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Valerie Jarrett Versus The Haters
Buzzfeed, by Michael Hastings and Ruby Cramer

Original Article

Posted By:drive, 10/26/2012 9:04:01 AM

Valerie Jarrett is hard to find. Outsiders catch only short glimpses of her — a public conversation with Natalie Portman at a campaign event for women in Las Vegas, a wire photo with Will.i.am on the convention floor, a rare television appearance on Morning Joe. She's not one of the administration's leading public faces, but her low profile belies her importance. She holds the title of senior advisor to President Barack Obama; she is a best friend to Michelle. She is one of the most powerful black women in American history.


Post Reply  

Reply 1 - Posted by: civilservant, 10/26/2012 9:07:58 AM     (No. 8963500)

Born in Iran, ValJarr IS the shadow gov't.

The Presidebt has surrounded himself with anti-American TRAITORS.

And to a person, they should all be tried for treason. From the very top all the way down to Carney the klown.

Reply 2 - Posted by: Robinsolana, 10/26/2012 9:09:36 AM     (No. 8963508)

Since he could not have Bill Ayres, Obama has Valerie Jarrett.




Reply 3 - Posted by: shamus, 10/26/2012 9:10:13 AM     (No. 8963511)

Jarrett has done a great deal of harm to the country, and she'll do worse in a second term.

Reply 4 - Posted by: bmoc, 10/26/2012 9:21:30 AM     (No. 8963547)

Start with her.... the recipe is simple: Arrest, trial, execute. Repeat until the nation is devoid of traitors.

Reply 5 - Posted by: Nimby, 10/26/2012 9:29:47 AM     (No. 8963571)

She is in the basement of WH brewing potions and making Romney and Ryan voodoo dolls!

Reply 6 - Posted by: Salt5792, 10/26/2012 9:32:22 AM     (No. 8963576)

Jarratt, Lisa Jackson, Susan Rice: Mammies in charge of our government.

Reply 7 - Posted by: Scribelus, 10/26/2012 9:36:25 AM     (No. 8963589)

The woman has the insidious charm of a spirochete.




Reply 8 - Posted by: jinx, 10/26/2012 9:37:29 AM     (No. 8963592)

Valerie Jarrett's grandfather was a Communist as was her father-in-law. Those are the circles she runs in. She is Barry's keeper. Will be glad to see the back of her.

Reply 9 - Posted by: Douglas DC, 10/26/2012 9:43:13 AM     (No. 8963606)

Jarrett is Black? what? gee, I'm about a
shade darker.....
Nobody ever told me I was?
Race Baiting going on here..

Reply 10 - Posted by: Blue-Z-Anna, 10/26/2012 9:45:14 AM     (No. 8963611)

If Hurricane Sandy hits the north-east just right it will keep a LOT of Barky voters from getting to the polls.

It's not out of character for the God of Abraham to put his thumb on the scale occasionally.

The God "Nemesis" also gets a tad testy with the hubris of men in momjeans.

Lady Luck will also smack you down when you get uppity in Vegas.

Take yer pick.

He's toast.

Reply 11 - Posted by: jrtrhd, 10/26/2012 9:48:29 AM     (No. 8963622)

Watched the military channel show on taking down OBL the other night. In every photo they showed of Obama Jarrett was in the background! Every one, who is calling the shots here?

Reply 12 - Posted by: MKirkUSN, 10/26/2012 9:50:08 AM     (No. 8963630)

She's behind the curtain, furiously working the Obama marionette




Reply 13 - Posted by: heneverlies, 10/26/2012 9:54:56 AM     (No. 8963645)

"She is one of the most powerful black women in American history"

Geez, when looking at the picture with her arrogant posture and face I just don't see the "blackness" there. Iranian heritage I do see, along with the Marxist aura of smugness...a touch of evil too!

Reply 14 - Posted by: slrobi, 10/26/2012 9:55:58 AM     (No. 8963647)

I thought her parents were from Iran. I didn't know she was black.

