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University of Texas professor claims black
students are failing because they are
raised by poor single women

Daily Mail [UK], by Daniel Miller

Original Article

Posted By:Attercliffe, 12/11/2012 7:26:22 AM

A professor at the University of Texas has sparked outrage by claiming black and Hispanic students are failing academically because they have been raised in single parent homes usually by females. Law professor Lino Graglia was talking to the BBC when he said he could ´hardly imagine a less beneficial or more deleterious experience than to be raised by a single parent, usually female, uneducated and without a lot of money.´ He said the average black performance on SAT test is 200 points lower than that for the average white student and that among the black population almost three-quarters


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Reply 1 - Posted by: kanphil, 12/11/2012 7:32:37 AM     (No. 9059002)

Not familiar with any research on this, but my gut tells me this is true.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: Nimby, 12/11/2012 7:34:18 AM     (No. 9059005)

The top 10% rule comes to bite you in the arse UT!

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Reply 3 - Posted by: jj1319, 12/11/2012 7:36:28 AM     (No. 9059011)

Graglia is a wise old bird. Been around UT for a long time.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: Spidey, 12/11/2012 7:40:06 AM     (No. 9059019)

They´re failing because their brans aren´t wired to white academics. If this is the problem stop producing poor black women mothers. Where´s all the black kids raised by government workers parents? Are they doing any better education wise? I doubt it.

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Reply 5 - Posted by: Teleologicus, 12/11/2012 7:40:55 AM     (No. 9059020)

Arab proverb: He who tells the truth had best keep one foot in the stirrup.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: Woodenleg, 12/11/2012 7:42:02 AM     (No. 9059021)


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Reply 7 - Posted by: gasmeterguy, 12/11/2012 7:42:36 AM     (No. 9059022)

If the liberals are screaming, it must be the truth.

I have no thoughts about it one way or the other myself but I can see where he could draw such a conclusion. I know from past experience the black culture frowns upon those who do well in school, calling such students Uncle Tom´s.

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Reply 8 - Posted by: Patchy Groundfog, 12/11/2012 7:45:57 AM     (No. 9059028)

It´s Christmas break but the UT Shoot The Messenger Squad will have to report for duty.

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Reply 9 - Posted by: Not your typical New Yorker, 12/11/2012 7:45:58 AM     (No. 9059029)


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Reply 10 - Posted by: tren9, 12/11/2012 7:52:42 AM     (No. 9059038)


In the 40s [the black family was still intact] the segregated schools in black Harlem produced graduates who were just a couple of points behind white students in spite of the poor financial support for black schools. Black students could and did compete well against white students academically.

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Reply 11 - Posted by: Rather Read, 12/11/2012 7:53:59 AM     (No. 9059041)

I´ve met many a student, usually from a poor white or black background raised by a single uneducated parent who actively despises school and learning. They´ve taken the lines from Pink Floyd ´we don´t need no education´ very much to heart.

There´s a lot of them in eastern Kentucky sad to say. The government has thrown money at them since the time of LBJ and not much has changed.

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Reply 12 - Posted by: saguni, 12/11/2012 7:54:41 AM     (No. 9059042)

In response the League of United Latin American Citizens demanded he resign issuing a resolution which stated: ´His lack of respect for the students who sit in his classes is unacceptable. His contempt for our leaders is intolerable.´

Exactly what is it about an average 200 points lower on the SAT, failing homework papers and a sullen/entitled/ghetto attitude in class that engenders or earns respect?

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Reply 13 - Posted by: planetgeo, 12/11/2012 8:06:36 AM     (No. 9059057)

Dr. Graglia obviously hasn´t been to enough diversity training sessions nor gotten the memo of assuring equal outcomes in his classes.

The issue of cultural values is very real, as is the single parent family issue. The grievance groups can protest all they want to but the numbers don´t lie. You can try to ignore the numbers. You can even suppress them and forbid anyone from mentioning them. But they are there.

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Reply 14 - Posted by: Democracy First, 12/11/2012 8:08:21 AM     (No. 9059061)

Truth hurts. The guy didnt say it was because theyre black. He decried poverty and no dads at home. So what??? It is true across the racial board. White trash families are no different than ghetto trash when it comes to this issue. Baby mama sdont raise they chirrens to be good students. Baby daddies dont givrea flying flip. All yjey care about is the percentage of the welfare check that their vaious baby mamas are going to give them each month. Collect it, then go poke someone else and conceive again. Rinse, repeat. Again and again.

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Reply 15 - Posted by: artman1746, 12/11/2012 8:12:22 AM     (No. 9059064)

RACIST! BIGOT! Look, squirrel!

Don´t let this debate get started. It is a good political hammer so we can´t let this get started.

It´s Whitey´s fault! That´s their story and they´re sticking to it.

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Reply 16 - Posted by: baldguy, 12/11/2012 8:24:03 AM     (No. 9059079)

for anyone who speaks the truth about minorities, just say, "I´m not a racist, I´m an OBSERVATIONIST!"

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Reply 17 - Posted by: Newtsche, 12/11/2012 8:28:17 AM     (No. 9059091)

Must be true because every third commercial shows an exceptionally bright kid schooling dad on whatever is being hawked.

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Reply 18 - Posted by: Judith, 12/11/2012 8:31:34 AM     (No. 9059095)

I was listening to a lecture/talk obama´s head of education was giving the other day. His explanation that "minorities" should NOT be expected to perform at the same level as "non-minorities" and thus, should be awarded grades/degrees for work that does not meet the current mark (which is pretty low to begin with). Things need to be ADJUSTED in order for the minorities to graduate.
In other words, we get more of the highly credentialed people like obama, with inferior intellects. What a country!

