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What Cruz Wrought
Weekly Standard, by Stephen F. Hayes

Original Article

Posted By:StormCnter, 9/27/2013 5:33:59 AM

Ted Cruz has sparked a Republican civil war. He has done the bidding of the GOP fringe, in a self-aggrandizing crusade. And while he has enhanced his own position in the conservative fantasyland he seeks to rule, the practical effect of his quixotic campaign to defund Obamacare has been to elevate the president and jeopardize the 2014 elections for his own party. That, at least, seems to be the consensus in Washington. We’re inclined to a somewhat different view. We say two cheers for Ted Cruz— and for Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and their fellow crusaders. They succeeded


Post Reply  

Reply 1 - Posted by: Bjnealeigh, 9/27/2013 5:41:55 AM     (No. 9538935)

The GOP is a wimpy organization that stands for NOTHING! Don´t you get it? Worthless! I am so disgusted with this government. It is totally corrupt. They don´t listen to us.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: Safari Man, 9/27/2013 5:42:22 AM     (No. 9538936)

Be sure to read past the first paragraph. I really like Hayes.

FTA: They succeeded in one crucial respect: Everyone is talking about Obamacare. And the more it gets talked about, the clearer its flaws are to an already skeptical public.

Yes, but also I think Cruz pick a scab that needed to be picked -- the shadow-scared old boys club gop needed to be exposed for their weak kneed approach to the most serious threat to freedom of our time. And he riled up those of us who really needed to be given hope. Now, can the momentum be maintained, or will the defeatist attitude pervade?

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Reply 3 - Posted by: mainelysane, 9/27/2013 5:53:18 AM     (No. 9538942)

"Conservative fantasyland?"

SCREW Hayes. Regardless of the support for Cruz in the rest of the column, what´s up with that appellation?

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Reply 4 - Posted by: mws50, 9/27/2013 5:57:55 AM     (No. 9538943)

Stephen seems to think normal citizens are "the fringe". What an arrogant DC elitist assumption, and oh-so typical of the vermin that hang out in DC. The fool thinks 70% of Americans are members of "the fringe" that do not like obamacare.

Stephen, you have no clue what will happen in 2014. If you could remember what happened in 2010 when "the fringe" was upset with the massive government take-over of our health care system, you might start to have a clue. Then, remember 2012, when you DC elitists picked Romney,one of your own, for president and 5 million+ of "the fringe" stayed home.

Wake up, dude.

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Reply 5 - Posted by: lazyman, 9/27/2013 5:58:20 AM     (No. 9538944)

McCann has hurt the taxpayers from the beginning starting with the loss of our plane in Vietnam. The old guard has brought us to this point and it´s time for them to get out of the way.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: mws50, 9/27/2013 6:08:16 AM     (No. 9538952)

This entire debate can be summed up in just a few words. Are the Republican politicians going to stand with the American people, or are they going to stand with obama, Reid, and Pelosi?

Defund this monstrosity.

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Reply 7 - Posted by: RIsailor, 9/27/2013 6:09:38 AM     (No. 9538954)

Per today´s Lucianne photo and caption re the One and how Cruz can talk for 21 hours without a teleprompter...the guy was lucid to the end, and made the key points about replacing Obamacare with real health system reform all night.

Of course he does not change the "calculus" of the Senate.

What he did was get America´s focus on Health Care Reform.

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Reply 8 - Posted by: Attila DiMedici, 9/27/2013 6:18:03 AM     (No. 9538961)

"conservative fantasyland" and "GOP fringe" are words which Stephen Hayes is putting into the mouths of Ted Cruz´s opponents. It becomes clear as you read the rest of the article that his opening three sentences do not represent his view of Ted Cruz.

I will say that he misses the point. All too often those who are attacking Cruz for his filibuster have attacked everybody who has proposed actually doing something the conservative base wants (such as fighting Obamacare). It is time for those who oppose Ted Cruz´s tactics to take action, not just talk about alternative strategies.

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Reply 9 - Posted by: Judith, 9/27/2013 6:43:05 AM     (No. 9538989)

He fought back and the country (I think even the world) was it. They claim the capitol switchboard was flooded with calls. Watching the dems try to shut down his last half hour of the grand speech, was telling. Watching the dems slam their hands on their desks yesterday and call names and claim (along with some notable republicans)that obamacare is the law of the land and NOTHING can be done about it, was telling. He, and the phone callers, frightened the dem/gop party! You go get them Sen. Cruz.

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Reply 10 - Posted by: Spidey, 9/27/2013 6:54:33 AM     (No. 9539005)

Let me see if have this straight. A person who is standing up against government tyranny and defending libery and freedom is a dark side nut and an abortion nut in Texas who apparently wants the right to kill a baby well past the point of viability,is a national hero.

How can you not say that Satan is now the president of this country?

How long would a republican candidate last if it came out they´re were having cyber sex with a stripper in Oregon?

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Reply 11 - Posted by: 4freedom, 9/27/2013 7:12:28 AM     (No. 9539025)

Funny, I always thought it was the progressive liberals that live in a fantasyland.

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Reply 12 - Posted by: ROLFnader, 9/27/2013 7:18:20 AM     (No. 9539029)

That´s a nice article Steve. Now , you, Mort, Fred ,Mora and Eleanor go have a nice little lunch.

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Reply 13 - Posted by: Lonestar Jack, 9/27/2013 7:33:00 AM     (No. 9539043)

"And while he has enhanced his own position in the conservative fantasyland he seeks to rule, the practical effect of his quixotic campaign to defund Obamacare has been to elevate the president and jeopardize the 2014 elections for his own party. That, at least, seems to be the consensus in Washington."