Reply 15 - Posted by: secondtimelucky, 10/26/2012 9:58:59 AM     (No. 8963657)

whoever and whatever Buzzfeed is, this was a wet kiss. ValJar now walks on water and points out the rocks to the Leader who is carefully walking behind her.

Protector of barack's immortal soul??? Now THAT gave me a cold chill...

Reply 16 - Posted by: nonsense, 10/26/2012 10:02:44 AM     (No. 8963672)

Incredibly creepy cover story. Is ValJar expecting some push-back for the destruction of the country and the Demonrat party?

If the "powers that be" can threaten Soros to back off this election, what can they do to convince this communist Iranian born destroyer to disappear after the election?

I hope she evaporates in Jan of 2013. She has done a decade of damage to the country and to the American people.

Reply 17 - Posted by: killerbee, 10/26/2012 10:09:36 AM     (No. 8963694)

#10: we do NOT want that. We want it to be a fair and free election that Mitt Romney will win without question. Like Bush in 2004. They wanted to make trouble afterward, but there was just no way.

Any evidence of hardship for Obama voters will throw us into chaos. Which is what Obama wants. Pray Sandy out to sea.




Reply 18 - Posted by: Rumblehog, 10/26/2012 10:11:01 AM     (No. 8963697)

She's also an Iranian mole.

Reply 19 - Posted by: SoCalGal, 10/26/2012 10:13:56 AM     (No. 8963711)

Much has been written about her. For a true picture there's Michelle Malkin and, recently, Richerd Miniter in his book Leading From Behind", in which he devotes the first part of the book to the three women whom he believes heavily influence Obie: Valerie Jarrett, Mooch and Hillary. And there are masses of articles in google about her nefarious exploits in Chicago.

She is the power with both Obamas. I'm sure they realize that without her they'd still be stuck in Chicago, lost in its crowd of community activists.

Reply 20 - Posted by: SoCalGal, 10/26/2012 10:16:36 AM     (No. 8963717)

ValJar the Puppetmaster:


Reply 21 - Posted by: earlybird, 10/26/2012 10:22:47 AM     (No. 8963740)

Journolister Ben Smith, formerly of Politico, is editor-in-chief of BuzzFeed. When you see "BuzzFeed", put your BeeEss filters on.

From Breitbart:

Evolution of a JournOlist: Politico's Ben Smith Jumps to BuzzFeed

This is BuzzFeed today, a site co-founded by Jonah Peretti, who also co-founded the Huffington Post.

A match made in heaven for our infamous JournOlister, Ben Smith.

Don't click that BuzzFeed link and laugh, though. What looks like a goofy pop culture site won't be one for much longer. The idea is for Smith to hire a dozen or so political reporters and (in his own words):.....This is a natural evolution for the left's number one New Media hitman.


Reply 22 - Posted by: Emerson, 10/26/2012 10:26:32 AM     (No. 8963758)

ValJar's bio says she was born in Iran of American parents. Her doctor father was there on a medical mission. She only lived in Iran until she was five, but apparently speaks the language. This must impress Obie and Mooch.



Reply 23 - Posted by: philly_patriot, 10/26/2012 10:44:16 AM     (No. 8963805)

#9 ibid. my family.

.......enter 'the Manchurian Candidate'

Reply 24 - Posted by: R. Edgar, 10/26/2012 10:54:56 AM     (No. 8963840)

Jarrett is Obie's Martin Bormann (he was better at it).

Hillary is his Andrei Gromyko (he was much smarter).

Mooch is Madame Chiang Ching (Mao's last wife, and she was not a beard).

Reply 25 - Posted by: laotzu, 10/26/2012 11:21:02 AM     (No. 8963925)

Wow, her feet are ginormous.

Reply 26 - Posted by: IGWTrust, 10/26/2012 11:29:42 AM     (No. 8963953)

Lots of valuable info for sale when she leaves the White Hut.

