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Saturday, February 06, 2016


The Connection
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What the government is still hiding about the JFK assassination
Didn't you just know it?!
Lawmaker Says He’s ‘Never Read Anything That’s More
Sensitive’ Than Information In Hillary’s ‘Top Secret’ Emails

Stunning stuff.
Campaign Resists Releasing Transcripts From Goldman Speeches
Staff may have discovered it's the same speech....over and over.
Clinton email scandal: Why it might be time
for Democrats to draft Joe Biden

Word is backers are assembling.
The e-mail scandal stretches far beyond Hillary
Is it possible to send an entire administration to jail?
Guess not.
An emotional Cruz talks drug addiction in New Hampshire
Each family's story as sad as the next.
Hillary Clinton´s venality will be her downfall
Somewhat shocking the media can write
a headline like this.
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It’s Happening Just Like I Told You
American Spectator, by Scott McKay    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 2/6/2016 5:09:04 AM     Post Reply
This piece will borrow liberally from a pair of previous occupants of this space, in which (1) it was prophesied that Hillary Clinton will not ultimately be that party’s nominee and (2) Mike Bloomberg will be allowed to ride in and purchase that party lock, stock and barrel. Now that those prophecies no longer reside deep in left field, that is. We take you back to April 24 of last year… After all, if Congressional investigators seeking Hillary’s emails to discover what her actual role was in the Benghazi massacre — or even neutral third parties — were able to see the full

Secretary Kerry Says ISIS
Members Aren’t Muslims
Daily Caller, by Philip Devoe    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 2/6/2016 4:58:01 AM     Post Reply
At a conference of coalition members tasked with fighting ISIS in Rome yesterday, Secretary of State John Kerry said members of the terrorist organization are not Muslims but apostates of Islam. “Daesh [ISIS] is in fact nothing more than a mixture of killers, of kidnappers, of criminals, of thugs, of adventurers, of smugglers and thieves,” Kerry said. “And they are also above all apostates, people who have hijacked a great religion and lie about its real meaning and lie about its purpose and deceive people in order to fight for their purposes.”

Trump: The winner that never was
Washington Post, by Ed Rogers    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 2/6/2016 4:52:11 AM     Post Reply
A lot of the art of politics is about setting expectations. With a little wisdom and a modicum of humility, it would not have been hard for Donald Trump to have set the stage where a second-place finish in Iowa would be seen as a “yuge” victory. And now, while his polling lead in New Hampshire is impressive on its face and should be viewed as making him unbeatable, his lead is actually looking more tenuous by the day. Trump has built a brand based on volume and visibility, with his popularity reinforced by our celebrity/reality TV-obsessed culture. But a closer



The Super Bowl and a Broken San Francisco
Atlantic, by Alana Semuels    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 2/6/2016 4:47:04 AM     Post Reply
SAN FRANCISCO—The protest kicked off just a few feet from Super Bowl City, the commercial playground behind security fences on the Embarcadero, where football fans were milling about drinking beer, noshing on $18 bacon cheeseburgers, and lining up for a ride on a zip line down Market Street. The protesters held up big green camping tents painted with slogans such as “End the Class War” and “Stop Stealing Our Homes,” and chanted phrases blaming San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee for a whole range of problems, including the catchy “Hey Hey, Mayor Lee, No Penalty for Poverty.” They blocked the sidewalk, battling

Bernie Sanders’ grip on the young
Washington Times, by Donald Lambro    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 2/6/2016 4:42:27 AM     Post Reply
The legions of young voters who are flocking to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ socialist banner is depressing. It is the latest manifestation of the dumbing down of the next generation of voters who really believe in the Vermont senator’s dopey remedies for a persistently weak economy that barely grew in the last three months of 2015 by a 0.7 percent. “The U.S. economy slowed to a crawl,” The Washington Post declared at the end of last month, “exposing new weaknesses in the nation’s long and sluggish recovery.” Mr. Sanders’ ideological solution: get rid of the billionaires, all 536 of them, by taxing their wealth

Hillary Clinton, Not Goldman Sachs,
Set Six Figure Speaking Fees
American Spectator, by Emily Zanotti    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 2/6/2016 4:39:31 AM     Post Reply
During last night´s debate, Hillary Clinton insisted that, despite her career in public office, preceded by her career as the wife of someone in public office, preceded by a career as an aspirant to public office, that not of that made her an ´Establishment´ candidate. Additionally, Hillary Clinton insisted, she couldn´t possibly be ´Establishment´ because she´s a woman, and as we all know, as long as you have a functioning set of ladyparts, there´s no chance you could be part of the corrupt and incestuous Washington elite, trading niceties and Cayman Islands banking advice with DC´s shadow financiers. Oddly enough, while

