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Woman, 67, who battled blood cancer
for five years ´recovers after treating it
with TURMERIC´ in the first recorded
case of its kind
Daily Mail (UK), by Ben Spencer    Original Article
Posted By: M2- 1/3/2018 10:11:37 AM     Post Reply
A woman who battled blood cancer for years without success finally halted the disease with turmeric, it has been reported. Dieneke Ferguson is now leading a normal life after giving up on gruelling treatments that failed to stop it. Doctors say her case is the first recorded instance in which a patient has recovered by using the spice after stopping conventional medical treatments. With her myeloma spreading rapidly after three rounds of chemotherapy and four stem cell transplants, the 67-year-old began taking 8g of curcumin a day – one of the main compounds in turmeric.

´Dirty, bloody and lots of sex´:
how Denis Villeneuve´s Cleopatra will
rip up Hollywood´s rule book
The Telegraph (UK), by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: M2- 1/3/2018 10:03:10 AM     Post Reply
One of the greatest classics of cinematic history is being given a Game of Thrones-style makeover by a Hollywood screenwriter. David Scarpa has said he would remake the Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton film, Cleopatra, as a "tight, dirty, fast two-hour movie, that was very sort of visceral". Scarpa, who wrote Ridley Scott´s awards season favourite All The Money in the World, has been attached to the ill-fated Cleopatra film that various Hollywood power players have been trying to release for several years. The new film is set to be directed by Denis Villeneuve, who directed 2017´s Blade Runner sequel

One person stabbed to death and
two injured as ´Egyptian teen
armed with a number of weapons´
launches street rampage in Ireland
in ´potential terror attacks´
Daily Mail [UK], by Gareth Davies    Original Article
Posted By: Ribicon- 1/3/2018 10:02:44 AM     Post Reply
One person has been stabbed to death and two others have been injured in what is being described as a series of ´random attacks´ in Ireland. Gardai are said to have arrested a heavily-armed teenager born in North Africa and officers are investigating if three separate incidents are terror related. The knife attack happened shortly before 9am in Dundalk and the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. Local sources have identified the attacker as an 18-year-old Egyptian, the Irish Times reports. (Snip) The stabbing victim is a 24-year-old Japanese man, according to RTE, and the two injured



Trump Tower meeting with Russians
´treasonous´, Bannon says in explosive book
The Guardian, by David Smith    Original Article
Posted By: M2- 1/3/2018 9:52:02 AM     Post Reply
Donald Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon has described the Trump Tower meeting between the president’s son and a group of Russians during the 2016 election campaign as “treasonous” and “unpatriotic”, according to an explosive new book seen by the Guardian. Bannon, speaking to author Michael Wolff, warned that the investigation into alleged collusion with the Kremlin will focus on money laundering and predicted: “They’re going to crack Don Junior like an egg on national TV.”

Head of Iran Guards announces
‘end of the sedition’
Agence France-Presse, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 1/3/2018 9:45:20 AM     Post Reply
Tehran - Iran's Revolutionary Guards said Wednesday that the unrest that had rocked Iran over several days was at an end, and that a maximum of 15,000 people had taken part nationwide. "Today we can announce the end of the sedition," said Mohammad Ali Jafari, commander of the Revolutionary Guards. "There were a maximum of 1,500 people in each place and the number of trouble-makers did not exceed 15,000 people nationwide," he said on the Guards' website. "A large number of the trouble-makers at the center of the sedition, who received training from counter-revolutionaries ... have been arrested and there will be

Would Iranians really bring back the Shah?
American Thinker, by Monica Showalter    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 1/3/2018 9:42:14 AM     Post Reply
Pundits have marveled at what a big surprise it was that ordinary Iranians have revolted against the mullahs. It´s a surprise to them, but no surprise to American Thinker´s readers, whose Iranian contributors have kept us posted for years about what is really going on in Iran. Just look at these pieces by Hamid Bahrami, Reza Shafiee, Hassan Mahmoudi, Amil Imani and Shahriar Kia. Over and over again, these writers warned there was a problem, and now Iranians´ protests against corruption, soaring prices, environmental ruin, revolutionary guard thuggery, poverty, and bank collapses have become the "surprise" story of the day.

