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Saturday, October 25, 2014



Dogton Abbey

House Cats of
Hudson County

Valerie Jarrett Helped Manage Fallout Over Eric Holder´s
Changing Fast and Furious Testimony to Congress

More bombshells to come as Fast and Furious scam unfurls.
Many Bellevue staffers take ‘sick’ day
after Ebola patient arrives

So much for health care professionals having all the facts.
HazMat team empties Ebola doctor´s apartment
WITHOUT gloves, face masks or any protective gear

New York Gov. and the city's silly mayor are
totally screwing up Ebola response.
The Lone-Wolf Canard
Fast learners know, Islam is not a religion it is a cult.
Foley Family to White House:
You Saved Bergdahl. Why Not Our Son?

And what's Obama's problem with Marine Sgt. Tamoressi
rotting in a Mexican jail?
Toxic Partisanship? Bill Clinton Says He Had It Worse,
Yet Got Things Done

A vote for Hillary is a vote for Bill cause
you know he'll be baaaaack.
Judicial Watch Obtains List of Fast and Furious
Documents Held Under Obama´s Executive Privilege

Friday's most read Must Read.
Is President Obama capable of a correction?
The horrible yet fascinating non-growth of Barack Hussein Obama
Meet the White House Canine Heroes
White House guard dogs, kicked, punched and slam
dunked got the job done.
Must Read Archive [Last 60 Days]

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Charlie Baker jumps
9 points in new Globe poll
Boston Globe, by Jim O’Sullivan    Original Article
Posted By: NorthernDog- 10/25/2014 10:56:20 PM     Post Reply
Republican Charlie Baker has opened up a 9-point lead over Democrat Martha Coakley, 45 percent to 36 percent, according to a new Globe poll that depicts a far more comfortable advantage than either candidate for governor has enjoyed in months. The poll reflects an October surge in independent voters toward Baker’s column. It was independents who provided Governor Deval Patrick with his margins of victory in 2006 and 2010. Baker’s standing has improved from last week’s poll, which showed the two candidates dead even. It can be attributed largely to the gains he has made in voters’ perceptions of who

Asia Emerges As Center of
Gravity in the International System
American Magazine, by Aaron L. Friedberg    Original Article
Posted By: eagleblurst- 10/25/2014 10:47:28 PM     Post Reply
As Henry Kissinger and others have observed, Asia is emerging as the center of gravity in the international system. The rapid economic growth that began with Japan during the 1960s spread to South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore in the 1970s; China in the 1980s; and India in the 1990s. As has become indisputable, throughout history, prosperity brings power in its train. Today, Asian nations account for an increasing share of global military resources and overall economic output. Even though defense budgets and force levels have declined in Europe and North America, Asia’s have expanded. The region is home to five

More Americans Renounce Citizenship,
With 2014 on Pace for a Record
Wall Street Journal, by Laura Saunders    Original Article
Posted By: fishbone- 10/25/2014 10:09:36 PM     Post Reply
Significant numbers of people are continuing to renounce their U.S. citizenship or end their long-term U.S. residency. There are 776 names on the Treasury Department list published Friday for the third quarter of 2014. That’s the third highest quarterly figure ever, according to Andrew Mitchel, an international tax lawyer in Centerbrook, Conn., who tracks the data. The total number of published renouncers so far in 2014 is 2,353, putting this year on pace to exceed last year’s record total of 2,999, adds Mr. Mitchel. The Treasury Department is required by law to publish a list of the names of people who renounce quarterly.



