News Forum - HomePage - RSS News Forum - HomePage - RSS ( Fri, 27 05 2018 02:05:25 GMT Fri, 27 05 2018 02:05:25 GMT Megacity Fri, 27 39 2018 01:39:12 GMT 8705fe9344300218457786b9311b0ebf8ab209bc PJ Media, by Richard Fernandez Posted By: Hazymac- Fri, 27 39 2018 01:39:12 GMT The 21st century is turning out to be different in unanticipated ways. For example, living in one of the new densely populated cities of the planet may not be like waking up in a bigger version of a 20th century metropolis. John Spencer of the Modern War Institute hypothesized that the new megacities would have a quality all their own. With his professional interest in military operations in mind and motivated by recent Amererican battle experience, Spencer conjectured that not only would time'distance relationships be warped by such urban densities but the very concentration of human complexity would generate a kind Breaking: North Korea´s Kim Jong'un crosses border into South Korea in ´HISTORIC´ Fri, 27 33 2018 01:33:07 GMT b47e31b3c6af3c6ce939ea51604bd427b57a794c Daily Express [UK], by Matthew Robinson Posted By: Attercliffe- Fri, 27 33 2018 01:33:07 GMT NORTH Korean leader Kim Jong'un has made history by crossing the heavily militarised border with South Korea for the first intra'Korea summit in more than a decade with South Korean President Moon Jae'in. The two leaders are meeting at Peace House, south of the demarcation line in the border truce village of Panmunjom. Kim is the first North Korean leader to step foot in South Korea since the 1950'53 Korean War, and the two leaders are expected to discuss issues relating to peace and denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula. Hillary ‘Was Very Flirty’ — Tell'All Book About Hillary’s Campaign Is Filled With Scandalous Gossip Fri, 27 13 2018 01:13:52 GMT 076c873eff6d12cbd89634aa1bdd631c174ec0fe Daily Caller, by Justin Caruso Posted By: KarenJ1- Fri, 27 13 2018 01:13:52 GMT A new book about Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, written by New York Times reporter Amy Chozick, reveals some salacious details about reporters and their sex lives. Cosmopolitan asked Chozick about the revelation in her book that there were “secret hookups where the Secret Service guys just sneak into reporters’ hotel rooms.” She wrote about relationships between Secret Service guards and female journalists. (Snip) In another exchange, Cosmopolitan asked about how Hillary like to be “flirty with men.” Chozick responded, “She’s flirty. I mean, it’s so funny. These lesbian conspiracies couldn’t be more wrong!” “I read about how [Hillary] was very flirty with Diamond and Silk Clash with Rep. Hank Johnson in Explosive Hearing on Censorship Fri, 27 07 2018 01:07:11 GMT 175ffcdb5f60fb33d6563433180c1990812522aa Townhall, by Lauretta Brown Posted By: KarenJ1- Fri, 27 07 2018 01:07:11 GMT Pro'Trump conservative media personalities Diamond and Silk, sisters whose real names are Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, testified before the House Judiciary Committee Thursday on the topic of bias against conservatives by companies like Facebook, in a hearing that frequently went off the rails. The sisters defended their claims that they were censored by the tech giant, often in very strong terms. They said that if Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was censoring liberals, “Democrats would be in the streets right now marching and calling him all types of racist.” Rep. Hank Johnson (D'GA) implied the sisters were making a lot Comey plays defense on FBI memo release, denies being a leaker Fri, 27 41 2018 12:41:57 GMT a85f3c423b5dd7d8fd8594586bfcb3a750720e77 Fox News, by Alex Pappas Posted By: KarenJ1- Fri, 27 41 2018 12:41:57 GMT Former FBI Director James Comey, in a Thursday interview with Fox News, defended sharing his memos about conversations with President Trump, while denying it was a “leak.” “That memo was unclassified then,” Comey told anchor Bret Baier during an appearance on “Special Report.” “It´s still unclassified. It´s in my book. The FBI cleared that book before it could be published.” Comey admitted sharing his memos with his friend, Columbia University law professor Daniel Richman. He said he sent Richman a copy of the two'page unclassified memo and “asked him to get the substance of it out to the media.” “The Poll: California governor race heats up, two'thirds of voters want to send National Guard to border Fri, 27 10 2018 12:10:35 GMT