Trump says Iranian protests will see
support from US ´at the appropriate time´
Fox News, by Brooke Singman    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 1/3/2018 9:34:52 AM     Post Reply
White House - President Trump doubled down on his support for Iranian protesters Wednesday morning, assuring that at the “appropriate time” they would see aid from the United States. “Such respect for the people of Iran as they try to take back their corrupt government. You will see great support from the United States at the appropriate time!” Trump tweeted. Such respect for the people of Iran as they try to take back their corrupt government. You will see great support from the United States at the appropriate time! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 3, 2018 - The president initially posted a



As Caps on Federal Deductions
Begin, High-Tax States
Seek a New Scheme
PJ Media, by Tom Knighton    Original Article
Posted By: Hazymac- 1/3/2018 9:30:30 AM     Post Reply
For many, there are few things quite as enjoyable as watching high-tax states kvetch that the new GOP tax plan caps deductions on federal tax returns for state and local taxes. Taxpayers in other states have long subsidized the spendthrift ways of states like California and New York. Those states could always sell yet another tax increase to their citizens, who knew they could deduct the increase on federal returns. But those days are over, and high-tax states are scrambling to figure out how to keep having their cake and eating it, too. The New York Times reports: "One proposal would replace

The nuclear war tweet
heard ´round the world
CNN, by Stephen Collinson    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 1/3/2018 9:18:24 AM     Post Reply
(Video) - The world´s most powerful man ignited a stunning new showdown with North Korea late Tuesday, as Donald Trump boasted to volatile leader Kim Jong Un that he had a "much bigger & more powerful" nuclear weapon. Trump´s flippant comments about his nuclear prowess -- akin to "mine is bigger than yours" schoolyard taunts -- raise new questions about whether the President has thought deeply about the awesome destructive power at his command. (Snip) "Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful

Something is very wrong
with the US Navy
American Thinker, by Ed Straker    Original Article
Posted By: magnante- 1/3/2018 9:15:47 AM     Post Reply
Recently, a sailor on the cruiser Shiloh started to behave erratically. He claimed he had the ability to shoot fireballs from his hands and that he had traveled into outer space. Despite his obvious insanity, no action was taken. The sailor, named Peter Mims, then hid aboard his ship, and no one was able to find him for a week. (snip) The command counseled him in 2015 for being late on qualifications. Yet that same year, he was listed as "must promote" in his annual evaluation. "His enthusiasm and motivation are contagious!" a supervisor wrote on his eval. "A rock-solid performer

The View of the Blinkered
American Greatness, by Victor Davis Hanson    Original Article
Posted By: Judy W.- 1/3/2018 9:14:30 AM     Post Reply
Sites like Vox, the Daily Beast, and the Weekly Standard have long praised the dossiers of Robert Mueller’s legal investigative team. The essays prove mostly the same. They often employ the same superlative nomenclature: “all-stars,” “dream-team,” “army,” and “professionals.” The hagiographies list the legal CVs of various lawyers and investigators now employed (usually on loan either from the FBI, Obama or Trump Justice Departments, or prestigious East Coast firms). The reviews often hint that such “firepower” may mean a one-sided legal bloodbath ahead. The mere names spell “very, very bad news” for the White House. Yet the Mueller legal team’s dossiers also



The Left´s 1942
American Thinker, by J.R. Dunn    Original Article
Posted By: magnante- 1/3/2018 9:09:48 AM     Post Reply
Nineteen forty-two was the critical year of WWII. During that year, four battles were fought that turned the fortunes of war in favor of the Allies. (snip) While certainly not as dramatic as the events of WWII, the political defeat of leftism may well be just as decisive. It is, after all, the last surviving remnant of what historian John Lukacs called the "social-nationalist" ideologies, which include fascism, Nazism, Communism, and state Shinto. Leftism is a survival of the politically diseased 20th century, remaining only due to social inertia and rabid indoctrination through education and the media. It may finally be

The Iranian Regime´s Days
May Be Numbered
PJ Media, by Michael Ledeen    Original Article
Posted By: Hazymac- 1/3/2018 9:01:39 AM     Post Reply
Is it a revolution? Can it succeed? Should we support it, and if so, how? Surely this tumult is very different from the protests of 2009. It’s different in at least two ways, geographical and demographical. Geographically, whereas the 2009 protests were mainly limited to Tehran, today’s phenomenon covers the whole country, from major cities to smaller towns and even rural villages. That’s significant, because those who do not believe in the prospects of an Iranian revolution invariably argue that opposition to the regime is restricted to the elites of the big cities, and that rural populations are pro-regime. It’s difficult to