N.Y. official: New Ebola
policy ´a real stunner´
CNN, by Ray Sanchez & Elizabeth Cohen    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 10/25/2014 9:22:44 PM     Post Reply
New York - A mandatory 21-day quarantine imposed by New York and New Jersey on health care workers returning from West Africa after treating Ebola patients caught local and federal officials by surprise and spurred a heated debate on handling the spread of the virus. The policy of isolating medical personnel and others arriving from Ebola-affected countries zones was abruptly implemented Friday by the governors of New York and New Jersey, Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie. (Snip) The mandate came as a surprise to the federal Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention in Atlanta, according to a federal official

Jack Bruce, Cream’s
Adventurous Bassist, Dies at 71
New York Times, by Peter Keepnews    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 10/25/2014 8:50:24 PM     Post Reply
Jack Bruce, who became famous in the 1960s as the bassist and lead vocalist for the hugely successful rock group Cream, and whose adventurous approach to his instrument influenced two generations of rock bassists, died on Saturday at his home in Suffolk, England. He was 71. His family announced the death on his website. A spokesman said the cause was liver disease; Mr. Bruce had received a liver transplant several years ago. Mr. Bruce was well known in British rock and blues circles but virtually unknown in the United States when he teamed with the guitarist Eric Clapton and the drummer Ginger Baker to form Cream in

New York Ebola Patient Enters
Next, More Serious Phase of
Illness, Officials Say
New York Times, by Anemona Hartocollis    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 10/25/2014 8:41:33 PM     Post Reply
The condition of New York City’s first Ebola patient, Dr. Craig Spencer, worsened on Saturday, though he remained awake and communicative, health officials said. Dr. Spencer, 33, was “entering the next and more serious phase of his illness, as anticipated with the appearance of gastrointestinal symptoms,” Ana Marengo, a spokeswoman for the city’s public hospital system, said in a statement. (Snip) The statement was careful not to convey a sense of pessimism, and patients undergoing treatment can worsen before they recover. In a brief telephone interview from his room at Bellevue, Dr. Spencer spoke of his sickness in a

A brief history of Donald Trump
blaming everything on President Obama
Washington Post, by Tim Herrera    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 10/25/2014 8:32:16 PM     Post Reply
Remember Donald Trump? Weird hair, namesake of a line of failed hotels, noted bankruptcy aficionado. With the 2016 election looming, the time has come for his quadrennial Not Really Running For President But Pay Attention To Me Please campaign, and The Donald is already on solid ground: Ebola is in America, and President Obama basically brought it here by himself. In an Instagram video Trump posted Friday, he said Ebola made it to New York because Obama "would not stop the flights" (not sure which flights) and that Obama should be "ashamed." (Tweet) Which, OK, fine. It´s not actually Obama's fault,



The Safari Principle – Ferguson
Missouri Thugs Attack Community
While Paralyzed Police Do Nothing….
Conservative Treehouse, by Sundance    Original Article
Posted By: SoCalGal- 10/25/2014 7:18:37 PM     Post Reply
Apparently law and order in Ferguson Missouri has completely collapsed. The black street thugs now appear to control the community. Empowered by the non-response of state and federal officials to stop their lawless behavior, the street mobs -no, wait, these are not “mobs” these are beyond mobs, they’re animals- have gained a foothold promoting anarchy. It is important to understand exactly how far the police have withdrawn in their ability to control the street gangs. In this short video from 2 days ago you see a police officer who attempted to drive through the safari and was surrounded by the mob/animals. After

Democrats Push for New
Heavy Regulations on Internet
Postings, Drudge, and Blogs
Breitbart Big Government, by Warner Todd Huston    Original Article
Posted By: MDMuskrat- 10/25/2014 6:58:58 PM     Post Reply
As the media prepared to vacate newsrooms for the weekend, Democrats snuck in a last minute proposal that the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) be allowed to heavily regulate political content on internet sites such as Youtube, blogs, and the Drudge Report. Obama FEC Vice Chairperson Ann M. Ravel announced late on Friday that the FEC was preparing new regulations to give itself control over videos, Internet-based political campaigns, and other content on the web. She insisted that, "A reexamination of the commission’s approach to the internet and other emerging technologies is long overdue."