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Reply 19 - Posted by: lancelink1, 12/11/2012 8:36:21 AM     (No. 9059105)

Must be retiring. Otherwise his tenure at UT is finished. Kaput. It is no more. It ceases to exist. It has kicked the bucket. It has shuffled off it´s mortal coil, it is berift of life, it has joined the bleedin´ choir invisible.

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Reply 20 - Posted by: HPmatt, 12/11/2012 8:39:17 AM     (No. 9059112)

At UT the top 10% is now 8%. What are the 3 keys to not living in poverty? Graduating from High School, not getting married until you are 20 and not having babies without being married - about 80% of poverty cases ignore these simple rules.

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Reply 21 - Posted by: saraguay, 12/11/2012 8:42:49 AM     (No. 9059119)

while i don´t doubt his conclusion, i wish that the study were of low income, single mothers not including the word black. poverty produces bad results - that´s not news. instead of affirmative action in favor of ethnic groups, i could support (in a limited way) some help for PEOPLE who have been poor for generations but have academic qualifications that demonstrate that help for college (or elite private high schools like the phillips andover/exeter ones) would be very beneficial. tommy lee jones was a very poor but good student and he got a lot of help for private h.s. and harvard (although i believe it was primarily b/c he was also a very good football player). being poor and qualified should be the criterion for scholarship, not race.

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Reply 22 - Posted by: Lucyloo, 12/11/2012 8:44:33 AM     (No. 9059122)

#4, you may want to check your own subject-verb agreement before questioning other´s education.

Please do NOT attack another poster in this manner. LCom Staff.

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Reply 23 - Posted by: LittleHoodedMonk, 12/11/2012 8:51:09 AM     (No. 9059136)

Didn´t some dRATS politico [or jackass] make the claim that our Military was made up of these "losers" that couldn´t find work elsewhere? I was more than offended by THAT remark. And for all the noise from any minority group, why are the teacher´s unions, board of educations, or local politicians always seeking MORE money to educate and feed these disadvantaged youths?

Every once in awhile, I like to point out to a young black kid that the hardest job in the world is to be a black father, supporting his family with a regular job.

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Reply 24 - Posted by: Periwinkel, 12/11/2012 8:52:04 AM     (No. 9059138)

#4´s syntax is sometimes a little off, but his/her thoughts and reasoning are always! spot on. #22 How about a break for our friend?

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Reply 25 - Posted by: garyhope, 12/11/2012 8:53:23 AM     (No. 9059140)

I was going to say that their cultures are self-destructive, but then I thought that now OUR whole culture is self-destructive and excuses or actively endorses every form and type of failure. It´s nobodies fault anymore. We´re all victims except "old white men" of course. We´re all Nazi´s or fascists. Everybody else is a "winner".

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Reply 26 - Posted by: On fire, 12/11/2012 8:57:32 AM     (No. 9059147)

I´m sure this prof had to flunk more minorities & the school asked for justification. He´s sick of pandering but #2 is correct . You can´t think that all top 10 or 8% are equal. A 3.2 gpa can be a valedictorian at a garbage school , & a 3.8 can be a top 15% at a great high school. Guess who gets into UT?

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Reply 27 - Posted by: humboldt, 12/11/2012 8:59:45 AM     (No. 9059153)

As I am a professor at another Texas state university (a considerably less prestigious one), I am in full sympathy with Graglia, who is only stating what most of my colleagues believe to be the case. However, none would utter such a heretical belief in public because political correctness reigns in academia, even in conservative west Texas. While other factors may be more important in expaining why blacks in particular perform more poorly as a whole than other groups, the topic is taboo and the best explanations cannot be determined in the marketplace of ideas. The facts about overall black performance cannot be disputed, only the reasons can.

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Reply 28 - Posted by: rubinski, 12/11/2012 8:59:45 AM     (No. 9059154)

#18, I was a nurse practitioner faculty member at a large state university for about 15 years. I will indeed tell you that about 99% of the minority students expected to get passing grades for completely unacceptable submissions. At this particular university, the minority students happened to be black.

I felt it was a public safety issue to hold all students to a uniform minimum standard because the discipline was nursing. Graduating subpar students in this field would be dangerous. I would say for the most part I was supported by administration. However, even if they had graduated, there are state boards which must be passed by all.

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Reply 29 - Posted by: gusman, 12/11/2012 9:06:02 AM     (No. 9059166)

The problem is a culutral problem, whites still believe that with hard wark and good education you can still get ahead(granted there are few and few), however the black culture doesn´t value education as a way to get ahead in life. By no means does this indicate they are stupid, think about what it takes to develop new street drugs(chemistry), and market it and sell(marketing and business), cut it so that it is addictive but doesn´t kill your customer the first time they use it (physiology)

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Reply 30 - Posted by: laotzu, 12/11/2012 9:08:13 AM     (No. 9059171)

While helping my grade schooler with his fractions homework last night, I was reminded of doing the same with my affirmative action roommate when I was a freshman in college.

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Reply 31 - Posted by: Bamatex, 12/11/2012 9:08:52 AM     (No. 9059175)

Can stating fact ever be racist? Not in truth, but in our society it can be--the accusation is all that is required because the left finds the practice useful and the right cowers.

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Reply 32 - Posted by: mickturn, 12/11/2012 9:11:15 AM     (No. 9059183)

...and why is the woman single and pregnant?
Lib policies make it easy, the child is paid for by taxpayers and Dad´s skip town.

We can change all that by refusing benefits until the Dad is identified via DNA and is forced to pay.

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Reply 33 - Posted by: southernboy, 12/11/2012 9:15:55 AM     (No. 9059189)

I don´t give a hoot if #4 writes in pidgin, his opinions are spot on.

