News Forum - HomePage - RSS News Forum - HomePage - RSS ( Fri, 27 36 2015 01:36:52 GMT Fri, 27 36 2015 01:36:52 GMT Demanding transparency from the ´most transparent administration in history´ Fri, 27 21 2015 01:21:19 GMT 247792370a46bffebc7b63fa09ed09bc7f3a3723 Washington Examiner, by REP. EARL L. "BUDDY" CARTER Posted By: drive- Fri, 27 21 2015 01:21:19 GMT President Obama famously pledged on the 2008 campaign trail to have the "most transparent administration in history." Seven years in, that commitment has led to little more than flowery language on The Obama administration has an abysmal record on openness to the press and the American people. Nowhere is it worse than the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). DHS currently boasts the largest backlog of any federal agency and, since the Obama administration took over, there has been a 182 percent increase in the number of FOIA requests at DHS. A November 2014 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report found DHS Paris Attacks Plot Was Hatched in Plain Sight Fri, 27 01 2015 01:01:53 GMT 8f0f0c68e4225135e5eb0e9341ea0ce7f47198fe Wall Street Journal, by Stacy Meichtry & Joshua Robinson Posted By: Pluperfect- Fri, 27 01 2015 01:01:53 GMT BOBIGNY, France—Three days before the attacks that ripped through Paris, Djazira Boulanger handed the keys to her row house, across the street from a kindergarten, to a guest who had booked it over the website His name was Brahim Abdeslam. She didn’t know that Mr. Abdeslam was a central figure in plotting the deadly assault. As Ms. Boulanger tended to her two young children at home, authorities say Mr. Abdeslam and a band of cohorts were down the street preparing weapons for an assault on the Stade de France and Paris’s nightlife district. “Did I suspect something was wrong? Not at Asia Struggles for a Solution to Its ‘Missing Women’ Problem Fri, 27 59 2015 12:59:59 GMT 11f6c9ff0e1d588ab84b46f266346d1d7948d250 Wall Street Journal, by Geeta Anand And Jaeyeon Woo Posted By: Pluperfect- Fri, 27 59 2015 12:59:59 GMT SEOUL—A cultural preference for male children has cost Asia dearly. Count up all the girls who were never born because of selective abortion, victims of infanticide and females who died from neglect and there are upwards of 100 million women missing on the continent today by some estimates. Not just a human'rights catastrophe, it is also a looming demographic disaster. With Asian birthrates already plummeting, that is tens of millions of women who will never be mothers. The economic and social impact on some of the world’s largest countries is incalculable. For decades, South Korea was Exhibit A in this The Limits of Donald Trump’s ‘Outsider’ Appeal Fri, 27 52 2015 12:52:28 GMT dfe863bb6c2c38f9f63c56c0f0e0a23a2d258eac Wall Street Journal, by Peter D. Hart & Corrie Hunt Posted By: MissMolly- Fri, 27 52 2015 12:52:28 GMT If you follow polls of Republican primary voters or see the huge rallies at which Donald Trump is speaking, it may seem like the time is ripe for an “outsider” candidate to emerge as the next president. But the climate for an outsider candidate is decidedly different among Democrats, independents, and Republicans. We conducted two focus groups with likely 2016 voters in Columbus, Ohio, this month. Most certainly, these voters are sick of the same old gridlock and partisan infighting in Washington. Yet while they are looking for a unifier and consensus'builder, most have not discounted the importance of experience. King Kevin Versus Queen Cersei Fri, 27 49 2015 12:49:10 GMT f588dc779ec37232428e5e11454354f5789febaf New York Times, by Maureen Dowd Posted By: MissMolly- Fri, 27 49 2015 12:49:10 GMT THE intense interest in the thrill'a'minute, through'the'looking'glass 2016 race, fueled by anger at maladjusted Washington and anxiety after the Paris attacks, has spawned predictions that Thanksgiving political debates will be noisier and nastier than ever. Plenty of turkeys with a bone to pick and plenty of dressing down to go with the dressing. The Democratic National Committee actually issued talking points for the “lively” conversations with Republican uncles, aunts and brothers. Clearly, the people at the D.N.C. don’t