´The View´ Ratings Plummeting with
Palin-Basher, 9/11 Truther as Hosts
Breitbart Big Hollywood, by Tony Lee    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 10/25/2014 6:37:37 PM     Post Reply
It turns out Americans do not like watching a disloyal and backstabbing Sarah Palin hater who is mousy and boring, a 9/11 truther, and a raging liberal who blamed Rudy Giuliani´s "incompetence" for the death of New York firefighters after 9/11. The show´s ratings have plunged 30% from where it was five years ago and has seen a steady decline since the show´s season debut. This year, The View revamped its program by hiring Nicolle Wallace (a yawn-inducing one-trick pony who only got her position after gleefully trashing conservatives on MSNBC and in the mainstream press), Rosie O´Donnell (a 9/11

ISIS Affiliate Turns on
Egypt: 26 Killed, 26 Injured
Newsweek Magazine, by Benny Avni    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 10/25/2014 6:35:23 PM     Post Reply
With the West focusing on ISIS’s advances in the north, near Turkey, the Islamist terrorists are opening a new front, in the Sinai Peninsula. On Friday, 26 Egyptian troops were killed as a car bomb rammed a checkpoint in the northern Sinai town of Sheikh Zuwaid. As reports suggested 26 others were injured in the blast, Egypt’s president, Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, called an emergency meeting of his National Defense Council. The attack against the Egyptians followed a seemingly unrelated fire exchange Wednesday on Israel’s border with Egypt. That midafternoon gunfight was fairly short, ending in nonfatal injuries to a female commander


The Horror Before the Beheadings
New York Times, by Rukmini Callimachi    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 10/25/2014 6:27:40 PM     Post Reply
The hostages were taken out of their cell one by one. In a private room, their captors asked each of them three intimate questions, a standard technique used to obtain proof that a prisoner is still alive in a kidnapping negotiation. (Snip) The prisoners banded together, playing games to pass the endless hours, but as conditions grew more desperate, they turned on one another. Some, including Mr. Foley, sought comfort in the faith of their captors, embracing Islam and taking Muslim names. Their captivity coincided with the rise of the group that came to be known as the Islamic State out of the chaos of the Syrian civil war.

Ex-CBS reporter reveals how
the liberal media protects Obama
New York Post, by Kyle Smith    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 10/25/2014 6:12:12 PM     Post Reply
Sharyl Attkisson is an unreasonable woman. Important people have told her so. When the longtime CBS reporter asked for details about reinforcements sent to the Benghazi compound during the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack, White House national security spokesman Tommy Vietor replied, “I give up, Sharyl . . . I’ll work with more reasonable folks that follow up, I guess.” (Snip) In her new memoir/exposé “Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama’s Washington” (Harper), Attkisson unloads on her colleagues in big-time TV news for their cowardice and

Same-sex marriage gets another big
boost from the Obama administration
Christian Science Monitor, by Brad Knickerbocker    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 10/25/2014 6:06:56 PM     Post Reply
Midway through his first term, President Obama said he was "unwilling to sign on to same-sex marriage primarily because of my understandings of the traditional definitions of marriage." As a US Senate candidate he had declared his belief that "marriage is between a man and a woman." But Obama also mused that "attitudes evolve, including mine," (Snip) On Saturday, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the Obama administration is adding six more states to the list of those where federal benefits would be granted to same-sex married couples, bringing the total such states to 32.

