News Forum - HomePage - RSS News Forum - HomePage - RSS ( Sat, 24 33 2016 11:33:53 GMT Sat, 24 33 2016 11:33:53 GMT Whoops! Hillary Clinton Cancels Planned Trip To Charlotte After Mayor Begs Her To Stay Home Sat, 24 32 2016 11:32:59 GMT 25dd18e12dc55c39be0c9cf61aa657a0257f85d5 Breitbart Presidential Race, by Charlie Spiering Posted By: earlybird- Sat, 24 32 2016 11:32:59 GMT Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was forced to cancel her planned trip to Charlotte, after the Democratic mayor of the city begged her on live television to stay home. Clinton aides announced on Friday afternoon that Hillary would visit the city on Sunday, but were forced to reverse their plans just hours later. “After further discussion with community leaders, we have decided to postpone Sunday’s trip as to not impact the city’s resources,” noted Clinton’s communications director Jennifer Palmieri in a carefully worded statement released late Friday night. Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts, a Democrat who has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, urged the Polish MP Demands ‘Pest’ Soros Is Stripped Of Country’s Highest Honour Sat, 24 56 2016 10:56:34 GMT 027c4ce656c83bbe8570bfd3280a79b0e49298f9 Breitbart London, by Przemek Skwircynski Posted By: PageTurner- Sat, 24 56 2016 10:56:34 GMT The recent deterioration of George Soros’s public image has been astonishing. Following coverage of his subversive operations across the world – including his efforts to destabilise Poland – now even the establishment media have picked up on his destructive activities, with Bloomberg recently covering his plan to marginalise Israel. Similarly, the list of Soros’s safe havens has also been shrinking dramatically. Until recently, out of all the EU countries, only his native Hungary had the courage to suggest his carefully crafted image of ‘global philanthropist’ may be a smoke screen. Here´s the FBI File of Paul Soros, Brother of Billionaire George Soros Sat, 24 51 2016 10:51:33 GMT c69db8e692cd06f1ba1004191c155ed86ae7f709 Gizmodo, by Matt Novak Posted By: PageTurner- Sat, 24 51 2016 10:51:33 GMT Paul Soros, shipping innovator and the older brother of Democratic mega'donor and businessman George Soros, died in 2013. Paul (originally Paul Schwartz before the family changed their name in the 1930s as the Nazis swept Europe) fled Hungary in 1948 and came to the United States on a one'year student visa. And according to new documents obtained by Gizmodo, the Albany office of the FBI took notice of Paul’s emigration. Paul Soros was 22 when he came to the United States and first enrolled in Columbia University in Manhattan, then the more remote St. Lawrence University in upstate New York. Trump threatens to invite Bill Clinton´s mistress Gennifer Flowers to debate if Hillary choose to put ´dopey´ billionaire Mark Cuban in the front row Sat, 24 51 2016 08:51:46 GMT 855c114f917d66e7b427dfeae7b91ece5ec7bd9e Daily Mail [UK], by Clemence Michallon Posted By: Attercliffe- Sat, 24 51 2016 08:51:46 GMT Donald Trump has threatened to invite Bill Clinton´s former mistress Gennifer Flowers to Monday´s debate. The Republican nominee made the threat on Twitter Saturday afternoon after billionaire Mark Cuban, who supports Hillary Clinton, said he had received a front'row seat to the event. ´If dopey Mark Cuban of failed Benefactor fame wants to sit in the front row, perhaps I will put Gennifer Flowers right alongside of him!´ Trump wrote. Cuban responded in a tweet of his own: ´Donald. Remember when you told me on the phone we were ´Bobbsie Twins´ and I laughed ?´ Trump first misspelled Flower´s first Kaepernick attends Oakland high school football game and kneels during anthem as whole team lays on the ground with their hands up Sat, 24 38 2016 08:38:35 GMT 582cb1e66647f72264f2bb01eefe50d93db96152 Daily Mail (UK), by Anneta Konstantinides Posted By: JoniTx- Sat, 24 38 2016 08:38:35 GMT He may play for the rival NFL team across the Bay, but Colin Kaepernick was more than happy to lend some inspiring words to an Oakland high school football team. Just as he has for every one of his own games, Kaepernick sat on the sidelines as the national anthem played before the game at Castlemont High on Friday. But what the young team did as the Star'Spangled Banner played was even more powerful. Each teen laid on their backs, their arms raised to the sky. Scroll down for video (Photos) A