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Reply 34 - Posted by: curious1, 12/11/2012 9:18:54 AM     (No. 9059192)

However, note he does not say poverty is the cause. Yet, you will hear LPs and those who fall for their propaganda loudly proclaim poverty as the cause. The same people who claim poverty is the cause of crime. Which insults all poor people who aren´t criminals - and that used to be over 90% of the poor. Don´t know what it is today.
Poverty isn´t the cause of their failure anymore than less spending on ´public schools´ is the cause of their poor performance.
BTW, a school is a teacher on one end of a log and a student on the other end. (paraphrase of L. Long)

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Reply 35 - Posted by: BuckeyeRon, 12/11/2012 9:26:22 AM     (No. 9059204)

Have him share his theory with Justice Clarence Thomas the next time he´s in DC, or spend time with the tens of thousands of children of single mothers of all races who have succeeded...

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Reply 36 - Posted by: saucy, 12/11/2012 9:30:25 AM     (No. 9059211)

The broken family is really the root of lower achievement. Minority status just compounds it.

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Reply 37 - Posted by: Refried, 12/11/2012 9:33:15 AM     (No. 9059221)

Dittos to poster #4!

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Reply 38 - Posted by: Ladymar, 12/11/2012 9:34:46 AM     (No. 9059224)

#19. Maybe he´s just pining! ;)

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Reply 39 - Posted by: Spunk, 12/11/2012 9:42:29 AM     (No. 9059254)

Has it occurred to anyone that academic ability is to a large degree inherited, and it´s not particularly smart to raise your kids with a single parent, living in poverty?

Correlation is not causation.

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Reply 40 - Posted by: Spunk, 12/11/2012 9:45:34 AM     (No. 9059263)

#10, in the 40´s only poor, ill-educated, often foreign-language speaking whites lived in those ghetto situations, whereas even the top black families and their students were to be found there.

I´ve no doubt that the effects of poor public policy have led to a decline in inner-city black culture since then, but there are also other factors at play in that comparison.

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Reply 41 - Posted by: spincut, 12/11/2012 9:45:37 AM     (No. 9059265)

The professor obviously missed the most important message in education curriculum:


Time for a nice stretch in a re-eduction camp.

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Reply 42 - Posted by: MattMusson, 12/11/2012 9:46:56 AM     (No. 9059267)

I hope he is tenured!

(Hook´em Horns)

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Reply 43 - Posted by: maryc, 12/11/2012 9:47:23 AM     (No. 9059269)

who fails ? they pass them along and even give them priority entry into college over kids with higher qualifications. Wonder what obama´s grades were.

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Reply 44 - Posted by: Eheu Fugaces, 12/11/2012 9:59:04 AM     (No. 9059297)

If you were to go into the homes of these poor white, black and Hispanic students, I bet you would be hard put to find a single book anywhere, and if there were, or if there were other reading materials, their content would be restricted to pop culture and fashion. if As the homies have been quoted as saying, "reading books is acting White." On the other hand, you will probably find a big, new, flat screen TV with Surround Sound and all the goodies.

Contrast that with what you will generally find in a middle class white (or Black or say Cuban) home. You will find find books, and you will see (as will the children) most members of the family reading them.

This is what is meant by "culture". It means that most Black and Hispanic students are already permanently behind the 8-ball intellectually and culturally before they ever leave elementary school, both because of deprivation and and the example set by those around them.

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Reply 45 - Posted by: krause, 12/11/2012 10:01:17 AM     (No. 9059301)

Wait a minute. I thought you weren´t allowed to use common sense in academia.

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Reply 46 - Posted by: Chuzzles, 12/11/2012 10:14:05 AM     (No. 9059331)

This is what happens when government is considered the daddy. Government has never ever done anything successful in social programs that I can think of except throw money at the issue. Liberal policies have already lost one generation. Are we heading towards two?

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Reply 47 - Posted by: roger h. cook,MD, 12/11/2012 10:47:17 AM     (No. 9059431)

Fear not they all will be hired as government workers.

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Reply 48 - Posted by: TheMotherCO, 12/11/2012 10:55:46 AM     (No. 9059452)

I think from observation that black and hispanic males are brought up to be super macho and that books and learning are for wimps. They are the types that end up in jail and think they are being persecuted because of their race. No, it is the attitude of it being smart is bad, but being mouthy and lazy is the right way.

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Reply 49 - Posted by: Griller1, 12/11/2012 11:08:13 AM     (No. 9059493)

Lino is a great man and wonderful speaker. I heard him years ago at a Federalist Society meeting. What a great legal mind and what a fine gentleman.

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Reply 50 - Posted by: reilly, 12/11/2012 11:10:12 AM     (No. 9059497)

Lifestyles enabled by liberals. Let it fail.

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Reply 51 - Posted by: LadyHen, 12/11/2012 11:21:33 AM     (No. 9059535)

fta: ´His lack of respect for the students who sit in his classes is unacceptable. His contempt for our leaders is intolerable.´

See that folks, his "lack of respect" for failing students who have never done anything to earn anyone´s respect. They are a protected class these failing minority college students.

The liberals don´t care if they are actively producing minority students who can´t tie their own shoes yet MUST go to college for our society to be seen as "politically correct." The substance or college (learning, growth, accomplishment) are irrelevant. It is the mere appearance, the theatrical act or being inclusive, that matters.

Remember this when you are dealing with minorities in positions you know required a BA at minimum. Remember this when dealing with anyone of any race sadly now as colleges fail all their students when they choose to dumb down essential material and course work for the benefit of those who were simply unprepared and yet MUST be included for our nations liberals to get their PC jollies.

This hurts all of society.