ceaa7de12d32353f349614eab22a093a1487ef9e San Francisco Chronicle, by Eric Ting Posted By: NorthernDog- Fri, 27 10 2018 12:10:35 GMT With six weeks to go until the June 5 primary, a new poll suggests that it´s a three'man race to be the next governor of California. A poll of 520 likely primary voters released by SurveyUSA and sponsored by KABC'TV Los Angeles, KFSN'TV Fresno, KGTV'TV San Diego, KPIX'TV San Francisco and the San Diego Union'Tribune found that Gavin Newsom, Antonio Villaraigosa and John Cox are all within 6 percentage points of one another. Newsom led the field with 21 percent of the vote, but was followed closely by fellow Democrat Antonio Villaraigosa with 18 percent. Republican John Cox came in Amazon surprises Wall Street with huge profits, optimistic outlook Thu, 26 34 2018 11:34:20 GMT 0deff722e5fcabdf22e3ddca891a897317607972 Reuters, by Jeffrey Dastin, Arjun Panchadar Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Thu, 26 34 2018 11:34:20 GMT Inc’s march in retail and cloud computing showed no sign of slowing on Thursday, as the company reported a surge in first-quarter profit and a rosy outlook for the spring, surprising all but the most optimistic on Wall Street. The world’s largest online retailer also announced it was increasing the price of an annual U.S. Prime membership to $119 from $99 starting May 11 for new members and June 16 for renewing members. In addition, Amazon and the U.S. National Football League announced a deal to stream Thursday night games during the 2018 and 2019 seasons on Amazon’s Prime Video. Senate ethics panel scolds Menendez over gift scandal Thu, 26 28 2018 11:28:20 GMT 441b1efaa8af06dbc1603b100be2a6063e32b4d6 New York Post, by Bob Fredericks Posted By: Ribicon- Thu, 26 28 2018 11:28:20 GMT The Senate Ethics Committee on Thursday formally admonished Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey over his relationship with fat'cat pal and donor Dr. Salomon Melgen. In a letter, the panel said Menendez “knowingly and repeatedly accepted gifts of significant value from Dr. Melgen without obtaining required Committee approval, and that you failed to publicly disclose certain gifts as required by Senate Rule and federal law,“ Politico reported. Menendez had returned to his position as the ranking Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee, a seat he surrendered after he was indicted on bribery and corruption charges in 2015. Twin Peaks mandated lingerie ´dress-up days,´ federal sexual harassment complaint claims Thu, 26 24 2018 11:24:33 GMT d1ffd1ca90ec9d41417e71936365d00c39bf3a39 Dallas Morning News [TX], by Jill Cowan Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Thu, 26 24 2018 11:24:33 GMT Employees of the Dallas-based Twin Peaks restaurant chain, which describes itself as “the ultimate sports lodge,” are alleging that they were sexually harassed and subjected to a hostile work environment when they were forced to wear skimpy costumes they had to pay for themselves and were ranked in a weekly report evaluating their bodies. (Snip) “Twin Peaks’ business model baits young women into wearing one uniform, then after they’re hired, orders them to wear crop-tops, bikinis and lingerie,” Holder said in a statement. “Many of the young women are still in high school, others are trying to pay college tuition.” Trump is ´set to meet the Queen´ at Balmoral or Windsor during his flying 24'hour visit to Britain this summer Thu, 26 20 2018 11:20:56 GMT dfa4b1033aa00b774dea840664ac7b791638f420 Daily Mail [UK], by Charlie Bayliss Posted By: Attercliffe- Thu, 26 20 2018 11:20:56 GMT Donald Trump is expected to meet the Queen when he visits the UK later this year. The US President is scheduled to meet with Theresa May on a working visit on July 13, rather than a state visit, which would have meant that Trump would have been hosted by the Queen. Yet reports suggest that he is expected to meet Her Majesty at either Balmoral or Windsor. Today, protesters vowed to disrupt Trump´s state visit with mass protests. The US President will come to the UK for talks with Theresa May after travelling to Europe for a NATO summit. Millennial Mom Christina Hagan Runs Against Establishment in Ohio: ‘I’m Young And I Have a Country to Defend’ Thu, 26 51 2018 09:51:18 GMT 441d343ad9c5ebb69bd00d048092a7c79d8be859 Breitbart Big Government, by John Binder Posted By: TrueBlueWfan- Thu, 26 51 2018 09:51:18 GMT Ohio’s “America First” 16th District congressional candidate, State