News Forum - HomePage - RSS News Forum - HomePage - RSS ( Sat, 21 59 2017 01:59:23 GMT Sat, 21 59 2017 01:59:23 GMT President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump Inaugural Balls – Live Stream… Sat, 21 48 2017 01:48:31 GMT 87d2a1c1058cbf25a1f64bae3e9cbecba2f76c7a Conservative Tree House, by Sundance Posted By: JoniTx- Sat, 21 48 2017 01:48:31 GMT 7 pm to 11 pm – President Trump, Vice'President Pence and their wives will make appearances at three official inaugural balls. Two balls are being held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center and the other at the National Building Museum. A number of semi'official and unofficial balls also will take place throughout the city. The official live stream of the 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee is the first embed link. Live Stream Link – Alternate Live Stream #1 – Alternate Live Stream #2 – Blog known for spreading hoaxes says it will have a correspondent in Trump White House Sat, 21 34 2017 01:34:47 GMT c36e14e42528299bb840a97812c3273c40f6242e Washington Post, by Callum Borchers Posted By: Lalo- Sat, 21 34 2017 01:34:47 GMT When President'elect Donald Trump said on Fox News this week that he wouldn´t kick the media out of the White House, after all, he added a word of warning: “Some people in the press will not be able to get in because there´s just too many.” “We´ll have to just pick the people to go into the room,” Trump said before turning sarcastic: “I´m sure other people will be thrilled about that.” [snip] One person who actually is thrilled is Jim Hoft, founder of the Gateway Pundit blog, who claimed at Thursday night´s DeploraBall (get it?) in Washington that Trump´s Trump announces regulatory freeze in first executive orders Sat, 21 28 2017 01:28:38 GMT 1bd2d711b1346211848ad0c3f2b9f3b0f8c6a2dd Washington Examiner, by Gabby Morrongiello Posted By: KarenJ1- Sat, 21 28 2017 01:28:38 GMT President Trump took a series of executive actions minutes after the inaugural parade concluded Friday evening, one of which was to place a regulatory freeze on all federal agencies until his administration provides further notice. "The Trump administration will send a letter to all executive agencies tonight to immediately abide by a regulatory freeze," White House press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters around 7:15 p.m. ET. Reducing the regulatory burden on American industries was a central component of Trump´s populist campaign, and Friday´s executive order suggests the new Republican president is serious about taking steps to fulfill that promise during the US newspapers carry woman' in'headscarf protest ads Sat, 21 26 2017 01:26:58 GMT 1dfc7d6d0d90fcd7c4941e7f3cd8261aca2b7946 Agence France'Presse, by Staff Posted By: NorthernDog- Sat, 21 26 2017 01:26:58 GMT New York ' A poster'size image of a woman in a headscarf in the colors of the American flag appeared in full'page ads in several US newspapers Friday, part of a protest launched on the day of Donald Trump´s presidential inauguration. The image is the work of Shepard Fairey, a graphic artist famous for his "Hope" poster of Barack Obama. That portrait, also in red, white and blue, caused a sensation when it appeared during the 2008 presidential campaign. The ads emblazoned with the woman´s portrait appeared in Friday´s editions of the New York Times and the Washington Post. "We Army Adopts Sig Sauer Sidearm Sat, 21 21 2017 01:21:13 GMT b363d432a5aa7888f2d74d9538b8f5126388b4b2 Washington Free Beacon, by Stephen Gutowski Posted By: JoniTx- Sat, 21 21 2017 01:21:13 GMT The U.S. Army announced on Thursday that it would adopt a new sidearm manufactured by Sig Sauer. The Army awarded Sig Sauer the contract for a brand new Modular Handgun System worth up to $580 million over 10 years. That sum will equip the military branch with the P320 beginning this year once operational testing is complete. It will replace the standard issue Beretta M9 that the Army currently employs. The guns are designed to accommodate a number of different configurations. The gun, which has already been successful in the civilian market, will come in both a full'size and compact Boston Suburb Protests Becoming Sanctuary City Sat, 21 10 2017 01:10:13 GMT b739958dd6c7234102d85276e87fb5635a2a623a International Business Times, by Bruce Wright Posted By: NorthernDog- Sat, 21 10 2017 01:10:13 GMT Protests erupted both outside and