Reply 27 - Posted by: disasterman, 10/26/2012 11:49:21 AM     (No. 8964021)

This woman was kicked out of Mayor Daley's administration in Chicago over allegations of corruption. Just how corrupt does one have to be for that to happen? Let that sink in. There yet? Today she is probably the most powerful woman on the planet.

Reply 28 - Posted by: OdinsAcolyte, 10/26/2012 12:35:52 PM     (No. 8964222)

don't like her. never have.

Reply 29 - Posted by: ColonialAmerican1623, 10/27/2012 1:01:19 AM     (No. 8966119)

She seems to have a case of vitiligo.

Wonder how many living in Chicago slums knew she was their slum lord living as a one percenter ?

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in post-first world war London
Spectator Magazine (U.K.), by Paul Spicer    Original Article
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These days there are sophisticated and scientific solutions to the dismal problem of unwanted childlessness — there are IVF, Viagra and well-established egg and sperm donor services. We think of these as recent advantages and give thanks for the modern age. But what only very few people are aware of is that long before sperm donation was practically or ethically possible, in the early 20th century, a secret sperm donation service existed for those women most in need. Helena Wright was a renowned doctor, bestselling author, campaigner and educator who overcame the establishment

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National Review Online, by Jillian Kay Melchior    Original Article
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Confession: You’re paying my phone bill. In the past month, I have received three shiny new cell phones, courtesy of American taxpayers, that should never have fallen into my hands. The Federal Communications Commission oversees the so-called Lifeline program, created in 1984 to make sure impoverished Americans had telephone service available to call their moms, bosses, and 911. In 2008, the FCC expanded the program to offer subsidized cell-phone service, and since then, the expenses of running the program have soared. In 2012, the program’s costs had risen to $2.189 billion, up from $822

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New York Post, by David Seifman    Original Article
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Eliot Spitzer refused today to deny that he has a girlfriend. The candidate for city comptroller was asked three times at a campaign stop this morning in Brooklyn about persistent rumors he is having an "extra-marital affair." "I am so tired of the personal attacks and I´ve answered all those questions," Spitzer said outside the Borough Hall subway station, where he was shaking hands with voters and received an overwhelmingly positive response. "The public cares about what I did in government. That´s what I´m going to be talking about and that´s what the public is going to be voting on --

How Obama and Congress Failed
AmeriCorps, And Failed America – Again
National Journal, by Ron Fournier    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 8/1/2013 8:09:48 AM     Post Reply
During his first presidential race, Barack Obama pledged to "expand and fund AmeriCorps from 75,000 slots today to 250,000" volunteers, putting service-minded millennials to work on the nation´s toughest problems. After just three months in office, he signed the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act authorizing the expansion of the Clinton-era program to the goal of 250,000. He had kept his promise, Obama boasted, and he declared 2009 the dawn of a "new era of service." But the dawn never broke. Congress never funded the quarter-million hires, not even when Democrats controlled both chambers in 2009-10.

Harry Reid’s claim that the sequester
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Washington Post, by Glenn Kessler    Original Article
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“We have learned that the sequestration already has cut 1.6 million jobs. So we need job creation. We need to help the middle class by creating jobs.” — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), floor speech, July 31, 2013 Reid’s comment jumped out at us — 1.6 million jobs have already been lost because of the sequester? That seemed rather large. The sequester, of course, are the automatic across-the-board spending cuts that were imposed March 1 when Republicans and Democrats could not reach agreement on a budget plan.

Can same-sex couples
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Washington Post, by E.J. Dionne    Original Article
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The rapid evolution of attitudes toward gay marriage is a wonder to behold. On few issues has public opinion moved as quickly or decisively. Many who are against the formal recognition of homosexual unions are now resigned to the reality they will eventually become commonplace. The main drivers of this transformation are obvious. Most Americans now know that people they care about are gay men or lesbians, and empathy can do wonderful things. Partly because of this, younger Americans overwhelmingly favor same-sex marriage. They will dominate the electorates of the future.

