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The Rise and Fall
of `General Peaches’
Time, by Mark Thompson    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 11/16/2012 2:34:18 PM     Post Reply
The call, from one retired four-star general to another, was somber. Just-departed CIA chief Dave Petraeus’ voice – usually assertive, buffed by optimism — was lower, slower and more subdued than his former comrade had ever heard. “I really screwed up,” he told Jack Keane, a retired four-star general — like Petraeus — who stepped down as the Army’s No. 2 officer in 2003. “This is my fault, and I’m devastated by the pain and suffering that I’ve caused.” No kidding. But this is the rest of the story of “General Peaches,” whose career reached its apogee

Civilian NYPD employee
Robert Donofrio earns whopping
$647,733 for Fiscal Year
2012 - tripling Police
Commissioner Ray Kelly’s pay
New York Daily News, by Rocco Parascandola , Denis Slattery*    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 11/16/2012 2:33:46 PM     Post Reply
Robert Donofrio, a steamfitter, recently got his job back after winning a legal battle with the NYPD — and cashed in six years of back pay as a welcome-back gift. That gave him a take-home of $647,733 for Fiscal Year 2012 — meaning the civilian NYPD employee more than tripled Police Commissioner Ray Kelly’s pay. Donofrio, 62, of Bay Ridge, was fired for a host of infractions, including screaming at a supervisor, losing his keys, and driving the wrong way down a one-way street. He fought for his job back, and an arbitrator sided with him, finding most

Jill Kelley visited the White House
THREE TIMES times in last three
months with her twin sister
Daily Mail [UK], by Lydia Warren    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 11/16/2012 2:25:50 PM     Post Reply
Jill Kelley, the Florida housewife whose complaint over threatening emails revealed David Petraeus´ affair, has visited the White House three times in the past three months, it has emerged. In by far the most astonishing example of her determination to reach the top, the shrewd socialite and her twin sister, Natalie Khawam, were invited to two ´courtesy´ meals in the Executive Mansion mess hall as a guest of a White House aide, an Obama administration official has revealed. She met the mid-level aide through her work with MacDill Air Force Base near Tampa, where she also rubbed shoulders with the



L.A.´s film, TV industry lost
16,100 jobs in 7 years,
study finds
Los Angeles Times, by Richard Verrier    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 11/16/2012 2:25:18 PM     Post Reply
The film and television industry in Los Angeles County has lost more than 16,000 jobs since 2004, mostly due to work migrating out of state, a new report revealed. Last year, the entertainment business generated 102,100 jobs in the county, down 14% from its peak of 118,200 jobs in 2004, according to a study released Friday by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. During the same period, L.A.´s share of overall jobs in the motion picture and video category fell to 51% from 60%.(Snip) Where did the jobs go?

Who Is Responsible for Benghazi?
PJ Media, by Roger L. Simon    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 11/16/2012 2:24:12 PM     Post Reply
Apparently, David Petraeus doesn’t just lie about his private life. He also at least airbrushes the truth when it comes to national security, telling the House Intelligence Committee that he always said Benghazi was a terrorist attack. Rep. Peter King – who attended both Petraeus’ testimony Friday and the former DCIA’s briefing to lawmakers on Sept. 14 — has a more jaundiced view: Petraeus’ testimony both challenges the Obama administration’s repeated claims that the attack was a “spontaneous” protest over an anti-Islam video, and according to King conflicts with his own briefing to lawmakers on Sept. 14.

