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What the President Said
About Benghazi
Real Clear Politics, by Tom Bevan    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 11/30/2012 9:00:14 AM     Post Reply
U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice is under fire for going on several Sunday talk shows five days after the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi and providing apparently erroneous information to the public. But President Obama’s own public statements about Benghazi, made in three separate nationally televised interviews in the days after Rice’s appearances, were equally misleading and have received scarcely any attention. In defending Rice from criticism from an array of Republicans, including Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham, Obama said at a November 15 press conference,

Americans are already seceding
from one another
Creators Syndicate, by Patrick J. Buchanan    Original Article
Posted By: jackson- 11/30/2012 8:54:11 AM     Post Reply
“When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another …” So begins the Declaration of Independence of the 13 colonies from the king and country to which they had given allegiance since the settlers first came to Jamestown and Plymouth Rock. The declaration was signed by 56 angry old white guys who had had enough of what the Cousins were doing to them. In seceding from the mother country, these patriots put their lives, fortunes and honor on the line

Fox News wins November, bests
MSNBC, CNN with 9 of 10 top shows
Daily Caller, by Jeff Poor    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 11/30/2012 8:52:48 AM     Post Reply
The Fox News Channel showed its muscle to finish out the 2012 election cycle. For the month of November, the cable news channel topped its competition, with its daytime programming having record months. According to data from Nielsen Media Research, all three major cable news channels were up significantly from this time a year ago.



Paris activist to test taboos
with gay-friendly mosque
Reuters, by Chine Labbà   Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 11/30/2012 8:46:57 AM     Post Reply
PARIS- Europe´s first gay and lesbian-friendly mosque opens on Friday in an eastern Paris suburb, in a challenge to mainstream Islam´s long tradition of condemning same-sex relationships. The mosque, set up in a small room inside the house of a Buddhist monk, will welcome transgender and transsexual Muslims and seat men and women together, breaking with another custom where the sexes are normally segregated during prayer.

Congress should dive
headlong off fiscal cliff
Daily Caller, by Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 11/30/2012 8:35:40 AM     Post Reply
Everyone in Washington fears the fiscal cliff. The White House has no interest in going over. Democrats understand they’ll never have more power than they do now. Delaying a budget deal until after January means getting less of what they want. Republican leaders, meanwhile, live in fear of another 1995 government shutdown. When two sides fail to reach a deal, the media blame Republicans. That’s the lesson Republicans learned 17 years ago. They shudder imagining the headlines if negotiations were to break down next month: “Norquist-controlled GOP forces America off cliff.”

Gallup: Americans turn on
government-guaranteed health care
Daily Caller, by Matthew Boyle    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 11/30/2012 8:31:29 AM     Post Reply
A new Gallup poll shows that 54 percent of Americans think it is not the federal government’s responsibility to ensure all citizens have health care coverage. This is the first time Gallup trends have shown a majority of Americans holding this opinion since 2000, according to Gallup’s Jeffrey Jones. From 2000 until around the time President Barack Obama was elected, polls showed an easy majority of Americans supported government-ensured health care. In most years during that time frame, more than 60 percent of Americans thought the government should make sure everyone had health care.

Egypt Islamists hurriedly
approve new constitution
Associated Press, by Hamzda Hendawi and Maggie Micahel    Original Article
Posted By: IowaDad- 11/30/2012 8:15:48 AM     Post Reply
CAIRO -- Islamists approved a draft constitution for Egypt early Friday without the participation of liberal and Christian members, seeking to pre-empt a court ruling that could dissolve their panel with a rushed, marathon vote that further inflames the conflict between the opposition and President Mohammed Morsi. The vote by the constituent assembly advanced a charter with an Islamist bent that rights experts say could give Muslim clerics oversight over legislation and bring restrictions on freedom of speech,
Source name spelled out, content added by staff



Message to the GOP:
Believe it or Not
American Thinker, by J.T. Hatter    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 11/30/2012 8:12:01 AM     Post Reply
Bill Whittle has been making the rounds with the observation that the Republican Party doesn´t believe its own message, and this is one of the main reasons we lost the election. The idea is that Republicans make a show of being conservative, but don´t demonstrate a true commitment to conservative values or our nation´s founding principles. I think he´s right. Bill Whittle is a very smart guy. Lately, the Republicans have been doing everything they can to prove him right. The Republican leadership has long been shifting policies and positions to the left,

German man who returned
cheapskate rapper´s laptop says settling
over $1M promise wasn´t an option
New York Post, by Chuck Bennett    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 11/30/2012 7:55:17 AM     Post Reply
He took a $1 million roll of the dice — and wound up rolling in Benjamins. The German man who returned cheapskate rapper Ryan Leslie’s laptop said yesterday he knew there was a good chance the jury in his suit against the hip-hopper might rule against him — but settling the case was not an option. “I understood the risk,” said Armin Augstein, 54. “One never knows how a matter will be decided by a jury, but I was prepared to take that risk.” The gamble paid off. The Manhattan federal jury on Wednesday awarded Augstein the $1 million reward