picture of the teens´ die'in protest was captured by FBI Clinton Email Report Review – Six Concerning Revelations… Sat, 24 33 2016 08:33:25 GMT e313af49e54c56ae3938f73d9ef2a0f595f2cc0e Conservative Tree House, by Sundance Posted By: JoniTx- Sat, 24 33 2016 08:33:25 GMT REVELATION ONE: One IT Worker Joked That A 60'Day retention Policy For Clinton Would Be A “Coverup Operation.” “But one IT worker took a somewhat cavalier attitude, joking in one interview that a new 60'day retention policy was a ‘Hillary coverup operation’ — which sparked the Trump campaign’s anger.” (Tom LoBianco, “FBI Releases Notes From Clinton Email Investigation,” CNN, 9/23/16) (Photo) REVELATION TWO: Clinton Used A Gmail Account While Secretary Of State “When Storms Were Disrupting Her Receipt Of Emails.” “And there is reference in some of the interviews to Clinton’s use of a Gmail account while secretary, at least How Winston Churchill saved the SAS from its deadliest ever enemy: The bureaucrats who wanted to close the elite fighting unit Sat, 24 18 2016 08:18:51 GMT b4ea22fb2c9a7ea45ffe9709286a511594796479 Daily Mail [UK], by Matt Hunter Posted By: Attercliffe- Sat, 24 18 2016 08:18:51 GMT Without Winston Churchill the SAS would likely to have never existed beyond its first mission. The Special Air Service, the most secretive and admired fighting unit within the British Armed Forces, was saved by the wartime leader from interfering civil servants who didn´t approve of its covert methods. Back in November 1941, the SAS launched its first mission in the Libyan desert after being dreamed up by young Army officer David Stirling. The lieutenant thought an experimental parachute jump team which could wipe out Nazi warplanes whilst going undetected behind enemy lines could be key in winning the war. But Did Macy´s murderer stash his rifle in the mall before killing five? Surveillance pictures appear to show ´Hispanic´ gunman enter mall WITHOUT a weapon as police admit they have no idea who he is Sat, 24 16 2016 07:16:36 GMT 4537a4c4acbf5cf1cac34b6e27cdcff00ae22f42 Daily Mail [UK] and Associated Press, by Liam Quinn and Myriah Towner Posted By: Ribicon- Sat, 24 16 2016 07:16:36 GMT Authorities are looking for the active shooter who reportedly shouted a woman´s name repeatedly before he opened fire and killed five people during a deadly shooting at a mall north of Seattle on Friday evening. Four women and one man are confirmed dead after the shooting at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, about 65 miles north of Seattle, the Washington State Patrol said. Victims have not been identified, however police said their ages ranged from teenager to elderly. The gunman ' who was described as Hispanic, in his early 20s and wearing all black ' walked into Macy´s and opened fire in Top Hillary Clinton aide playing Donald Trump in debate prep Sat, 24 43 2016 06:43:05 GMT 84c47ad1fb52db5d49d36c2342dc3287e2c3bf02 CBS News, by Reena Flores Posted By: JoniTx- Sat, 24 43 2016 06:43:05 GMT Mystery solved. The question of who will be playing Donald Trump during Hillary Clinton’s debate preparations is finally answered '' and unlike what the rampant speculation has suggested, the stand'in for the GOP nominee is not an A'list actor, a comedian, a “Shark Tank” investor or a member of the U.S. Senate. Instead, it’s longtime Clinton aide, Philippe Reines, CBS News’ Nancy Cordes confirmed. The New York Times first reported the news. Reines, who served as deputy assistant secretary of state under Clinton, is known in Washington circles for his bullish, combative personality '' traits that often mirror Trump’s personal Donald Trump Either Lied to the Republicans or Broke the Law (Exclusive) Sat, 24 59 2016 05:59:08 GMT 3c034a60fdb874a206a76a3535ae79a8b5039a5a Newsweek, by Kurt Eichenwald Posted By: Harlowe- Sat, 24 59 2016 05:59:08 GMT Donald Trump committed perjury. Or he looked into the faces of the Republican faithful and knowingly lied. There is no third option. It has become an accepted reality of this presidential campaign that Trump spins a near-endless series of falsehoods. For months, the media has struggled with this unprecedented situation—a candidate who, unlike other politicians who stretch the truth, simply creates his own reality. Trumps regularly peddles “facts” that aren’t true, describes events that never happened or denies engaging in actions that everyone saw him do. He utters his falsehoods