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  Topic: White House’s false sequester
claims prompt media pushback
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White House’s false sequester
claims prompt media pushback

Daily Caller, by Neil Munro

Original Article

Posted By:StormCnter, 3/4/2013 5:54:43 AM

The White House’s media management team will be in the public spotlight this week following a series of days in which it leveraged the media to distribute what turned out to be misleading or false information. President Barack Obama told reporters that Capitol Hill workers were facing pay cuts as a result of the looming budget sequester. Education Secretary Arne Duncan cited the same cause when he incorrectly claimed that a school district was already laying off teachers. And White House spokesman Jay Carney understated by a factor of 10 the number of illegal immigrants administration officials released


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Reply 1 - Posted by: Keekng, 3/4/2013 6:08:45 AM     (No. 9206871)

Will the sequester fiasco cause MSM to awaken or will it be business as usual. Publications this week and in following weeks will be all-telling.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: Spidey, 3/4/2013 6:11:16 AM     (No. 9206874)

The spin this week will be how hard Obama´s working to offset the damage of the sequester cuts when they wasn´t any to begin with but he´ll come out smelling like a rose,despite weeks of outright lies about it.This is also after Obama said he wasn´t a dictator and could do nothing about the cuts.

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Reply 3 - Posted by: Janjan, 3/4/2013 7:02:45 AM     (No. 9206925)

The media will quickly forgive him and move on with a gentle reminder to next time dial it back a bit. There´s only so much they can do to cover for him.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: Really?, 3/4/2013 7:21:42 AM     (No. 9206955)

HOW can Obama claim that all this "damage" will be done by this measly sequester nonsense, yet he expects American businesses to digest the Affordable Care Act and somehow thrive ?

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Reply 5 - Posted by: bpl40, 3/4/2013 7:26:57 AM     (No. 9206961)

If you push too hard, you have to turn around and clean up what you left on the floor!

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Reply 6 - Posted by: suziesuburbanite, 3/4/2013 8:10:39 AM     (No. 9207021)

With apologies to Margo Channing: Fasten your seatbelts, it´s going to be a bumpy four years!

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Reply 7 - Posted by: suziesuburbanite, 3/4/2013 8:20:42 AM     (No. 9207041)

From armageddon to whatever

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Reply 8 - Posted by: sorosisbehindit, 3/4/2013 8:20:46 AM     (No. 9207042)

Wouldn´t it be great if the press have been becoming increasingly frustrated, nervous and uneasy about their role in installing this president, and all they needed was a substantial colleague to lead the way in their rebellion?
Yeah, I know...delusional day dreaming.

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Reply 9 - Posted by: Rinktum, 3/4/2013 8:26:14 AM     (No. 9207053)

Nothing will come of this. The media will see to it. The frustration comes when we have to sit here and watch our party´s inability to rebut Obama´s outrageous lies. The addlepated Republicans can´t wrap their minds around the fact that Obama is determined to destroy them. Obama is a real and present danger to this country´s future and the Republicans won´t go on the offensive.

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Reply 10 - Posted by: Holeymoses, 3/4/2013 8:27:02 AM     (No. 9207055)

Merely a blip in the lying cycle, however they may have to work a little harder the next time.

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Reply 11 - Posted by: Blue-Z-Anna, 3/4/2013 8:28:29 AM     (No. 9207061)

#7- - - I must object to the racist nature of the comment.

Leftist indoctrination provides sufficient explanation.

There are many examples of outstanding, accomplished and honest people of all ethnicities.

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Reply 12 - Posted by: RU4us, 3/4/2013 8:32:52 AM     (No. 9207068)

This guy and the Clintons are praised as having superior intellect and being masters of politics. However they all share the ability to lie with no conscience.

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Reply 13 - Posted by: jerseytomato, 3/4/2013 8:42:20 AM     (No. 9207087)

Thank you, #12.

It is a leftist hobby to paint all with a broad brush.

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Reply 14 - Posted by: knarfski, 3/4/2013 8:44:24 AM     (No. 9207092)

Watching U.S. presidents on TV, I ordinarily give them the benefit of the doubt about 50% of the time. In Obama´s case, our Barker-In-Chief, it´s down to 5%.

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Reply 15 - Posted by: EnsignO´Toole, 3/4/2013 8:46:57 AM     (No. 9207097)

Could Obama have just had his "Chicken Little" moment? The story of "Henny Penny/Chicken Little" was one of my favorite stories as a kid.

For those who have forgotten, Chicken Little warned the barnyard that calamity was about to happen, by telling all that "the sky is falling", although exactly why Henny Penny,aka Chicken Little, thought that was uncertain. However Henny was clearly fear mongering.

