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Hollywood´s Bodyguards: Inside the
World of Celebrity Security Detail
ABC News, by Clayton Sandell    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 2/23/2013 4:31:45 AM     Post Reply
From Oscar contenders to Lady Gaga, it seems everybody who is anybody in Hollywood has a security detail in their entourage and there are some who see it as a big business opportunity. Kent Moyer, who got his start working security for the Playboy Mansion, founded the World Protection Group 12 years ago as a bodyguard training program to produce professional alternatives to the hired thug. "If you look at some of the Hollywood people and what we call the so-called ´bodyguard-type,´ big people, no training, maybe bouncer from clubs, maybe friends that they picked that are really tall, big,

Obama´s Dystopia
American Thinker, by Leo Pusateri    Original Article
Posted By: thudlike- 2/23/2013 3:44:10 AM     Post Reply
Just prior to the 2008 elections, Barack Obama boldly stated, "We are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America" (October 30, 2008) Many among my conservative friends took that to be so much fluff; pretty much liberal boilerplate consistent with his whole "Hope and Change" campaign message. Given, however, Obama´s background, cutting his teeth with the radical leftists/communists of his day (i.e., Frank Marshall Davis, Bernadine Dorn, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright) I chose to take him at his word.

White House to give senators
Benghazi documents
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/23/2013 12:01:17 AM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON — A congressional aide says the White House has agreed to give the Senate Intelligence Committee documents related to the attack on a U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya. Republicans had demanded the documents as a condition of voting on the nomination of John Brennan to be CIA director. The congressional aide says the documents include emails between top national security officials showing the debate within the administration over how to describe the attack and other documents the committee had been asking for. The aide spoke on condition of anonymity



First lady jokes about
hosting ´Tonight Show´
Associated Press, by Darlene Superville    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/22/2013 11:57:19 PM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON- Michelle Obama says she´s eyeing another campaign in 2016 and, contrary to speculation, it doesn´t involve running for public office. During her first appearance on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" on Friday, the host asked her to consider a Michelle-Hillary ticket for president in 2016. The latter is former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who lost the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination to Mrs. Obama´s husband. Speculation is rampant that Clinton is gearing up to run again in 2016. "You know, I have my eye actually on another job. And I hear that when Jay Leno retires

Obama to attend Gridiron dinner
The Hill [Washington DC], by Emily Goodin    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/22/2013 11:49:36 PM     Post Reply
President Obama will attend the annual Gridiron dinner, the organization told its members on Friday. "I am pleased to report that President Obama has accepted our invitation to the March 9, 2013, Spring Dinner, his fourth Gridiron dinner," organization President Chuck Lewis informed members in an email, which was obtained by The Hill. The white-tie event is one of the most exclusive in Washington. Membership to the Gridiron Club and Foundation is limited to 65 journalists and is by invitation-only. The dinner is famous for its satirical musical skits by the members. It is an off-the-record event with press coverage barred

Obama brief fuels marriage fight
Politico, by Josh Gerstein    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/22/2013 11:45:56 PM     Post Reply
A legal brief the Justice Department filed with the Supreme Court Friday asking the justices to strike down a key part of the Defense of Marriage Act is raising hopes among gay rights advocates that President Barack Obama is on the verge of embracing a federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage. The brief formally urges the court to declare unconstitutional the portion of the 1996 law barring recognition of same-sex marriages by the federal government for income tax purposes, federal employee benefits, immigration and myriad other programs

On CNN, Cause of Chicago
Violence Is – You Guessed
It – The GOP
Newsbusters, by Mike Bates    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/22/2013 11:37:22 PM     Post Reply
Chicago hasn’t had a Republican mayor in over 80 years. Democrats have controlled the Illinois governor’s mansion and both houses of the legislature for more than a decade, with Democrats ruling the Illinois House for 28 of the last 30 years. No matter, Chicago violence is the fault of Republicans. We learned that this morning on CNN Newsroom when anchor Carol Costello asked her “Talk Back” guests about Retired Lt. General Russel Honore’s suggestion to use National Guard troops to curb murders in Chicago. Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman astutely pinpointed the reason for Chicago’s



McCain, Obama to meet
on immigration Tuesday
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/22/2013 11:31:20 PM     Post Reply
MEXICO CITY- U.S. Sen. John McCain said Friday that he and other lawmakers working on an immigration overhaul will meet with President Barack Obama on Tuesday to discuss the effort to revamp the system. McCain, a member of a bipartisan group of eight senators working on a bill, said there is still significant disagreement with the president, but he is optimistic about producing legislation that includes a path to legalization for illegal immigrants. The White House could not immediately confirm the Tuesday meeting. "The president of the United States has supported our efforts.