Bobbling Obama
American Thinker, by David Garth    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 11/30/2012 7:55:17 AM     Post Reply
Perhaps you may not have heard, but Glenn Beck is making big news for a stunt he just pulled off. Beck submerged a bobble-head doll of Barack Obama in a jar of fluid that looked like urine, proclaimed it art, and named it "Obama in Pee Pee". Needless to say, the Twitterverse is going crazy with comments about how repulsive, vile, shameless, and disrespectful this action was. An author who published a story about the event even came out and wrote "Glenn Beck, the right wing, Tea party sicko -- who´s obsessed

Obama to Republicans:
my offer is this, nothing
Power Line, by Paul Mirengoff    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 11/30/2012 7:41:10 AM     Post Reply
Tim Geithner presented John Boehner with the Obama plan for averting the “fiscal cliff.” According to the New York Times, Obama’s plan calls for $1.6 trillion in tax increases over 10 years, $50 billion in immediate stimulus spending, home mortgage refinancing, and a permanent end to Congressional control over statutory borrowing limits. President Obama would also agree to a goal of finding $400 billion in savings from Medicare and other social programs to be worked out next year, but with no guarantees. In other words, to quote Michael Corleone, “My offer is this, nothing. Not even the money



Reality TV Saved
the Second Amendment
Front Page, by Ron Resnick    Original Article
Posted By: Judy W.- 11/30/2012 6:35:02 AM     Post Reply
I used to dream that someday I would make a fortune, retire from whatever business occasioned the fortune and endow what I would call the Second Amendment Litigation Trust. (Snip) To my surprise the most powerful guardians of the Second Amendment have come not from law schools but from cable television network programming meetings. I believe that reality television shows based on firearms have exposed millions of Americans to the safe use of firearms for sports, for target shooting and simply for fun. By making the widespread ownership and use of firearms acceptable and normal

Could Obamacare Go the
Way of McCain-Feingold?
American Spectator, by David Catron    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 11/30/2012 6:14:13 AM     Post Reply
Last June, upon learning that the Supreme Court had ruled Obamacare´s individual mandate constitutional, many observers were forced to concur with the Dickens character who opined, "If the law supposes that… the law is an ass." Yet, the increasing number of anti-PPACA lawsuits that have been receiving serious attention from the courts suggests that the legal system may not be as irrational as it seemed when Chief Justice John Roberts began braying from the bench on June 28. If this seems Pollyannaish, consider the fate of McCain-Feingold.

Senate votes to prohibit Guantanamo
detainee transfers to US
The Hill (DC), by Ramsey Cox    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 11/30/2012 5:55:56 AM     Post Reply
The Senate late Thursday night approved a Republican amendment that would prohibit the transfer of terrorist detainees from Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo) to U.S. prisons. Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) introduced amendment 3245, which would prevent the Department of Defense from using funds to move suspected terrorists from Gitmo facilities to prisons within the United States. Ayotte said Thursday that she feared that those presumed terrorists would seek legal rights in U.S. courts. She added that the Gitmo facility is far more secure since it’s protected by the military.

Why Amazon Beats Wal-Mart
Slate, by Farhad Manjoo    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 11/30/2012 5:50:40 AM     Post Reply
Last Friday morning, I woke up with a single abiding need: I had to have a new Xbox 360. My old one died a few weeks ago—well out of warranty, it came down with the dreaded “Red Ring of Death” technical failure. This wasn’t a big deal, because I never have time to play games, but this weekend my parents were in town and were happy to take care of my pesky toddler. I had a free day. And for me, on a day off, there’s nothing more relaxing than a few hours with the new Call of Duty.



This Unserious White House
Wall Street Journal, by Kimberley A. Strassel    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 11/30/2012 5:43:49 AM     Post Reply
The White House this week finally explained just how serious it is about averting a fiscal cliff that could throw the country back into a recession. The answer: not serious at all. The markets and the media in recent days have been operating on an optimistic belief that the administration simply will not let the country fall off the fiscal cliff. They´d best rethink. On Thursday, the president dispatched Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and White House Director of Legislative Affairs Rob Nabors to Congress to finally outline the White House´s offer to avert the coming tax hikes and sequester.

A Supremely Important Decision
About America´s Logging Industry
Forbes, by Henry I. Miller    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 11/30/2012 5:41:22 AM     Post Reply
On December 3, the U.S. Supreme Court will consider who is best suited to set national environmental policy – the experienced scientists and regulators at the Environmental Protection Agency or activist trial lawyers. (Snip) Under the Ninth Circuit ruling, a permit could be demanded for every drain and ditch that directs water from a logging road to a fish-bearing stream. The U.S. Forest Service estimates that getting all its roads fully certified could take as much as a decade.