so fast that before reporters have the chance to correct Trump threatens to bring Gennifer Flowers to debate Sat, 24 47 2016 05:47:25 GMT c3df8b2fee9986623afd211bfeeecb27bfe4cc58 The Hill [Washington, DC], by Elliot Smilowitz Posted By: KarenJ1- Sat, 24 47 2016 05:47:25 GMT Donald Trump on Saturday threatened to bring a woman that Bill Clinton had an extramarital affair when he debates Hillary Clinton. “If dopey Mark Cuban of failed Benefactor fame wants to sit in the front row, perhaps I will put Jennifer Flowers right alongside of him!” Trump tweeted Saturday. Bill Clinton testified under oath in 1998 that he had a sexual affair with Gennifer Flowers. Trump was responding to billionaire Mark Cuban, a Hillary Clinton supporter who frequently slams Trump. Cuban on Thrursday said he accepted an invitation from Clinton to sit in the front row at Monday’s presidential debate. Singer Charley Pride is a special part of African'American museum Sat, 24 47 2016 05:47:12 GMT 022e683b5452e958e084026d92ae1435546039dd McClatchy (Washington DC), by Maria Recio Posted By: JoniTx- Sat, 24 47 2016 05:47:12 GMT WASHINGTON 'Country music legend Charley Pride is a smooth singer with a hint of a Southern lilt who has always stood out in his field – both for his talent and for being an African'American who broke the color line in an overwhelmingly white genre. Now he has reached a new personal and career high: He is featured in a display in the National Museum of African American History and Culture opening Sept. 24. Pride, 78, is originally from Mississippi but has lived in Dallas since 1969. Asked if he considered himself a Texan, he told McClatchy, “oh, definitely, a Obstacles abound as 2 poor US cities consider merging Sat, 24 39 2016 05:39:28 GMT b322f0825d5945de3de3811a62eda9638fc0f91f Associated Press, by Mark Gillispie Posted By: JoniTx- Sat, 24 39 2016 05:39:28 GMT CLEVELAND' Two of the country´s poorest cities are talking about a merger they say could help both, though they may need a sizable boost in taxpayer dollars to make it happen. In Cleveland, officials are eying development possibilities that exist in neighboring East Cleveland, a place so impoverished that some residents fill their own potholes.In East Cleveland, City Council members had long balked at the idea of dissolving their city. But with no viable solution short of an economic miracle in sight, they agreed last month to pursue annexation without the list of demands ' such as continuing to be The Latest: Bush says new museum will inspire nation Sat, 24 11 2016 05:11:49 GMT 8ff957ae92a121b451f21696f24e05ab7fccc3b3 Associated Press, by Staff Posted By: JoniTx- Sat, 24 11 2016 05:11:49 GMT WASHINGTON— The Latest on the opening of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture (all times local): 11:46 a.m. Former President George W. Bush says the Smithsonian´s newest museum will inspire the nation to "go farther and get there faster" on its journey toward justice. (Photo) Speaking at Saturday´s dedication ceremony, Bush said the museum tells the truth, that a country founded on the promise of liberty once held millions of people in chains. Bush said a great nation does not hide from its history, "it faces its flaws and corrects them." He says the U.S. is better CMPD said Keith Lamont Scott had a gun. Was that reason enough to order him to drop it? Sat, 24 00 2016 05:00:46 GMT 87cfd1bb787084c9a8b6cad47e13a0e7c3d516e3 Charlotte Observer [NC], by Steve Harrison Posted By: earlybird- Sat, 24 00 2016 05:00:46 GMT Charlotte'Mecklenburg Police say that Keith Lamont Scott was holding a handgun – not a book – moments before he was shot and killed by an officer Tuesday afternoon. (Snip)In a statement released Wednesday morning, the city said that officers had come to the Village at College Downs apartment complex to serve an outstanding warrant. As they entered the complex, the police noticed Keith Lamont Scott, who was not the person they were trying to serve the warrant. According to a statement by CMPD Chief Kerr Putney, the officers “observed a subject, Mr. Keith Lamont Scott, inside a vehicle in the Penthouse Populist: Why the Rural Poor Love Donald Trump Sat, 24 59 2016 04:59:32 GMT 45a0f7d30f7332a69b930ef15020d13c1f72362e US News & World Report, by Joseph P. Williams Posted By: NorthernDog- Sat, 24 59 2016 04:59:32 GMT With roots in blue'collar Scranton, Pennsylvania, years as first lady of Arkansas and a 