Petraeus tells Congress
that ´Obama administration
altered CIA talking
points´ on Benghazi
Associated Press, by Toby Hardnen    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 11/16/2012 2:19:49 PM     Post Reply
Former CIA Director David Petraeus has told Congress that the CIA believed almost immediately that al-Qaeda-linked terrorists were behind the September 11th attacks in Benghazi, according to a leading Republican congressman. Representative Peter King of New York, a member of the House Intelligence Committee that Petraeus briefed, said that the former general left a ´different impression´ today than he had when he testified on Capitol Hill three days after the attack. Now, King said, Petraeus insisted that the ´original talking points prepared by the CIA were different than the final ones put out´ and used by Susan Rice,

Susan Rice: Benghazi May
Be Least of Her Problems
National Journal, by Michael Hirsh    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 11/16/2012 2:19:20 PM     Post Reply
For a president who rarely shows emotion, Barack Obama’s surprisingly personal blast at Republican critics of Susan Rice, his U.N ambassador, suggested two things. One, Obama genuinely admires Rice and thinks she’s being unfairly criticized for giving an controversial explanation of the Sept. 11 Benghazi attack that later didn’t hold up. And two, he may well intend to name her his second-term secretary of State, as some reports indicate. Obama made a fair point when he said Rice “had nothing to do with Benghazi and was simply making a presentation based on intelligence that she had received.”



Two Fat Ladies chef in race row
after claiming visit to Muslim area
of Leicester was ´the most frightening
experience of her life´ where she<
Daily Mail [UK], by Niamh O´Doherty    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 11/16/2012 2:06:51 PM     Post Reply
Celebrity chef Clarissa Dickson Wright has caused outrage after claiming that visiting a Muslim area of Leicester was ‘the most frightening experience of her life’. Writing in her new book, Clarissa’s England, she said visiting the city--which has a large Asian population--made her feel like a ´pariah and an outcast in the middle of my own country.´ And when questioned on her description by a local newspaper, she fumed: ´I’m surprised any of the people who might object could read what I wrote as it is written in English.´[Snip] She describes coming off the ring road to

Israel may be getting
ready to invade Gaza
Telegraph [UK], by Alan Johnson    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 11/16/2012 1:51:14 PM     Post Reply
Rockets fired by Hamas from Gaza exploded today in the Jewish settlement bloc of Gush Etzion, an area south of Jerusalem. The ramifications of this sharp escalation of the conflict will play out over the next 24 hours. First, we seem to have proof that despite the much-criticised blockade, Hamas has successfully smuggled more sophisticated and longer-range weapons into the Gaza Strip since 2009. It was probably an Iranian-supplied Fajr 5 rocket that exploded today. It is also thought Hamas may have smuggled some sophisticated weaponry from Libya in the fog of that country’s civil war. The Israeli drone strikes

Obama aide mum on interest
in Cabinet position
USA Today, by Aamer Madhani    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 11/16/2012 1:45:18 PM     Post Reply
If National Security adviser Tom Donilon wants to be the next secretary of State, he´s not saying. After delivering a speech previewing President Obama´s upcoming trip to east Asia and detailing the administration´s "Asia pivot" on Thursday, Donilon was asked during a short question-and-answer session about his interest in the job. (Snip) When pressed on his interest in the State job, Donilon only smiled and moved on the next question.

Petraeus sneaks out of Capitol
The Hill [Washington DC], by Alexander Bolton    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 11/16/2012 1:42:41 PM     Post Reply
Former CIA director David Petraeus quietly left the Capitol through the delivery entrance, avoiding reporters seeking details on his affair with author Paula Broadwell. He slipped out after testifying in a closed-door briefing with lawmakers on the attacks in Benghazi, Libya. It was a stark contrast from how the former four-star general had left from meetings with Congress in recent years, when he was accompanied by full military retinues and often paused for photo ops. A throng of reporters gathered in the basement of the Senate side of the Capitol on Friday morning in hopes of catching Petraeus



Greenpeace stunt backfires.
We mustn´t laugh
Telegraph [UK], by James Delingpole    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 11/16/2012 1:41:51 PM     Post Reply
Poor Greenpeace. I owe them a huge debt of gratitude for having got me on the front page of the paper edition of the Guardian (and how many more of those will there be???), for having boosted sales of my splendid book Watermelons: How Environmentalists Are Killing The Planet, Destroying The Economy And Stealing Your Children´s Future, and for having given me an excuse to get yet another article on the evils of wind farms in the print issue of the Telegraph.[Snip] The landowner will be paid £401,000 pa, index-linked, for the next 25 years. The developer will get