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   1  person like this.

Reply 52 - Posted by: toddh, 12/11/2012 11:29:21 AM     (No. 9059559)

People who complain about the Top 10% Rule need to realize that in a bad school, these kids have surpassed their teachers. Their *college educated* teachers.

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Reply 53 - Posted by: JAN, 12/11/2012 11:34:05 AM     (No. 9059574)

They are failing because they don´t apply themselves to schoolwork, homework, or working harder than ever to achieve.

By the time they get to university they are barely able to read, know nothing of American history and math is considered a foreign language.

Blame the teachers. They have these kids for the biggest portion of their day.

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Reply 54 - Posted by: Psalm_2, 12/11/2012 12:17:18 PM     (No. 9059688)

#18 just gave me some food for thought.

here is my conclusions:

the purpose in lowering standards is to weaken us intellectually & physically. to produce more ignorance & less intelligence. to make women in combat more dependent on males on the battlefield. in vietnam, the enemy used ieds & boobytraps to reduce our effectiveness overall & during critical mission actions.

i´m more likely to believe that democrat goals aren´t equality or opportunity but the fomenting of national weakness & ignorance. minorities or anyone else aren´t as likely to convert to conservative thought if they are fed propaganda & kept in philosophical darkness.

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" Hosea 4:6

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Reply 55 - Posted by: Arby, 12/11/2012 12:35:44 PM     (No. 9059743)

This is not rocket science. If you have good nutrition, books in the home, travel opportunities, the resources for private schools, parental attention, access to information technology, space dedicated for study purposes, and so on, you have a lot of comparative advantages. Poor single mothers are less likely to be able to provide such advantages. There are heroic exceptions, but in terms of large statistical patterns, this is not rocket science.

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Reply 56 - Posted by: JHHolliday, 12/11/2012 1:00:43 PM     (No. 9059794)

The professor is correct. If it´s not culture and environment than that leaves genetics and I really don´t think that the left wants to go there.

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Reply 57 - Posted by: GardenGal, 12/11/2012 1:27:48 PM     (No. 9059849)

It is totally the culture and the environment. I do volunteer tutoring at a low income public school. So far, in my short, one and half years, I have tutored three children in math. Two did not even understand the concept of numbers. Now I have been interacting with lots of children through the years and had never come across any child over age 4 who had this problem. It is a concept normally taught by parents at an early age while you count out cookies or apples or whatever over and over again. It is a just one of the ways some of these kids come into school (and in the case of the fifth grader, stay that way -although I think this kid only started going to school in third grade) way behind children brought up by middle class or above parents.

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Reply 58 - Posted by: Rafter, 12/11/2012 1:30:31 PM     (No. 9059857)

Dog whistle.

Bush´s fault.
Bush (Dubya) was Guber there for about six years, in Austin no less.
It was perhaps the soft bigotry of low expectations.
Si, senor?

But mebbe if´n yer kinder, gentler, more compassionate...
this´ll go away.
Won´t it?

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Reply 59 - Posted by: Butch59, 12/11/2012 1:46:44 PM     (No. 9059898)

There is one aspect to this that is seldom mentioned or discussed. That is, that for the past 40 to 50yrs, black people, and other minorities, have been TAUGHT by Dim politicians that they don´t have to study, do good in school, live in a two parent home, etc. in order to live a comfortable, middle class lifestyle. The govmint is going to provide it to them. At the expense of the white man and the RICH. And they (the dims) have succeeded beyond their dreams. And now look around and see what they have wrought on the country and where they still want to go.

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Reply 60 - Posted by: Nevadadad46, 12/11/2012 1:59:48 PM     (No. 9059935)

They are failing because the bar is not yet low enough. Lower the bar yet again for them- be totally pro-active affirmative action! Let them pass without the hard word, dedication to principles of education and equality of mind and spirit. Place them on the pedestal they are accustomed to. After all, they are victims and will always be victims! And, when the Chines and Europeans swoop in with real educations and "steal" their jobs because industry must have real educated professionals, they can always fall back on what they know best- Welfare!

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Reply 61 - Posted by: shepsmum, 12/11/2012 3:12:15 PM     (No. 9060067)

#60 -- I believe that this is exactly what Governor and then President Bush was trying to eliminate. Allowing minority children to perform so poorly and doing nothing to try to remedy it IS in fact bigotry of low expectations.

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Reply 62 - Posted by: Barbarian Heretic, 12/11/2012 3:58:41 PM     (No. 9060139)

Well, Professor- you have violated a Commandment:

"Thou shalt not speaketh the obvious in matters of race, lest we smite thee and cast ye out"

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Reply 63 - Posted by: kevinseattle54, 12/11/2012 4:04:23 PM     (No. 9060153)

There are some things best left unsaid even if they are true...

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Reply 64 - Posted by: saguni, 12/11/2012 4:12:07 PM     (No. 9060167)

Poster #55, while I would never say that all teachers are blameless, they don´t deserve all the blame.

Pantywaist administrators who will do anything to avoid upsetting a belligerent parent who "will sue the school for punishing my little angel" should shoulder a large portion of blame, for appeasing parents and ignoring teacher reports on the child.

Parents who don´t enforce bedtime, so their child is falling asleep in class and parents who can´t be bothered waking a child and fixing a nutritious breakfast send their little angels to school unable to learn. Whether or not if they are married, whether or not if the child qualifies for free meals at school, and regardless of the perceived race of the child.

A school system that is forced, by laws passed affecting schools, and even ADA, to allow disruptive, violent, sometimes psychotic students to remain in "mainstream classrooms," often harming other, innocent, students and sometimes assaulting and even raping female teachers. I remember when those types of students could be expelled--or sent to reform school.