have any Republican relatives. It’s never a parley. It’s a lecture. So I decided to let my Republican brother offer his red'state Safety Lapses and Deaths Amid a Building Boom in New York Fri, 27 48 2015 12:48:03 GMT 07c654ee0648b9c6d4cc166c53de091e2f059d34 New York Times, by David Chen Posted By: Honeybadger- Fri, 27 48 2015 12:48:03 GMT Manuel Colorado, a 36'year'old construction worker, was installing decking last year at a new building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, when he lost his balance and fell 19 feet to his death. A few weeks later, a guest at the Dream Hotel in Midtown Manhattan heard someone screaming outside. Gurmeet Singh, a 58'year'old Indian immigrant doing facade work on the building, had tumbled eight stories off a scaffold and landed atop a sidewalk shed. Twelve days after Mr. Singh’s death, Lukasz Stolarski, 33, plummeted 110 feet from the roof of an office building in Midtown where he had been attaching plywood to the parapet Inside secret underground ISIS bomb'making lair found littered with US'made guns and drugs Fri, 27 27 2015 12:27:18 GMT fafd7f03b5e83871bf6e65d1a4e7d1dee31b2547 Express (UK), by Oli Smith Posted By: FlyRight- Fri, 27 27 2015 12:27:18 GMT AN ASTONISHING series of secret tunnels carved by hand by ISIS militants have been found littered with drugs, copies of the Quran and US'made ammunition.The besieged Iraqi town had been held by Islamic State for more than a year before being recaptured by Kurdish troops. The amazing network of abandoned tunnels appeared to be wired with electricity, with a series of sleeping quarters set out, lined with sandbags and curtains for privacy. Chief Rabbi Of Brussels: ‘No Future For Jews In Europe’ Fri, 27 06 2015 11:06:28 GMT cc438f0c892989e97f35d6a130589d1fab8d5c11 Daily Caller, by Kerry Picket Posted By: Pluperfect- Fri, 27 06 2015 11:06:28 GMT The chief rabbi of Brussels told an Israeli radio station Monday that there is no future for Jews in Europe, The Jerusalem Post reports. Rabbi Avraham Gigi described the environment of fear in the Belgian capital since the city has been in lockdown following police terror raids across the country. “There is a sense of fear in the streets, the Belgians understand that they too are targets of terror. Jews now pray in their homes [as opposed to at synagogues] and some of them are planning on emigrating,” Gigi said. He explained, “Since Shabbat the city has been paralyzed. The The Clintons’ Colombian connection: a secret investment fund Fri, 27 03 2015 11:03:26 GMT a3386b73d53f7b909f6a8206142f002b6393e645 New York Post, by Editorial Posted By: Pluperfect- Fri, 27 03 2015 11:03:26 GMT Even as Hillary Clinton is upping her anti'Wall Street rhetoric, here comes word that the Clinton Foundation is running a private'equity company down in Colombia. The private'equity field is where Mitt Romney earned his fortune — and hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of negative ads from the Obama campaign back in 2008. The foundation’s Bogota'based firm, Fondo Acceso, was started in 2010 by Bill Clinton, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim and mining magnate Frank Giustra, with seed funding of $20 million from the foundation’s Clinton'Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative and the SLIM Foundation, the Washington Free Beacon reports. Anything to hide here? Well, Fondo Marco Rubio Didn´t ´Kill´ Obamacare, But Here´s How He Undermined It Fri, 27 30 2015 10:30:07 GMT 1eb0e4e26b4a30d68a58251e833ee3f86d663a83 Bloomberg Politics, by Sahil Kapur Posted By: Lalo- Fri, 27 30 2015 10:30:07 GMT An official presidential campaign Twitter account of Republican Marco Rubio pushed a lofty new boast this week, suggesting the first'term Florida senator singlehandedly did away with President Barack Obama´s signature health care law. Q: Did Marco Kill Obamacare? A: You bet he did. via @LegInsurrection — Team Marco (@TeamMarco) November 24, 2015 Not exactly. Rubio´s claim is an exaggeration, but one that´s wrapped around a kernel of truth. Last year, he successfully pushed to undermine a market'stabilizing mechanism in Obamacare, which has since led to some insurers dropping out of the exchanges