That my friend is why we need to turnout the old guard and get some more fresh blood in Congress, Executive and Supreme court when the opportunity arises.

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Reply 14 - Posted by: cobieone, 9/27/2013 7:42:00 AM     (No. 9539052)

Some poster´s need to read the article before posting. No reason to slam Hayes, he is one of the best. Geez.

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Reply 15 - Posted by: M2, 9/27/2013 7:52:25 AM     (No. 9539068)

This is shameless from Sen. Mark Werner:

We ought to find out what’s good in it, what’s bad in it.”

This, all of it, should have been explained before the bill was passed.

$ Still, no one has read the bill.

$ Implementation of what was in the bill was not in place before it was passed.

$ "We have to pass the bill to find out what´s in it.? Why? Why not find out what´s in it first? (rhetorical question)

$ The bill is not about health care - it´s about controlling people and money.

The prospect of a unified Republican message was gone. So these conservatives launched their outside-in campaign, using grassroots activist groups and the growing conservative angst about the president’s health care...

The Republican Party has stood for nothing, and so they will fall for anything. Cruz and those who stood with him are heroes, since the rest are not listening to us.

For more than a couple of decades, Republicans have been saying, "We have to win first before we can change things." Well, the people´s desires are not being met by the very people we elected to win for us.

So the cycle of "win first, fix later" never gets implemented. Then we have the same ossified crowd of our guys saying, "We have to win first."

Why do we win some elections and lose the battles?

We CANNOT lose this Obamacare battle. If the bill gets stripped to acceptable form, it will only be a matter of time before what was stripped out will be put right back in.

It would be wise to pass individual small bills instead of this flesh-eating, spirit-crushing, suicidal bill.

At some point, Americans must say, "Sorry, GOP. You have been given enough chances to get your minds right and you have once again failed us." Apparently, now is that moment.

We´re losing this war anyway. Why not lose it with dignity?

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Reply 16 - Posted by: saraguay, 9/27/2013 7:56:09 AM     (No. 9539078)

All of what the author says is true. The problem lies with the American attention span which is about the equivalent of a fruit fly. Going the long, legal and arduous route MIGHT have worked (very doubtful, however), but by day 2, with no friendly press (msm) giving that approach airtime, Americans would absolutely have become bored and tuned out. Meanwhile, the democrats would be on their t.v. stations hawking their flawed plan, castigating republicans and continuing down their (and our) disastrous road. With Cruz´ filibuster, even the lowest info voter got to hear some of the problems and objections to this egregious bill. I Cruz did the right and appropriate thing given the current climate of this once great country.

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Reply 17 - Posted by: privateer, 9/27/2013 7:59:59 AM     (No. 9539088)

Vacuous drivel from a sold-out bonehead. Not a news site.

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Reply 18 - Posted by: Jntsrgn, 9/27/2013 8:04:54 AM     (No. 9539103)

Stephen Hayes can go to hell with the rest of his ilk. I´m done with the GOP. I am the exact wealthy donor they did not want to lose.

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Reply 19 - Posted by: FlatCityGirl, 9/27/2013 8:07:14 AM     (No. 9539109)

I want to know what´s going on in the cloak room. Under the table. Behind closed doors.

I want to know what Dingy Harry has promised to the "D"s and the "R"s if they vote for cloture, and against We, The People.

That´s the game. Goodies. Pork. I´ll guarantee you, there are billions in Goodies just waiting for the ones who vote against We, The People. And which side of the aisle you come from does not matter a whit. We all know John McCain will sell his soul to the devil for a glowing headline in the New York Times, and Miss Graham waits for crumbs from McCain´s table.

And yeah, people really should read the article in full before jumping Hayes. By the time you get to the fifth sentence, it should be clear what Hayes is saying.

I´m enormously impressed with Cruz. Voted for him. But I´m not going to get too far into Hero Worship. I´ve seen too many "idols" with feet of clay. I don´t think it´s going to happen with Cruz. I think he´s in it for a fight to the death. I think he´s the real deal. Fingers crossed.

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Reply 20 - Posted by: trapper, 9/27/2013 8:08:39 AM     (No. 9539111)

"The focus should now be on the two provisions of Obamacare that are most difficult for the White House and congressional Democrats to defend ?—? the Obamacare exemption for members of Congress and their staffs and the selective enforcement of the law’s mandates."

And of these two the single most heinous is the selective enforcement, the exemptions passed out by Obama. Dictators and kings grant exemptioss from the law, not presidents in representative democracies.

Even so, what is described in the quote is just a Plan B. One should always have a Plan B, but it is still too soon to give up on Plan A - a united Republican "no" vote on cloture to try to force the CR through with the defunding language approved in the House. Make Obama veto it. Make HIM shut down the government rather than defund Obamacare.

Oh, and one more thing. We all know by now of Huma´s Muslim Brotherhood family ties. And I had asked similar questions about Elizabeth O´Bagy: Who is she? Who is her family? Who sent her?

The video today of Cruz´s father´s speech answers those questions about Ted Cruz, and the answer is: he´s the real deal. That´s why he scares them so badly. Thanks for the video.

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Reply 21 - Posted by: Gretchen, 9/27/2013 8:13:45 AM     (No. 9539114)

Blah, blah, blah.

Wrong side of history, Mr. Hayes. Wrong side of history. Buh bye.

