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Sunday, August 30, 2015



Dogton Abbey

House Cats of
Hudson County

The Grand
Budapets Hotel

Career criminal charged with capital murder after ´executing
Houston cop in gas station ambush´ as sheriff blames
´out of control´ Black Lives Matter movement for his death

There are those who say this is all going according to plan.
‘Pendulum Factor’ could land Trump in White House
Bewildered by Trumporama? Here's help.
What´s the Deal With Trump?
Some dare to mouth the word "hope".
Ben Carson Edging Close to Front-Runner
Trump in Latest Iowa Poll

Maybe a wounded nation needs a doctor in the White House.
Terrific! Minnesota Islamist on Terror List Gets
Commercial Driver’s License to Drive Semi-Trucks

It's not the known terrorist we need fear, but Homeland
Security that allows them their freedom of movement.
Christie: Track immigrants like FedEx packages
If the government can track illegal aliens, they'll find
an excuse to do the same with American citizens.
Wasserman Schultz blocked Iran resolution at DNC meeting
Fifty shades of loyalty.
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Fiorina May Find Center Stage Uncomfortable
Bloomberg View, by Albert R. Hunt    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 8/30/2015 12:43:09 PM     Post Reply
There is a strong desire in Republican circles for Carly Fiorina to be on the main stage in the next presidential debate. Few in the party say the former Hewlett-Packard chief executive has any chance of winning the nomination or even think she is the best candidate. Instead, they argue that a party that has a problem with female voters can ill afford a sizable top-tier field that´s exclusively middle-aged or older men. Moreover, they love her slashing attacks on Hillary Clinton, whom Fiorina frequently calls a liar. Fiorina obviously would relish greater visibility, and her supporters anticipate that unlike the first presidential debate, on Aug. 6,

Scurrying Rabbi(t)s
American Spectator, by Jay D. Homnick    Original Article
Posted By: Hazymac- 8/30/2015 12:33:21 PM     Post Reply
Three hundred and forty — count ’em — Reform and Conservative rabbis have signed an open letter to the United States Congress, asking the members to vote to confirm the deal negotiated between John Kerry and the government of Iran. They are taking whatever moral, ethical, spiritual, and religious chips they have and trying to cash them in for political capital. Interestingly, the number of three hundred and forty, when converted into Hebrew letters (the sh sound has a value of three hundred and the m sound equals forty) can spell either ‘sham’ or ‘shame.’ Both of these fit nicely here,

The superagent who ruled
Hollywood with sex and booze
New York Post, by Larry Getlen    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 8/30/2015 12:30:53 PM     Post Reply
At a 1973 meeting at CMA, the Hollywood talent agency that later became ICM, the company’s owner was leading the proceedings when in walked agent Sue Mengers, 10 minutes late and wearing a muumuu. She attempted to comb her hair as the meeting continued, and sat with one foot underneath her, revealing that she was not wearing underwear. As she “fiddled with her tortoiseshell comb, one of her false nails popped off and fell in front of her on the marble table. ‘Aaach,’ she muttered, ‘that f--kin’ [racist slur for people of Asian descent] didn’t do the paste right on



Jindal: Hillary ´literally one
email away from going to jail´
Washington Examiner [DC], by Barbara Boland    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 8/30/2015 12:26:46 PM     Post Reply
Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton´s use of a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state presents security implications that might land her in prison, charged Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Sunday. "With Hillary Clinton, it just seems to be one scandal after another," the GOP candidate said on ABC´s "This Week." "She´s literally one email away from going to jail." "What I fear is that maybe we´ll have to go to the Chinese and the Russians to actually see her emails," he said. "What´s clear is this — if a private in the military had done what they´ve

Joan Walsh: I Don´t Know Any Liberals
Outraged by Illegal Immigration
Newsbusters, by Mark Finkelstein    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 8/30/2015 12:25:12 PM     Post Reply
Looks like Up With Steve Kornacki is becoming the go-to place for liberals to let their radical cats out of the bag . . . Yesterday, as we reported here, Josh Barro of the New York Times said that the only way to impact violent crime is to undertake a "massive" gun grab. Today, it was the turn of Salon´s Joan Walsh to admit that she doesn´t know "any liberals upset--outraged" by illegal immigration. As we said of Barro, kudos to Walsh for her candor. And really, why would liberals be upset by millions of illegal, low-skilled, immigrants flooding into