45 percent of US Democrats favour
socialism. Fortunately most Americans
still believe in capitalism
Telegraph [UK], by Nile Gardiner    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 11/30/2012 5:35:52 AM     Post Reply
Rasmussen has just published a major poll on US voter attitudes towards socialism.[Snip]This is a strikingly high level of support for socialist ideology within a political party in the United States (and the ruling party at that), and strongly suggests that Democrats are increasingly moving towards a continental-European style approach to economic issues, advancing a big government agenda that resembles that of European Social Democratic governments. This is reflected in the Obama presidency’s growing emphasis on tax the rich, class warfare policies that have been de rigeur across the Atlantic for decades, an approach that places heavy emphasis upon the

After Rotherham, Ukip is now a
national populist party – a magnet
for anger at the British establishment
Telegraph [UK], by Tim Stanley    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 11/30/2012 5:30:09 AM     Post Reply
I guess Rotherham’s social services are going to have their work cut out after last night’s key by-election result--it seems there are far more children with Ukip voting parents than previously expected… Ukip placed a confident second, taking their highest ever share of the vote in a by-election. You might say that this was just another case of a small, motivated band of voters letting off steam in an off-cycle contest--but it still represents a significant breakthrough. Ukip is only supposed to be a middle class, ex-Tory vote--the golf club fringe of conservatism. But Rotherham isn’t Tunbridge Wells;

Feds: $100,000 to teach
teen girls ´condom negotiation´
Washington Examiner [DC], by Paul Bedard    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 11/30/2012 5:23:03 AM     Post Reply
The administration is funding a $100,000 study of pregnant and "at-risk" 14-17-year-old girls on probation in Houston, Texas to determine ways to help them choose safer lifestyles and avoid pregnancy, including better "condom negotiation" tactics. The National Institutes of Health, part of the Health and Human Services Department, is providing a University of Houston researcher the money because of the lack of study of female teen juveniles in trouble with the law. The school said the study, "Choices - Teen: A Bundled Risk Reduction Intervention for Juvenile Justice Females," will include 30 at-risk girls, ages 14-17,


Brain-Lock inside the Beltway
National Review Online, by Jonah Goldberg    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 11/30/2012 5:17:35 AM     Post Reply
It’s at times like this I’m ashamed to admit I live inside the Beltway. Well, that’s probably not specific enough, since I’m usually ashamed to admit I live inside the Beltway. Still, the second you try to explain the stupidity of this “fiscal cliff” fiasco to a normal person, it makes William F. Buckley’s famous declaration that he’d rather be governed by the first few hundred people listed in the Boston phone book than by the faculty of Harvard seem all the more reasonable. While there are some responsible politicians and policymakers in Washington,

Abbas’ empty ‘win’
New York Post, by Benny Avni    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 11/30/2012 5:13:06 AM     Post Reply
Some West Bankers may still feel this morning as if they’ve just won the $587 million Powerball jackpot — but they’ll soon realize that, despite the dazzle of yesterday’s vote at the United Nations, they had the wrong numbers: There’s no grand prize coming. Yes, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas managed to line up an impressive number of General Assembly votes for his resolution naming Palestine as a UN non-member “state.” Some 138 countries supported him; nobody in “Old Europe” opposed. Only America, Canada, the Czech Republic, Panama and several Pacific island states joined Israel in voting nay (with 41 abstentions).

Reality TV Star Sues Assistant
Over Alleged Tell-All Book
ABC News, by Abby Ellin    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 11/30/2012 5:09:16 AM     Post Reply
If a book is titled “Hang in There, Baby — What One of the World’s Most Difficult Bosses Taught Me About Life, Work and Love,” chances are it will capture the attention of the boss in question. And so Jeff Lewis, the host of Bravo’s “Flipping Out,” and, presumably, the “difficult” boss here, is suing the author of the book, Jenni Pulos, who has been his longtime assistant and co-star. According to the complaint filed Nov. 14 in Los Angeles Superior Court, Lewis first learned that Pulos was writing a book about her life in October.

Does Government Want To
Drain Americans´ 401(k) Plan?
Investors Business Daily, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 11/30/2012 5:01:33 AM     Post Reply
War On Wealth: As Washington debates what to do about the fiscal cliff that it foolishly created, many potential sources of new revenue will be thrown on the table. One of them is likely to be 401(k) plans. Retirement is an American´s reasonable expectation. We put money into investment plans so that our work today funds our hard-earned leisure of tomorrow. But many in Washington see our investment accounts not as the expressions of well-planned, disciplined decisions but as untapped reservoirs of wealth they can drain to fix the problems that they caused. The tax protection that 401(k)s

Strauss-Kahn Said to Reach Deal
to Settle With Hotel Housekeeper
New York Times, by William K. Rashbaum    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 11/30/2012 4:57:21 AM     Post Reply
Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the hotel housekeeper who accused him of sexually assaulting her last year have quietly reached an agreement to settle a lawsuit she brought against him stemming from the case, which made international headlines, people with knowledge of the matter said Thursday. The lawyers for Mr. Strauss-Kahn, 63, the former head of the International Monetary Fund, and the housekeeper, Nafissatou Diallo, who accused him of attacking her at a Midtown Manhattan hotel, are scheduled to appear next week before Justice Douglas E. McKeon in State Supreme Court in the Bronx, the people said.

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