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Reply 65 - Posted by: KTWO, 12/11/2012 4:51:05 PM     (No. 9060228)

Fun with statistics. There must be sufficient students and background material to test this.

But then what? The science doesn´t matter when its answers are unpleasant.

Those with agendas can and will always say any study is flawed and/or does not show what it seems to show.

We are om a racial quagmire And politically correct rigidity helps keep it so.

Personally I think race doesn´t matter in academic success. And outcomes will be worse for single parents in economic difficult regardless of race. But community attitudes seem equally important.

It would be mad to believe a child´s total experience does not affect his chances of success in college.

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Reply 66 - Posted by: BigGeorgeTX, 12/11/2012 5:39:05 PM     (No. 9060300)

But look at all the "uncles" they get to have.

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Reply 67 - Posted by: NRA_Forever, 12/11/2012 5:48:21 PM     (No. 9060315)

Blacks in America have I.Q.´s 15-20 points lower than whites. Blacks in sub-Saharan Africa have I.Q.´s that average around 65. This, along with their hatred of anything white, explains their academic deficits.

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Reply 68 - Posted by: billa57, 12/11/2012 6:17:55 PM     (No. 9060363)

Products of LBJ´s "Great society", Pay black women to stay unwed and have children. Have more kids, get more $$$. Democrats get at least two generations of voters, Blacks get to live in abject poverty,but don´t have to work, Americans pay for the whole scheme. Obama has bigger plans.

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Reply 69 - Posted by: osprey21, 12/11/2012 7:11:40 PM     (No. 9060445)

The truth stings, don´t it...?

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Reply 70 - Posted by: TX_blanke, 12/11/2012 8:30:13 PM     (No. 9060545)

Why didn´t the professor just ask the interviewer what his SAT scores were? Let´s face it, you don´t have to have much between your ears to get a network reporter job. You only have to look pretty.

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Reply 71 - Posted by: get er done, 12/11/2012 8:59:30 PM     (No. 9060575)

I believe that statistics show that over 70% of black children are born out of wedlock and their families are on the dole. The unwed mothers often are no more than children themselves when they give birth to their children, and the mothers often are failing in school as well.

I grew up in poor family, one of six children. My mother was ill with cancer for a good part of my childhood and she died when I was 13. My parents qualified for welfare, but were too proud to accept it. My father sometimes worked three jobs to pay for my mothers "experimental" chemotherapy which was was covered by health insurance at the time. My mother helped us with our homework every night after school. We all attended private Catholic school, all six attended college, and some went to graduate school. We all married and some of us were blessed with children, and we raise our children the same way we were raised, but with the better life style that our educations and hard work gave us. As second generation Americans, we are angered that we are expected to pay for cradle to grave support for "poor single women" and their illegitimate children.

My parents love was like a warm coat that protected us from the cold realities of life. I would venture to say that many children conceived by "poor single girls" are not conceived in secure loving relationships.

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Reply 72 - Posted by: owl, 12/11/2012 9:34:30 PM     (No. 9060612)

An alien ship has entered Earth´s orbit and has been monitoring the life forms communications . The aliens have determined that 50% of the North American continent Sapien population have dark skin . They have also determined they are the ruling ´ class ´ .

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Reply 73 - Posted by: Salt5792, 12/11/2012 10:58:50 PM     (No. 9060692)

And nobody dares say that there is any genetic causation.

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Reply 74 - Posted by: pineledger, 12/12/2012 11:10:55 AM     (No. 9061480)

Sensitivity Training sure to be ordered for this guy.

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Reply 75 - Posted by: Momma Walton, 12/12/2012 4:28:21 PM     (No. 9062122)

Not that they are raised by poor single women, but that the government has excused the behavior of their fathers and have "taken over" the responsibility. The Dems/Libs have their agenda that denies Christian belief that there is a God who loves all His creation and is able to reveal Himself,acting in their behalf.

This country has taken away the Faith that once provided US with the favor/aid of Almighty God.

Sex has become more important than being responsible. The schools have taken away the parents responsibility of raising their children to be honorable/willing to live their lives as Jesus once lived, totally agreeing with His/our Father God.

We have lost our innocence! The government has stolen from our children their birthright.

Pray for America! Satan is now roaming the streets.He is seeking whomever he can devour. His tactics have not changed. He came to steal/kill/destroy!

Look around and see what is happening!

America needs God. He alone can/will deliver US from all evil, here and abroad! Amen

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Reply 76 - Posted by: Bla Bla, 12/12/2012 4:50:12 PM     (No. 9062150)

re #4, #24, #34 & on down the thread -- you must be kidding then???

I just had this conversation a few days ago with a white church friend of mine. We give to a Boys´ Ranch every Christmas as a Bible Study Group. She works at a hospital. She sees people of color working highly professional jobs every day. Their brains are wired just fine. Doctors, nurses, specialized technicians, etc.

But our Q is -- why do we see mostly WHITE people giving to the urban/poor blacks? Whites are Big Brothers, Little League Coaches, donators, Foster Parents, etc.

We think it´s because the blacks at the top are either shunned/disliked, &/or they are afraid they will be drug down by the lower end if they hang out with them.

They need mentoring -- not new brains.

P.S. This prof is going to be in big doo doo -- remember what happened to Dan Quayle when he said we need less Murphy Browns . . . & she was a white actress playing a part!

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Below, you will find ...