inside a city council meeting in suburban Boston Wednesday night as local officials heard public comments about how police there has treated undocumented immigrants. People gathered outside of city hall with picket signs demonstrating against the prospect of the tony Massachusetts town of Newton becoming a so'called sanctuary city, where the local law enforcement does not coordinate with federal authorities to deport illegal immigrants. The scenes were documented on social media by a local journalist named John Hilliard. Some of the protesters in and outside of city hall could be seen holding signs that read "NO SANCTUARY CITY" Why These Americans From 14 States Came to Washington for Trump’s Inauguration Sat, 21 05 2017 01:05:27 GMT c3cc0ec8505b7e243b47c55ec1111db11442f9f1 Daily Signal, by Josh Siegel & Rachel del Guidice Posted By: JoniTx- Sat, 21 05 2017 01:05:27 GMT They came by the thousands from all over America to support the man they said can turn around economic, social, and other ills as the nation’s 45th president. The Daily Signal visited the National Mall, where an inaugural concert was held Thursday night, and the Capitol grounds, where Donald Trump was sworn in at noon Friday, to find out why folks traveled far from their home states to celebrate this Inauguration Day. Wisconsin 'One inaugural visitor, Sara Arnold, said she has lived successfully. “You know what? I’ve been working. I am a highly paid physician—a radiologist. It’s the top of the pecking Watch Joe Biden Leave Washington D.C. on Amtrak After Donald Trump’s Inauguration Sat, 21 04 2017 01:04:33 GMT 31731d1716aa35c885b3f7f89652d35f898a9409 Time Magazine, by Mahita Gajanan Posted By: NorthernDog- Sat, 21 04 2017 01:04:33 GMT Former Vice President Joe Biden left Washington D.C. to return to Delaware on Amtrak after the inauguration of Donald Trump on Friday. “Back on Amtrak,” Biden said before boarding the train on Friday with his family. Friday’s plans for Biden and his family included a welcome home ceremony in Wilmington. (Snip) The former vice president and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, plan to relocate to a small house in D.C. so that she can continue her work teaching English at the Northern Virginia Community College, the New York Times reported. The couple will still spend weekends in Delaware. Watch Biden President Donald Trump’s Inauguration Speech Was A Declaration Of War Sat, 21 00 2017 01:00:56 GMT f89f40fb2297207ab95f1570c1611d3a73845329 The Federalist, by Sean Davis Posted By: Lalo- Sat, 21 00 2017 01:00:56 GMT President Donald J. Trump did not walk to the microphone in front of the Capitol today to salve wounds or mend hurt feelings. There were no calls for unity or attempts to bridge the political divide. After being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, Trump issued a call to arms and declared war on the ruling class. “For too long, a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have bore the cost,” Trump said. “Washington flourished, but the people did not share in its wealth.” “The establishment protected Trump Referred To Himself Only 3 Times During Speech; We 45 Times; You 24 Times Sat, 21 00 2017 01:00:08 GMT cdaeb7f413b2cfc3a3398108dd746e5f8fcb0cca Gateway Pundit, by Ryan Saavedra Posted By: JoniTx- Sat, 21 00 2017 01:00:08 GMT President Trump Shows Complete Humility In Speech 'For all the criticisms President Donald Trump receives for being a so called narcissist, critics will be unable to point to anything he said in speech as evidence of their claims. President Donald Trump only referred to himself 3 times in the speech that contained 1,433 words. President Trump referred to “we” an astonishing 45 times as he begins the healing process of a nation that is deeply divided as a result of the prior administration. President Trump also referred to “you”, the people of the United States, 24 times as he made Anarchy two blocks from the White House: More than 200 are arrested as riot police teargas masked mob of Trump haters smashing stores and burning cars Sat, 21 56 2017 12:56:52 GMT 0b0809646ef8ec6b06688de946e2d5e144fed2d5 Daily Mail (UK), by Martin Gould, Shekhar Bhatia* Posted By: JoniTx- Sat, 21 56 2017 12:56:52 GMT Hundreds of protesters started a violent rampage just two blocks from the White House, shouting ´f*** Trump´ as they set fire to a limo and smashed windows ' just as the president was arriving at his new