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Reply 22 - Posted by: desertcowboy, 9/27/2013 8:18:54 AM     (No. 9539122)

Hayes needs to get to the support of Cruz much earlier in his article. I almost didn´t get past the first paragraph because it appeared to be just another eunuch republican sell out. However, he supports Cruz and actually wrote a good article. He just waited way too long to get to the point; not good in these angry times.

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Reply 23 - Posted by: enuf8, 9/27/2013 8:20:57 AM     (No. 9539126)

Hayes makes a telling mistake: The OLD guard are NOT the leaders of the GOP.
And the Dems rushing to get this monster passed before Christmas-----before ANY had read the bill is another Huge problem.

Gov. Sarah Palin was among the first to read the Bill and that was why her two words "DEATH PANELS" has finally soaked through the ´swuishy´ brains of a few.

The majority of Congress people still do not know what is in the bill and those setting up the Rules and Regs of it by their own reasoning for their requirements have already had a massive disruption to the economy just to appease the ´crack smoker´ in chief.

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Reply 24 - Posted by: Janjan, 9/27/2013 8:24:16 AM     (No. 9539134)

There are a lot of posters here who are completely misinterpreting what Steve Hayes was trying to say. Perhaps some of you should go actually read the whole article and attempt to understand it. He is not agreeing with the Peter King/John McCain wing of the RINO Party. He is pointing out that he does not see it that way. And it is a fair assessment of the Senate process Cruz tried to deploy, ending with a lot of praise over the exposure Cruz brought to the issue. I agree.

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Reply 25 - Posted by: Catherine, 9/27/2013 8:28:06 AM     (No. 9539138)

# 4 is exactly right. I realized this when Pelosi, with her gigantic mallet and band of cell phone holders, waded into a march by regular Americans to protest Obamacare.

She was so smug and all the phone holders were waiting to hear all sorts of derogatory words and insults. I knew right then they have no idea who we are. They are totally out of touch with most of America. As for Cruz, I admire what he did and if he can keep it together, he´s has an outstanding future. But nasty McCain and the boys will get to him - just watch.

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Reply 26 - Posted by: mindyourbubble, 9/27/2013 8:30:08 AM     (No. 9539139)

I suggest that commenters see "L.Com´s video
of the day"
It is a sign and warning as to where BHO wants to take the USA.
Well said Mr. Cruz Sr.

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Reply 27 - Posted by: Sunhan65, 9/27/2013 8:39:49 AM     (No. 9539152)

See, that´s where we differ. I like calling things what they are. People forget that Reagan was heavily criticized for calling the old Soviet Union an "Evil Empire." They said it was insulting and inappropriate. Only two problems with that: The Soviet Union was evil, and it was an empire. Reagan told the world a truth it needed to hear.

I recognize that direct and descriptive language sometimes increases the resistance people have against accepting the truth and may add to the level of friction in our society. But sometimes truth is stronger than friction.

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Reply 28 - Posted by: dudette4freedom, 9/27/2013 8:44:08 AM     (No. 9539157)

Good read, but be sure to read the whole thing or you´ll think Hayes turned into a lib.

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Reply 29 - Posted by: EnsignO, 9/27/2013 8:45:33 AM     (No. 9539159)

I feel a March on Washington coming on, which will make the one on 9/12/2009, which I attended with well over one million attending, will pale in comparison as this monstrosity of Obamacare takes effect.

Just remember Obamacare passed without a single Republican voting for it. Hopefully Republican Congress Critters will remember.

Cruz has done us all a great favor by lighting a fire under people who were giving up the good fight. As Winston Churchill said: Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.

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Reply 30 - Posted by: M2, 9/27/2013 8:45:43 AM     (No. 9539160)

Many posters here didn´t get past the first paragraph. Had they actually read the rest of the article, they´d know that Hayes is on board, he´s one of the good guys.

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Reply 31 - Posted by: victorfree, 9/27/2013 9:20:10 AM     (No. 9539217)

so many of you posters reveal your ignorant arrogance - you who think and act like you know so much - didnt even bother to read the article and then spouted off in all your stupid glory - to your own shame.

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Reply 32 - Posted by: Bubbasuncle, 9/27/2013 9:27:16 AM     (No. 9539231)

Yes many did not get past the first paragraph, however I must disagree with two points. One, he continues to wrongly call Republicans conservatives; and two, the following:

FTA:"claiming that conservatives who disagreed with his tactics were part of a “surrender caucus” and even likening them to appeasers of the Nazis. Many conservatives?—?both inside the Congress and out?—?have dedicated the better part of the last four years working first to fend off and then to derail Obamacare. Because they disagree with Cruz on a tactical issue, they’re now the surrender caucus? Nonsense."

It is not nonsense, it is spot on. Lucianne is the second stop for me every morning (Obit´s first just to make sure I´m not listed)and then here to this Salon. I simply do not recall much action from the Republicans on 0bamacare since it has been passed. If the Republicans REALLY wanted to slay the beast why did they wait until the last minute? This fight could have happened last year.

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Reply 33 - Posted by: privateer, 9/27/2013 9:35:30 AM     (No. 9539250)

I read the whole piece and am not ashamed to label Hayes´ article as what it is: a perfunctory, if polished, attempt to alibi the Gelded Obama Patsy Old Guard´s failure to provide a principled and courageous leadership. That, and damning Cruz with faint praise.

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Reply 34 - Posted by: chicodon, 9/27/2013 9:44:35 AM     (No. 9539276)

If Conservatives fail, the Fabian Socialists will be over their final hurdle.