Wikipedia´s take on Chicken Little is :
Fear mongering - whether justified or not - can sometimes elicit a societal response called Chicken Little syndrome, described as "inferring catastrophic conclusions possibly resulting in paralysis". It has also been defined as "a sense of despair or passivity which blocks the audience from actions".

This should now sound quite familiar. I wonder if Obama´s momma read the story to him?

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Reply 16 - Posted by: MattMusson, 3/4/2013 8:47:35 AM     (No. 9207099)

Unfortunately - LOFO minority voters do enable Leftists to carry out their disasterous programs.

There is a reason no one wants to live in Birmingham or Memphis. It´s the intersection of Bad and Worse.

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Reply 17 - Posted by: nonsense, 3/4/2013 8:58:59 AM     (No. 9207129)

Didn´t realize that I had been reading the "up-start" media. Although I always avoid the state-controlled media. Why waste time reading propaganda written by cowardly Americans. Besides, it leaves a yellow stain on your fingers.

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Reply 18 - Posted by: LZK, 3/4/2013 8:59:51 AM     (No. 9207130)

The bamster over/played this one and the media is well aware that WE the people saw through it....sooooooo they have to "pretend" to be outraged -- but they are still on their knees....


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Reply 19 - Posted by: Really?, 3/4/2013 9:15:38 AM     (No. 9207167)

The Press treats Obama like he is some kind of prophet.

He gets credit for KNOWING how many jobs he has saved, and how many jobs his bills will create, and how much revenue will be lost from the Sequester......and all the while, his economy is sinking into the toilet.

Why do we think a Community Organizer, or a Congressman who voted "present" all the time, has the power to predict these outcomes ?

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Reply 20 - Posted by: 4poster, 3/4/2013 9:17:39 AM     (No. 9207171)

L-dot Staff: Please take down the racist post #7. We are not like that. I think it is a poison pill placed here to paint us all racist.

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Reply 21 - Posted by: owl, 3/4/2013 9:33:22 AM     (No. 9207213)

For any of you who fell for all this sequester hoopla , you´re suckers . It was meant to warm up the public to the next , coming up , fight over yet another fiscal cliff and the serious federal spending and budget . That´s where the rubber meets the road , AGAIN , thanks to our worthless GOP . King Notme has gone straight to the public , bypassing congress , to get what he wants . The citizens have proven they´re suckers for his spiel . His next goal : the House of Reps , then on to dictatorship .

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Reply 22 - Posted by: Arby, 3/4/2013 9:38:40 AM     (No. 9207230)

The LSM mice will all start chattering together. If Fauxbama could thrash Saint Bob, think what he could do to them. My, my.

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Reply 23 - Posted by: Zumkopf, 3/4/2013 9:48:13 AM     (No. 9207249)

Interesting. Supposedly the problem with the sequester is that it renders Obama powerless to do anything to ameliorate its damage (I know it´s wildly exaggerated people, go with me here), and just to underscore that point Obama threatened to veto any attempt to GIVE him that flexibility. Then the news this morning is that Pennsylvania is one of the states taking the hardest hit from the sequester, with big cuts to two of its military bases. If Obama is supposedly powerless to ameliorate the damage from the sequester, why is he able to selectively increase it? Could it be that... he lied? Not again, please, say it ain´t so...

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Reply 24 - Posted by: rplat, 3/4/2013 10:20:22 AM     (No. 9207320)

The problem is the mainstream media is as slimy as the Obama administration, so don´t expect them to have any serious change-of-heart. The entire stinking mess is simply trying to cover their backsides.

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Reply 25 - Posted by: chicodon, 3/4/2013 10:21:34 AM     (No. 9207325)

Don´t get your hopes up.

Anyone remember the outrage over the Muslim video and Benghazi? Obama at the UN?

How about:
“I didn’t raise taxes once.”
“The vast majority of the money I got was from small donors all across the country.”
"I’ve done more for Israel’s security than any President ever"
“Every idea that we’ve put forward are ones that traditionally have been supported by Democrats and Republicans alike.”

Professor Liesomeoar rolls on.

Media: Crickets

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Reply 26 - Posted by: Keekng, 3/4/2013 10:51:13 AM     (No. 9207389)

Contrary to the stated opinion of #17, I would prefer living in Birmingham or Memphis over NYC, Chicago or Washington DC.

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    2 persons like this.

Reply 27 - Posted by: Nan, 3/4/2013 11:06:54 AM     (No. 9207437)

Ttally amazing how they are able to cover up their lies with even more lies.