and may cause higher PICS: Economic Migrants Sew Lips Shut, Demand To Be ‘Shot’ In Protest At European Border Fri, 27 08 2015 10:08:28 GMT 3c369f3e813b2c31ab21819d3e4dd0d99a348871 Breitbart London, by Raheem Kassam Posted By: JoniTx- Fri, 27 08 2015 10:08:28 GMT Iranian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, and Congolese migrants who are being stopped from furthering their journeys into Europe have taken to sewing their mouths shut with thread and embarking upon hunger strikes to draw attention to their campaign for Europe to completely remove all border control processes. AFP reported that men who say they are from Iran have been camping on the tracks of the railroad on the border between Greece and Macedonia. Meanwhile, dozens of other migrant activists have been counterintuitively scrawling the name of their countries of origin on their heads, or wearing hats to show that they are in Poetry does not an immigration policy make Fri, 27 48 2015 08:48:07 GMT b4a13e5606227bf4948b1fe2a4512f281574d1f0 American Thinker, by James Longstreet Posted By: JoniTx- Fri, 27 48 2015 08:48:07 GMT During the immigration debates prompted by the coming election, the likes of Eleanor Clift and other liberal spokespersons often cite the poetry on the Statue of Liberty as confirmation that our nation is steeped in some type of open'door immigration policy. A little research proves that not to be the case. The Statue of Liberty poem, as it is known, was written by Emma Lazarus and is named "The New Colossus." "In 1903, a bronze tablet that bears the text of ´The New Colossus´ and commemorates Emma Lazarus was presented by friends of the poet" and was donated for auction The Miracle of Squanto’s Path to Plymouth Fri, 27 19 2015 07:19:21 GMT 4e2a5ccea053fd855d3fc555768f142be244e7c0 Wall Street Journal, by Eric Metaxas Posted By: Moritz55- Fri, 27 19 2015 07:19:21 GMT The story of how the Pilgrims arrived at our shores on the Mayflower—and how a friendly Patuxet native named Squanto showed them how to plant corn, using fish as fertilizer—is well'known. But Squanto’s full story is not, as National Geographic’s new Thanksgiving miniseries, “Saints & Strangers,” shows. That might be because some details of Squanto’s life are in dispute. The important ones are not, however. His story is astonishing, even raising profound questions about God’s role in American history. Every Thanksgiving we remember that, to escape religious persecution, the Pilgrims sailed to the New World, landing at Plymouth Rock in Bipartisan effort grows to toughen visa waivers Fri, 27 49 2015 05:49:09 GMT cddc2a159cade646c718524ab9456c78069f1488 Washington Times, by Stephen Dinan Posted By: Dreadnought- Fri, 27 49 2015 05:49:09 GMT Visa waivers are the next likely target for a Congress trying to prevent terrorists from entering the U.S. — and a surprising bipartisan consensus is developing about the need to tighten the laws. The Obama administration, usually eager to act on its own, says it has reached the limits of its powers and has invited Congress to weigh in and require more scrutiny of travelers from the 38 countries whose citizens don’t need visas to enter the U.S. Both Democrats and Republicans are offering proposals to fix what one of them, Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, the ranking Democrat on Trump denies mocking journalist who has disability, demands an apology Fri, 27 38 2015 05:38:54 GMT 938c433faa75236ad64a0c758c0f126e2b97730e Washington Post, by Jose A. DelReal Posted By: Dreadnought- Fri, 27 38 2015 05:38:54 GMT A day after he was widely rebuked for mocking a reporter with a physical disability, business mogul and reality TV star Donald Trump on Thursday denied that he had done so and accused the reporter of “using his disability to grandstand.” Trump also demanded an apology from the New York Times, the reporter’s employer, which earlier in the week issued a statement condemning Trump for ridiculing “the appearance of one of our reporters.” The incident occurred Tuesday at a rally in South Carolina, as Trump was defending his recent claim that he had witnessed thousands of Muslims cheering in New FBI using elite surveillance teams to track at least 