News Forum - HomePage - RSS News Forum - HomePage - RSS ( Mon, 24 48 2016 04:48:11 GMT Mon, 24 48 2016 04:48:11 GMT Even Trees Are Home for Venezuelans Fleeing to Brazil Mon, 24 46 2016 04:46:26 GMT 9456a0dbef24bdc0d961a63e6c1ef14e88cfb9a8 Latin American Herald Tribune [Miami FL], by Staff Posted By: PageTurner- Mon, 24 46 2016 04:46:26 GMT BOA VISTA, Brazil – She’s a 20'year'old Venezuelan, wants to be a translator and now, in a hammock hung from a tree that has become her home in the Brazilian city of Boa Vista, she still entertains dreams that, she said, will not be destroyed by “the failure of a revolution.” “I’m not here because of politics. What brought me here was the failure of those politicians,” Sairelis Rios told EFE. Together with her mother Keila and a dozen other Venezuelans, she lives in the street near the bus station in Boa Vista, a city that in recent months has received some Venezuelan Congress declares that Maduro has staged a coup Mon, 24 29 2016 04:29:56 GMT 7790102c3366c6ce7fef0dbf0187e0a96df3671a Associated Press, by Hannah Dreier Posted By: Hazymac- Mon, 24 29 2016 04:29:56 GMT CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuela’s Congress on Sunday declared that the government had staged a coup by blocking a drive to recall President Nicolas Maduro in a raucous legislative session that was interrupted when his supporters stormed the chamber. Opposition lawmakers vowed to put Maduro on trial after a court friendly to his socialist administration on Thursday suspended their campaign to collect signatures to hold a referendum on removing the deeply'unpopular president. Lawmaker Julio Borges said the opposition'led congress is now in open rebellion after a majority of its members voted that the decision constituted a coup with government participation. “We will bring a Chuck Todd to Tim Kaine: "Why Shouldn´t The Public Look At These WikiLeaks Emails?" Mon, 24 13 2016 04:13:21 GMT b13ea891bcbf3cd592ddae1a384e0f42b1e90b91 Real Clear Politics, by Tim Hains Posted By: earlybird- Mon, 24 13 2016 04:13:21 GMT ´Meet The Press´ host Chuck Todd grills Democratic vice presidential candidate about the Clinton campaign´s "blanket statement" that they are not going to respond to accusations from WikiLeaks. CHUCK TODD, MEET THE PRESS: I want to go to the hacked e'mails, Wikileaks. I know you guys have a blanket statement here, you don´t want to respond to them because you don´t believe that they have all been confirmed. But there has been out of 25,000 some e'mails released, I think there´s only been a dispute about two or three. Why shouldn´t the public look at these WikiLeaks e'mails and have Black Lives pair meets with Hillary Clinton in Cleveland Mon, 24 03 2016 04:03:55 GMT f95f46ce70f2e320c58f38b55db0502fa55f0c50 Columbus Dispatch [OH], by Darrel Rowland Posted By: earlybird- Mon, 24 03 2016 04:03:55 GMT CLEVELAND — Hillary Clinton´s appeal to African'American voters in areas such as Cleveland could prove key to bringing home the election nationally. (Snip) While Clinton´s half'hour speech was warmly received, a meeting beforehand may have proven just as vital to her attempt to win the vote in Ohio´s largest concentration of African'Americans. It certainly represented the biggest flashpoint to the Trump campaign. The controversy stemmed from a private get'together Clinton held with two members of the Movement for Black Lives, associated with Black Lives Matter. The Clinton campaign characterized the session with activists Brittany Packnett and DeRay Mckesson as a continuation of "the Malik Obama Is Voting For Trump Mon, 24 30 2016 03:30:34 GMT 6e625d622bafa6ef397f62d530bb4714ef58e960 Frontpage Magazine, by Lloyd Billingsley Posted By: steveW- Mon, 24 30 2016 03:30:34 GMT Malik Obama, son of the Kenyan Barack H. Obama, appeared on Fox News after Wednesday night’s presidential debate in Las Vegas. Fox’s Sean Hannity asked Obama, a naturalized U.S. citizen, who he was voting for on November 8. “Donald Trump,” said Obama, without the slightest hesitation, expressing admiration for Trump’s business empire. The pending vote for Donald Trump, however, was not the only enlightenment to emerge from the interview. Hannity introduced Malik Obama as the president’s brother, which is inaccurate. Malik Obama is not the son of Ann Dunham, the president’s white American mother from the Kansas heartland. Malik Obama Report: Justice Department Extorts Companies to Fund Left'Wing Activists