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Friday, January 20, 2017


The Connection
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Day One
......and so it begins.
Inauguration Day Schedule For The Presidency of Donald J Trump…
Rain before noon predicted.
New York Times Faces Backlash After Sole
Source Repudiates Anti-Rick Perry Story

Faux News no longer a joke.
Media Malpractice In The Age Of Trump
Media slow walks 8 years of Obama scandals.
Now drooling for hits on Trump.
Democrats’ real fury is over their own collapse
That's usually the way deep anger works.
Pro-Trump bikers roar into Washington DC ready to form
a ´WALL OF MEAT´ to protect The Donald from
protesters at his inauguration

Wall of meat!? Best group name in politics.
Must Read Archive [Last 60 Days]

Here we go!

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Obama denies clemency for Leonard
Peltier, nuclear scientist Wen Ho Lee
USA Today, by Gregory Korte    Original Article
Posted By: Muguy- 1/20/2017 8:28:13 AM     Post Reply
President Obama granted 603 of headline-grabbing pardons and commutations in his last week in office in a record-breaking surge of executive clemency. But he also quietly denied more than 3,000 cases in what was an equally unprecedented spate of denials. Among those denied clemency in Obama's final days, according to the Justice Department:
► Wen Ho Lee, the University of California physicist accused — and then largely exonerated — of leaking nuclear secrets to the Chinese in 1999.

Wynton Marsalis nails it on
performers boycotting the inauguration|
American Thinker, by Thomas Lifson    Original Article
Posted By: magnante- 1/20/2017 8:15:17 AM     Post Reply
As some performers disgrace themselves with dishonored vows to leave the US upon Trump’s election and petulant bullying of peers who dare express willingness to perform at the inaugural, a genuine star has put them all to shame. Wynton Marsalis posted an essay on Facebook (snip) Yesterday, while fellowshipping with a number of college-aged youngsters, both my willingness to perform, and my interest in joining a protest were called into question. "Would I perform, if asked?" "Yes," I said. "Would you protest the accepted outcome of the election?" "No," I said, and quickly followed up with, "I´ll at least wait

Here’s How America’s First Outsider
President Set a Precedent for Inaugurations
Daily Signal, by Jarrett Stepman    Original Article
Posted By: Judy W.- 1/20/2017 8:14:18 AM     Post Reply
The Washington establishment was stunned. A political outsider with few connections in the nation’s capital, but wide national celebrity among the American people, was going to be the next president of the United States. Washington, D.C., residents were unprepared for the wild scene that was about to unfold when the new president’s advocates—and a few detractors—poured into the city. Some compared this enormous mass of people to an invading barbarian horde pillaging Rome. This scene may sound familiar in 2017, but it describes Andrew Jackson’s inaugural celebration in 1829. At the time, such large-scale fanfare at an inauguration was unprecedented. Yet despite the



In Reem Acra and Norisol Ferrari,
Melania Trump gives the first hint
at her First Lady fashion strategy
The Telegraph [UK], by Bethan Hale    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 1/20/2017 8:02:35 AM     Post Reply
Today Melania Trump will take Michelle Obama’s place as America’s First Lady. Obama has used fashion to help make the role her own, so all eyes are now on Melania as she creates her own FLOTUS template. We got the first inkling of what her strategy might be yesterday with the two ensembles which she chose for pre-Inauguration events. For a series of daytime engagements, Trump opted for a custom-made black coat by New York designer Norisol Ferrari. Later last night, Trump emerged at a candlelight dinner wearing a glimmering gold gown by Reem Acra, a Lebanese-born, New York based designer

Trump supporters, opponents clash outside
‘DeploraBall’ in downtown D.C.
Washington Post, by Clarence Williams    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 1/20/2017 7:58:24 AM     Post Reply
Anti-Trump protesters jeered and screamed at supporters of the president-elect outside the “DeploraBall” at the National Press Club on Thursday night, in one case throwing an object that struck a counterprotester in the head. D.C. police closed the 1300 block of F Street NW to motor vehicles as hundreds of demonstrators filled the roadway. Some protesters raised their middle fingers and shouted obscenities and terms such as “racist” and Nazi” at those attending the celebratory ball on the eve of Trump’s inauguration. View image on Twitter

Trump´s inauguration overtakes DC
RT News [Russia], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 1/20/2017 7:51:26 AM     Post Reply
Hundreds of thousands of people from across the US and around the world flocked to downtown Washington, DC to see Donald Trump become the 45th president of the United States ? or to express their discontent with the fact. For a day, the American capital turned into an arena of protests and celebrations. As with many events that concern Trump, January 20 is expected to be nothing like a normal inauguration. RT´s team is bringing you all the spectrum of the day.