What jobs? BLS says 665,000 job LOSSES
Washington Examiner [DC], by Paul Bedard    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 2/6/2016 4:31:47 AM     Post Reply
New Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that there were 665,000 jobs lost in January, a blunt finding that confuses the heralded report that 151,000 jobs were created in January in non-farm payrolls. But who got them? The very same BLS finds that jobs to "native born" and immigrant workers dropped. Ditto for men and women. It is possible that many employees took on a second job, according to analysts. But a difference of 816,000 is too big, one said. Same for the differences in the two surveys the BLS uses to gauge jobs, household data from the Current Population Survey, and "Establishment" data



Iowa Democrats reviewing
some caucus precinct results
Des Moines Register, by Jennifer Jacobs    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 2/6/2016 4:27:46 AM     Post Reply
Iowa Democratic Party officials are reviewing results from the Iowa caucuses and making updates where discrepancies have been found. Party Chairwoman Andy McGuire the day after Monday´s caucuses said no review would be conducted, and that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s narrow victory over Bernie Sanders was final. But as errors are being discovered, the final tally is being changed, party officials confirmed to the Des Moines Register on Friday. "Both the Sanders and Clinton campaigns have flagged a very small number of concerns for us, and we are looking at them all on a case-by-case basis," Iowa Democratic Party spokesman Sam Lau

Donald Trump’s Campaign, Billed as
Self-Funded, Risks Little of His Fortune
New York Times, by Nicholas Confessore & Sarah Cohen    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 2/6/2016 4:25:37 AM     Post Reply
MANCHESTER, N.H. — Donald J. Trump once boasted that he could someday be the only person to turn a profit running for president. He may be closer than anyone realizes. Mr. Trump’s campaign spent just $12.4 million in 2015, according to disclosures filed with the Federal Election Commission, millions less than any of his leading rivals for the Republican nomination. More than half of Mr. Trump’s total spending was covered by checks from his supporters, who have thronged to his stump speeches and bought millions of dollars’ worth of “Make America Great Again” hats and T-shirts. About $2.7 million more was

The Way Ted Cruz Won in
Iowa Suggests Trouble Ahead
New York Times, by Nate Cohn    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 2/6/2016 4:21:32 AM     Post Reply
Ted Cruz kept his hopes alive with a come-from-behind victory in the Iowa caucuses this week. But the way he won raises serious questions about his chances later on. He won Iowa for one reason: He excelled among people who described themselves as “very conservative.” They voted for him by a big margin; he won 44 percent of them to Donald Trump’s 21 percent, according to exit polls. He lost every other ideological category, and often by a lot. The national Republican primary electorate is far more moderate than Iowa’s, so Mr. Cruz will need to attract a far broader coalition. The

A super tradition! Meet the five friends who
have been to every Super Bowl since the inaugural
event in 1967 when tickets were just $10 each
Daily Mail [UK], by James Gordon    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 2/6/2016 4:16:29 AM     Post Reply
This weekend will see the 50th Super Bowl take place in San Francisco, but it will also see the 50th anniversary of a tradition that began in 1967 among a group of five friends who have attended the sporting event every single year for nearly 50 years. The five men - Sylvan Schefler, Lew Rappaport, Al Schragis, Larry McDonald, and Harvey Rothenberg who range in age from their late 70s to early 80s, began their annual tradition when the Super Bowl wasn´t even called that; back in 1967, it was simply known as the AFL-NFL World Championship Game. That inaugural game, between



Marco Rubio: The Natural
Weekly Standard, by Jonathan V. Last    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 2/6/2016 4:05:00 AM     Post Reply
Portsmouth, N.H. For all the hype surrounding him, a Marco Rubio rally is completely different from the mega-rallies of Trump and Sanders or even the smaller, yet richly-produced, Clinton affairs. Thursday’s rally, for instance, was held in a dingy banquet hall just off the U.S. 1 Bypass in Portsmouth. At eight o´clock in the morning about 150 people packed into the small room, which looked like most of the bare-bones, early campaign events you see every four years in New Hampshire. Except for one thing: the candidate. Rubio waded into the crowd at the center of the room with a microphone and

Why did MSNBC put Rachel
Maddow on the debate stage?
Fox News, by Howard Kurtz    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 2/6/2016 4:00:34 AM     Post Reply
Rachel Maddow did a pretty good job in questioning Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders at MSNBC’s Democratic debate last night. But she shouldn’t have been on that stage as a moderator, sitting next to Chuck Todd, NBC’s political director and moderator of “Meet the Press.” This is not a knock on Maddow as a commentator. She is smart and passionate, a Rhodes scholar with a deep knowledge of the issues. She did not roll over for Clinton during a recent interview on her prime-time show. But she is an unabashedly liberal commentator who rips the Republicans every night on her program.