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Reply 35 - Posted by: Holeymoses, 9/27/2013 9:47:42 AM     (No. 9539284)

I´m one of the blades of grass from ye old grass roots and I don´t think the Washington pundits have our number.
Let them pontificate, they are part of the appeaser crowd.
Cruz speaks for us, they don´t.

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Reply 36 - Posted by: bluebonnet, 9/27/2013 9:49:30 AM     (No. 9539286)

Sen. Mark Warner (Dim bulb - VA), said, "We ought to find out what´s good in it, what´s bad in it." Seriously?!?!

Should have been done before you voted on "it," You nitwit. Sheesh!

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Reply 37 - Posted by: richwill, 9/27/2013 9:54:38 AM     (No. 9539297)

I agree with #3, the first two sentences denigrate Cruz, and this is what people read. Hayes is being disingenuous in this article.

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Reply 38 - Posted by: chicodon, 9/27/2013 9:55:05 AM     (No. 9539299)

Sorry for the second post. It is most discouraging that, while searching for some supplemental insurance today, I stumbled on this site. Peruse their booklet.

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Reply 39 - Posted by: bigfatslob, 9/27/2013 9:56:49 AM     (No. 9539302)

For the record I like Steve Hayes it´s the only reason I read the article.
The Republicans inside the beltway and members of the ´old boys´ club sipping cocktails at parties with democrats do not realize they are coming to their demise in two more elections if they don´t embrace Ted Cruz and the Tea Party.
2016 might be the last you will ever see of the Republicans once the country slips into communism and one party rule.
The highwaymen and thieves in Washington better all realize that they are all tax cheats for taking an exemption from Obamacare. That´s right John Roberts called it a tax so the idiots in Washington and their staff are dodging their taxes. This could be used as an argument to defund it as a tax.
Ted Cruz is the face of what the rest of Washington denies, representing the people and upholding the Constitution.
It´s a sad day when you are considered a dodo bird, whacko for being an American. That´s how far the government has slipped into darkness. McCain still owes us for the plane he crashed so why should I listen to that dodo bird?
Obamacare is a TAX!

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Reply 40 - Posted by: maryc, 9/27/2013 9:59:35 AM     (No. 9539306)

No One should underestimate the effect Cruz had on the Americans who are paying attention. We just wanted, for once in a very long time, someone to stand up and say NO to the left and not walk it back in disgrace. The contrast between this man and Manchin and all the others who have said what is right, only to apologize for it later, is what we have been praying for. When you are wandering in a desert and find a real oasis and not a mirage it is very refreshing.

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Reply 41 - Posted by: bluebonnet, 9/27/2013 10:00:01 AM     (No. 9539308)

Well, I took the time to read the article before I made a comment. Therefore, #15 beat me to it!

Mr.Hayes´ Intro was too long and did not set up or define the rest of the article, IMHO.

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Reply 42 - Posted by: mws50, 9/27/2013 10:02:42 AM     (No. 9539313)

For those of you who state "read the entire article", I did. I stand by my assessment of the Stephen F. Hayes article. I did not like his opening salvo.

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Reply 43 - Posted by: Arby, 9/27/2013 10:03:36 AM     (No. 9539314)

At the very least, Cruz stood up and he stated his opinions clearly and forcefully. You don´t have to agree with every word and every strategy but you have to agree that this stinking pile of excrement has to be removed, somehow. Postponing the individual mandate for a year would be a good first step.

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Reply 44 - Posted by: Freeloader, 9/27/2013 10:10:15 AM     (No. 9539324)

"Ted Cruz has sparked a Republican civil war."?

In military terms, Senator Cruz´s tactics would be classified as "Smokin´ Em Out."

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Reply 45 - Posted by: geronimo, 9/27/2013 10:38:49 AM     (No. 9539370)

A Republican civil war?

How can you have a war when only one side fights?

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Reply 46 - Posted by: Bohallx, 9/27/2013 10:43:48 AM     (No. 9539377)

Last time I talked to Br´r Hayes he had a camera with him and we were awaiting the arrival of Sarah Palin out at a park in Falls Church.

He thought Senator McCain would probably live through two terms of the Presidency considering how long his mother had lived. I pointed out that he was already showing signs of serious mental deterioration, so we´d be wanting him gone long before the end of the second term.

My thoughts about the man were based on an Australian long term study of folks who´d been POWs for lengthy periods in WWII.

I know I won the debate, and I´m sure he had that on his mind for several years now. Frankly, at the time I totally dismissed Obama´s chance of winning ~ little did we know the Democrats had signed up about 13 million new Democrat voters and totally plummed the depths of possible mind numbed robot like knee jerk leftists in so doing ~ We´d know that later as ACORN ~ and 69 million voters.

And here, Hayes is showing wisdom and judgment tempered in the fires of political reality ~ to wit: CRUZ did it without a teleprompter!

And, he had more to say about it that was relevant than we´ve heard from McCain and the other members of the Senate over the last 5 years ~ nay, even 25 years.

Is he polite? Yes. I found that brief personal encounter to be a demonstration that Hayes is and can be extraordinarily polite even when discussing the most difficult of topics ~ e.g. WHEN THEIR HEADS EXPLODE

His article is polite.

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Reply 47 - Posted by: janylou, 9/27/2013 10:46:42 AM     (No. 9539384)

Lee & Cruz have ignited a firestorm. They have everyone now focused on Obamacare. Now we´ll see if the dims can put this inferno out!