2000 Senate campaign that featured a "listening tour" of small'town New York, it´s not surprising that Hillary Clinton´s campaign website has a full page devoted to helping the rural poor, including a jobs and economic development plan. (Snip) That´s because, despite a strong grasp on rural poverty issues and more than a decade in the Ozarks, Clinton is an intellectual Democratic politician – anathema to God'fearing, gun'loving people in places like the Central Plains or down'east Maine. Voters in the American hinterlands don´t much like where Obama used fake name in emailing Clinton Sat, 24 51 2016 04:51:29 GMT 766dbc9ab030800ba3c2af980b877bdb4b100c76 American Thinker, by Rick Moran Posted By: JoniTx- Sat, 24 51 2016 04:51:29 GMT FBI files released on Friday indicate that President Obama used a pseudonym in at least some of his email exchanges with Hillary Clinton. The revelation shocked Clinton aide Huma Abedin, who wondered why the emails weren´t classified. In March of 2015, the president told the press that the first he had heard of Clinton´s private email server was through press reports. But Clinton never obtained a State Department email address, using, which connected to her private server. How is it possible the president failed to notice that his emails were not going through official channels? And why would President Why did feds grant immunity to Hillary’s ‘highly improper’ aide? Sat, 24 48 2016 04:48:35 GMT 0a5de0c55f6107cd51b433eb2b0293bd508feaa4 New York Post, by Paul Sperry Posted By: JoniTx- Sat, 24 48 2016 04:48:35 GMT If anyone would know Hillary consigliere Cheryl Mills’ reputation for obstructing investigations, it’s FBI Director James Comey. He complained about her lack of cooperation while probing Clinton scandals in the 1990s. Yet he agreed to give Mills immunity from prosecution in his probe of Hillary’s illegal e'mails as secretary of state, where Mills was chief of staff. As a Whitewater investigator for the Senate in the mid'1990s, Comey sought information from Mills; but wouldn’t you know, the then'deputy White House counsel claimed a burglar stole her notes. Comey concluded that Hillary Clinton ordered Mills to block investigators. The obstruction, the Senate Former ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Isaiah Washington calls on African'Americans to boycott work to protest recent killings of black men Sat, 24 43 2016 04:43:12 GMT 706d97363ed3b39c7d94a23c1a6b02845717e31c New York Daily News, by Nicole Bitette Posted By: happywarrior- Sat, 24 43 2016 04:43:12 GMT Actor Isaiah Washington is calling on African'Americans to protest the recent killings of black men by police in a very different way. Washington took to Facebook on Tuesday to suggest that African'Americans across the United States boycott showing up for work on Monday to show that black lives matter in the wake of recent police brutality. "Imagine if every single African American in the United States that was really fed up with being angry, sad and disgusted, would pick ONE DAY to simply ´stay at home´ from every single job, work site, sports arena and government office in the United Colorado voter fraud revealed: Slew of ballots cast by the dead spark investigation Sat, 24 40 2016 04:40:53 GMT 4aeb467568dd490516edcfe600f968955dd8fc4e Washington Times, by Douglas Ernst Posted By: JoniTx- Sat, 24 40 2016 04:40:53 GMT A CBS affiliate’s evidence of voter fraud in Colorado has sparked an immediate investigation by Secretary of State Wayne Williams. Election sleuthing by Brian Maass of KCNC'TV in Denver exposed multiple instances in recent years where dead Coloradans were still voting. A dead World War II veteran named John Grosso voted in a 2006 primary election, and a woman named Sara Sosa who died in 2009 cast ballots in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Mrs. Sosa’s husband Miguel died in 2008, but a vote was cast in his name one year later. “This is the kind of thing you hear rumored, Home schooling ripped by Obama education chief Sat, 24 38 2016 04:38:30 GMT 97df94d44268585a08954a4e283284a35c9ddcf6 Washington Examiner, by Paul Bedard Posted By: JoniTx- Sat, 24 38 2016 04:38:30 GMT With nearly 2 million students and even a Virginia college dedicated to their higher education, parents and kids who homeschool ought to be getting some respect in Washington. Instead, President Obama´s education chief is expressing concerns that the growing practice