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NAACP: Turnout Won´t Be
Same Without Obama on Ballot
Breitbart´s Big Government, by Tony Lee    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 11/10/2012 4:32:43 PM     Post Reply
NAACP President Ben Jealous said Democrats may have trouble motivating voters -- especially African Americans -- without Obama at the top of the ticket in future elections. Jealous told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Democrats “must quickly figure out how to motivate these voters who – if Obama is not at the top of the ticket – simply go away." According to an NAACP Georgia poll, "enthusiasm for re-electing the country’s first black president accounted for about 5 percentage points in Georgia" this year. There was a similar pattern of black enthusiasm in other states like Ohio.

New Anti-Crime Cameras
Being Installed Downtown
CBS2/KCAL9 [Los Angeles, CA], by Andrea Fujii    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 11/10/2012 3:50:02 PM     Post Reply
Los Angeles — Officials said 38 anti-crime cameras will soon be installed in downtown Los Angeles. In the coming weeks, this new equipment will replace cameras which have been broken or failing for years. Andrea Fujii, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, says the cameras should make streets safer. She spoke with Jennifer Otto, co-owner of Wax Candy, a downtown business. With dozens of female clients, her store put a premium on safety for staffers and patrons coming in and out of her Fashion District business. Skid Row is a few blocks away. Otto says sometimes vagrants have come inside her

Jackson: Black Voters Deserve
A Return On Election ‘Investment’
Chicago Sun-Times, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: AltaD- 11/10/2012 3:42:58 PM     Post Reply
Chicago - The Rev. Jesse Jackson on Saturday said that President Obama’s reelection was “a great victory,” but that it would be incomplete with a reconstruction of urban America and an investment in the communities where the blacks who voted overwhelmingly for the president live. “We’re happy and full of pride,” in the president’s reelection, Jackson told the crowd at the Saturday morning forum at Rainbow/PUSH headquarters, 930 E. 50th St., “but our houses remain raggedy … our schools remain closed.” Despite attempts at voter suppression in states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida,



Judge in court to face charges
hours after re-election
Chicago Tribune, by Steve Schmadeke    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 11/10/2012 3:38:31 PM     Post Reply
A Cook County judge who was re-elected Tuesday despite being suspended from the bench appeared in court a few hours later as a defendant in a battery case that her attorney said should be tossed because his client was "legally insane" at the time. Judge Cynthia Brim, 54, whose 18-year tenure has been marked by controversy, told reporters as she left a criminal courtroom Wednesday at 26th and California that she was pleased by the election results, which she watched at home Tuesday night. "I´m just happy the people voted me back in," said Brim, who was suspended from her $182,000-a-year

Companies plan massive layoffs
as Obamacare becomes reality
Washington Times, by Kerry Picket    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 11/10/2012 3:33:49 PM     Post Reply
Freedom Works has put together a list of companies that will be laying off employees as a result of President Barack Obama´s health care law: Welch Allyn - Welch Allyn, a company that manufactures medical diagnostic equipment in central New York, announced in September that they would be laying off 275 employees, or roughly 10% of their workforce over the next three years. One of the major reasons discussed for the layoffs was a proactive response to the Medical Device Tax mandated by the new healthcare law. Dana Holding Corp. - As recently as a week ago, a global auto parts

Former U.S. Prosecutor Negotiating
Plea Deal For Jackson Jr.
WBBM-TV [Chicago, IL], by Jay Levine    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 11/10/2012 3:19:47 PM     Post Reply
Chicago – A former U.S. attorney representing embattled Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is negotiating a plea deal with the federal government, CBS 2 has learned. (Snip) The plea deal would end Jackson’s 17-year career as a congressman representing Chicago’s South Side and suburbs. At the center of negotiations is white-collar criminal defense attorney Dan Webb, who served as Chicago’s top federal prosecutor in the 1980s, when several Cook County judges were indicted for public corruption under the “Operation Greylord” investigation. Webb, the chairman of Winston & Strawn LLP in Chicago,