Poll pegs Hillary Clinton’s,
Jeb Bush’s problems
Boston Herald, by Howie Carr    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 8/30/2015 12:24:10 PM     Post Reply
Hillary Clinton has become Richard Nixon. Consider the top three words voters used to describe her in a new poll this week: “Liar … dishonest … untrustworthy.” Also in the top 12: “crook … untruthful … criminal … deceitful.” Crook — as in “I am not a crook,” a quintessential Nixon quote. Even the positive words that respondents used to describe Hillary were the same words that probably would have turned up in a survey about Tricky Dick circa 1974: “experience … strong … smart.” All this comes out of the new Quinnipiac poll, which showed Donald Trump soaring on

Joe Biden and the Democratic Vacuum
Atlantic Wire, by Molly Ball    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 8/30/2015 12:22:03 PM     Post Reply
“I think panic is the operative mode for the Democratic Party,” David Axelrod, who has been on the receiving end of panic mode many times over the years, told me this week. I had asked Obama’s political guru how bad the current panic was for Hillary Clinton—bad enough for the party to seek an alternative? Bad enough, perhaps, to create an opening for Joe Biden? Axelrod didn’t think so. “I think it’s indisputable she’s had a rocky few months,” he said. “But if you look at her support among Democrats, and the resources she brings, she’s still very strong—I think she’s



Russian President Vladimir Putin Pumps
Iron, Grills in Newly Released Photos
ABC News, by Kirit Radia    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 8/30/2015 12:04:20 PM     Post Reply
(Video) The Kremlin wants the world to know Russian President Vladimir Putin pumps iron and grills meat before most of the world gets out of bed. New photos released by the Kremlin show Putin working out and barbecuing with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a government residence in Sochi before sitting down to breakfast and tea. (Photos) Putin regularly works out, detailing his personal fitness routine to ABC News last year ahead of the Sochi Olympics. "How does one control weight? By not overeating. How does one stay in shape? One plays sports. There are no magic pills here," Putin

CNN Appearances Show Bob Beckel Ready
to Work Again; Here’s His Best Option
Mediaite, by Joe Concha    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 8/30/2015 11:28:17 AM     Post Reply
Bob Beckel is a rare breed in the cable news business for one reason: He somehow pulls off the combination of being a genuine, likable curmudgeon. And in doing so, he carved out a nice existence at Fox News, sparring effectively (without filter) with his political adversaries on The Five and doing weekly spots on The O’Reilly Factor. But then–without notice or comment–the 66-year-old was gone. Not for a few days or weeks, but for four months. First back surgery was reportedly the reason, but eventually it was revealed that Beckel–who has suffered from drug and alcohol addiction in the past–had relapsed again and entered rehab,

Donald Trump is not a traditional
Republican — including on some big issues
Washington Post, by Philip Bump    Original Article
Posted By: garnet- 8/30/2015 11:21:00 AM     Post Reply
Donald Trump has rather effortlessly demonstrated that he is not a normal presidential candidate. And with his scatter-shot delineation of where he stands on various issues, he has made something else clear: He´s not a normal Republican. Given his politically diverse background, the fact that he doesn´t toe every party line shouldn´t be a surprise. What´s unusual is which lines he doesn´t toe — and that he´s leading in the race for the party´s nomination despite it. Even with his antipathy toward stating policy positions, Trump has dropped enough hints here and there to provide an idea of what he

SOS to Pope Francis: It’s souls
that need saving not the environment
Canada Free Press, by Judi McLeod    Original Article
Posted By: snowcloud- 8/30/2015 11:05:25 AM     Post Reply
In a surrealistic world the pope’s coming to America is somewhat like Cleopatra coming to Mark Antony. Protocol and pomp and ceremony aside, why would Christ’s Vicar on Earth come to pay homage to a president who is unabashedly the world’s top champion of abortions, including partial birth abortions; whose party refuses to defund Planned Parenthood whose organization sells body parts of aborted babies on the black market; and whose presidency is driven by a soul-corroding hatred of the country he was elected to serve? The prayer for the pontiff’s visit to the den of iniquity known as the White House should



One-Term Biden Could Prove Unbeatable
Washington Post Writers Group, by Ruth Marcus    Original Article
Posted By: garnet- 8/30/2015 11:04:52 AM     Post Reply
Could Joe Biden be the man for this season? The vice president has been running for president since Hillary Clinton was first lady of Arkansas. His first campaign, in 1988, fizzled over allegations of plagiarism. His second, in 2008, limped to a humiliating close with Biden winning less than 1 percent of voters in the Iowa caucuses. He received most attention for unwise comments about Indian-Americans ("You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin´ Donuts [in Delaware] unless you have a slight Indian accent") and Barack Obama ("articulate and bright and clean.") But there is an argument that 2016 could be Biden´s