home for the first time. Clashes broke out in McPherson Square and along K Street as hundreds of riot police fired tear gas and drew their nightsticks to contain the masked mob. As the rioting unfolded, Trump and his family were arriving at a review stand on Pennsylvania Avenue to see the end of the inaugural parade. Militant anti'Trump protesters gave a foretaste It’s Donald Trump’s Inauguration, But the Establishment Still Acts Like He’s the Party Crasher Sat, 21 46 2017 12:46:57 GMT 404346437b1afa9842592652e17a987f0f753188 Breitbart Big Government, by Daniel J. Flynn Posted By: JoniTx- Sat, 21 46 2017 12:46:57 GMT Donald J. Trump gave the thumbs'up sign upon making his way to the Western balcony of the Capitol on Friday. Some took it as a middle finger. Barack Obama looked like he had just watched the end of The Sixth Sense for the first time when he saw his successor arrive. The woman he long expected to see, Hillary Clinton, displayed symptoms of really, really needing a Prozac. Bill Clinton’s smile came across as slightly more real than Chuck Schumer’s hair. Even George W. Bush appeared more amused than enthused. The baton passed not so much from a Democrat to ´It´s a ´re'purposed wedding dress´: Vicious trolls lash out at VP´s wife Karen Pence over Inaugural ball gown made by same designer who created her 1985 bridal gown Sat, 21 36 2017 12:36:33 GMT d0becca59fe0f3eec6e39a9798494479798bfc31 Daily Mail [UK], by Cheyenne Roundtree Posted By: Attercliffe- Sat, 21 36 2017 12:36:33 GMT Bitter trolls attacked Karen Pence and her choice of Inaugural ball gown ' claiming it was a ´re'purposed wedding dress´. The wife to Vice President Mike Pence, took her moment on stage at the Indiana Society Ball to pay homage to her Hoosier roots and her relationship to her husband in a pretty white dress. However, some thought the gown made by an Indiana designer belonged at a different event, stating ´Target had dressed her´. The mother'of'three called upon the same Indiana designer who was behind her 1985 wedding dress to design something for the big night. Twitter users were unforgiving of Mrs Pence´s New war on terror: Trump vows to wipe Islamic State ´from the face of the Earth´ ' and to link arms with old allies like Britain Sat, 21 20 2017 12:20:51 GMT 3a78eb2b6a4cb5861b1022a85e3e5ed9b1b5487b Daily Mail [UK], by Stephen Wright Posted By: Attercliffe- Sat, 21 20 2017 12:20:51 GMT At the stroke of noon, as is the American way, power passed from one man to another man. And with that passing of the baton from Barack Obama to Donald Trump, made manifest in a 35'word oath, the country was changed beyond recognition as the new president offered a dark vision of his nation and the world. The new 45th president of the United States coined the sinister phrase “American carnage” to vividly conjure an image of inner cities he said were afflicted by crime, a political elite that had forgotten ordinary people, and a landscape of rusted factories like tombstones. Michelle Obama´s face doesn´t hide how she feels about Donald Trump becoming US President Sat, 21 16 2017 12:16:15 GMT 5996eb3466515da7e89c1136505c38638daacf5b Independent [UK], by Tom Batchelor Posted By: Tianne- Sat, 21 16 2017 12:16:15 GMT Michelle Obama looked unimpressed during the inauguration of Donald Trump as 45th President of the United States – summing up the mood among critics of the controversial billionaire who was sworn in at a ceremony on Capitol Hill. Eyebrow raised, the former first lady stood and watched as Mr Trump recited the 35'word oath. Her dour facial expression prompted an immediate reaction on social media, with one person saying that her evident displeasure at the New York tycoon becoming the most powerful man on the planet “spoke for all of us”. One image showed Ms Obama – who has been 200+ arrested, windows shattered, cars burned at inauguration Day protests (Videos, Photos) Fri, 20 47 2017 11:47:16 GMT 82253e123390a48159e6d54514351c0275f6adc1 RT News [Russia], by Staff Posted By: PageTurner- Fri, 20 47 2017 11:47:16 GMT Protests surrounding the inauguration of President'elect Donald Trump have reached fever pitch as demonstrators turn violent, smashing windows and throwing objects around DC. More than 200 people were arrested, according to police. Just ahead of Trump´s scheduled swearing'in, some 500 protesters tore through downtown Washington, smashing symbols of capitalist America along the