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Reply 48 - Posted by: Rinktum, 9/27/2013 10:50:38 AM     (No. 9539392)

Hey, Stephen, Conservatives are not the fringe. We are not extremists. You are falling for the progressive meme that because we want lower taxes, we want government to stop pushing its way into every area of our life, we want the law to apply to all of us or none of us, and we will not sit down meekly and watch the unraveling of this nation by a bunch of anti-American communists that we are extreme. Do not fall for this. We are the backbone of this country and are fed up with the way Washington works.

Sen. Ted Cruz and his colleagues took the fight to the ruling class and we stood up and cheered him on and will do so again. The Republican establishment wasn´t interested in doing the hard work and finally a few Republicans had the courage to stand up. Thank God they did. Either we fight the scourge that is ensconced in the White House or we condemn our children to a much different America than we have enjoyed. Conservatives choose to fight.

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Reply 49 - Posted by: GOPinTN, 9/27/2013 10:58:09 AM     (No. 9539405)

Senator Cruz is "sitting in the snow".

For those of you don´t remember or know of Anatoly Sharansky, Legal Insurrection has a good post of the power of resisting whenever you can.


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Reply 50 - Posted by: peterfleming, 9/27/2013 11:05:24 AM     (No. 9539419)

Hayes is a typical attention grabbing Washington whore using words like "fantasy land".
Ted Cruz auditioned for leadership and won. He spoke of many things, no teleprompter.
The curent imposter with the forged birth
papers, could not talk sensibly for even afew minutes without help from his team of
60 writers in the WH basement.
Ted Cruz stepped up. The audition was a huge success. Ted Cruz is the FIRST ELECTED to give honest Americans REALITY TV !
Ted Cruz can now take the helm and bring out
the very best in the growing Tea Party.
Ted Cruz can get other reluctant, scared,
republicans to come out of the closet of communist inimidation of all other democrats
and old Diane Sawyer TV media. All those blind, corrupt TV news actors are starting to look as untruthful as they really are.

Ted Cruz has set a new standard. Now, let´s see how tough and straightfoward he can get.
We do not want Ted truning into another soft
spoken nice guy like Mitt Romney.

Get tough, Ted, recite all the wrongs, don´t stop, rally all the good people around

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Reply 51 - Posted by: lana720, 9/27/2013 11:12:25 AM     (No. 9539429)

The old guard and the dems have shown exactly who they are. They are against the American people with their negative and accusatory words.
Their language alone should turn any thinking person away from them and their so-called ideas for our betterment.

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Reply 52 - Posted by: Susannah, 9/27/2013 11:17:32 AM     (No. 9539439)

Is it really too burdensome to read a two-and-a-half page article before commenting on it?

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Reply 53 - Posted by: MissMolly, 9/27/2013 11:19:14 AM     (No. 9539441)

Yes, it´s immediately obvious who did not read Hayes´ piece, but stumped their toes on his opening sentences, never walking on down to the sentence stating "We´re inclined to a somewhat different view." No one is required to read a posted article, but those who don´t should refrain from firing a comment.

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Reply 54 - Posted by: numerousnwnudniks, 9/27/2013 11:19:32 AM     (No. 9539442)

I really try not to put anyone up on a pedestal...but Mr. Cruz...you are well on your way!!!

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Reply 55 - Posted by: peterfleming, 9/27/2013 11:23:06 AM     (No. 9539449)

Ted can do something no politician ever does. Ted can do something that helped to make John Wayne the true superstar he still is in the history of film.
John Wayne always had a wonderful supporting
cast of ongoing fellow actors. He generously shared the screen with a virtual staff of reliable, fine people.
Ted Cruz can now do the same thing and point out, welcome, other people who are fighting the good fight. Not just Rand Paul, Scott Walker, but some really tough truth seekers like Judge Andrew Napolitano,
Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin, Michelle Bachman, Sarah of course, Hannity, even Rush
Mark Steyn, Steve Forbes, Donald Trump, Drudge, Breitbart, Lucianne.
NOW is the time to give these winners and presenters of truth, a lot of generous
acknowlledgement and credit. Ther are no rstrictions tothis generosity. Now is the time to create both a critical team of fellow electeds, and the amazing variety of the New Media and to top it off, the Tea Part!.
Ted Cruz has has the first time opportunity
to take advantage of all the ground gained
technologically in the New Media.
And the fake fencesitters like Bill O´Reilly
can either get on board, or stay behind the
obvious new leadership of Ted Cruz.

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Reply 56 - Posted by: Tulunk, 9/27/2013 11:31:43 AM     (No. 9539462)

When the GOP had control of all 3 branches of government, they loved the power so much they made no effort to cut spending and corruption. Ted Cruz seems to be the voter´ dream come true. There are even some dem voters who realize there are basicly two classes of people in the U.S.: the Washington DC ruling class and everybody else, who , with taxes pay for their enrichnent. the msm recently lionized a parasite who has been in pcongress 40 or 50 years. He is no public servant, he just found the public teat, and latched on. GO CRUZ AND COMPANY!

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Reply 57 - Posted by: StormCnter, 9/27/2013 11:32:03 AM     (No. 9539463)

Donald Trump? You lost me there.

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Reply 58 - Posted by: TruthAndJustice, 9/27/2013 11:47:03 AM     (No. 9539483)

The sick twist in our WH announced this week:
"The final transformation of the USA will take place in 5 days with the funding of Obamacare"....