´All Lives Matter´ march draws
more than 20,000 to Birmingham
Alabama.com, by Greg Garrison    Original Article
Posted By: starbaby- 8/30/2015 10:57:09 AM     Post Reply
Led by conservative activist and talk show host Glenn Beck, more than 20,000 people chanting "All Lives Matter" marched the historic civil rights route from Kelly Ingram Park to Birmingham City Hall this morning. "It´s about taking our church out in the streets," Beck said. He said marchers came from as far away as China, Dubai and the Netherlands. Actor Chuck Norris, a conservative activist known for his martial arts, action movies and TV show "Walker, Texas Ranger," marched about two rows behind Beck. Alveda King, a niece of civil rights activist the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., marched in
Spell out source.

Trump´s ´Tax Me´ Comment Reveals
He´s No Free-Market Champion
Investors Business Daily, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: garnet- 8/30/2015 10:56:43 AM     Post Reply
Republican front-runner Donald Trump was thrown a fat pitch that he could have hit out of the park by championing capitalism. Instead, he chose class warfare. It doesn´t matter how convoluted or narrow or qualified Trump´s comments to Bloomberg Wednesday on "raising taxes on successful people like myself" were. What is important is that he chose to sound like Barack Obama, not Ronald Reagan. Speaking in the lobby of his Trump Tower on New York´s Fifth Avenue, Trump talked about making those successful in hedge funds pay more in taxes "because right now they are paying very little tax, and I think

Can Hillary overcome the ´liar´ factor?
Politico, by Steven Shepard    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 8/30/2015 10:14:23 AM     Post Reply
Hillary Clinton took a new tack this week when answering questions about her use of a private email account as secretary of state: She took responsibility and admitted she was at fault. “It clearly wasn’t the best choice,” Clinton said flatly on Wednesday, as she campaigned in Iowa. On Thursday, the reason for the change in tone came into sharper focus with a stunning new poll illustrating the extent to which voters don’t trust Clinton to tell the truth. While Republicans have been test-driving attacks against Clinton for a year and a half, no other line of attack has broken through to this degree.



It´s time to focus on the evil, not the media
New York Daily News, by Linda Stasi    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 8/30/2015 10:05:50 AM     Post Reply
Three American obsessions – gun violence, playing the race card and obsessive selfie-taking – met, merged and murdered last week. We went from people shooting themselves with a camera to one crazy shooting himself with a camera while shooting others with a gun. Two of the victims murdered as cameras rolled were journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward. Soon thereafter, condemnations by TV talking-head journalists changed the conversation, based on Twitter, from condemnation of gun violence to condemnation of this newspaper for publishing the photos. In short, news outlets were advocating that news outlets suppress the

No Ordinary Time
PJ Media, by Richard Fernandez    Original Article
Posted By: Hazymac- 8/30/2015 9:23:42 AM     Post Reply
The news spotlight is on the US electoral drama. Everything outside the circle of media brilliance is momentarily in shadow, most especially Obama administration’s governance record. They persist in a singular state of invisibility. Scandals, domestic crises, foreign conflicts — none have been resolved. It is just that the newspapers don’t talk about them any more. Matthew Continetti of the National Review thinks that the normally raucous anti-war groups, even Obama himself, have fallen deliberately silent. "The anniversary of the U.S. war against the Islamic State passed with little notice. It was August 7 of last year that President Obama authorized

At War with Reality
American Thinker, by Fay Voshell    Original Article
Posted By: Hazymac- 8/30/2015 8:36:20 AM     Post Reply
Characterizing the opposition as insane is a favorite tactic of the Left. To question their latest fatwa is for them an indicator of mental derangement on the part of the inquirer. But in case you haven’t noticed, within in the halls of academia, which once passed as the place for rational inquiry and analysis, the real crazies are hard at work introducing the equivalent of jabberwocky. Even language is supposed to adjust to the current insanity of those seeking “gender equality.” No doubt inspired by Lewis Carroll’s nonsense poem, the administrators of the University of Tennessee’s Office for Diversity and Inclusion, a