The 7 wackiest political ads
of this year’s campaign season
New York Daily News, by Adam Edelman    Original Article
Posted By: Lalo- 10/25/2014 6:06:14 PM     Post Reply
With the midterm elections less than two weeks away, the airwaves across the country are heating up with spicy political advertisements chock full of unusual boasts, scathing accusations and even a few catchy melodies. Political scientists remain divided over whether political ads actually influence voter behavior, but at least one thing remains certain about this year’s spots: they’ll make you laugh or cry — or maybe even both. Iowa Republican Joni Ernst, locked in a tight U.S. Senate race against Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley to follow retiring Sen. Tom Harkin, made a national splash with this ad, which expounds on



India spurns US offer and purchases
guided missiles from Israel for $525m
Reuters, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 10/25/2014 5:46:58 PM     Post Reply
New Delhi - India has opted to buy Israel’s Spike anti-tank guided missile, a defence ministry source said on Saturday, rejecting a rival US offer of Javelin missiles that Washington had lobbied hard to win. India will buy at least 8,000 Spike missiles and more than 300 launchers in a deal worth 32bn rupees ($525m), the source said after a meeting of India’s Defence Acquisition Council. Prime minister Narendra Modi’s five-month-old government wants to clear a backlog of defence orders and boost India’s firepower, amid recent border tensions with China and heavy exchanges of fire with Pakistan across the Kashmiri frontier.

Atheist Group to Distribute
Pamphlets in Schools of Cartoon
Bible Sexually Assaulting Woman
Breitbart Big Government, by Dr. Susan Berry    Original Article
Posted By: mitzi- 10/25/2014 5:45:27 PM     Post Reply
An atheist group is planning to distribute a pamphlet in several Florida public high schools that depicts an illustration of a cartoon Bible sexually assaulting a young woman. According to a report by Brittany Hughes at CNSNews.com, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) plans to hand out a pamphlet entitled “An X-Rated Book: Sex and Obscenity in the Bible,” with a front cover that is illustrated with an animated Bible with arms, legs, salacious facial expression, and salivating mouth, with its hand aggressively extended up the dress of a screaming woman, who is attempting to run away from it. On

U.S. airstrikes succeeding in cutting
oil financing for Islamic State
UPI, by Daniel Graeber    Original Article
Posted By: Lalo- 10/25/2014 5:35:35 PM     Post Reply
President Barack Obama in early September announced coalition airstrikes would "degrade and ultimately destroy" the group calling itself the Islamic State. With no boots on the ground, the Pentagon said striking oil installations controlled by the Sunni-led terrorist group would help cut off its revenue stream and thwart its ability to make territorial gains by destroying a critical fuel source. In its latest assessment, the International Energy Agency said the military campaign may be working in degrading IS finances. Destruction, however, may require other efforts. At its peak, IS was in control of about 70,000 barrels per day

Isis threatens to kill British
jihadis wanting to come home
Observer [UK], by Mark Townsend    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 10/25/2014 5:26:39 PM     Post Reply
British jihadi fighters desperate to return home from Syria and Iraq are being issued with death threats by the leadership of Islamic State (Isis), the Observer has learned. A source with extensive contacts among Syrian rebel groups said senior Isis figures were threatening Britons who were attempting to travel home. He said: “There are Britons who upon wanting to leave have been threatened with death, either directly or indirectly.” The news comes after it was revealed that another young Muslim from Portsmouth had been killed on the frontline in Syria, the fourth to die from a group of six men known as the “Pompey lads” who

Islamic State: Militants
´pushed back´ in Iraq
BBC News [UK], by Jim Muir, and Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Lalo- 10/25/2014 5:23:05 PM     Post Reply
It is the first time fighting has erupted in Tripoli´s ancient bazaar, as Jim Muir reports. Kurdish forces in northern Iraq say they have recaptured the town of Zumar from Islamic State militants. Further south, Iraqi security forces are reported to have ejected IS from Jurf al-Sakhar near Baghdad, in a battle to secure a Shia pilgrim route. Meanwhile the US military said US-led forces made 22 air strikes against IS in Iraq on Friday and Saturday. IS has seized large swathes of Iraq and Syria since June, prompting air strikes to help ground forces stem the advance. In