Most Recent Articles posted by "Attercliffe"


Most Active Articles (last 48 hours)

Most Recent Articles posted by "Attercliffe"

Hundreds of British jihadis returning from fight
in Syria spark terror alert after police and MI5
thwart Mumbai-style attack on London
Daily Mail [UK], by Amanda Williams    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 2/16/2014 11:02:46 AM     Post Reply
Hundreds of British jihadis have returned from fighting in Syria, sparking a terror alert in Britain. Senior security officials have said that around 250 British based ´extremist tourists´ have returned home, and are now suspected of wanting to carry out attacks here. The figure is five times higher than previously thought and includes several ´veterans´ who have fought in Afghanistan and Pakistan. MI5 and police have already intercepted an alleged serious plot by jihadis returning from the war torn region last Autumn. They were said to be planning a Mumbai-style gun attack on civilians in a crowded place, possibly London.

´I can’t look after my son any more,
but at least I can look after his dog´
Telegraph [UK], by Patrick Sawer    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 2/16/2014 10:53:31 AM     Post Reply
Paratrooper Conrad Lewis and the mongrel dog he adopted on patrol were constant companions amid the dangers of Afghanistan’s Helmand province. Such was their attachment that when Private Lewis was killed by a sniper’s bullet, his grieving family did all they could to arrange for the animal to be brought back to the UK to live with them. [Snip] The charity, called the Nowzad Dogs Animal Shelter after the Afghan town in which it was founded by a Royal Marine, runs the only dog refuge operating in Afghanistan, taking in hundreds of the country’s stray and abandoned pets. Since it opened it has arranged for dozens of dogs such

When Harry met Joy and her
Battle of Britain comrades
Telegraph [UK], by Patrick Sawer    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 2/16/2014 10:38:10 AM     Post Reply
To Churchill and all Britons of a certain age they were ´The Few’, that band of brave men and women who kept Hitler’s Luftwaffe at bay during the dark days of the Battle of Britain. [Snip] Visiting Goodwood, close to former RAF Westhampnett--from where many of the Battle of Britain sorties flew--the Prince, himself a helicopter pilot and co-gunner during the more recent campaign in Afghanistan, inspected a Spitfire fighter, one of the aircraft which did so much in defending these islands. During his visit, which saw him sit briefly in the cockpit of the rare two seater model, Prince Harry met Joy Lofthouse, 91, who, as a member of the

UK weather: it´s not as weird
as our warmists claim
Telegraph [UK], by Christopher Booker    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 2/16/2014 10:32:33 AM     Post Reply
Inevitably, in the wake of all these dramatic storms and floods, the usual suspects, eagerly abetted by the BBC, Channel 4 News and Sky, piled in to claim that the latest “extreme weather events”--coupled with blizzards in 49 of the 50 American states--are clear evidence of man-made global warming. At their forefront, proclaiming that “all the evidence suggests there is a link to climate change”, was that arch-climate proponent Dame Julia Slingo, chief scientist at the Met Office; that same Met Office that, back in November, was predicting that “precipitation” for the three months between December and February was likely

The British bulldog spirit lives on
Telegraph [UK], by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 2/16/2014 2:32:55 AM     Post Reply
British people are at their best when the chips are down--and the last few weeks have sorely tested us. The floods have brought misery to vast swathes of the country, sabotaging railways, cutting off power and leaving whole villages stranded in water. [Snip] They have done a remarkable job. Take the marvellous Flooding on the Levels Action Group. Composed of volunteers who could not bear to see their neighbours suffer, they have helped to distribute torches, blankets, food and more than 100 tons of sandbags. Their most impressive display of coordinated action was the evacuation of 850 cows from flooded

Sen. Tim Scott delivers valentines to
patients at MUSC Children´s Hospital
Post & Courier [Charleston, SC], by Lauren Sausser    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 2/15/2014 5:03:49 AM     Post Reply
Pediatric patients at the Medical University of South Carolina Children´s Hospital got surprise valentines from U.S. Sen. Tim Scott on Friday. Scott, R-S.C., delivered valentines, carnations and pencils to children at MUSC for a third year in a row. He stopped for a few minutes to play a video game with 8-year-old Shi´Nara Grant outside her hospital room. He asked Mack Shieder, 5, who is battling leukemia, about his favorite football team and the Star Wars T-shirt he was wearing. "Do you have a favorite character in Star Wars?" Scott asked. "Darth Vader," Mack said. "Darth Vader! I like Darth

´I´ll always be your Valentine´: Michelle
posts soppy message with cute photos
of the First Couple... but Obama has to
tweet his love from 3,000 miles away
Daily Mail [UK], by Meghan Keneally    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 2/15/2014 4:57:23 AM     Post Reply
Michelle Obama has sent her husband a virtual Valentine--for the whole world to see--since they won´t be spending the holiday together. ´Hey Barack, I´ll always be your valentine! #HappyValentinesDay - mo,´ she wrote, attaching a collage photo of the couple goofing off. Even though a tweet may not be the most personal way to get her message across, at least Mrs Obama signed the tweet herself. The first couple usually adds their initials at the end of the tweet in order to distinguish which ones they write as opposed to those written by their staff. When Mr Obama posted his

Online trolls really ARE horrible people:
Researchers find they are narcissistic,
machiavellian, psychopathic and sadistic
Daily Mail [UK], by Mark Prigg    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 2/15/2014 4:41:22 AM     Post Reply
Online trolls have serious personality issues such as Machiavellianism, one of the biggest studies into trolling has found. Researchers say that online commenters display traits that are Narcissistic, psychopathic, and sadistic and the worse the problems, the longer the person spent online. They found the most common trait was to exhibit sadistic behaviour. [Snip] They said the trolls displayed what is known as the ´Dark Tetrad´ of personality in two tests developed. ´Both studies revealed similar patterns of relations between trolling and the Dark Tetrad of personality: trolling correlated positively with sadism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism, using both enjoyment ratings and

First ice storms, now an EARTHQUAKE:
America´s Southeast struck by Valentine´s
Day tremblor felt across three states
Daily Mail [UK], by Ryan Gorman    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 2/15/2014 4:26:14 AM     Post Reply
Snow and ice weary southerners received another jolt Friday night when an earthquake struck the region. The 4.1-magnitude quake was centered in Edgefield, South Carolina, but was also felt in North Carolina and Georgia--it occurred at 10.23p and lasted about 10 seconds, according to witnesses. [Snip] Though minor in scope, USGS Geophysicist Dale Grant called the event a ‘large quake for that area.’ Despite being large for the area, 4.1-magnitude quakes do not often cause significant damage. It did knock out land line phones in at least one area of Edgefield, a local told Fox Carolina.