Youth abandoning Obama;
just 43% approve
Washington Examiner [DC], by Paul Bedard    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 2/22/2013 11:14:41 PM     Post Reply
He couldn´t have won reelection without their enthusiastic support, but now younger voters are abandoning President Obama, logging a depressing 43 percent approval rating for their political hero in a new poll. The just-released Economist/YouGov poll reports that only older Americans age 65 and above have a worse view of the president, with 53 percent disapproving of his performance and 47 approving. Among voters aged 18-29, 49 percent disapprove of Obama´s job performance while 43 percent approve. The rest are not sure. "Although they were a critical part of his electoral victory,

As furloughs loom, unions
try to soften sequester blow
for federal workers
Washington Post, by Lisa Rein    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 2/22/2013 11:00:37 PM     Post Reply
Federal government labor unions and agency managers are bargaining over how and when to carry out first-of-their-kind furloughs of more than a million employees as deep spending cuts are all but certain to kick in Friday. Union leaders cannot stop the furloughs or determine who in each agency must take them. They say their best option is to soften the pain of unpaid days, which could slash federal pay by up to 20 percent this fiscal year. They are demanding that employees be able to choose when to take days off and volunteer for more to help financially

The manufactured crisis of sequester
Washington Post, by George F. Will    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 2/22/2013 10:58:33 PM     Post Reply
Even during this desultory economic recovery, one industry thrives — the manufacture of synthetic hysteria. It is, however, inaccurate to accuse the Hysteric in Chief of crying “Wolf!” about spending cuts under the sequester. He is actually crying “Hamster!” As in: Batten down the hatches — the sequester will cut $85 billion from this year’s $3.6 trillion budget! Or: Head for the storm cellar — spending will be cut 2.3 percent! Or: Washington chain-saw massacre — we must scrape by on 97.7 percent of current spending!



Caligula’s Horse
National Review Online, by Peter Kirsanow    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 2/22/2013 10:54:22 PM     Post Reply
Chuck Hagel easily proved himself unfit to be secretary of defense during his nomination hearing. Not only was he ignorant of fundamental aspects of the job, but his positions on some of the critical defense issues of the day are preposterous if not dangerous. No one disputes that his performance at the hearing was the worst and most embarrassing of any nominee for any prominent position in memory. Yet by all reports he will be our next secretary of defense. Why? The explanation heard most frequently from senators and pundits alike is a robotic “the president is entitled

McConnell Throws a No-Hitter
National Review Online, by Daniel Foster    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 2/22/2013 10:51:43 PM     Post Reply
I’ve learned a few things (I hope) in my three and half years covering politics in the Obama era. And Number One With a Bullet is this: if you ever want to know where to find the rightward-most, feasible position for Republicans to take in a given political crisis — and as the president is wont to point out, there’s a new one every week — look for Mitch McConnell. He’s usually sitting there in a folding chair, waiting for everybody else to show up. McConnell’s disposition on a given issue can be either heartening

Oh Goodie: DoD Spends $5.2
Million on “Goldfish Studies”
Townhall, by Daniel Doherty    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 2/22/2013 9:37:40 PM     Post Reply
And unsurprisingly, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul isn’t happy about it. In truth, Paul has become one of the most outspoken Republican advocates in the upper chamber for cutting military spending -- a position too many on the Right seem wholly uncomfortable with. But after studying Senator Tom Coburn’s (R-OK) shell-shocking report last year exposing Washington´s wasteful spending habits, Paul seems insistent that there are plenty of ways both Republicans and Democrats can come to together to reduce annual federal expenditures. And cutting military spending, he argues, is a good place to start:

Watch: Jimmy Fallon Performs ‘The
Evolution Of Mom Dancing’ …With
First Lady Michelle Obama
Mediaite, by Matt Wilstein    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 2/22/2013 9:26:28 PM     Post Reply
First Lady Michelle Obama is making her second appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Friday night, and as the show wrote on Twitter, they just “couldn’t wait” until tonight to show America this epic segment. The last time the first lady was on the show, she brought Jimmy Fallon to the White House where the two competed in a fitness competition to promote her “Let’s Move” campaign to fight obesity. This time, Obama was on Fallon’s turf. Fallon decided to bring back a classic segment from last year’s Father’s Day, “The Evolution of Dad Dancing,” this time recreated as



Austin Sigg 911 tape:´I murdered
Jessica Ridgeway, I have
proof that I did´
KMGH-TV [Denver, CO], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: zephyrgirl- 2/22/2013 9:18:48 PM     Post Reply
Jefferson County, Colo. - A judge ruled on Friday that there is enough evidence for a teen to stand trial for murder and attempted abduction about an hour after prosecutors played a 911 tape where Austin Sigg admitted to killing 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway and to trying to kidnap a female jogger. The five-minute recording played during a Friday preliminary hearing began with the teen´s mother, Mindy Sigg, calling 911 on the night of Oct. 23, 2012. "I need you to come to my house, my son wants to turn himself in for Jessica Ridgeway's murder," the mother tells a dispatcher.