48 high risk ISIS suspects Fri, 27 27 2015 05:27:40 GMT 01af768e9df50f5991bcbdd92b30760ee60080a9 Fox News, by Catherine Herridge Posted By: ScarletPimpernel- Fri, 27 27 2015 05:27:40 GMT With as many as 1000 active cases, Fox News has learned at least 48 ISIS suspects are considered so high risk that the FBI is using its elite tracking squads known as the mobile surveillance teams or MST to track them domestically. “There is a very significant number of people that are on suspicious watch lists, under surveillance," Republican Senator Dan Coats said. Coats, who sits on the Select Committee on Intelligence, would not comment on specifics, but said the around the clock surveillance is a major commitment for the bureau. "The FBI together with law enforcement agencies across the ´They knew the exact time and the exact place´: Putin accuses US of leaking flight path of doomed jet to Turkey... as his fearsome anti' aircraft missiles roll into Syria Fri, 27 12 2015 04:12:53 GMT 97f655fecccc1317417eddb1527987c9a595cb75 Daily Mail [UK], by Corey Charlton Posted By: Ribicon- Fri, 27 12 2015 04:12:53 GMT Russian president Vladimir Putin has accused the U.S. of being complicit in the destruction of its military jet two days ago ' suggesting the Americans knew exactly when and where it was travelling. In a press conference at the Kremlin tonight, Putin said the Russians had given prior information to the U.S. of the flight path of the plane ' but the U.S. had ´leaked´ the information to Turkey. (Snip) Putin told gathered media: ´The American side, which leads the coalition that Turkey belongs to, knew about the location and time of our planes´ flights, and we were hit exactly there and Obama says Syrian refugees are America’s modern-day pilgrims Fri, 27 41 2015 03:41:47 GMT 77d1b885b6ab454cfc4c875da392e780d3577b21 New York Post, by Marisa Schultz Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Fri, 27 41 2015 03:41:47 GMT Washington — President Obama compared the Syrian refugees fleeing ISIS to pilgrims coming to America on the Mayflower during his Thanksgiving radio address. Since the Paris terrorist attacks Republicans have demanded America shut its doors to Syrian refugees over fear they could be terrorists. But Obama said refugees receive “the highest security checks of anyone traveling to the United States” and reminded Americas of the spirit of Thanksgiving. “Nearly four centuries after the Mayflower set sail, the world is still full of pilgrims – men and women who want nothing more than the chance for a safer, better future for themselves Saudi Arabia ´to execute more than 50 convicted of terrorism´ Fri, 27 36 2015 03:36:33 GMT adbb0f6da6d93b058c875bbb8e7814fde52f7cc7 BBC News, by Staff Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Fri, 27 36 2015 03:36:33 GMT Amnesty International has expressed alarm at reports that the authorities in Saudi Arabia are planning to execute dozens of people in a single day. The newspaper Okaz said 55 people were awaiting execution for "terrorist crimes", while a now-deleted report by al-Riyadh said 52 would die soon. They are thought to include Shia who took part in anti-government protests. Amnesty said that given the spike in executions this year, it had no option but to take the reports very seriously. The group believes at least 151 people have been put to death in Saudi Arabia so far this year - the highest recorded figure since 1995. Trump Vs the "Establishment" - He´s Got ´em Right where He Want´s ´em - Stammering, Stuttering and Lost... Fri, 27 36 2015 03:36:12 GMT 2a2b36bedfeac4c27dae50ce1300347225f1c4da Conservative Treehouse, by Sundance Posted By: Pinchem- Fri, 27 36 2015 03:36:12 GMT The Washington Post writes about how the traditional influenciers of all things republican are choosing to back away from prior plans to attack Donald Trump. […] The political network backed by the billionaire Koch brothers has no plans to take on Trump. American Crossroads, the super PAC co-founded by strategist Karl Rove, is steering clear and fixated on Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton instead. Right to Rise, the super PAC backing Jeb Bush, is not gearing up to attack Trump either. And major