5 Reasons Men Cheat
PJ Media, by John Hawkins    Original Article
Posted By: Hazymac- 1/3/2018 8:49:02 AM     Post Reply
Cheating always seems like such a black-and-white issue, doesn´t it? Of course, in one sense, it is. You cheated? Then you´re the bad guy (or girl) and your partner has every right to be upset, angry, hurt, and to never forgive you. All true. However, if you know a few people who cheat, you start to find out it´s not always so simple. That doesn´t mean the cheater´s justified, but it does mean he may have reasons for what he´s doing that go beyond not being able to keep it in his pants for more than five minutes at a time. The

New Year´s Shocker: The New York Times
Admits Trump Is Doing Something Right
Investor’s Business Daily, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: RockyTCB- 1/3/2018 7:42:32 AM     Post Reply
Journalism: The "newspaper of record" ran a highly unusual story this week. It reported how President Trump´s deregulatory push was encouraging business to spend and invest again. You don´t say. The Times´ story — which carried the web headline, "The Trump Effect: Business, Anticipating Less Regulation, Loosens Purse Strings" — started this way: "A wave of optimism has swept over American business leaders, and it is beginning to translate into the sort of investment in new plants, equipment and factory upgrades that bolsters economic growth, spurs job creation — and may finally raise wages significantly. "While business leaders are eager for the tax



Trump Is The Anti-Obama When
It Comes To Standing Up To
Terrorist-Supporting Iran
Investor’s Business Daily, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: RockyTCB- 1/3/2018 7:41:00 AM     Post Reply
Green Revolution: Average Iranians have once again taken to the streets to protest the brutal, incompetent dictatorship of the fundamentalist mullahs that rule the country. We can only hope these demonstrations turn out better than they did in 2009. The so-called "Green Movement," also known as the "Persian Spring," brought people into the streets of Tehran, Qom and other major Iranian cities in the summer of 2009, protesting at first the regime´s fraudulent election and corrupt management of the economy, which had brought inflation, unemployment and shortages to a country that should be one of the world´s wealthiest. The U.S. government

CBS Tries to Use Berlin Wall
To Discredit Trump Wall,
Israeli Anti-Terror Barriers
Newsbusters, by Brad Wilmouth    Original Article
Posted By: Tianne- 1/3/2018 7:03:12 AM     Post Reply
It seems someone at CBS thought it was a good idea to send correspondent Mark Phillips all the way to Germany and do a full report about the Berlin Wall just to suggest that all walls are bad, and therefore undermine President Donald Trump´s push for a border wall, as well as Israel´s security barrier which has likely saved thousands from being murdered by suicide bombers. On Monday´s CBS Evening News, substitute anchor Jericka Duncan alluded to Trump´s wall proposal, and then set up the piece by hinting that the report might prove walls between countries to be ineffective:

An Unfond Farewell to
Un-statesman Orrin Hatch
Townhall, by Michelle Malkin    Original Article
Posted By: Tianne- 1/3/2018 6:04:32 AM     Post Reply
The longest-serving Republican senator in U.S. history announced this week that he will finally, finally, finally, finally, finally, finally, finally retire. That´s seven "finallys" -- one for each of the consecutive six-year terms Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, served. He begin his occupancy in 1976, when all phones were dumb, the 5.25-inch floppy disk was cutting-edge, the very first Apple computer went on sale for $666.66, the Concorde was flying high, O.J. Simpson was a hero, Blake Shelton was a newborn, the first MRI was still a blueprint, and I was a gap-toothed first-grader wearing corduroy bell-bottoms crushing on Davy Jones.

Illegal Immigration And Crime
FrontPage Magazine, by Michael Cutler    Original Article
Posted By: Tianne- 1/3/2018 5:55:10 AM     Post Reply
On December 21, 2017 the Department of Justice issued a press release, “Departments of Justice and Homeland Security Release Data on Incarcerated Aliens—94 Percent of All Confirmed Aliens in DOJ Custody Are Unlawfully Present.” The initial statistic cited in the title of that DOJ press release shows that there is a truly significant distinction to be drawn between aliens who are lawfully present in the United States and aliens who are illegally present in the United States, either because they have entered the United States illegally or they have violated the terms of admission after entering the United States via the