China group to buy Chicago Stock Exchange
CNN, by Matt Egan    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 2/6/2016 3:56:50 AM     Post Reply
The 134-year-old Chicago Stock Exchange reached a deal on Friday to be acquired by a Chinese-led group of investors. The purchase by Chongqing Casin Enterprise Group is the latest U.S. investment made by China and would give the country a foothold in the vast American stock market. The struggling Chicago Stock Exchange is a very small player in the exchange world whose presence is overshadowed by Nasdaq, the iconic New York Stock Exchange and newer entrants. As of January, the Chicago Stock Exchange handled just 0.5% of U.S. trading, making it the third-smallest U.S. exchange, according to TABB Group. Terms of the Chicago acquisition

Super Bowl 50: Watch the commercials
CBS News, by David Morgan    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 2/6/2016 3:52:53 AM     Post Reply
With Super Bowl 50 upon us, the real competition on Sunday is not between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos, but among the dozens of advertisers vying to stand out from the crowd of commercials airing during the Big Game -- advertising´s very own Super Bowl. Many ads have already been posted online prior to airtime, and others are being teased. To preview the commercials, CLICK THROUGH OUR GALLERY -- you can advance by hitting the NEXT button in the upper right. Then, come back after the game to VOTE IN OUR POLLS at the end of this gallery,



Manziel´s troubles mount, police
open criminal investigation
Associated Press, by Tom Withers    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 2/6/2016 3:47:01 AM     Post Reply
Johnny Manziel´s troubles - both legal and personal - are worsening. A scrambling quarterback who can usually wriggle his way out of a predicament, Manziel is under pressure unlike any he´s felt before. Dallas police announced Friday night they were launching a criminal investigation into a domestic violence assault complaint filed against Manziel, who was involved in an altercation last weekend during which he allegedly struck his ex-girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, several times. On Thursday, police in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, said they had closed their investigations into allegations involving Manziel. The turn of events came on the same day Manziel was dropped by

7 dead, hundreds rescued and
injured as quake rattles Taiwan
Associated Press, by Wally Santana    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 2/6/2016 3:44:44 AM     Post Reply
TAINAN, Taiwan -- Rescuers raced to find additional survivors after a powerful, shallow earthquake struck southern Taiwan before dawn Saturday and collapsed a high-rise residential complex, killing at least seven people and sending scores to hospital. Rescuers pulled 249 survivors from the rubble in the worst-hit Tainan city, and about eight people remained unaccounted for. More than 1,200 firefighters scrambled with ladders, cranes and other equipment to the ruins of a 17-floor residential building that folded like an accordion. Local media said the building included a care center for newborns and mothers, and a newborn was among the dead in the disaster,

Putin´s Chechen enforcer
Economist, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 2/6/2016 12:42:17 AM     Post Reply
RAMZAN KADYROV has few inhibitions. Last week, just before the first anniversary of the murder of Boris Nemtsov, a liberal Russian opposition leader, by a member of Mr Kadyrov’s security services, the Chechen strongman posted a video on his Instagram page. It depicted Mikhail Kasyanov, a former prime minister, in the crosshairs of a sniper rifle. “Kasyanov is in Strasbourg to get money for the opposition,” Mr Kadyrov commented under the video, in a clear warning to opposition politicians. “Whoever still doesn’t get it, will.” Mr Kadyrov has been ratcheting up the invective for a while. Last month he called liberals

2 planes collide in midair
near Port of Los Angeles
CBS News, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 2/6/2016 12:36:01 AM     Post Reply
SAN PEDRO, Calif. -- Two small planes collided over the ocean just outside Los Angeles Harbor and plunged into the water Friday, prompting a massive search by dozens of boats and divers. As darkness fell there was no sign of survivors. An L.A. County official told CBS Los Angeles a fishing boat crew reported seeing a small aircraft plunging into the ocean at about 3:14 p.m. LAX´s radar shows the blue and yellow aircraft slamming into each other at 3,100 feet and eventually vanishing from the radar screen. Investigators had no immediate word on what might have caused the accident or the

Three Republicans Ask to Visit Iran to
Observe ‘Iranian Democracy in Action’
Cybercast News Service, by Patrick Goodenough    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/6/2016 12:25:51 AM     Post Reply
Three Republican lawmakers have asked Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to facilitate their visa applications to visit Iran, where they want to observe “Iranian democracy in action,” meet with imprisoned Americans, and visit nuclear facilities. Reps. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.), Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.), and Frank LoBiondo (R-N.J.) say they also want to use the visit to get an update on Iran’s ballistic missile developments, and to discuss with the IRGC its detention last month of 10 U.S. Navy sailors in the Persian Gulf. “If Iran is truly a partner in peace,