Call..DEMAND..call the Republicans who are considering going along with cloture...call the Dems who are up for re-electin in a red state...copy and pass on this info to your entire email list...Stand..and speak out


AK Murkowski, Lisa 202-224-6665
AL Sessions, Jeff 202-224-4124 Opposes Cloture
AL Shelby, Richard 202-224-5744 Opposes Cloture
AR Boozman, John 202-224-4843
AZ Flake, Jeff 202-224-4521 Opposes Cloture
AZ McCain, John 202-224-2235 Supports Cloture
FL Rubio, Marco 202-224-3041 Opposes Cloture
GA Chambliss, Saxby 202-224-3521 Supports Cloture
GA Isakson, Johnny 202-224-3643 Supports Cloture
IA Grassley, Chuck 202-224-3744 Opposes Cloture
ID Crapo, Mike 202-224-6142
ID Risch, Jim 202-224-2752 Opposes Cloture
IL Kirk, Mark 202-224-2854
IN Coats, Dan 202-224-5623 Supports Cloture
KS Moran, Jerry 202-224-6521
KS Roberts, Pat 202-224-4774 Opposes Cloture
KY McConnell, Mitch 202-224-2541 Supports Cloture
KY Paul, Rand 202-224-4343 Opposes Cloture
LA Vitter, David 202-224-4623 Opposes Cloture
ME Collins, Susan 202-224-2523
MO Blunt, Roy 202-224-5721 Supports Cloture
MS Cochran, Thad 202-224-5054
MS Wicker, Roger 202-224-6253
NC Burr, Richard 202-224-3154
ND Hoeven, John 202-224-2551
NE Fischer, Deb 202-224-6551
NE Johanns, Mike 202-224-4224
NH Ayotte, Kelly 202-224-3324
NJ Chiesa, Jeff 202-224-3224
NV Heller, Dean 202-224-6244
OH Portman, Rob 202-224-3353
OK Coburn, Tom 202-224-5754 Supports Cloture
OK Inhofe, Jim 202-224-4721 Opposes Cloture
PA Toomey, Pat 202-224-4254 Opposes Cloture
SC Graham, Lindsey 202-224-5972 Supports Cloture
SC Scott, Tim 202-224-6121 Opposes Cloture
SD Thune, John 202-224-2321 Supports Cloture
TN Alexander, Lamar 202-224-4944
TN Corker, Bob 202-224-3344 Supports Cloture
TX Cornyn, John 202-224-2934 Supports Cloture
TX Cruz, Ted 202-224-5922 Opposes Cloture
UT Hatch, Orrin 202-224-5251 Supports Cloture
UT Lee, Mike 202-224-5444 Opposes Cloture
WI Johnson, Ron 202-224-5323
WY Barrasso, John 202-224-6441
WY Enzi, Mike 202-224-3424 Opposes Cloture

Please report what you hear from these senators so we can update our background information.

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Reply 59 - Posted by: JediJerry, 9/27/2013 12:03:48 PM     (No. 9539507)

Cruz was magnificent. What a leader and fighter. I nominate Cruz for Secretary of Defiance. McCain made me absolutely sick. Juan McLame is the symbol of everything that is completely wrong about the state of the Republican Party today. Him and his twin loser Grahamnasty and the rest of the Roll Over Crew in the Senate need to be dumped with the garbage every election they come up on until we have new like minded Constitutional Conservatives like Cruz and Lee and others that will fight to actually save the once free nation. So help them God.

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Reply 60 - Posted by: GreatPlains, 9/27/2013 12:36:46 PM     (No. 9539552)

The conservative fantasyland that Hayes references are those on the right who apparently think that Republicans control the Senate.
They don´t .
Once Corey Booker wins the special election in two weeks in NJ, the Democrats´ 8 seat majority will swing back to a 10 seat.
Only having 45 or temporarily 46 Senate seats
ties Senate Republicans´ hands legislatively.
That´s reality and math.
And then there´s Obama.
Jim DeMint , with a straight face ,
actually told a town hall that he thought Obama would sign a law defunding Obamacare.
After Harry Reid and 5 or 6 unnamed Senate Democrats went along with Republicans.
Now, that´s a whopper of a fantasy.
The other fantasy they sell is that if a shutdown occurs and Republicans are getting hammered , Obama
and the Democrats are going to cave
and defund Obamacare.
Who believes this kind of silliness ?
Rip Van Winkle Republicans
who have slept though Obama´s past 5 years ?
If Cruz and Lee had spent the past 8 months trying to flip the 6 Democrat Senators they needed to pass the bill and
then a total of 15 more to get a total of 21 Senate Dems
to override Obama´s veto,
that would have made sense.
That would have made defunding a possible reality.
Instead Cruz and Lee attacked the party out of power ,
instead of going after the Democrat Senators
who could have made a difference.
And shame on # 5 .

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Reply 61 - Posted by: Bubbasuncle, 9/27/2013 12:52:12 PM     (No. 9539582)

Sorry #61 but I could not let your litany of capitulation stand unchallenged.

"If Cruz and Lee had spent the past 8 months trying to flip the 6 Democrat Senators" is one of your complaints. Tell me, what has the Republican Elite Leadership done since March 23, 2010 to do anything from allowing this bill to destroy this country.

As stated by others, they may not have been able to change the calculus, but at least people are talking about 0bamacare. That means they have accomplished more than any other Republican.

I reject the premise that Lee and Cruz accomplished nothing, the long litany of ´ifs´ listed is nothing more than the death rattle of the GOP.