Senator to Hagel: Open Your Archive
Weekly Standard, by Daniel Halper    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 2/22/2013 9:17:14 PM     Post Reply
Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina has written a letter to Chuck Hagel to ask that he open his Senate archive at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Graham, who also asks Hagel to authorize the release of past speeches organized by the Washington Speakers Bureau, believes interested parties should have access to the former Nebraska senator´s record. Graham first reminds Hagel, who has been nominated as secretary of defense, that he promised disclosure at his Senate confirmation hearing. He writes, "During your appearance before the Senate Armed Services Committee,

Firearms Companies Restricting Sales
To Government Agencies In Areas
That Restrict Gun Rights
Cybercast News Service, by Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr.    Original Article
Posted By: Judy W.- 2/22/2013 9:13:59 PM     Post Reply
A growing number of firearm and firearm-related companies have stated they will no longer sell items to states, counties, cities and municipalities that restrict their citizens´ rights to own them. According to The Police Loophole, 34 companies have joined in publicly stating that governments who seek to restrict 2nd Amendment rights will themselves be restricted from purchasing the items they seek to limit or ban. Extreme Firepower Inc., located in Inwood, WV has had a longstanding policy that states: "The Federal Government and several states have enacted gun control laws that restrict

Haute couture by the postman
Washington Times, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 2/22/2013 9:08:21 PM     Post Reply
We first thought this was a dispatch from The Onion: The U.S. Postal Service announced Tuesday that it will enhance its “cool” with the rollout of a line of apparel and accessories, targeting the young. The Postal Service, near bankruptcy, expects young hipsters to show up, perhaps in flash mobs, to order the latest in government-issued fashion. They can be the first on the block in a “Rain, Heat & Snow” brand shirt or jacket. Abercrombie & Fitch, be warned. The logic — if it can be called that — behind this adventure in haute couture is that an appeal to the kids could encourage them to use

Scientists believe Thousands of
people have been exposed to a
deadly outbreak of tuberculosis
in downtown Los Angeles
Daily Mail [UK], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 2/22/2013 8:53:40 PM     Post Reply
Public health officials are searching for more than 4,500 people who they believe have been exposed to a deadly outbreak of tuberculosis in Los Angeles, as part of a huge effort to contain the disease. Scientists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are in downtown Los Angeles to help officials determine why the disease is spreading and to stop it in its tracks. Eleven people have died from the disease since 2007, and a total of 78 cases have been noted. Of these, 60 were homeless people living in an area known as skid row. Scientists believe the strain is unique to the area


The Left’s Racists Are
Out to Get Ted Cruz
PJ Media, by Daniel Sosa    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 2/22/2013 8:47:59 PM     Post Reply
Senator Ted Cruz believes that attacks on Marco Rubio are because he’s a conservative Latino. “I think Democrats and the media are afraid of Marco Rubio because he is a smart, intelligent, conservative Hispanic. And they are looking for any excuse they can to attack him, because that threatens them,” Cruz told reporters during a tour of a Texas gun manufacturing plant north of Austin. “Look, he took a drink of water in a speech. And it dominated the news for days with one network saying it was a career ender.” He’s right. Cruz should know, has been the victim of this racism in recent days as well.

Black Leaders: ‘Direct Correlation
Between Gun Control and Black
People Control’
Cybercast News Service, by Penny Starr    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 2/22/2013 8:42:05 PM     Post Reply
Gun control dates back to laws before and after the Civil War that prohibited or restricted African Americans from owning firearms, a group of black leaders said Friday at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. “History is [rife] with examples. There’s a direct correlation between gun control and black people control,” Stacy Swimp, president and CFO of the Frederick Douglass Society, said at the event. Swimp compared the call for universal background checks for gun purchase to the time when blacks were required to register with the government. “The first gun laws were put into

FEMA archeologists find
American Indian pottery,
other items by Bayou St. John
Times-Picayune [New Orleans, LA], by Bruce Eggler    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 2/22/2013 8:41:44 PM     Post Reply
Archeologists under contract to the Federal Emergency Management Agency have discovered American Indian pottery sherds, animal bones and pieces of clay tobacco pipes near Bayou St. John in New Orleans. Some of the items are more than 1,500 years old. "It was a bit of a surprise to find this," said FEMA Louisiana Recovery Office Deputy Director of Programs Andre Cadogan, referring to a small pottery fragment. "We clearly discovered pottery from the late Marksville period, which dates to 300-400 A.D. The pottery was nice, easily datable, and much earlier than we expected.

Court orders NLRB to justify
continuing operation in wake
of recess appointee ruling
Washington Examiner, by Sean Higgins    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 2/22/2013 8:35:37 PM     Post Reply
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia today ordered the National Labor Relations Board to respond to a petition by a pro-business group that it suspend any further action in a Rhode Island case. The same court had earlier ruled that two of the three current board members were appointed unconstitutionally. Should the court grant the petition, it could force the NLRB to cease all activity. “We are not asking the court to shut down the Board, but it may have that effect. If the court shuts down the NLRB in this case,

ObamaCare and the ´29ers´
Wall Street Journal, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 2/22/2013 8:33:45 PM     Post Reply
Here´s a trend you´ll be reading more about: part-time "job sharing," not only within firms but across different businesses. It´s already happening across the country at fast-food restaurants, as employers try to avoid being punished by the Affordable Care Act. In some cases we´ve heard about, a local McDonalds has hired employees to operate the cash register or flip burgers for 20 hours a week and then the workers head to the nearby Burger KingBKW +2.39% or Wendy´s to log another 20 hours. Other employees take the opposite shifts.

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