way. The windows of a Bank of America branch, a McDonald’s restaurant and a Starbucks were among the targets. Trump changes White House website, signaling policy priorities Fri, 20 23 2017 11:23:33 GMT 717cf87b23ad15063a93260dfe334828f2947fce Washington Post, by Ashley Parker Posted By: earlybird- Fri, 20 23 2017 11:23:33 GMT Just moments after President Donald Trump took the oath of office Friday, the official White House website was transformed into a set of policy pledges offering the broad contours of the Trump administration´s top priorities — including fierce support for law enforcement and gun owners´ rights to defend themselves, the seeming immediate elimination of the White House´s policy page on climate change and a notable absence of any directives involving President Obama´s Affordable Care Act. "Our job is not to make life more comfortable for the rioter, the looter, or the violent disrupter," reads the law and order section, which calls 5 ways Trump wiped Obama off the White House website Fri, 20 21 2017 11:21:14 GMT bece2613ba977fd0669fcb30c94612aa62610100 USA Today, by Paul Singer Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Fri, 20 21 2017 11:21:14 GMT Elections matter. Exhibit A: Moments after Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, the White House website was overhauled to wipe away all vestiges of former president Barack Obama´s priorities. Here are the big changes that caught people´s attention: (Snip) 2. Gone quiet on gay issues - "President Obama has led the fight to protect everyone — no matter who you are, where you're from, what you look like, or whom you love," it says. The Trump White House website says "Sorry, no results found for LGBT," and the only "gay" result is a reference to the "gay friendliness" of Grace Anna Goodhue John F. Kelly confirmed as homeland security secretary Fri, 20 09 2017 11:09:45 GMT d0c0e6d115e7b707664ce62c70f5011a78c2fd82 Washington Post, by Jerry Markon Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Fri, 20 09 2017 11:09:45 GMT The Senate confirmed John F. Kelly as secretary of homeland security on Friday, putting the blunt-spoken retired Marine general in charge of securing the nation’s borders, including construction of the controversial southwest border wall that was a centerpiece of President Trump’s campaign. Senators approved Kelly’s nomination to run the Department of Homeland Security, a sprawling entity of more than 240,000 employees who do everything from protecting the president to safeguarding the nation’s electrical grid. Kelly, who retired in February as chief of U.S. Southern Command, is part of the first wave of Cabinet Inauguration protesters vandalize, set fires try to disrupt Trump’s oath, as police arrest nearly 100 Fri, 20 03 2017 11:03:46 GMT 693016a76b60ebdb64708d2382d8fd2c0c54a44b Washington Post, by Theresa Vargas, Taylor Hartz Posted By: Honeybadger- Fri, 20 03 2017 11:03:46 GMT Protesters made themselves heard in the nation’s capital Friday, leaving a trail of damage along some city blocks, disrupting security checkpoints at President Donald Trump’s inauguration, and clashing with police as Trump supporters tried to celebrate. As people poured into the city to watch Trump sworn in as the 45th president, they encountered protesters across the area throughout the day. Many of the demonstrations were nonviolent, with people holding signs that spoke to their causes and concerns. One protest even took on a carnival atmosphere, with puppets, stilt walkers and a giant inflatable elephant wearing a sign that read “racism.” Police: Arrested activist featured in Project Veritas inauguration video Fri, 20 03 2017 11:03:05 GMT 64a768100fda52f769e4b5ec558db9494e0bec1f Washington Times, by Andrea Noble Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Fri, 20 03 2017 11:03:05 GMT DisruptJ20 protesters dismissed as a joke an undercover Project Veritas video showing activists supposedly planning to shut down Thursday night’s DeploraBall by setting off smoke bombs or the sprinkler system — but D.C. police weren’t buying it. The 34-year-old man arrested Thursday night for conspiracy to commit assault at the event was among the activists featured in the undercover video released this week, according to court documents made public on Friday. Scott Ryan Charney was one of the three men caught on camera discussing plans to set off fire alarms and spray Butyric acid — an