Delingpole quits Telegraph ahead
of UK launch of Breitbart.com
Spectator [UK], by Steerpike    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 2/14/2014 1:27:17 PM     Post Reply
Green-baiter James Delingpole has quit his blog at Telegraph with customary flair: ‘Today is the sad day when I must bid you all farewell. I have been appointed Chief Sustainability Consultant at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, working directly to one of my all-time-heroes Ed Davey, with a juicy, taxpayer-funded salary, a ring-fenced pension and a bio-fuel-powered Aston-Martin just like the Prince of Wales’s. No, not really, about the second bit. Just the first bit: I’m off to pastures new.’ Mr Steerpike hears that the pastures new are the launch of a London office of right-wing muck-racking website

Europe´s museums should launch a campaign
to return George Clooney to America
Telegraph [UK], by Iain Martin    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 2/14/2014 12:31:23 PM     Post Reply
There are not many films about the Second World War which I will refuse to watch. But with his new Nazi art heist epic George Clooney may actually have made an unwatchable piece of cinema about that most fascinating of conflicts. The reviews for The Monuments Men have been dire. [Snip] Apparently the extremely simplistic film even contains a scene in which Clooney´s character explains, with the aid of a large map and a stick, where Europe is and what the Nazis are up to. He explains this to the President Roosevelt character. In the Oval Office.

William and Harry chip in with the flood
effort as they help soldiers lay sandbags
along the Thames (but environment boss
Chris Smith is miles from the front line)
Daily Mail [UK], by Rebecca English*    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 2/14/2014 10:18:23 AM     Post Reply
Princes William and Harry today joined the flood relief effort by helping soldiers to lay sandbags in Datchet. The royal brothers secretly joined members of Harry´s Household Cavalry regiment to shore up the defences just a stone´s throw from the Queen´s residence, Windsor Castle. [Snip] According to sources, William and Harry had been keen to play a part for some days but did not want to publicise their presence for fear of distracting from the crisis facing householders. They joined military personnel at 6am this morning and had hoped to stay working all day. But by mid morning, word of

Most Active Articles (last 48 hours)

Aspen airport shuts down
for Michelle Obama

52 replie(s)
New York Post, by Emily Smith    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 2/15/2014 5:00:16 AM     Post Reply
First Lady Michelle Obama apparently halted private-jet traffic at Aspen airport as she landed for a weekend of skiing while President Obama headed to California. Michelle, with her daughters, Sasha and Malia, was expected to touch down in Aspen Friday to spend Valentine’s Day and Presidents Day weekend away from her husband, who was meeting late Friday with Jordan’s King Abdullah II in Rancho Mirage, Calif. Mrs. Obama’s arrival amid tight security was expected to delay the arrival of other wealthy vacationers on private jets at the Colorado ski resort. One source said, “Some of those heading into Aspen were whining that

Jonathan Turley Says,
´The Thing Speaks for Itself´

50 replie(s)
American Thinker, by Jeannie DeAngelis    Original Article
Posted By: Piercentire- 2/15/2014 5:12:23 AM     Post Reply
Jonathan Turley, faithful Obama supporter and liberal professor of constitutional law at Sandra Fluke´s alma mater, Georgetown University Law School, is sounding the alarm that "a system in which a single individual is allowed to rewrite legislation or ignore legislation is a system that borders on authoritarianism." Question for Mr. Turley: what kind of constitutional law professor votes for an inexperienced community organizer who believes that the U.S. Constitution is "fundamentally flawed" in the first place?

Cruz Senate Stunt Goes Unpunished
as Old Tools Don’t Work

45 replie(s)
Bloomberg News, by Kathleen Hunter    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 2/15/2014 9:53:33 AM     Post Reply
A growing group of Ted Cruz’s Republican Senate colleagues are infuriated with his tactics. So frustrated was Arizona Senator John McCain with the latest, forcing fellow Republicans to take a politically risky vote on lifting the debt ceiling, that yesterday he tweeted a Wall Street Journal editorial accusing the Texas lawmaker of instigating “needless drama that helps to explain why Republicans remain a minority.” (Snip)Cruz’s insistence Feb. 12 on a 60-vote threshold to advance legislation lifting the nation’s borrowing cap foiled his party leadership’s plan to let the measure move forward with only Democratic votes.

VW workers in Tennessee stun UAW,
reject union by 712-626 margin

44 replie(s)
Detroit Free Press, by Brent Snavely    Original Article
Posted By: cThree- 2/14/2014 11:06:30 PM     Post Reply
CHATTANOOGA, TENN. — The UAW suffered a devastating defeat at Volkswagen’s plant here as workers rejected union representation by a 712-626 margin.The defeat, which came despite Volkswagen’s neutrality, tarnishes UAW President Bob King’s legacy and could make it next to impossible for the union to extend its reach beyond domestic automakers.
“While we certainly would have liked a victory for workers here, we deeply respect the Volkswagen Global Group Works Council, Volkswagen management and (German union) IG Metall for doing their best to create a free and open atmosphere for workers to exercise their basic human right to form a union,” King said in a statement.