is robbing children of educational and life experiences. "I worry that in a lot of cases students who are homeschooled are not getting the kind of the breadth of instruction experience they would get in school, they´re also not getting the opportunity to build relationships with peers unless their parents are very intentional about it," said Education Secretary John B. Michelle Obama can’t hide her disdain for Melania Trump Sat, 24 10 2016 04:10:49 GMT ee69d5ca3d79e3710a9fdf2b124e49c308c41c33 American Thinker, by M. Catharine Evans Posted By: magnante- Sat, 24 10 2016 04:10:49 GMT There is no sugarcoating Michelle Obama´s venomous response to a question from Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night. At the same time black mobs were beating up innocent white people in Charlotte, North Carolina, showing no mercy, Mrs. Obama, appearing on Colbert´s late night show, went after Melania Trump. (video)"No sympathy"? A more secure first lady would have said, "Yes, I have sympathy for the spouse of a presidential candidate. It´s a grueling experience." Then she should have stated she was flattered that Melania liked her speech enough to use a few lines. That´s a classy answer. But no such hope for Donny Deutsch on Hillary: ´She Does Not Lie´ Sat, 24 07 2016 04:07:50 GMT 244277ce8c884c2a38aaf98965e35923b93bbb86 NewsBusters, by P. J. Gladnick Posted By: JoniTx- Sat, 24 07 2016 04:07:50 GMT Hillary Clinton does not lie! Got that? She does not lie! Okay, right now your reaction is probably about the same as the audience that heard Charlie Crist claiming the other day in Florida that Hillary is honest. That means you are probably already laughing. Unfortunately for Donny Deutsch on With All Due Respect today, he made the same claim about Hillary today. No sooner were the words out of his mouth than you could tell that Deutsch realized that he would be mocked for that claim so he quickly qualified it but, of course, it was too late. Sorry, The Slow Slide Into Single'Payer Health Care Sat, 24 51 2016 03:51:54 GMT 563f7b3f754846066a9611c02ea1c5b045efe0dc Investor´s Business Daily, by Editorial Posted By: PageTurner- Sat, 24 51 2016 03:51:54 GMT Health Care: For decades, liberal Democrats have been advocating a single'payer health care system where government pays all the bills. The public has never supported this idea, but it looks like the country is headed there anyway, slowly but surely. The latest data from the Census Bureau show that just since President Obama took office, the number of Americans getting health care through a government program '' Medicare, Medicaid, the VA, etc. '' shot up by 32 million (an increase of more than 32%). In contrast, the number of people getting coverage from private insurers has gone up 11.6 million (a Poll: Nearly half of voters think Trump will detonate a nuke Sat, 24 43 2016 03:43:02 GMT ff514280a2901206ea6cc481b09174ce3d3d7ae4 The Hill, by Jonathan Easley Posted By: PageTurner- Sat, 24 43 2016 03:43:02 GMT A majority of voters say Donald Trump would allow the U.S. to default on its debt and that he would misuse the power of the presidency to punish his political opponents. And nearly half of voters — 46 percent — say the GOP nominee would use a nuclear weapon to attack ISIS or another foreign enemy. Those are the findings of a new poll conducted by SurveyMonkey on behalf of the Lincoln Leadership Initiative, a new group helmed by prominent Republican critics of the New York billionaire who are advocating for the Republican Party to dump Trump and return to its “foundational Lawyer sues Emirates airline after ´enduring´ nine'hour flight seated next to an obese man Sat, 24 33 2016 03:33:51 GMT 925410507d56149f1dbb2b2302f1fddef9b61b7e Daily Mail [U.K.], by Annabel Fenwick Elliott Posted By: PageTurner- Sat, 24 33 2016 03:33:51 GMT A disgruntled flyer is suing Emirates airline and claiming his nine'hour flight was ´ruined´ by an obese passenger seated next to him. Giorgio Destro, a lawyer from Padua in northern Italy, claims the ´spillover´ caused by the South African man neighbouring his 29K window seat, made for a deeply uncomfortable journey from Cape Town to Dubai. According to an Italian newspaper, Mr Destro is ´gold member´ flyer, but says Emirates wouldn´t let him change seats and refused to offer an apology or any form of compensation. Mr Destro told Mattino Padova: ´For nine hours, I had to stand in the aisle, sit on