FBI probe of Petraeus triggered by e-mail
threats from biographer, officials say
Washington Post, by Sari Horwitz & Greg Miller    Original Article
Posted By: NorthernDog- 11/10/2012 3:12:52 PM     Post Reply
The collapse of the dazzling career of CIA Director David H. Petraeus was triggered when a woman with whom he was having an affair sent threatening e-mails to another woman close to him, according to three senior law enforcement officials with knowledge of the episode. The recipient of the e-mails was so frightened that she went to the FBI for protection and help tracking down the sender, according to the officials. The FBI investigation traced the threats to Paula Broadwell, a former military officer and a Petraeus biographer, and uncovered explicit e-mails between Broadwell and Petraeus,
Headline corrected by Staff



Camden records 58th
homicide, ties with 1995 record
Philadelphia Inquirer, by Darran Simon & Jonathan Lai    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 11/10/2012 3:11:40 PM     Post Reply
A man beaten on Nov. 2 succumbed to his injuries on Friday making him the 58th homicide victim in Camden. The death matches the record number of homicides in the city set in 1995. Gregory Holder, 45 of Cherry Hill died Friday at about 12:30 p.m. (Snip) As in 1995 the roster of homicide victims is broad. This year´s victims include a college student who hoped to escape Camden; a peacemaker who tried to squash a dispute; a Vietnam Veteran who was a former substitute teacher, and, in quick succession, two young children. The first two homicides in 1995 occurred 10 minutes

´The family didn´t do enough to help´:
Romney´s sister speaks out about her
brother´s White House defeat
Daily Mail [UK], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 11/10/2012 2:59:36 PM     Post Reply
Mitt Romney´s eldest sister has spoken out about his pain at losing his bid for the White House - and has blamed her own family for not doing enough to help him secure a win. Jane Romney, a divorced mother-of-four and an actress who lives in Beverly Hills, has opened up to Inside Edition after staying mostly under the radar for her brother´s presidential campaign. ´I feel like our family could have helped more,´ she said, adding: ´But we were scared we´d be on the 6pm news, misspeaking.´ She also revealed the stunned reaction of both Romney and his wife, Ann, after learning he had been defeated

High court to take new
look at voting rights law
Associated Press, by Mark Sherman    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 11/10/2012 2:55:56 PM     Post Reply
Washington — The Supreme Court will consider eliminating the government´s most potent weapon against racial discrimination at polling places since the 1960s. The court acted three days after a diverse coalition of voters propelled President Barack Obama to a second term in the White House. With a look at affirmative action in higher education already on the agenda, the court is putting a spotlight on race by re-examining the ongoing necessity of laws and programs aimed at giving racial minorities access to major areas of American life from which they once were systematically excluded. "This is a

Conservatives, Romney Let
Down By Campaign Team
Breitbart's Big Government, by Mike Flynn    Original Article
Posted By: Sunhan65- 11/10/2012 2:01:40 PM     Post Reply
My father was an infantry officer in Vietnam, very early in the conflict. He left the theater in 1964, before the massive American military build-up, but could already see the writing on the wall. He remarked to me that he knew we were doomed there when the entire chain-of-command became increasingly obsessed with certain "metrics" and "measurements." It was war by statistics. [Snip] I was reminded by my dad´s story because of a ´narrative´ I heard from Romney´s high command. Friday afternoon, I took part in a conference call with conservative journalists and senior members of the



Hero dog saves man from river
Daily Express [UK], by Geoff Maynard    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 11/10/2012 1:50:33 PM     Post Reply
Dog walker Michael Dabbs owes his life to his faithful springer spaniel Smudge who ran for help when his owner fell into a freezing river. The 63-year-old was strolling with Smudge and his second dog Ben, also a springer spaniel, when Ben fell into the swollen river in Grays, Essex. Mr Dabbs waded in to rescue his pet but was unable to clamber back up the 8ft bank. Smudge went for help and sat on a bridge for two hours in the remote spot waiting for a passer-by. When walker Tony Paxton saw the dog looking distressed, he stopped and heard faint cries for help. Mr Paxton dialled 999 and PCs