Mon, 24 08 2016 03:08:06 GMT 2619542c7257382a6e3372592832ba1d0aebc2cf Breitbart Big Government, by Joel B. Pollak Posted By: earlybird- Mon, 24 08 2016 03:08:06 GMT A new report from the Government Accountability Institute (GAI) concludes that the Obama administration’s Department of Justice has been extorting fines from major banks, which are then used to fund leftist groups that push the Democratic vote. The report notes that while community organizing groups have been using aggressive, “terrorist” tactics for decades to force banks to provide funding for their operations, the Obama administration has brought the power of the federal government to bear on their behalf. Banks are threatened with lawsuits for racial discrimination based on the controversial “disparate impact” theory, and offered incentives to settle by paying left'wing Colin Kaepernick wears Black Panther Party t'shirt to post'game press conference Mon, 24 43 2016 02:43:39 GMT cd66be99a0157dc119f3889ac946113b9fc1e363 MSN Sports, by David Fucillo Posted By: NorthernDog- Mon, 24 43 2016 02:43:39 GMT Colin Kaepernick wrapped up his second start this season for the San Francisco 49ers, and decided to go with another statement t'shirt at his post'game press conference. Kaepernick sported a Black Panther Party t'shirt. I’ve got a screenshot of his press conference below, and you can view a slightly better shot from Cam Inman below that. Kaepernick’s National Anthem protest continues, with Eric Reid and Eli Harold regularly joining him on one knee. The discussion of it has quieted down to some extent, but he continues getting a chance to discuss social issues after games and during mid'week availability. There In Praise of Milo Yiannopoulos Mon, 24 19 2016 02:19:56 GMT 52b652c8f25c4a9768681cfebce53773ddb943cc American Thinker, by Jeremy Egerer Posted By: magnante- Mon, 24 19 2016 02:19:56 GMT I´ll admit that I hated Milo at first. Something about the way he was making fun of fat women. He seemed undignified, cold, and low, taking the issue far beyond the ideology of leftists and turning it into something personal (snip) Yet when a man is saying something horrible because it is true (even when the truth is only a caricature of the truth), he still runs the risk of being told he´s horrible, and each of us, while silently assenting to the things he says, still finds himself cringing as if he himself had said it. And when we Clinton ally gave $500K to wife of FBI agent on email probe Mon, 24 02 2016 02:02:29 GMT 653bb6d0d42570ff4a9bfde004e274eb1a7e362c New York Post, by Daniel Halper Posted By: KarenJ1- Mon, 24 02 2016 02:02:29 GMT Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a longtime Clinton confidant, helped steer $675,000 to the election campaign of the wife of an FBI official who went on to lead the probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email system, according to a report. The political action committee of McAuliffe, the Clinton loyalist, gave $467,500 to the state Senate campaign of the wife of Andrew McCabe, who is now deputy director of the FBI, according to the Wall Street Journal. The report states Jill McCabe received an additional $207,788 from the Virginia Democratic Party, which is heavily influenced by McAuliffe. The money directed by McAuliffe Whiteness: The Original Sin Mon, 24 43 2016 01:43:43 GMT 2a8400817037275946bc8b32e441ab11ea113dd3 Taki’s Magazine, by Jim Goad Posted By: earlybird- Mon, 24 43 2016 01:43:43 GMT According to the modern moral framework as it’s dictated to us by academia’s huddled rodents, the worst possible thing anyone can be is a racist. We are also increasingly lectured that all white people are racist—so racist, they don’t even realize it, even when they’re trying their best not to be racist. Therefore, it’s not a giant leap to assume that under the current moral Reich, the worst possible thing anyone can be is a white person. In Oklahoma—one of the last places in America one might assume it’s still at least somewhat OK rather than innately sinful to be white—a Calais Jungle Demolition LIVE: Migrants clash with police as 12,000 move to UK and France Mon, 24 32 2016 01:32:53 GMT 4154da81cc6cc6a4f6c7b7235b3ce30dbe974f21 Daily Express [UK], by Rehema Figueiredo Posted By: Attercliffe- Mon, 24 32 2016 01:32:53 GMT THE Calais Jungle camp is currently being cleared of some 12,000 migrants as French officials prepare to demolish it. rants rioted last night in protest