Creed, is a foundational statement of Christian belief. It declares that three days after Jesus died on the cross, he was resurrected, a glimmer of the eternal life promised to believers. It’s the heart of the Easter story in seven little words. But how that statement is interpreted is the source of some of the deepest rifts in Christianity — and a stumbling block for some Christians, and more than a few skeptics. Did Jesus literally come back from the dead in a bodily resurrection, as many traditionalist

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