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Reply 62 - Posted by: StormCnter, 9/27/2013 12:59:58 PM     (No. 9539589)

Kim Strassel had a great piece in this morning´s WSJ making the point that as admired as Cruz and Lee´s effort is among their supporters, what they have accomplished is moving the spotlight away from the Democrats who designed and forced through the healthcare bill and to the Republicans who declined to join up. These are the same Republicans who fought the healthcare bill in the House and Senate, stood against it on the vote, campaigned against it in 2010 and 2012 and are dedicated to destroying it. But, Senators Cruz and Lee had a different objective, hoping to defund it now (with the help of Senate Dems and the White House) instead of destroying it after the next election when we have defeated vulnerable Dems and taken control of the Senate. I have little hope we can change the discussion back to solidifying the House and taking the Senate. Too many of us have guns pointed at our own, instead.

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Reply 63 - Posted by: Rafter, 9/27/2013 1:02:57 PM     (No. 9539597)

There are whiners and winners in Washington.

Ted Cruz is a winner.

We know who the whiners are.

Guess who has a future as a leader?

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Reply 64 - Posted by: jeffkinnh, 9/27/2013 1:11:26 PM     (No. 9539605)

Hayes and like minded Rove Republicans like to play it safe and only tackle things in a way that have a high likelihood of success.


I would like to know what great things have ended up the way they were first envisioned? Change and compromise are almost a forgone conclusion. But that doesn´t mean you START from a compromise position because then you have to compromise from that position.

You START from your principles and your original vision. Then you fight to support that position. After the opposition makes it´s original position clear, then you look for common ground and possible compromise. The concept of compromise for the Dems is "do it their way". Sorry, that doesn´t fly. You look for synergistic solutions first and then, failing that, BOTH SIDES make trade offs.

There is nothing bad about starting from a strong position and fighting for it.

As to BO´s "no negotiation" response, is that another "red line" bluff that we better not call him on? The public, by a significant margin thinks he SHOULD negotiate. His position on this is untenable. Further, if the BOCare rollout is the disaster that everyone is expecting it will weaken his position even more.

The challenge to the Republicans is to sand firm and not be too willing to crumble to defeat.

As to the timing of this issue, Cruz et al brought the focus to BOCare just as its fatal flaws are becoming glaring. Perfect timing. Keep the heat on.

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Reply 65 - Posted by: Dodge Boy, 9/27/2013 7:19:39 PM     (No. 9540168)

Ok. Rand Paul. Now Ted Cruz. May the pubbie rebuild be fruitful and multiply. Now we´re talkin, folks. Now we´re talkin´. Yo Sarah, bring your mouth, gal!

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Reply 66 - Posted by: tisHimself, 9/27/2013 7:34:35 PM     (No. 9540191)

The establishment republicans only want the appearance of resistance. The usual apologists, their hypocrisy exposed, one again lament the fact that guns are drawn by republicans against republicans. Feel free to stand down.

The Senators opposed defunding are Senators whose personal stake in this bill is high. Take a look at the connections between McConnell, Hatch and a biotech called AMGEN. Dr Frist and Health Corporation of America. These are not principled guys, and the liberal republican sycophants on this board know that. For all his faults Matt Bevins would still be an upgrade.
Cruz has shown who is with us and who is against us. You ought to be clear on what their motivations really are.

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Reply 67 - Posted by: starboard, 9/27/2013 9:03:57 PM     (No. 9540265)

The transformation of Republican Party is alive and doing well. In fact, we should be called the GNP...the Grand New Party.
That old saying...you either lead, follow or get out of the way, should become a new motto. Instead of being cautious and afraid, it time to push off the doom and gloomers and move forward. At this time, Ted Cruz is the assumed leader. He´s energized the electorate and if he continues to play his cards of behalf of the American people he could go all the way. Let not forget, Ronald Reagan was no sell out.

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Reply 68 - Posted by: laurahome, 9/27/2013 9:25:24 PM     (No. 9540281)

Okay! Next up - a staged, well-planned and entirely phony "attack" on Zippy and his family for the purpose of declaring martial law and seizing guns. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you. The go-along-to-get-along Republicans will be the first to turn theirs in. The real, red-blooded American patriots will refuse and so insurrection begins. Cloward and Piven, folks.

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Reply 69 - Posted by: rsgonner, 9/27/2013 9:45:35 PM     (No. 9540294)

The one thing on which you can bet the farm is the ability of the republicans to compromise their principles, appeal to the democrat base, demonize their supporters and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Why do we support these idiots??

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Reply 70 - Posted by: suedotsue, 9/28/2013 8:36:38 AM     (No. 9540722)

As Cary Grant (as newspaper publisher Walter Burns) said to Rosalind Russell (as reporter Hildy Johnson) in the movie His Gal Friday, ´Who´s going to read the second paragraph?´ Many in the general public aren´t going to read past the first paragraph. They don´t have time. Equally important, the opening sentence and opening paragraph are the most important part of the article. They frame the issue. I read most of the comments here. I wouldn´t click on this article if you paid me. Hayes did nothing to stop the destruction of the country and its delivery to the radical left. So, he´s of value to the left, not to me. A commenter posted a portion where Hayes claims the GOP has been working gangbusters to stop O´care. This is quite false. The GOP has always loved O´Care. The GOP House refused to ever allow an ObamaCare defunding measure to come to the floor.

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Reply 71 - Posted by: Lawsy0, 9/28/2013 9:57:16 AM     (No. 9540856)

My little state might have a budding Cruz. Tennesseans fed up with LAMAR (Alexander is in Obama´s hip pocket) ´´Joe Carr seeks to represent Tennessee in the U.S. Senate in Washington because he believes our country is in crisis and Tennesseans are hungry for strong, principled, conservative leadership.´´

If nothing else, Carr is David to Alexander´s Goliath.