"He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and a third time, till at length it becomes habitual..." --Thomas Jefferson (1785)

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Reply 28 - Posted by: mickturn, 3/4/2013 11:13:21 AM     (No. 9207457)

The ´Obie Won Candoathing´ wants to use this manfactured crisis to convince people we can´t do without BIG GOVT....BS If you start with the obvious waste, overloaded bureaucracies that do nothing this would be good, but to convince everyone of impending doom he starts with the greatest need personnel to make the whole idea look bad.

Shame on Obie for this and for his HATE speech on every issue. Some leader, we could do better with a first grader!

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Reply 29 - Posted by: prettywoman, 3/4/2013 11:16:46 AM     (No. 9207469)

Staff - please remove the racist comment by #7. We are not that kind of people!!

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Reply 30 - Posted by: GreatPlains, 3/4/2013 11:44:25 AM     (No. 9207566)

What everyone else has said about # 7.
The majority media may have a short burst of journalistic integrity, but, it will pass.
I also think that Obama and politics in general has become like white noise.

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Reply 31 - Posted by: knarfski, 3/4/2013 11:45:30 AM     (No. 9207567)

#20: Exactly, he knows little beyond "his" ideology.

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Reply 32 - Posted by: T-Bubba, 3/4/2013 11:51:45 AM     (No. 9207582)

Several years back, this site NEVER would permit the likes of #7 to post their despicable comments without instant blockage. Many of us long-timers have stopped posting on what was once a truly great source of intelligence, wisdom and humor.

[Complaining in an e-mail to our hostess about the site´s smelly garbage being permitted to fester for hours and hours earned me a vicious insult several months ago, BTW.]

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Reply 33 - Posted by: Conservativegirl, 3/4/2013 12:05:26 PM     (No. 9207631)

It´s best to ignore #7 and others like him. In case you don´t know, he´s a leftist lib/prog troll who likes to roll out hand grenades to see if he can get one of us to bite. Were he to get someone to agree with him, he would then put those posts on HuffPo or Politico to demonstrate how racist conservatives are.

Girl´s Hubby

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Reply 34 - Posted by: Grambo, 3/4/2013 12:23:44 PM     (No. 9207691)

At the risk of taking #7´s bait, a pox on thee. Staff, please disinfect this thread and site and banish the fool.

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   1  person like this.

Reply 35 - Posted by: Pinons, 3/4/2013 1:06:59 PM     (No. 9207778)

Did the sky fall?

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Reply 36 - Posted by: saguni, 3/4/2013 1:08:26 PM     (No. 9207782)

Contrary to what some others have posted about post #7, I think it needs to stand.

One cannot combat ignorance without understanding the extent of the incorrect thinking. One cannot defend one´s position without knowing what one is defending against.

Poster #7´s position could have been much more effective had he stated "affirmative action promotes those without necessary experience" or correctly stated that "people voted for 0bama when he had no record of accomplishment when he first ran." or "Barack Obama is the poster boy for the need to examine a person´s history and experience."

Crass racism, like foul language, is the refuge of those who are incapable of rational, intelligent arguments. Fortunately, on this site, it is a rare occurrence and is always quickly disputed.

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   1  person like this.

Reply 37 - Posted by: Heraclitus, 3/4/2013 1:22:10 PM     (No. 9207803)

Thanks, #12.

BO now tells us that 750k jobs are going to be lost... hey! how about the 350k+/- lost EVERY doggone month for more than 4 years.

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Reply 38 - Posted by: DocH, 3/4/2013 2:48:30 PM     (No. 9207993)

No.7´s point is fully refuted by the long-standing support by Ldotters for Thomas Sowell, Allen West, J.C. Watts, Dr. Benjamin Carson, Delroy Murdock, Michelle Malkin and many other minority conservatives. We don´t oppose Obama because he´s black.

We oppose him because he´s Red.

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Reply 39 - Posted by: joew9, 3/4/2013 8:22:06 PM     (No. 9208441)

All this hoping that the media is going to catch on is just like believing that Romney was going to win. Not gonna happen. The media is in deep passionate love with Obama. As deep as a woman who falls in love with a convicted murderer on death row and marries him and tries to help him escape. That kind of insane love.

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Reply 40 - Posted by: patrick28nov45, 3/4/2013 9:14:51 PM     (No. 9208486)

Post 19: LazyK must spend a lot of time on Lucianne.com. But she always writes something worth reading. Patrick

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Reply 41 - Posted by: larryp, 3/4/2013 11:48:40 PM     (No. 9208658)

Can we get the list of the reporters in the Press pool? Names, the company work for, maybe a little CV?
Perhaps a transcript of the questions they ask and the response, whether from Carney or Jane doe?
Then we could email or write them to object. Or the CEO, and/or the advertisers.
Let´s find out who our "betters" are and see if. with some diggging, find out why they protect obama.

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