Rep. Christina Hagan (R), a 29-year-old wife and mother who’s been endorsed by “Women For Trump,” says she is running against the failures of the political establishment, telling Breitbart News that she has “a country to defend.” (Snip) “The problem is, the Democrat Party and the Republican Party have been chasing special interest votes for so long that they have left the American people behind,” Hagan said. “And I simply will not do it because I can’t afford to do it. I’m young, and I have a country to defend.” Nine teenagers dead, one missing in southern Israel flash flood Thu, 26 16 2018 09:16:37 GMT fdd4dd2cd1211cfd37e96f7f66feaad0f6ec218f Reuters, by David Rosenberg, Posted By: Attercliffe- Thu, 26 16 2018 09:16:37 GMT JERUSALEM ' At least nine teenage seminary students died after they were swept away by a flash flood in the Negev Desert in southern Israel on Thursday, an ambulance service said. Military helicopters and search and rescue units scoured the Zafit river bed that flows into the rift valley at the southern end of the Dead Sea after a flash flood caught a party of 25 trekkers in the usually bone'dry area by surprise. Another student was unaccounted for and the search was suspended as night fell and heavy thunderstorms returned to the region, police said. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu How Trump gained the upper hand in North Korea talks Thu, 26 10 2018 09:10:17 GMT 4c1aaae780b1f4e22b41562b03457f80fab61859 CNBC, by Daniel L. Davis, LTC, US Army, Ret. Posted By: Pete Stone- Thu, 26 10 2018 09:10:17 GMT President Donald Trump recently confirmed that Secretary of State'designate Mike Pompeo secretly met with North Korean leader Kim Jong'un over Easter weekend, increasing the chances that Trump and Kim may have substantive talks when they meet. If the administration stays on track, it is possible the talks may significantly reduce the threat of war on the Korean peninsula, strengthen America´s overall national security, and achieve a diplomatic feat that none of the previous 12 presidents were able to realize. There is justification for cautious optimism: For the first time ever, the leaders of North and South Korea will meet Wisconsin explosion: DOZENS hurt after ´SONIC BOOM´ in US city ' EVACUATION underway Thu, 26 59 2018 08:59:51 GMT 4dd9bbba65ab3a13be8cb24ebaa1262c941ec245 Daily Express [UK], by Joey Millar Posted By: Attercliffe- Thu, 26 59 2018 08:59:51 GMT AN EXPLOSION in Superior, Wisconsin has left at least 20 people injured, with witnesses reporting a devastating "sonic boom" blast in the US city. An explosion at a Wisconsin oil refinery has left at least 20 people injured. The blast occured at the Husky oil refinery in the east end of the city of Superior, near the state border. Witnesses reported a “sonic boom” at around 10am local time, with buildings shaking one mile from the scene. Buildings at the refinery, which employs 180 people, were evacuated as workers attempted to get upwind from huge plumes of smoke. Officials said at least 20 people Has Comey peaked? Thu, 26 39 2018 08:39:50 GMT d118b0669dfd07e8c3a6cad28241a20efcfb2a5a Legal Insurrection, by Mary Chastain Posted By: earlybird- Thu, 26 39 2018 08:39:50 GMT Maybe, just maybe, we’re all just sick of his self'righteous victim mentality. A poll released this morning by Morning Consult/Politico showed that two'thirds of voters (64%) did not watch any of the interviews that James Comey gave on ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and NBC. The Washington Examiner noted that 46% of those who did watch favored him more after the interviews. 16% said their views of him went down after they watched. (Snip) They had at least one thing in common: all were bothered by Comey’s claim that he didn’t remember where he was on Election Night. Several said he “lost credibility” with that response Mike Pompeo sworn in as Trump´s second secretary of state Thu, 26 18 2018 08:18:11 GMT b7c5db457eea482d9b77a272d45de8cc7e833004 CNN News, by Lauren Fox, Deirdre Walsh & Laura Koran Posted By: Maryland_Patriot- Thu, 26 18 2018 08:18:11 GMT Washington ' Mike Pompeo was sworn in as the 70th US secretary of state Thursday, after the Senate voted to confirm him, 57'42, installing the former CIA Director as the nation´s top diplomat at a time when several high stakes negotiations are underway around the globe. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito administered the oath at 2:00 pm. ET, State Department Spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a statement. Nauert also relayed a statement from Pompeo, in which he said, "I´m delighted to be secretary of state and completely humbled by the responsibility. I´m looking forward to serving the American people and getting to Pelosi: ‘I Discourage Any Discussion of Impeachment’ – ‘It’s a Gift to the Republicans Thu, 26 17 2018 08:17:31 GMT 7ffe9f49679d5333cadb1a7cc860766b5176a1af Breitbart Video, by Ian Hanchett Posted By: earlybird- Thu, 26 17 2018 08:17:31 GMT During a news conference on Thursday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) discouraged Democrats from talking about impeachment and said, “it’s a gift to the Republicans to talk about impeachment.” Pelosi said, [relevant remarks begin around 5:45] “I don’t think that we should be talking about impeachment. I’ve been very clear, right from the start. There is a process at work that will either yield or not information that will be dispositive of that issue.” She added that the 2018 election “is not about what’s going on in the White House and the rest of that. It’s about our addressing the needs Bill Cosby convicted of drugging and molesting a woman Thu, 26 09 2018 08:09:35 GMT 967616793d4b2f40e632859a94850d80329e184f Associated Press, by MichaeI R. Sisak and Claudia Lauer Posted By: Maryland_Patriot- Thu, 26 09 2018 08:09:35 GMT Norristown, Pa. '' Bill Cosby was convicted Thursday of drugging and molesting a woman in the first big celebrity trial of the #MeToo era, completing the spectacular late'life downfall of a comedian who broke racial barriers in Hollywood on his way to TV superstardom as America´s Dad. Cosby, 80, could end up spending his final years in prison after a jury concluded he sexually violated Temple University employee Andrea Constand at his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004. He claimed the encounter was consensual. Cosby stared straight ahead as the verdict was read, but moments later lashed out loudly at District Attorney Kevin Mike Pompeo Confirmation a ‘Pro'Life’ and ‘Religious Freedom’ Victory Thu, 26 55 2018 07:55:28 GMT 65aa660e510062154326997e567f2eb8955e6549 Breitbart Big Government, by Dr. Susan Berry Posted By: JoniTx- Thu, 26 55 2018 07:55:28 GMT National pro'life groups and religious freedom advocates are celebrating the Senate’s confirmation of Mike Pompeo as secretary of state. Pompeo’s confirmation Thursday is a “pro'life victory,” states the leader of the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List). “Mike Pompeo will make an outstanding Secretary of State,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser in a press statement. “He is strongly pro'life and committed to upholding the dignity of every human being as America’s top diplomat.” Dannenfelser added: The State Department is the first line of enforcement for President Trump’s pro'life agenda in foreign policy, from preventing American tax dollars from being Golden State Killer suspect: Vietnam vet failed as a cop then went to work for grocery chain Thu, 26 39 2018 07:39:44 GMT 7289c2353ecc7d3e53ed1fd1ca618a2fe405b65b Los Angeles Times, by Sarah Parvini* Posted By: earlybird- Thu, 26 39 2018 07:39:44 GMT Who is Joseph James DeAngelo Jr., the 72'year'old former police officer charged with eight counts of murder and accused by authorities of being the Golden State Killer? (Snip) Big parts of his biography remain unknown, including how he traveled around the state during his alleged reign of terror in the 1970s and ´80s. A federal law enforcement source said he served in the Navy during the Vietnam War. That led to a short law enforcement career that ended in scandal, and then to a seemingly quiet life working for a supermarket chain. Here is a rundown: What do we know about his early life? A New Protesters vow to ´take to the streets´ and disrupt Donald Trump´s visit to Britain on July 13 in what could be the biggest demonstrations the UK has ever seen Thu, 26 15 2018 07:15:20 GMT 9b99d73aadf2b49f2044affb509b2fb3eb588d2e Daily Mail (UK), by James Tapsfield & Kate Ferguson Posted By: JoniTx- Thu, 26 15 2018 07:15:20 GMT Protesters today vowed to disrupt Donald Trump´s visit to Britain on July 13 with mas protests. The US President will come to the UK for talks with Theresa May after travelling to Europe for a NATO summit. The confirmation of the working trip ' which will not have all the pomp and ceremony of a state visit ' comes after months