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Al Qaeda haunts August
as State Dept. issues worldwide
travel alert, closes embassies

41 replie(s)
Washington Times, by Ben Wolfgang    Original Article
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Citing a potential al Qaeda attack, the State Department on Friday issued a worldwide travel alert and warned American citizens that the terrorist group may be plotting a strike in the Middle East, North Africa or elsewhere. “Current information suggests that al Qaeda and affiliated organizations continue to plan terrorist attacks both in the region and beyond, and that they may focus efforts to conduct attacks in the period between now and the end of August,” reads a portion of the alert, which lasts until the end of the month.

Director of Mayors Against
Illegal Guns Says ‘Don’t
Shoot’ If Someone Comes At
You With a Deadly Weapon

40 replie(s)
Washington Free Beacon, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 8/3/2013 5:46:09 AM     Post Reply
Executive Director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Mark Glaze gave some ambiguous and potentially dangerous self defense advice Friday on “Hardball.” Glaze, speaking in opposition to “Stand Your Ground” laws, said in a circumstance where someone “comes at you” with an axe handle one should attempt to either “talk,” “fight with your fists,” “run away,” or “deescalate the situation,” but not shoot the attacker: MARK GLAZE: Very often somebody will come at you. They might want to have a fistfight. They might come at you with an ax handle. CHRIS MATTHEWS: Would you consider the guy with the ax handle armed or not?

Global warming is happening
is ´10 times faster than at any
time in the Earth´s history´,
climate experts claim

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Daily Mail (UK), by Sarah Griffiths    Original Article
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American scientists claim the planet is undergoing one of the largest changes in climate in the past 65 million years. Climatologists at Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment have warned the likely rate of change over the next century will be at least 10 times quicker than any climate shift since the dinosaurs became extinct. If the trend continues at its current rapid pace, it will place significant stress on terrestrial ecosystems around the world, and many species will need to make behavioral, evolutionary or geographic adaptations to survive, they said.

Jay Z: Wealth Inequality
Will Bring Unrest ´No Amount
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Breitbart TV, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 8/3/2013 7:47:30 PM     Post Reply
[Video] Rapper Jay Z appearing on HBO´s "Real Time" with Bill Maher says that the black community wants upward economic mobility rather than a stronger police presence. In a conversation with former Congressman Barney Frank about police tactics such as stop-and-frisk, Jay Z suggests the stagnant economy and wealth inequality could cause widespread social unrest: "The real problem is there´s no middle class, right? So the gap between the have and have-nots is getting wider and wider... It´s gonna be a problem that no amount of police can solve, because once you have that sort of oppression

400 area retail, fast-food
workers demand $15-an-hour
minimum wage

36 replie(s)
Sun-Times [Chicago IL], by Meenakshi Dalal    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 8/2/2013 4:02:32 PM     Post Reply
About 400 area retail and fast-food workers, together with colleagues nationally, participated in a strike Thursday to demand raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. “If not $15, then something. I mean give us something. I work 36 hours a week and barely make enough to pay my rent, gas bill, light bill. It gets to the point where I barely have enough for lunch sometimes,” said Angel Richardson, 21, who works at McDonald’s. “I’m five months pregnant, what am I going to do in four months? I hope something changes.” The minimum wage is $7.25 nationally and $8.25

Sorry: Businesses cannot
avoid Obamacare by
switching to part-time staff

33 replie(s)
Washington Examiner [DC], by Paul Bedard    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 8/2/2013 6:13:55 AM     Post Reply
The administration has popped the bubble of hope some small business had that switching to part-time staff would let them escape the high costs of Obamacare. The Small Business Administration on Thursday created a website to explain to businesses that the government will simply tally up the number of part-time employees firms have to determine if enough hours have been worked to essentially create a "full-time equivalent." Some smaller businesses had thought that if they could get under the 50 full-time employee cap that activates Obamacare by cutting full-time workers and hiring more part-time workers they would escape