A hungry mosquito´s dream: Millions of
scantily-clad revellers take to the streets
of Rio for Carnival festival as rampant Zika
virus sweeps through Brazil
Daily Mail (UK), by Jay Akbar    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/6/2016 12:13:25 AM     Post Reply
Millions of Brazilians are taking to the streets to celebrate the fabulous Carnival festival despite growing fears over the rampant mosquito borne Zika virus. Experts have branded the five day long celebration an ´explosive cocktail´ for the spread of Zika because of the potent combination of heat, crowds and exposed skin. But the vast majority of revellers, dressed in colourful bikinis and short sequined dresses, exposing their bare torsos and legs, have ignored the advice to cover up and slather on insect repellent. (Photos) They say that trousers, long sleeve shirts and bug spray go against the hedonistic, out-of-control spirit

Joe Biden might run for president after all
Reuters, by Luciana Lopez    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/5/2016 11:29:12 PM     Post Reply
A prominent Democratic donor worried about the party´s chances of winning the presidency emailed dozens of fans of Vice President Joe Biden on Friday, urging them to remain prepared to donate if Biden jumps into the race. The donor, Bill Bartmann, cited new polling showing Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont nearly tied with Hillary Clinton, eroding the 30-point lead the former secretary of state held at the end of last year. Bartmann and other party insiders are concerned that Sanders, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist, is too far to the left to win against a Republican in the Nov. 8 presidential

LGBT Rights, Inc.
The Hill (Washington DC), by Sylvia Hewlett & Kenji Yoshino    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/5/2016 11:02:36 PM     Post Reply
Last month, the United Nations hosted a panel on similar themes. Such conversations occur amid criticism of pro-LGBT governmental interventions. The New York Times suggested last month that the $41 million spent by the American government to promote gay rights globally may have spawned a backlash, catalyzing Nigeria’s draconian 2014 law against homosexuality. Western governments, forever vulnerable to accusations of imperialism, cannot alone push a rights agenda. Who can—and indeed, must—wage this crusade? Multinational corporations. Our ten-market study reveals that MNCs have both the motives and the might to secure LGBT rights worldwide. Intent on winning the war for top

Exclusive — Donald Trump Hammers Illegal
Alien Gangs Operating Inside America:
‘Beyond Belief’ MS-13 Has Foothold in Boston
Breitbart Big Government, by Matthew Boyle    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/5/2016 10:55:47 PM     Post Reply
MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — Donald Trump, the 2016 GOP presidential frontrunner who’s polling ahead of all his opponents here in New Hampshire, told Breitbart News on Friday morning that America is in dire straits if voters don’t elect someone president who can get the nation’s immigration crisis under control. “If somebody great doesn’t get in as president, we don’t have a country anymore,” Trump responded when asked by Breitbart News for his thoughts on recent congressional testimony by border patrol agents that the nation’s immigration laws are basically nullified. “We’re not going to have a country anymore.” The testimony, as

Here´s how much property taxes
went up (again) in N.J. last year
NJ.com, by Samantha Marcus    Original Article
Posted By: Ribicon- 2/5/2016 10:50:32 PM     Post Reply
Trenton — The already steep property tax bill for New Jersey residents jumped again in 2015, topping $8,300 for the first time and increasing at the fastest rate since 2011. The average residential bill rose from $8,161 in 2014 to $8,353 in 2015 — a 2.4 percent hike, according to annual data released Friday afternoon by the state´s Department of Community Affairs. The state aggressively tightened the cap on local property tax hikes in 2011 after property taxes were rapidly rising for several years. However, the data showed the rate of increase in 2015 was higher than the previous three years.

A baby pulled from the rubble: Dozens feared
dead and hundreds trapped in collapsed
buildings after devasting 6.4 magnitude
earthquake shakes Taiwan
Daily Mail (UK), by Chris Pleasance & Flora Drury    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/5/2016 10:48:31 PM     Post Reply
At least three people have died including a ten-day-old baby after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan in the early hours of this morning, causing a 17-storey apartment building to collapse. Emergency crews are working to free hundreds more people who are feared trapped after the quake struck the southern city of Tainan at around 4am according to Taiwan´s state news agency. A ten-day-old girl was reported to have died in the disaster alongside a 50-year-old man who was found in the same apartment. Another 55-year-old man was also killed, according to an emergency response center in Tainan. At least

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