of difficult wrangling between the White House and Downing Street over the plans. But it sparked immediate threats of protest as activists said they would ´take to the streets´ to vent their fury at his visit. Jeremy Corbyn'backing activist Jury Finds Bill Cosby Guilty of Three Counts of Sexual Assault Thu, 26 12 2018 07:12:11 GMT 4aaef447ce7021112d46a651fcacbb2513788768 Slate, by Molly Olmstead Posted By: earlybird- Thu, 26 12 2018 07:12:11 GMT A jury has found Bill Cosby guilty in the retrial of a sexual assault case against him. During the trial, Cosby was portrayed as a predator by the prosecution and by the defense as the wealthy victim of a framing by a “pathological liar.” Andrea Constand, a former Temple University women’s basketball administrator, accused Cosby of drugging and molesting her in 2004 at his Philadelphia mansion. During the trial, five other women testified that something similar had happened to them. Cosby’s defense team contended that the encounter between Cosby and Constand was consensual, and they suggested that the incident occurred earlier than Constand Exclusive: Joe Manchin to Vote for Ric Grenell, Ensuring Donald Trump Supporter Confirmation as Highest'Ranking Openly Gay Official Ever Thu, 26 09 2018 07:09:26 GMT 7b934bb02a9e253d340b98abc366da0bf4ed14e2 Breitbart Big Government, by Matthew Boyle Posted By: JoniTx- Thu, 26 09 2018 07:09:26 GMT Sen. Joe Manchin (D'WV) will vote to confirm Ric Grenell as the next U.S. ambassador to Germany, ensuring the confirmation of what will be the highest'ranking ever openly gay person to serve the United States government. Grenell was nominated last year to the position by President Donald Trump. Grenell, who will be confirmed on the floor of the U.S. Senate on Thursday, will report directly to the Secretary of State. The previously highest'ranking openly gay official in government was Barack Obama'era Army Secretary Eric Fanning—who reported directly to the Secretary of Defense. The Secretary of Defense is lower'ranking than the Pompeo confirmed as secretary of state Thu, 26 04 2018 07:04:13 GMT 8f780d82b4e9b41d5b1b45be1d1ddb7cfe119e31 Politico, by Nolan D. McCaskill Posted By: StormCnter- Thu, 26 04 2018 07:04:13 GMT The Senate confirmed Mike Pompeo to be President Donald Trump’s secretary of state on Thursday, after a handful of Democrats facing difficult reelection challenges joined every Republican in backing the CIA director. Pompeo’s hawkish foreign policy views drew strong opposition from the left, but he ultimately won over Democratic Sens. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Bill Nelson of Florida, Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Doug Jones of Alabama. Pompeo, who was confirmed on a 57'42 vote, is expected to be quickly sworn in and then jump on a plane to Brussels for a Unpacking the Other Clinton-Linked Russia Dossier Thu, 26 59 2018 06:59:42 GMT 8ab09bcb9654e1f91e7fccae05e5d24d8a29157a Real Clear Investigations, by Lee Smith Posted By: StormCnter- Thu, 26 59 2018 06:59:42 GMT A copy of the little-publicized second dossier in the Trump-Russia affair, acquired by RealClearInvestigations, raises new questions about the origins of the Trump investigation, particularly about the role of Clinton partisans and the extent to which the two dossiers may have been coordinated or complementary operations. The second dossier '' two reports compiled by Cody Shearer, an ex-journalist and longtime Clinton operative '' echoes many of the lurid and still unsubstantiated claims made in the Steele dossier, and is receiving new scrutiny. On Sunday, Rep. Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said in a TV interview that his Cosby guilty: Jury rules comedian sexually assaulted Andrea Constand Thu, 26 52 2018 06:52:56 GMT f57d9844a5416b3e97e41ca9bc88e932948ec921 Fox News, by Staff Posted By: KarenJ1- Thu, 26 52 2018 06:52:56 GMT Bill Cosby was found guilty of sexual assault by a jury of his peers on Thursday. After 14 hours of deliberations, the jury reached a verdict at 1:30 p.m. and determined Cosby was guilty on three counts of felony aggravated indecent assault. Cosby was charged with three counts that each carry a standard sentence range of five to 10 years in prison. Cosby will also have to register as a sex offender and face an assessment to determine if he is a sexually violent predator. The once'celebrated TV icon was found guilty of violating Andrea Constand at his suburban Philadelphia