If Mitt Romney runs in Utah, he’ll win —
but don’t expect an anti-Trump hero
Salon, by Matthew Sheffield    Original Article
Posted By: Tishimself- 1/3/2018 5:51:18 AM     Post Reply
Republican politics are in disarray again. This time, President Donald Trump is for once not responsible. Instead, it’s Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, who announced on Tuesday that he will not seek re-election this year, setting off widespread speculation about what will happen next. Hatch’s announcement came as a surprise even though he had told Utah voters six years ago that he would not run again in 2018. Trump had been urging him to reconsider, largely because Hatch had become a reliable ally for the president in the Senate, particularly in his position as chair of the Finance Committee, one of


How Trump Really Beat the Media
FrontPage Magazine, by Daniel Greenfield    Original Article
Posted By: Tianne- 1/3/2018 5:47:13 AM     Post Reply
President Trump’s end year remarks to the New York Times acerbically summed up his relationship with the media. “I’m going to win another four years… because newspapers, television, all forms of media will tank if I’m not there.” The answering outburst of rage and contempt from the media burned all the hotter because the statement was not only intentionally provocative; it was also true. The media has never been able to quit Trump. Its conviction that it can destroy him through coverage has repeatedly proven false. But that hasn’t stopped the media from throwing more coverage at him. And its motive

Storm Eleanor: Travel chaos and tens
of thousands left without power as
winds of up to 100mph batter UK
ITV [UK], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 1/3/2018 5:29:49 AM     Post Reply
Thousands of households have been stripped of power and major transport links have been disrupted after Storm Eleanor lashed the British Isles with winds of up to 100mph. The Met Office warned gusts from the fifth storm to hit the UK this season could pose danger to life from flying debris. Widespread disruption is expected on Wednesday after the storm brought heavy rain, rail and thunder and lightning as it swept across the country. A number of major bridges and roads were closed due to falling trees or as precautions overnight on Tuesday as Eleanor caused travel disruption in the

Fractured West
City Journal, by Michael J. Totten    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 1/3/2018 5:25:41 AM     Post Reply
My hometown, Portland, Oregon, voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton in 2016, but the Democratic Party lost almost everywhere else in the state, including in every county east of the Cascade Mountains. Except for in Vermont and Massachusetts, the same urban/rural divide in American politics exists around the country. A county-by-county map of the election looks like a Clinton archipelago in a vast Trump ocean. Lots of journalists have ventured into the rust belt to find out why so many working-class voters abandoned the Democrats for Donald Trump, but hardly anyone is asking why blue-collar voters in the rural West have

5 questions for Trump´s new year
McClatchy Newspapers, by Andrew Malcolm    Original Article
Posted By: SurferLad- 1/3/2018 5:22:26 AM     Post Reply
A brand new year suggests a fresh slate with a new set of resolutions and unlimited opportunities for advances and accomplishments. But control your optimism. We’re talking Washington here. Realism rules. To outline some opportunities – and dangers — for the Year of the Dog, here are some questions to keep in mind, whose answers are likely to dominate the news in 2018: WHAT LESSONS has President Trump learned from his first tumultuous year? [Snip] NOW ABOUT MEDIA: Will Trump continue assaults on so-called dishonest media and fake news? You

The Iran that Obama helped keep in place
Washington Examiner [DC], by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 1/3/2018 5:12:37 AM     Post Reply
Protests against Iran’s theocratic regime enter their seventh day today. The country´s chief cleric, who dominates the violent and oppressive regime, has tried to blame foreign agents for the courageous public display of dissent. But the truth, as the old tyrant well knows, is that the government that he and his fellow mullahs oversee has created woeful economic conditions, fostered corruption, and unintentionally nurtured a desire among young people (who account for the majority of the Iranian population) for freedom. Iranians have seen more than enough of their nation’s wealth poured into terrorism abroad while their own needs are neglected. The incompetent,

Veterans Call on Anti-Issa Group
to Return $100k From Jane Fonda
Washington Free Beacon, by Susan Crabtree    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 1/3/2018 5:10:05 AM     Post Reply
The Vietnam War ended nearly a half century ago, but the bitter political divisions it spawned are reverberating once again this week in one of the most hotly contested congressional districts in the country. Military veterans who support Rep. Darrell Issa (R., Calif.) on Tuesday demanded that a Democratic group aimed at defeating him return a $100,000 donation it recently received from Jane Fonda, who turned 80 in December. Around 15 veterans outside Issa´s office holding flags and sporting their combat ribbons recalled Fonda´s controversial 1972 photo shoot in North Vietnam, where she was photographed sitting behind an enemy anti-aircraft gun. The

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