Benjamin Netanyahu talks of a battle
‘ between the modern and the medi-
eval.’ He is right, and the free
world must stand with Israel
Telegraph [UK], by Nile Gardiner    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 11/16/2012 1:37:01 PM     Post Reply
The Israeli prime minister’s speech before the United Nations in September is a must-read for anyone who cares about the defence of freedom in the Middle East, and the wider war against Islamist terrorism. Netanyahu laid out in stark terms what he views as an epic “battle being waged between the modern and the medieval,” between the forces of freedom and “the medieval forces of radical Islam.”[Snip]The forces of modernity seek a bright future in which the rights of all are protected, in which an ever-expanding digital library is available in the palm of every child, in which every life

Gov. Jindal is ignoring
his people´s needs
New Orleans Times-Picayune, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 11/16/2012 1:28:03 PM     Post Reply
With every decision Gov. Bobby Jindal makes, the message becomes clearer to hundreds of thousands of Louisiana residents who are uninsured: The state has no interest in helping you. Bruce Greenstein, secretary of Louisiana´s Department of Health and Hospitals, sent a letter Wednesday to federal health officials refusing to take part in the creation of a health care exchange where uninsured residents will be able to buy affordable policies from private insurers. The state´s decision won´t stop the creation of the exchange, which is part of President Barack Obama´s health care reform plan, but will leave it to the federal

Report of shots fired at
Target building downtown
Minneapolis StarTribune, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: voxpopuli- 11/16/2012 1:22:44 PM     Post Reply
Police are investigating a report of possible shots fired at a building in downtown Minneapolis that houses Target corporate employees. The shots were reported to have been fired late Friday morning at the Retek Building at Nicollet Mall and 10th St. S. Officers are on the scene, including the SWAT team, said Minneapolis Sgt. Stephen McCarty. They have been checking inside the building, but haven´t found anything yet



Branstad: Iowa will work towards
state health insurance exchange, but
questions remain
Des Moines Register, by William Petroski    Original Article
Posted By: IowaDad- 11/16/2012 1:14:22 PM     Post Reply
Gov. Terry Branstad today informed federal officials that Iowa will continue working to create a state-based health insurance exchange, but he said many questions are unanswered for state officials to make an informed decision (SNIP) “... I cannot provide you with a set of timelines or complete details about the exchange until our state receives clear, binding rules from your department. Forcing an exchange decision on states based on an arbitrary timetable, would be like forcing a consumer to buy a car without knowing the vehicle’s price tag or fuel economy."
Headline split by staff. Note to poster:Snips should be noted by ( ) not //

Audience member vomits
over balcony at Paul Rudd play
New York Post, by Emily Smith    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 11/16/2012 1:07:06 PM     Post Reply
There was real-life drama at Paul Rudd’s Broadway play “Grace” when an audience member who appeared drunk threw up over a mezzanine railing onto theatergoers below. “A drunk guy vomited over the railing onto about a dozen audience members seated in the orchestra, right in the middle of one of Rudd’s big monologues on Wednesday,” said one disgusted witness, adding, “There was mass chaos for several minutes, but the cast played right on through, ignoring the disruption.” Spies added of the nauseous fellow, “It was very apparent that alcohol was to blame” for the incident.

2 Reported Dead, 2 Others
Missing In Gulf Oil Rig Explosion
CBS Houston/Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 11/16/2012 1:03:07 PM     Post Reply
WEST COTE BLANCHE, La.— Two people are reported dead and two others missing after Coast Guard officials say an oil rig exploded off the coast of Louisiana Friday. Four workers have been hospitalized. Kirk Trascher, a spokesman for Black Elk Energy, confirmed the fatalities, injuries and missing people to KHOU-TV. Coast Guard spokesman Drake Foret said four people were taken to West Jefferson Medical Center near New Orleans. Coast Guard aircraft and boats are searching for two missing people.