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Reply 72 - Posted by: NotaBene, 9/28/2013 11:52:04 AM     (No. 9541048)

These are the republicans that voted to fund Obamacare:

Alexander (up for re-election in 2014)
Cochran (up for re-election in 2014)
Collins (up for re-election in 2014)
Cornyn (up for re-election in 2014)
Graham (up for re-election in 2014)
Johnson (WI)
McConnell (up for re-election in 2014)
Two Republican senators did not vote:

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When it comes to tracking the cost of Obama family vacations, there are two primary challenges. First, the Obamas are prolific jet-setters, so there are many details to track. Second, the Obama administration, clearly embarrassed by these lavish and frequent family vacations, stonewalls the release of records at every turn. But we have been relentless in pursuit of this information. Our attorneys file the lawsuits and make our case, and our investigators pour through pages of records and crunch the numbers. And the information we’ve uncovered – information that would otherwise remain under lock and key – shows that the

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Daily Caller, by Patrick Howley    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 4/16/2014 9:54:52 PM     Post Reply
Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren wrote in her forthcoming book that she was “hurt” and “angry” by 2012 reporting on her fraudulent claim to Native American heritage. “What really threw me, though, were the constant attacks from the other side,” Warren wrote in her book “A Fighting Chance.” “I would almost persuade myself that I was starting to get the hang of full-throttle campaigning and then — bam! Out of left field, the state Republican Party, or the Brown campaign, or some blogger, would launch a rocket at me,” Warren wrote, adding, ”I was stunned by the attacks.” This reporter (blogger?) reported extensively

White babies just 15 months old show racial
bias when picking playmates, study found

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Daily Mail (U.K.), by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 4/15/2014 10:23:35 PM     Post Reply
Toddlers show racial bias when picking playmates, a study reveals. They also take account of how fairly others behave. Researchers tested the reaction of white 15-month-olds as toys were distributed. Two white adults divided the toys, one equally and the other unequally. Seventy per cent of the toddlers chose to play with the researcher who distributed the toys fairly. But in a second test, when one researcher favoured a white recipient over an Asian one, they picked the ‘fair’ researcher less often, the journal Frontiers in Psychology reports. And the babies are more likely to help those who share the same ethnicity, which is known as

Why is US Senator Harry
Reid so concerned with
a local Nevada rancher?

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Fox News, by Wayne Allyn Root    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 4/16/2014 9:37:12 PM     Post Reply
I live in Las Vegas. I live and breath Nevada politics. Something is very wrong. Something smells rotten in the Nevada desert. And Senator Harry Reid’s fingerprints are all over it. I am of course referring to the Bundy Ranch siege. This was a dispute between a Nevada ranching family with rights to the land in question for 140 years and the BLM (Bureayu of Land Management). The government claims they haven’t paid grazing fees for 20 years. The result was a government assault on the ranch- including snipers with assault rifles, SUV’s, helicopters, airplanes and over 200 heavily armed troops. No

Atlanta Braves flooded with Hank
Aaron hate mail: He’s a ‘s*****g’

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Washington Times (D.C.), by Cheryl K. Chumley    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 4/15/2014 3:23:19 PM     Post Reply
Hank Aaron’s recent comments about the need for America to realize that racism is still very much alive and thriving — only now due to those who wear “neckties and starched shirts” rather than KKK hoods — has sparked an angry backlash and many fans are turning the tables, calling the baseball legend himself a racist. “Hank Aaron is a s*****g piece of [expletive] [racial slur],” one man said in an email to the Atlanta Braves’ front office, one of the teams Mr. Aaron used to play for, CBS News reported. “My old man instilled in my mind from a

White is not right: Campus admins ask
for help weeding out white people

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Daily Caller, by Robby Soave    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 4/15/2014 7:47:18 PM     Post Reply
Western Washington University sent a questionnaire to students asking them for advice on how the administration could succeed at making sure that in future years, “we are not as white as we are today.” The question notes that WWU’s racial make up does not perfectly reflect the nation at large, and asks students to consider strategies that other universities have used to focus on skin color as the paramount indicator of a student-applicant’s worth. The president of WWU has stated that his explicit goal is to reduce the white population on campus, according to Campus Reform. “I’ve said before and I’ll say it

Former US president joins
opposition to Keystone XL

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Houston Chronicle, by Jennifer A. Dlouhy    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 4/16/2014 10:32:12 PM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON — Former President Jimmy Carter joined fellow Nobel laureates Wednesday in opposing Keystone XL, insisting that approving the pipeline would trigger “more climate upheaval” around the globe. In an open letter to President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, Carter and the nine other Nobel Peace Prize winners bluntly warned the leaders: “Your decision on the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline will define your climate legacy.” The missive, published as an advertisement in Politico, represents the first time Carter has taken a position on the $5.4 billion project and makes him the first former president to come

Progressive Insurance
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National Review Online, by Victor Davis Hanson    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 4/15/2014 10:08:10 PM     Post Reply
How do you ensure that you won’t be ostracized, denounced, or fired if you are a media celebrity, captain of industry, or high public official? For some, sexist banter is certainly no problem. Stand-up comedian Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a c–t and a tw-t, but suffered no ill consequences. David Letterman joked on air that Sarah Palin’s 14-year-old daughter had had sex with Alex Rodriguez during a New York Yankees game. There was no downside to that either. President Obama tosses around “sweetie” as he wishes. No problem with that. No one believes Barack could be condescending to women.

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