Republican donors, such as hedge-fund manager Paul Singer and the Ricketts family, have shown no interest in Hollande, Putin agree to work more closely to combat Islamic State in Syria Fri, 27 25 2015 03:25:02 GMT 6cf00247d058bdb00847693824e60cc8725c94cb Reuters, by Elizabeth Pineau & Denis Pinchuk Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Fri, 27 25 2015 03:25:02 GMT France and Russia will exchange intelligence on Islamic State and other rebel groups to improve the effectiveness of their aerial bombing campaigns in Syria, French President Francois Hollande said on Thursday after talks with Vladimir Putin. However, the two men remained at odds over the fate of Syrian President Bashar al'Assad, an ally of Russia whom Western and Sunni Arab countries blame for Syria´s nearly five'year civil war and want removed from power. Speaking after a working dinner in the Kremlin with Putin, Hollande said they had agreed to target only Islamic State and similar jihadi groups in Syria. After Paris I Understand Winston Churchill´s Relief Fri, 27 17 2015 03:17:26 GMT 6d75e901cca91ded7342fc3f0d6f587605bbd815 American Thinker, by Christopher Chantrill Posted By: Hazymac- Fri, 27 17 2015 03:17:26 GMT When everyone was emoting about the Paris massacres last week, I am afraid I did not join in. This is war, after all: what do people expect? When you have a war and one side is militarily weak, it tends to use terror as a weapon, because it’s the only way to show it is not weak, not really, but strong! We in the West are rather irritated by the War on Terror, or whatever it gets to be called this week. We like to think that the questions of the modern age '' democracy and tolerance and cities and trusting Turkish military says did not know downed jet was Russian Fri, 27 09 2015 03:09:58 GMT 4e208ef34d131c624a8659e3571113af899edc2b Agence France'Presse, by Maria Panina with Dilay Gundogan Posted By: NorthernDog- Fri, 27 09 2015 03:09:58 GMT Moscow ' Turkey´s military said it did not know the warplane it shot down on the Syrian border was Russian, adding that it was ready for "all kinds of cooperation" after Moscow called the incident a "planned provocation". In a statement issued after tensions surged between Ankara and Moscow, the Turkish armed forces said they had made significant efforts to find and rescue the two pilots after shooting down the jet on Tuesday. The sole surviving pilot said he had received no warning and the aircraft did not violate Turkish air space, prompting the Turkish army to release China Retools Its Military With a First Overseas Outpost in Djibouti Fri, 27 06 2015 03:06:28 GMT ed7955376e16878d00718528d5b18126762fc0dd New York Times, by Jane Perlez & Chris Buckley Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Fri, 27 06 2015 03:06:28 GMT Beijing - China announced on Thursday that it would establish its first overseas military outpost and unveiled a sweeping plan to reorganize its military into a more agile force capable of projecting power abroad. The outpost, in the East African nation of Djibouti, breaks with Beijing’s longstanding policy against emulating the United States in building military facilities abroad. The Foreign Ministry refrained from describing the new installation as a military base, saying it would be used to resupply Chinese Navy ships that have been participating in United Nations antipiracy missions. Yet by establishing an outpost in the The Democrats´ Boutique Issues Fri, 27 57 2015 02:57:37 GMT 5a07b8c2b7f9b1169803774183761128e9f95c14 Weekly Standard, by Fred Barnes Posted By: Hazymac- Fri, 27 57 2015 02:57:37 GMT When Hillary Clinton announced her opposition to the Keystone pipeline from Canada, she said climate change was the reason. In the first Democratic presidential debate (CNN), Martin O’Malley listed the greatest national security threats to America as nuclear Iran, ISIS, and “climate change, of course.” And in the second Democratic debate (CBS)—it was the day after the Paris terrorist attacks—Bernie Sanders insisted climate change “is directly related to the growth of terrorism.” These comments were disingenuous (Clinton), exaggerated (O’Malley), and absurd (Sanders). But there was another problem,