Seattle officials call for ban on
´potentially offensive´ language

33 replie(s)
FoxNews.com, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: sliver of truth- 8/2/2013 8:45:35 AM     Post Reply
Government workers in the city of Seattle have been advised that the terms "citizen" and "brown bag" are potentially offensive and may no longer be used in official documents and discussions. KOMO-TV reports that the city´s Office of Civil Rights instructed city workers in a recent internal memo to avoid using the words because some may find them offensive. "Luckily, we´ve got options," Elliott Bronstein of the Office for Civil Rights wrote in the memo obtained by the station. "For ´citizens,´ how about ´residents?´"

Make Olympics in Russia the gayest ever
33 replie(s)
CNN, by Frida Ghitis    Original Article
Posted By: mark34- 8/3/2013 12:41:25 PM     Post Reply
You don´t have to be gay or even Russian to feel the wrath of the Russian government´s homophobia. You could go to jail if you are "pro-gay," whatever that means. And that´s under just one of a growing number of hate-infused bills becoming law at a time when, as it happens, Russia is preparing to host the world in the next Winter Olympics. The perverse anti-gay legislation is inflaming an atmosphere of persistent intimidation and at times deadly violence against Russian gays and lesbians. The question now is: What should the rest of the world do?

Democratic Congressman:
Tea Party ‘Same Group’ Of
‘White Crackers’ Who Opposed
Civil Rights

32 replie(s)
Mediaite, by Andrew Kirell    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 8/2/2013 1:02:38 PM     Post Reply
Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) suggested on Friday morning that the tea party movement is comprised of the same types of people who fought against the civil rights movement during the 1960s. Speaking with the Daily Beast, Rangel said of the movement: “It is the same group we faced in the South with those white crackers and the dogs and the police. They didn’t care about how they looked. He added that the tea party movement can be defeated similar to how the civil rights movement eradicated Jim Crow mentality: “It was just fierce indifference to human life that caused

Texas prison system running
out of execution drug

31 replie(s)
Associated Press, by Micheal Graczyk    Original Article
Posted By: Az Roadrunner- 8/2/2013 4:31:07 PM     Post Reply
The nation´s most active death penalty state is running out of its execution drug. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice said Thursday that its remaining supply of phenobarbital expires in September and that no alternatives have been found. It wasn´t immediately clear whether two executions scheduled for next month would be delayed. The state has already executed 11 death-row inmates this year, and at least seven more have execution dates in coming months. "We will be unable to use our current supply of phenobarbital after it expires," agency spokesman Jason Clark said. "We are exploring all options at this time."

The Hillary Fascination
30 replie(s)
Tribune Media Services, Inc., by Jonah Goldberg    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 8/2/2013 11:00:48 AM     Post Reply
I think she’s one of the most fascinating women of our time and this world,” confessed Bob Greenblatt, the chairman of NBC, as part of his announcement that his network is making a miniseries about former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, with Diane Lane in the starring role. Words are funny things. For instance, G.K. Chesterton once remarked that that the word “good” has many uses: “For example, if a man were to shoot his grandmother at a range of 500 yards, I should call him a good shot but not necessarily a good man.” So it is,

Outrage as Obama´s face is
used for dart target practice
at New York county fair

30 replie(s)
Daily Mail [UK], by Alex Greig    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 8/3/2013 5:52:12 PM     Post Reply
A dart game that used President Obama´s face for target practice at a county fair in New York state is being dismantled today. Fairgoer Abigail Czapsky submitted photos of the booth at Otsego County Fair to HuffPost yesterday, which show President Obama´s face lined up alongside yellow stars in a dart game. According to Czapsky´s Facebook page, following yesterday´s HuffPost story the booth has now taken down the offensive targets. Czapsky says the Otsego County Fair Board called her to apologize about the booth and explain that it was being taken down. Not one individual on the fair board

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