Staff has added more text.

Obama, childhood buddies
go golfing in California

34 replie(s)
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 2/15/2014 2:23:07 PM     Post Reply
RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. — It’s a day of golf in Southern California for President Barack Obama while the nation’s capital recovers from this week’s snowfall. The White House says Obama teed off Saturday at the nine-hole course at the Sunnylands retreat in Rancho Mirage with childhood friends Bobby Titcomb, Greg Orme and Michael Ramos. Obama is spending the weekend at the estate. It used to be the winter home of the late billionaire philanthropists Walter and Leonore Annenberg. On Friday night, Obama and Jordan’s King Abdullah II met at Sunnylands for talks largely focused on Syria.

One in four Americans ´do not
know the Earth circles the Sun´

31 replie(s)
Telegraph [UK], by Barney Henderson    Original Article
Posted By: mitzi- 2/15/2014 6:43:33 PM     Post Reply
One in four Americans are completely unfamiliar with Nicolaus Copernicus´s 1543 theory that the Earth circles the Sun, according to a study by the National Science Foundation. (snip) The question - "Does the Earth go around the Sun, or does the Sun go around the Earth" - was answered incorrectly by 26 per cent of respondents. Fewer than half of the respondents - 48 per cent - are aware that humans evolved from earlier species of animals and just 39 percent answered correctly that "the universe began with a huge explosion". A total of 42 per cent of Americans said

Rescuing a Vietnam Casualty: Johnson’s Legacy
31 replie(s)
New York Times, by Adam Nagourney    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 2/16/2014 9:16:59 AM     Post Reply
AUSTIN, Tex. — Luci Baines Johnson leaned forward in her father’s private suite at the L.B.J. Presidential Library, her voice breaking as she recounted the “agony of Vietnam” that engulfed Lyndon Baines Johnson and the pain she feels to this day of witnessing his presidency judged through the prism of a failed war. “Nobody wanted that war less than Lyndon Johnson,” said Ms. Johnson, 66, who is the president’s younger daughter. “No matter how hard he tried, he didn’t seem to be able to get out of that quagmire. Not only did he not get out of it in his lifetime,

Is Hillary Clinton Too Old to Run?
29 replie(s)
National Journal, by Charlie Cook    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/14/2014 1:28:30 PM     Post Reply
At least every week now, there is a new story supporting the narrative of an inevitable 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential bid. Indeed, the conventional wisdom is that it is an absolute certainty that she will run. If anyone is currently saying, flat out, that Hillary isn´t running, I haven´t come across them. Is the inevitability of her run really as certain as the conventional wisdom suggests, and further, is it unfolding in an optimal manner for the potential candidate? In all likelihood, Clinton will not make a final, "go-or-no-go" decision until early next year, after the dust has settled from

When Will the Backlash Occur?
29 replie(s)
Fox News, by Scott W. Atlas, MD    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 2/16/2014 4:37:25 AM     Post Reply
Americans watching the Affordable Care Act’s implementation are witnessing a government policy debacle that is as large as any in memory. It is hard to imagine a more vivid demonstration of the ruinous consequences of government stepping into a market in which it doesn’t belong. And, sadly, what we are seeing now is only the beginning of the policy’s failure. In its most updated assessment of the ACA, the government’s own Congressional Budget Office caught the Democrats flat-footed by projecting that the law is severely flawed on a number of fronts, matching in many ways what the ACA opponents clearly

Remington Arms Rebuffs New York –
Will Build New Plant in Alabama

28 replie(s)
Gateway Pundit, by Jim Hoft    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 2/16/2014 5:30:50 AM     Post Reply
Remington Arms Company, Inc., founded in 1816 in upstate New York, announced today they will build their new factory in Alabama and not the Empire state. Since New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D.) signed the SAFE Gun Control Act, multiple gun companies have left the state. And, now Remington will not build its new plant there. Syracuse.com reported: Remington Outdoor Co. plans to open a 500,000-square-foot factory in Alabama that would employ 2,000 people, AL.com and the Military Times reported today. The Military Times story says the expansion would not affect the gun company’s factory or jobs at the plant in Ilion, Remington’s

California auto buyers favor Toyota
Prius; rest of U.S. prefers trucks

26 replie(s)
Los Angeles Times, by Jerry Hirsch    Original Article
Posted By: Ribicon- 2/15/2014 11:43:50 AM     Post Reply
America loves trucks. California? The Prius hybrid. Toyota´s Prius was the best-selling vehicle in the state for the second consecutive year in 2013, highlighting California´s radically different taste in automobiles. Nationally, Ford´s F-Series truck has been the bestselling vehicle for more than three decades. (Snip) The average transaction price of the Prius is higher than what the other passenger cars at the top of California´s list cost, Brauer said. "People are buying the most expensive, the most political and the car with the most identifiable image," he said. "It makes a stronger statement than the other four even though

Shani Davis, no matter where he
finishes, remains an unfortunate
exception at Winter Games

26 replie(s)
Washington Post, by Mike Wise    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 2/15/2014 11:51:15 AM     Post Reply
Sochi, Russia — Don’t listen to your friends back home saying the Winter Olympics are just for white people who like the cold and vacation in Aspen. This is the most inclusive Winter Games ever. Why, there are Caucasians here from almost 88 different nations. Bada-bing! I’ll be here all week. Actually, I will be here the next 10 days. And in that time, I will encounter no more than a dozen people of African American descent. They are the same ones I see over and over. Speedskater Shani Davis, Lolo Jones and the U.S. women’s bobsled team, NBC correspondent Lewis Johnson and about three other black journalists,

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