Gift of toy guns at elementary
school upsets parents
WSMV-TV [Nashville, TN], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Ribicon- 11/16/2012 1:00:37 PM     Post Reply
Murfreesboro, TN - Rutherford County school leaders took steps to tighten loopholes in the district´s suspension policy Thursday. The move came two weeks after a student at Barfield Elementary School handed out several toy guns to his classmates. The toys were inside some gift bags the fourth grader gave out to celebrate Eid al-Adha, an Islamic holiday. While the school´s handbook seems to prohibit toy guns, Rutherford County´s policy does not, so the child was not suspended.(Snip) Some parents were outraged that students were allowed to celebrate the holiday in the classroom, while others were angry the child wasn´t suspended.

F-22 Raptor crashes, Hwy 98 closed
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Ribicon- 11/16/2012 12:39:06 PM     Post Reply
Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla. - An Air Force F-22 Raptor fighter jet crashed near a Florida Panhandle highway Thursday, but the pilot was able to eject safely and there were no injuries on the ground, the military said. The single-seat stealth fighter, part of a program that has been plagued with problems, went down Thursday afternoon near Tyndall Air Force Base, just south of Panama City on The Gulf of Mexico. The pilot received medical treatment and a section of Highway 98 that runs through the base was closed as rescuers responded.


Roger Ailes On Fox News’
Election Coverage: ‘Rove Was
Wrong… Our Guys Were Right’
Mediaite, by Alex Alvarez    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 11/16/2012 12:19:28 PM     Post Reply
Fox News chairman Roger Ailes was surprised to see Karl Rove heatedly questioning the Fox News team’s election call. “I turn on the TV,” Ailes tells TVNewswer’s Chris Ariens, “and the first thing I see is Rove saying something like ‘you called Ohio too early.’ And I thought, ‘What the? What is this?’” And, like any cable news head worth his salt, Ailes’ direction was to keep the camera on Rove. “So I quickly called [EVP of News] Michael Clemente and I said, ‘Michael whatever you do, don’t go to commercial. Don’t leave the screen,’”

Obama opens ‘fiscal cliff’ talks
with birthday wish for Boehner
The Hill [Washington, DC], by Justin Sink    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 11/16/2012 12:16:04 PM     Post Reply
Negotiations over the "fiscal cliff" began on a friendly note Friday at the White House, with President Obama congratulating Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on his 63rd birthday. "Tomorrow is Speaker Boehner´s birthday," the president said to the congressional leaders gathered in the Roosevelt Room. "We´re not going to embarrass him with a cake, because we didn´t know how many candles we´d need." The friendly gesture drew a laugh and a firm handshake from the Speaker as leaders began the first negotiating session over the "fiscal cliff," which has become short-hand for the slew of automatic tax increases and

Liz & Dick: TV Review
Hollywood Reporter, by Tim Goodman    Original Article
Posted By: drive- 11/16/2012 12:07:51 PM     Post Reply
It should come as no great surprise that Lifetime’s Liz & Dick movie starring Lindsay Lohan is spectacularly bad. After all, it’s Lohan, more memorable in the tabloids than she ever was as an actress. No, the mystery here is whether Lifetime actually believed it had a major “television event,” as it says, because this was Lohan’s “highly anticipated comeback movie role,” as the channel’s website notes. Was Lifetime made giddy by the potential, or made blind by it? Most intriguing, did it know that casting Lohan of all people as Elizabeth Taylor

Report: Petraeus Testimony Will Show
That The White House Fixed
The Benghazi Intelligence
Powerline, by Paul Mirengoff    Original Article
Posted By: drive- 11/16/2012 12:02:38 PM     Post Reply
As I wrote last night, yesterday’s testimony to Congress by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and Acting CIA Director Mike Morell left plenty of work for General Petraeus, who is testifying today. For example, neither Clapper nor Morell could shed any real light on why the official line of the intelligence community apparently moved away from the initial (and correct) view that the Benghazi attack was terrorism. Now, CNN reports (via the Weekly Standard) that Petraeus may not be able to shed much light on this question either. But by not shedding it, he may well deepen the scandal.

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