Petraeus colleague tells how Paula
Broadwell ‘got her claws into him’
Daily Mail [UK], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 11/10/2012 1:45:07 PM     Post Reply
A colleague of disgraced former CIA director David Petraeus offers some revealing details on how Paula Broadwell ‘got her claws into him.’[Snip] ‘The timing of the rumors of the administration throwing him under the bus after the election is suspect, but in the end I believe she got her claws--so to speak--in him,’ that source said. ´He had enough honor to know that a cover-up is much worse than a public admission. ‘As a result, I think he can recover and continue to be a player on the national stage, but she´s toast. Her reputation is unrecoverable, in my opinion.’ Petraeus was caught by

Is the BBC toast? I wish!
Telegraph [UK], by James Delingpole    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 11/10/2012 1:25:44 PM     Post Reply
"Is Newsnight toast?" asked Eddie Mair last night on a special, death-by-a-thousand-self-administered-cuts edition of the BBC´s flagship news programme. Yes, I dare say it is in its present form, but that´s not really the question we should be asking. "Is the BBC toast?" Now that´s more like it. But I think I can guess the answer already. Nope. Once all this has blown over it´s going to carry on much as before. Given the BBC´s recent track record, you´d think this would be impossible. First, it has allowed a gang of predatory paedophiles--including probably its biggest-ever children´s star--to operate

Hostess bakers go on strike
New York Post, by Josh Kosman    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 11/10/2012 1:14:10 PM     Post Reply
Union workers at Hostess Brands’ plant in Lenexa, Kan., walked off the job yesterday, kicking off a potentially crippling strike that could force the company to liquidate. Hostess’s second-largest union, the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers & Grain Millers International Union, said workers at more plants may strike in the next few days. The Post reported exclusively yesterday that as many as eight of the 36 bakery locals were planning a strike this weekend after the bankrupt maker of Twinkies and other products imposed an 8 percent pay cut on workers. The bakers represent about 6,000



Obama wins Florida,
topping Romney 332 to 206
in final electoral vote tally
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 11/10/2012 1:10:38 PM     Post Reply
St. Petersburg, Fla. — Four days after the election, President Barack Obama can finally claim victory in Florida. The state finished counting its votes Saturday. Obama was declared the, giving him a 332 to 206 final margin in the Electoral College.Florida officials said Obama had 50 percent of the vote to Romney´s 49.1 percent, a margin of about 74,000 votes. The win gave Obama victories in eight of nine critical swing states, losing only North Carolina. In addition to Florida, he won Ohio, Iowa, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Virginia, Colorado and Nevada.

Seven shot on South, West sides
Chicago Tribune, by Peter Nickeas    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 11/10/2012 12:48:20 PM     Post Reply
A 19-year-old man was shot behind the ear Friday night in a church parking lot on the West Side, police said, one of at least seven people shot since about 7:40 p.m. The bullet came out of his neck and the man is still alive, police said. Police taped off the parking lot, which sits between the 2600 blocks of Adams Street and Jackson Boulevard, while detectives and evidence technicians began their investigation. People gathered at the rented-out church for a birthday party when someone shot the man. Police said the partygoers apparently didn´t see what happened. The man is a gang member from

Who Authorized FBI Surveillance
of Gen. Petraeus?
Breitbart Big Government, by Mike Flynn    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 11/10/2012 12:33:22 PM     Post Reply
Even by the standards of the friday afternoon news dump tradition, yesterday´s news that Gen. David Petraeus had resigned from the CIA was a stunner. The most heralded military officer of his generation fell from grace after it was revealed he´d had an affair with his biographer. The affair was discovered earlier this year soon after the FBI began monitoring his email. This raises a very serious question. Who authorized the FBI to monitor the e-mail of the Director of the CIA? The Director of the CIA is one of the central individuals responsible for America´s national security and intelligence.