Law Lets I.R.S. Seize Accounts
on Suspicion, No Crime Required
New York Times, by Shaila Dewan    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 10/25/2014 5:17:14 PM     Post Reply
Arnolds Park, IA - For almost 40 years, Carole Hinders has dished out Mexican specialties at her modest cash-only restaurant. For just as long, she deposited the earnings at a small bank branch a block away — until last year, when two tax agents knocked on her door and informed her that they had seized her funds, almost $33,000. (Snip) Using a law designed to catch drug traffickers, racketeers and terrorists by tracking their cash, the government has gone after run-of-the-mill business owners and wage earners without so much as an allegation that they have committed serious crimes. The government can take the money

John Kasich´s Big Obamacare Mistake
Bloomberg, by Ramesh Ponnuru    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 10/25/2014 5:11:57 PM     Post Reply
John Kasich, the Republican governor of Ohio who may be mulling a presidential bid, stepped in it this week. He appeared to say that he thought the Affordable Care Act would never be repealed -- as many Republicans hope -- because it helps too many people. He then backtracked and said that he was only talking about the expansion of Medicaid that was part of Obamacare, not Obamacare itself. Kasich is one of several Republican governors trying to do the same balancing act: opposing Obamacare while taking its Medicaid money. He pushed Ohio to participate in this expansion over the objections of

Ebola Vaccine, Ready
for Test, Sat on the Shelf
New York Times, by Denise Grady    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 10/25/2014 5:08:11 PM     Post Reply
Galveston, TX - Almost a decade ago, scientists from Canada and the United States reported that they had created a vaccine that was 100 percent effective in protecting monkeys against the Ebola virus. The results were published in a respected journal, and health officials called them exciting. The researchers said tests in people might start within two years, and a product could potentially be ready for licensing by 2010 or 2011. It never happened. The vaccine sat on a shelf. Only now is it undergoing the most basic safety tests in humans — with nearly 5,000 people dead from Ebola and an epidemic raging out of control in

NYC Mayor Noshes on
Meatballs to Calm Ebola Fears
Time Magazine, by Alexandra Sifferlin    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 10/25/2014 4:57:00 PM     Post Reply
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, his wife Chirlane McCray, and New York City Health Commissioner Mary Bassett on Saturday afternoon dined at a West Village restaurant that briefly closed after it was revealed the city’s first Ebola patient, Dr. Craig Spencer, had himself enjoyed a meal there not long before being diagnosed with the disease. (Snip) In a notable revelation, when asked by reporters about New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s Friday decision to enforce a mandatory 21-day quarantine for all health workers returning from the three West African countries hardest hit by the Ebola

Washington Post Calls for CNN´s
Carol Costello to Apologize to
Palin Family On-Air
Breitbart Big Journalism, by John Nolte    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 10/25/2014 2:57:07 PM     Post Reply
Washington Post media reporter Erik Wemple called on CNN´s Carol Costello to apologize to the Palin family in the same venue where she mocked audio of Bristol Palin reporting a physical assault: on-air. Although Costello herself called for an ESPN anchor to be suspended for comments he made about a assault on a woman (after he had apologized on-air), thus far Costello has only issued a short written apology through CNN. The Washington Post: Costello apologized quickly and in airtight fashion: “Over the past few days I have been roundly criticized for joking about a brawl involving the Palin family.

After Negative Ebola Test, Quarantined Nurse
Criticizes Treatment at Newark Airport
New York Times, by ANEMONA HARTOCOLLIS    Original Article
Posted By: flyright- 10/25/2014 2:56:35 PM     Post Reply
A nurse who tested negative for the Ebola virus but remained under a 21-day quarantine in a Newark hospital on Saturday is angry and frustrated with how she was treated when she returned to the United States from West Africa.A first-person account by the nurse, Kaci Hickox, of what happened when she landed at Newark Liberty International Airport about 1 p.m. Friday was published on Saturday on the website of The Dallas Morning News. Ms. Hickox said that four hours after she landed at the airport, her fever registered 101 degrees when it was taken with a forehead scanner by a

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