ingredient commonly President Donald Trump arrives at the White House with First Lady Melania and the rest of the family after waving to crowds at Inaugural Parade Fri, 20 59 2017 10:59:56 GMT 866cac3165f8543fb3a166aec16b01d1010205a4 Daily Mail (UK), by Ashley Collman,* Posted By: JoniTx- Fri, 20 59 2017 10:59:56 GMT President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have arrived at the White House. The couple and the rest of their family arrived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue shortly before 5pm and immediately made their way to the North Lawn Reviewing Stand to take in the Inaugural Parade. Walking towards his seat, the newly sworn'in president told reporters the day had been ´unbelievable´. Earlier, he waved to crowds on Pennsylvania Avenue after emerging with his family from the presidential limousine for a brief appearance. President Trump held hands with his wife as they and their 10'year'old son greeted crowds who had Obama Was First President to Spend More on Welfare Than Defense Fri, 20 54 2017 10:54:50 GMT a97b3c766bd1ed41cbdf032418d175bc57256ef4 Cybercast News Service, by Terence P. Jeffrey Posted By: JoniTx- Fri, 20 54 2017 10:54:50 GMT Barack Obama was the first president of the United States to spend more on “means'tested entitlements”—AKA welfare—than on national defense, according to data published by his own Office of Management and Budget. Historical tables that the OMB posted on the Obama White House website, include annual totals for both “national defense” spending and “means'tested entitlement” spending going back to fiscal 1962''which is three years before President Lyndon Johnson signed legislation creating the Medicaid program, a means'tested entitlement that together with the Children´s Health Insurance Program enrolled 74,407,191 beneficiaries as of November 2016. In every year from fiscal 1962 through fiscal White House website says Donald Trump administration working on missile defence system to protect from North Korea Fri, 20 53 2017 10:53:57 GMT f4ded630922d081c5c253704f9642d4609dc5185 Independence [UK], by Feliks Garcia Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Fri, 20 53 2017 10:53:57 GMT New York - President Donald Trump announced the development of a “state-of-the-art” missile defence system to apparently protect the US from Iran and North Korea, according to a statement posted to the White House website minutes after the new commander-in-chief was sworn into office. Mr Trump has repeatedly claimed that the US military – the most powerful force in the world – has been “depleted” under Barack Obama. He reiterated the claim in his inauguration speech. On the revamped website, Mr Trump outlined his new broad plans to “Make Our Military Strong Again”. “Our military needs every asset at its Takes Down Climate Page, Puts Up ‘America First’ Energy Plan Fri, 20 48 2017 10:48:24 GMT 34a86589fc22a78109d6dbb8afed1c2476fa4df2 Breitbart Big Government, by Frances Martel Posted By: earlybird- Fri, 20 48 2017 10:48:24 GMT Observers on Twitter noted Friday afternoon that the White House’s page on climate change, a creation of the Obama administration, appears to have been taken down shortly after Donald Trump assumed the nation’s presidency. In its stead, the new White House published an explanation of what the Trump team is calling the “America First Energy Plan.” (Snip) A cached version of the page shows that President Obama’s administration had used it to advertise a plan to reduce America’s carbon footprint and have America participate in “global effort to combat climate change.” “For the sake of our children and future generations, we Report: Trump gives up his Android phone Fri, 20 43 2017 10:43:23 GMT 7f22d35b5c32e10c7f6900e7d402ccb1b105716a Washington Examiner, by CAITLIN YILEK Posted By: Drive- Fri, 20 43 2017 10:43:23 GMT Donald Trump has reportedly given up his Android smartphone before he is sworn in as president on Friday. Trump, who is known for answering his cellphone no matter who it is, told a friend Thursday he had given up the phone, the Associated Press reported. President Obama was the first president to carry a cellphone. He exchanged his personal phone for a Blackberry — and later an iPhone — that had additional security measures. Only a handful of people had his phone number or email address. Trump has said he doesn´t use email. Though he often fires off tweets from his Android