CIA chief’s exit a taxing
development for Obama
Boston Herald, by Hillary Chabot    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 11/10/2012 12:29:52 PM     Post Reply
President Obama’s administration was rocked by scandal yesterday after his CIA director resigned after admitting to an extramarital affair only days after Obama’s re-election, complicating the president’s newly declared war on congressional Republicans over his plan to raise taxes on the rich. CIA Director David Petraeus’ resignation came just before he was expected to testify about the attacks on the U.S. Benghazi consulate that killed four Americans. (Snip) Obama’s administration had faced scrutiny in the weeks before the election after an uprising in the Libyan city killed four Americans,

Why David Petraeus’s Gmail
account is a national security issue
Washington Post, by Max Fisher*    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 11/10/2012 12:06:03 PM     Post Reply
The beginning of the end came for CIA Director David Petraeus when Paula Broadwell, a younger married woman with whom he was having an affair, “or someone close to her had sought access to his email,” according to the Wall Street Journal’s description of an FBI probe. Associates of Petraeus had received “anonymous harassing emails” that were then traced to Broadwell, ABC’s Martha Raddatz reported, suggesting she may have found their names or addresses in his e-mail. The e-mail account was apparently Petraeus’s personal Gmail, not his official CIA e-mail, according to the Wall Street


Argentina erupts over
Cristina Kirchner´s re-election
Associated Press & Agence France-Presse, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: chicodon- 11/10/2012 11:31:23 AM     Post Reply
Banging on pots, tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Argentina yesterday to protest against a possible third term for President Cristina Kirchner. "Yes to democracy, no to re-election" chanted the flag-waving demonstrators, who also took issue with rampant corruption and crime in the South American country. (Snip) She succeeded her husband, Nestor, who died of a heart attack in 2010. She is currently barred by the Argentine constitution from running for a third consecutive term in 2015, but her supporters in congress have been lobbying for a constitutional amendment.

Paula Broadwell: Is She
Petraeus’s ‘Other Woman’?
Daily Beast, by Diane Dimond    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 11/10/2012 11:04:33 AM     Post Reply
Paula Broadwell lives in the historic, upscale Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte, N.C., with her radiologist husband and two young boys. Their stately two-story brick home sits on a spacious corner lot where ancient old trees hang over the streets. The five-bedroom, four-bathroom home is listed on the tax rolls as being worth $908,000 and it is just three blocks from the city’s trendy uptown. It hardly looks like the place where a national political scandal might lead, but it is here that Broadwell, 39, may have been when she learned that Gen. David Petraeus, director of the CIA, had quit his post due to the

Rep. Bono Mack concedes defeat
The Hill [Washington DC], by Kyle Balluck    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 11/10/2012 10:59:12 AM     Post Reply
After 14 years in the House of Representatives, Rep. Mary Bono Mack (R-Calif.) has conceded defeat in her race against Democrat Raul Ruiz. “Today, I called Dr. Ruiz and congratulated him on his impressive victory. Dr. Ruiz will do a fine job if he is guided as well by the people of the congressional district as I was. Please give him the opportunity to succeed,” she said in a statement on her Facebook page. “After 25 years of public life in the beautiful desert, it is now time for me to start a new chapter in my life.

Geithner staying at Treasury
into 2013
The Hill [Washington DC], by Peter Schroeder    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 11/10/2012 10:55:01 AM     Post Reply
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner plans to stay on in his current position at least until President Obama officially begins his second term. "Secretary Geithner has indicated that he will stay on through inauguration," White House press secretary Jay Carney said Friday. "He will obviously be a key participant in the negotiations around the so-called ´fiscal cliff´ issues, and the president very much appreciates that." Geithner previously had said he did not plan to stay on for the president´s second term, but he never gave a specific date for his departure. And with the combination of automatic spending cuts and

In France, a Mission to Return the
Military´s Carrier Pigeons to Active Duty
Wall Street Journal, by Gabriele Parussini    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 11/10/2012 10:47:34 AM     Post Reply
SURESNES, France—The French military boasts a powerful army with nuclear submarines, ballistic missiles and spy satellites. For lawmaker Jean-Pierre Decool, however, the country is neglecting one of its mightiest weapons: its flock of carrier pigeons. Glorified for their roles in World War I, pigeon squadrons have long been removed from active duty because of the introduction of more reliable, all-weather communication systems. And yet the French Defense Ministry still operates a military dovecote—Europe´s last—with 150 birds drafted into the 8th regiment for communication and transmission. The birds reside at the Mont-Valérien fortress in Suresnes, to the west of Paris.

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