Why Rape Trials Like
St. Paul’s Are So Rare
New York Magazine, by Jessica Roy    Original Article
Posted By: Honeybadger- 8/30/2015 8:14:57 AM     Post Reply
On Friday, a New Hampshire jury of nine men and three women found former St. Paul´s School senior Owen Labrie not guilty of felony sexual assault. The story that landed Labrie there is a deeply familiar one, even to those of us who didn´t attend elite prep schools: an older boy wooing a younger girl, a younger girl struggling to say no while still remaining polite and respectful. Though the jury ultimately decided that the victim did not clearly indicate by speech or conduct that she did not freely consent, as required by New Hampshire law, there is one heartening

Oliver Sacks, eminent neurologist and
author of Awakenings, dies aged 82
The Guardian, by Mark Tran    Original Article
Posted By: Honeybadger- 8/30/2015 8:03:09 AM     Post Reply
Oliver Sacks, the eminent neurologist and writer, has died at his home in New York City. He was 82. The cause of death was cancer, Kate Edgar, his longtime personal assistant, told the New York Times, which had published an essay by Sacks in February revealing that an earlier melanoma in his eye had spread to his liver and that he was in the late stages of terminal cancer. The London-born academic, whose book Awakenings inspired the Oscar-nominated film of the same name, wrote: “A month ago, I felt that I was in good health, even robust health. At 81, I still


Behind Tianjin Tragedy, a Company That
Flouted Regulations and Reaped Profits
New York Times, by Andrew Jacobs & Javier C. Hernández*    Original Article
Posted By: Honeybadger- 8/30/2015 7:27:01 AM     Post Reply
Tianjin, China — One partner was the son of a local police chief, the other an executive at a state-run chemicals firm. After meeting at a dinner party, they started a company here to handle the export of the most dangerous chemicals made in China, promising “outstanding service” and “good results.” Within two years, Rui Hai International Logistics had built a reputation as the go-to place for businesses looking to ship hazardous materials to customers abroad, a niche market that had been dominated by sluggish state enterprises. Rui Hai offered lower prices, a no-hassle approach to paperwork and quick government approvals.

Trump Wins Nashville Grassroots
Straw Poll with 52 percent.
Breitbart.com, by Michael Patrick Leahy    Original Article
Posted By: Honeybadger- 8/30/2015 7:18:02 AM     Post Reply
NASHVILLE, Tennessee — After delivering an energetic 50 minute speech using no notes or teleprompter, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump easily won a presidential straw poll conducted at the annual convention of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, garnering 52 percent of the votes cast. Tea Party favorite Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)96% finished second with 24 percent, and Dr. Ben Carson, another political outsider and Tea Party friend, finished behind Cruz in third. The overflowing crowd of more than 1,000 attendees displayed a number of Trump signs, which they waved with enthusiasm . In his speech, Trump focused

Republicans plot counterattack
to Iran nuclear deal filibuster
The Hill [Washington, DC], by Julian Hattem    Original Article
Posted By: Flyright- 8/30/2015 7:13:31 AM     Post Reply
Republicans intend to hammer Senate Democrats next month if they do not allow an up-or-down vote on a measure disapproving President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.Democrats appear close to having enough support for the deal to bottle up the disapproval measure with procedural motions. If Republicans vote in a united bloc, they would need the support of six Democrats to break a filibuster, but only two Democrats have broken ranks so far. If the resolution is filibustered, it would be a major victory for the White House, which wouldn’t have to use President Obama’s veto pen to protect the Iran deal.

Will Biden be Bluffed?
Weekly Standard, by William Kristol    Original Article
Posted By: Flyright- 8/30/2015 6:34:42 AM     Post Reply
A savvy friend who´s held elective office emails: Those are somewhat amazing stories in the Post, Politico, & CNN about how strong Clinton is and how hard it would be for Biden to win the nomination. Note: they largely quote Clinton supporters and use her talking points. Each story is written as if the email and trust issues have not emerged, or as if Sanders isn´t running very close to her in early states.

Obama, Bush, Clinton: Secret Agents
American Thinker, by Clarice Feldman    Original Article
Posted By: Judy W.- 8/30/2015 6:33:36 AM     Post Reply
I have thought for a while that a case could be made that Obama was really a secret conservative, showing America what would happen if the “progressive” agenda were ever put in place and thereby weaning us off it forever. My friend Noemie Emery, an exceptionally astute observer of American political history, emailed, “All politicians act like secret agents, in the pay of the opposite side.” As I thought about it, it seemed to me her observation had special applicability to the president, Jeb Bush, and Hillary Clinton, though I’d certainly not rule out a wider field. Obama The record is uncontestable; Obama

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