over the closure of the camp An estimated 12,000 people live in makeshift refuges which are being dismantled by French police at the camp. Migrants will be dispersed across France if they have applied for asylum or deported to their home countries. A stream of unaccompanied minors continue to travel from the camp to Britain on coaches where they will be taken in by social services or reunited with family members. This page will carry live updates 24/7 Hillary campaigns at early voting location — in violation of NC law? Mon, 24 20 2016 01:20:57 GMT 3b8e0b4eeb5b4f6b3d642950d760492a827dfae0 American Mirror, by Kyle Olson Posted By: earlybird- Mon, 24 20 2016 01:20:57 GMT Hillary Clinton campaigned at an early voting location on Sunday in Raleigh, North Carolina, in a potential violation of electioneering laws. (Snip)Her appearance is potentially a violation of state and local election laws. According to polling location regulations implemented by Wake County — the governmental unit that oversees electioneering laws: N.C.G.S. §163'166.4(a) states, “No person or group of persons shall hinder access, harass others, distribute campaign literature, place political advertising, solicit votes, or otherwise engage in election'related activity in the voting place or in a buffer zone…” The buffer zone will be 50 feet from the entrance to the polling ´You can’t have TWO laws!’ Former Bishop BLASTS Government for even considering Sharia law Mon, 24 09 2016 01:09:32 GMT d774ec1499f02de27fd577c0ff3764c05117b7a4 Daily Express [UK], by Joey Millar Posted By: Attercliffe- Mon, 24 09 2016 01:09:32 GMT A GOVERNMENT inquiry into Sharia law in the UK has been blasted as a politically correct whitewash by an expert called to the investigating committee. The Right Rev Dr Michael Nazir'Ali, the former Bishop of Rochester, blasted the Government’s ongoing inquiry into the Islamic law system. He warned Sharia law is COMPLETELY incompatible with the British justice system and that the Government is wasting its time investigating its legitimacy. In written evidence to the Commons Home Affairs committee he said the investigation, put forward by Prime Minister Theresa May during her time as Home Secretary, could even jeopardise the entire Clinton aides did not believe her use of a private email server was that serious and convinced her to joke about the scandal in one of her speeches Mon, 24 03 2016 01:03:12 GMT 6606b05a5798a66a2a1b335990ab3dc3090c6d4e Associated Press, by Staff Posted By: Attercliffe- Mon, 24 03 2016 01:03:12 GMT Hacked emails from the personal account of Hillary Clinton´s top campaign official show her aides considered inserting jokes about her private email server into her speeches at several events ' and at least one joke made it into her remarks. ´I love it,´ she told a dinner in Iowa on August 14, 2015, noting she had opened an online account with Snapchat, which deletes posts automatically. ´Those messages disappear all by themselves.´ The crack scored a laugh from the audience, but the issue was plenty serious. About a month earlier, news broke of an FBI investigation into whether some of the emails that Clinton and Trump couldn´t be further apart on abortion Mon, 24 58 2016 12:58:36 GMT a0e8d777f46dc6ce95e7a7472584de79a86e3953 Washington Examiner, by Marjorie Dannenfelser Posted By: earlybird- Mon, 24 58 2016 12:58:36 GMT From the very first moments of the final presidential debate, the choice on life could not have been clearer. Hillary Clinton budged not an inch — not a single baby — from her extreme stance on abortion, and Donald Trump stood firm on his pro'life commitments. The contrast was dramatic. For the first time, thanks to the persistence of moderator Chris Wallace(Snip), Hillary Clinton was pressed on her position that there is not one circumstance in which she would protect the human right to life of an unborn child — even a child moments from birth. In fact, Clinton went Trump, Clinton In Dead Heat As Race Hits Final Two'Week Stretch — IBD/TIPP Poll Mon, 24 50 2016 12:50:23 GMT 203f44ba71a4d4745cc6840103bcf1af5b5161ae Investors Business Daily, by Staff Posted By: Attercliffe- Mon, 24 50 2016 12:50:23 GMT With the presidential election set to enter its final two weeks, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump find themselves in a near dead heat at 41% each in a four'way race, the latest IBD/TIPP presidential tracking poll shows. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson edged up to 8% from 7%, while the Green Party´s Jill Stein rebounded to 4% from 3%. Without rounding, Trump stands at 41.1%, 0.1 percentage point behind Clinton´s 41.2%. Johnson stands at 7.7%, unrounded, while Stein is at 3.7%. In a two'way faceoff without the other two candidates excluded, Trump and Clinton are knotted at 42%. On the unrounded data, Trump slightly How mega'donors helped raise $1 billion for Hillary Clinton Mon, 24 49 2016 12:49:24 GMT 982b40e9da8fcbbb3ddcf2cb4754b6ae8b503063 Washington Post, by Matea Gold and Anu Narayanswamy Posted By: abuela10- Mon, 24 49 2016 12:49:24 GMT It was a few weeks before Hillary Clinton would announce her 2016 presidential bid, and she was already worried about money. “Can we discuss the fundraising plans for first quarter?” her top aide Huma Abedin wrote to other senior staffers in March 2015, noting that Clinton was concerned. “Is the issue that she’s doing too much? Too little?” asked campaign manager Robby Mook. Abedin’s succinct reply: “JEB BUSH.” At the time, donors to the former Florida governor were socking millions into a super PAC, pushing the limits of campaign'finance rules. The stockpiling of seven'figure checks before Bush even declared his candidacy spurred a flurry Halal'slaughtered animals are ´dying in agony´ because of ´Muslim ignorance´ over pre'slaughter stunning, say experts Mon, 24 37 2016 12:37:11 GMT 06f57fe0593d99dc84ab58690d05bcf1871a62c4 Daily Mail [UK], by Stephanie Linning Posted By: Attercliffe- Mon, 24 37 2016 12:37:11 GMT Animals are dying in unnecessary agony because of a lack of understanding over how stunning stops them feeling pain when their throats are cut, research shows. In conventional slaughterhouses, cows, sheep and chicken are stunned, usually with an electric shock, to ensure they are unconscious before their throats are cut. This minimises suffering but in a number of Muslim abattoirs the animals are not stunned over fears it is not permissible, or ´halal´. age) A study by researchers at the University of Bristol suggests some Islamic scholars are ignorant about the humaneness of stunning, leading to animals dying in pain,The Times reported. Widespread research Hey voters, you know what Trump is doing with his talk of rigged elections, right? Mon, 24 14 2016 12:14:20 GMT 021f7002feee7bc8551f68f014f75ad3eee610d6 McClatchy Newspapers, by Andrew Malcolm Posted By: SurferLad- Mon, 24 14 2016 12:14:20 GMT For someone who claims that this entire presidential cycle is completely rigged against him, Donald Trump is maintaining a very strong campaign schedule – and even expanding it in these closing days. Why bother to do three large rallies with three detailed speeches in three separate states on the same day – as Trump just did in crucial Pennsylvania, Virginia and Ohio – if election results are a foregone conclusion? That’s a very strenuous day, even for a candidate who isn’t 70 years old like Trump. The truth, of course, is this 45th quadrennial selection of a commander'in'chief Hillary F. Clinton Curses Those Who Keep Her Safe Mon, 24 01 2016 12:01:10 GMT e67f9c9a8f4beed0ecb854e59bda930e9ac309c0 National Review Online, by Deroy Murdock Posted By: StormCnter- Mon, 24 01 2016 12:01:10 GMT Hillary routinely berated her security detail — and in the worst language possible. Hillary Clinton’s “treatment of DS [Department of State] agents on her protective detail was so contemptuous that many of them sought reassignment or employment elsewhere,” according to a just'released summary of an FBI interview with a former State Department official. “Prior to CLINTON’s tenure, being an agent on the Secretary of State’s protective detail was seen as an honor and privilege reserved for senior agents. However, by the end of CLINTON’s tenure, it was staffed largely with new agents because it was difficult to find senior agents The cult of the expert – and how it collapsed Mon, 24 57 2016 11:57:14 GMT 153424177d80b26453dd8df02830322eebb27589 Guardian [UK], by Sebastian Mallaby Posted By: StormCnter- Mon, 24 57 2016 11:57:14 GMT On Tuesday 16 September 2008, early in the afternoon, a self'effacing professor with a neatly clipped beard sat with the president in the Roosevelt Room of the White House. Flanked by a square'shouldered banker who had recently run Goldman Sachs, the professor was there to tell the elected leader of the world’s most powerful country how to rescue its economy. Following the bankruptcy of one of the nation’s storied investment banks, a global insurance company was now on the brink, but drawing on a lifetime of scholarly research, the professor had resolved to commit $85bn of public funds to stabilising Obama Hammers Down'Ballot Republicans as Clinton Maintains Lead Mon, 24 40 2016 11:40:46 GMT b4905af7fc2e9f3cbb7373d970942e38abbff829 ABC News, by Benjamin Siegel Posted By: Toledo- Mon, 24 40 2016 11:40:46 GMT President Obama continued his assault on down'ballot Republicans in Nevada Sunday, criticizing Senate candidate Joe Heck and the GOP at large for enabling Donald Trump, while urging Nevadans to send Democrats to Congress. "Presidents can´t do everything on their own," Obama said. "We can´t elect Hillary [Clinton] and saddle her with a Congress that is do'nothing." He ripped Heck, who had endorsed Trump until the "Access Hollywood" episode, for telling donors he wants to support Trump after publicly urging him to withdraw from the presidential race. "When Donald creates his TV station, I´m sure Joe Heck will be up on there, giving interviews," Debunking the Vicious False Narratives against Donald Trump Mon, 24 36 2016 11:36:42 GMT 899a39cbf65e1278be5f02347921b75536d676c4 Jewish World Review, by Alicia Colon Posted By: abuela10- Mon, 24 36 2016 11:36:42 GMT By now, every voter knows that the mainstream media is in the pocket of Hillary Clinton but many do not know the extent of the malpractice in journalism today. The MSM has successfully embedded in the minds of the voters false narratives that need to be exposed out of just plain common decency. The three I will address in this piece are the charges that Trump mocked a disabled reporter; that he questioned the Mexican American´s legitimacy to handle his court case because of his race, and that he mocked a Gold Star family. There are many more. A recent Clinton A Vote for Hillary Is a Vote for Single'Payer Mon, 24 30 2016 10:30:04 GMT 30116d7660d2bd57bdcf0289ee51f40026ef0270 American Spectator, by David Catron Posted By: garnet- Mon, 24 30 2016 10:30:04 GMT Throughout this election cycle, Hillary Clinton has insisted that she doesn’t favor single'payer health care. Prepare yourself for a shock — she’s lying. As early as 1994, she described the future of our medical delivery system thus: “I think the momentum for a single'payer system will sweep the country … if it’s not successful the first time, it will eventually be.” Nineteen years later, her affinity for single'payer hadn’t faded. Emails published by WikiLeaks early this month show that, in a 2013 closed'to'the'public speaking engagement, Clinton was still touting the cost savings allegedly achieved by single'payer systems in Scandinavia and Military Warns Chinese Computer Gear Poses Cyber Spy Threat Mon, 24 00 2016 10:00:11 GMT fbf668837d13f365b3c2f38077ada94a32865513 Washington Free Beacon, by Bill Gertz Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 24 00 2016 10:00:11 GMT The Pentagon’s Joint Staff recently warned against using equipment made by China’s Lenovo computer manufacturer amid concerns about cyber spying against Pentagon networks, according to defense officials. A recent internal report produced by the J'2 intelligence directorate stated that cyber security officials are concerned that Lenovo computers and handheld devices could introduce compromised hardware into the Defense Department supply chain, posing cyber espionage risks, said officials familiar with the report. The “supply chain” is how the Pentagon refers to its global network of suppliers that provide key components for weapons and other military systems. The J'2 report was sent Sept. 28, As ‘starter homes’ go, Obamacare a tear'down Mon, 24 49 2016 09:49:06 GMT 87ac1b02ebab3078f1c7eb22e35a586e65df0a2b Boston Herald, by Howie Carr Posted By: Pluperfect- Mon, 24 49 2016 09:49:06 GMT You know, a fixer'upper. A handyman’s special. Although Obamacare is looking more and more like a tear'down. “It’s like building a starter home — or buying a starter home,” he said. “It’s a lot better than not having a home, but you hope that over time you make some improvements.” The problem with that analogy is, most of the people he so imperiously relegated to the health care equivalent of public housing didn’t want to go into Sect. 8. They and their families already had health insurance. It was affordable, with manageable deductibles and copays. You remember those plans? Obama dismissed them out