The Democrats´ Fight Against
School Choice Is Immoral
Creators Syndicate, by David Harsanyi    Original Article
Posted By: garnet- 1/20/2017 7:46:13 AM     Post Reply
There´s something perverse about an ideology that views the disposing of an unborn child in the third trimester of pregnancy as an indisputable right but the desire of parents to choose a school for their kids as zealotry. Watching President-elect Donald Trump´s pick for education secretary, Betsy DeVos, answer an array of frivolous questions this week was just another reminder of how irrational liberalism has become. Democrats often tell us that racism is one of the most pressing problems in America. And yet, few things have hurt African-Americans more over the past 40 years than inner-city public school systems. If President



Five policies Trump might get right
Washington Post, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: garnet- 1/20/2017 7:42:08 AM     Post Reply
WE OPPOSED Donald Trump’s election and supported his opponent , Hillary Clinton, because we thought she offered better policy solutions and was better-suited by experience and temperament for the job. Since Nov. 8, Mr. Trump has stoked doubts regarding policy, by issuing apologetics for Russia and tariff threats against automakers, American and foreign, among other instances. In a series of outbursts on Twitter, he also has intensified many Americans’ concern about his temperament. Nevertheless, his election was legitimate, and his inauguration is inevitable. All of us have a duty to oppose Mr. Trump when he is wrong, but also to remain

Pro-Trump bikers roar into Washington DC
ready to form a ´WALL OF MEAT´ to
protect The Donald from protesters at
his inauguration
Daily Mail (UK), by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 1/20/2017 7:27:26 AM     Post Reply
Bikers around the country are descending in Washington DC ahead of the inauguration, where they are prepared to stand up against any violent protesters. The group Bikers For Trump requested a permit for 5,000 people at the John Marshall Park, with an unofficial ´halftime rally´ planned between the swearing-in ceremony and the start of the parade. The group´s founder, Chris Cox, 48, told Fox & Friends: ´In the event that we are needed, we will form a wall of meat. ´We´ll be shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and we´ll be toe-to-toe with anyone who´s going to break through police

The 75 Leftist Groups Trying to Stop
Donald Trump from Taking Office
Breitbart Big Government, by Lee Stranahan    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 1/20/2017 7:21:49 AM     Post Reply
This is the most comprehensive list of the leftist groups supporting the DisruptJ20 event designed to thwart President-elect Donald Trump and his supporters. These are the anarchist cells, affinity groups, student consortiums, left-wing bookstores, propaganda distribution outlets, anti-American websites, hacker collectives, and other leftist groups on the shadowy edge of the worldwide radical movement that sees Trump’s political victory as the main barrier to their goal of fundamentally transforming the world. This is the far left of the far left – the anarchist, communist, and socialist organizations, some of which urge lawbreaking “direct action” including violence, arson, and intimidation. The

New Yorkers are furious about
de Blasio’s anti-Trump rally
New York Post, by Joe Marino, Elizabeth Rosner,*    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 1/20/2017 7:19:10 AM     Post Reply
For once, don’t blame the Donald! Mayor de Blasio caused traffic mayhem for his own political gains on Thursday night as he headed a massive anti-Trump protest in Columbus Circle. Sand trucks lined the streets around the Trump International Hotel & Tower starting at 6 p.m. — blocking all northbound vehicular traffic along Central Park West for hours — as an estimated 20,000 people turned out for the star-studded event. Numerous jumbotrons and a giant stage located at 60th Street didn’t help matters, either, and ultimately sparked pedestrian gridlock in and around the 59th Street-Columbus Circle subway stop. “It’s terrible, I



The Democrats’ acidic petulance
American Thinker, by Mike Kimmitt    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 1/20/2017 7:10:08 AM     Post Reply
Still posted on the CNN website is a months-old interview that again reveals the stunning phoniness of today’s hard-left Democrat/press complex. In the clip, CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin referred to a gracious letter George H. W. Bush left for incoming President Bill Clinton on January 20, 1993. Citing the letter as an example of how “bad blood can dissipate,” Baldwin read a passage in which Bush welcomed Clinton to the White House as our president, with the word “our” underlined. When the pre-election segment was aired, news media pollsters were expecting Hillary Clinton to register a substantial Electoral College victory,

Billionaire magnate George Soros
speaks out on his prediction
that EU is ´doomed to fail´
Daily Express [UK], by Joe Barnes    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 1/20/2017 5:48:47 AM     Post Reply
GEORGE SOROS has admitted he made a “slight exaggeration” when claiming the European Union would buckle under the pressure of Russia and China once Britain has left the bloc. The billionaire, once described as the man “who broke the Bank of England”, has previously claimed it was unlikely Theresa May would remain in power over the course of Britain’s European divorce. Following on from the historic referendum the hedge fund manager warned: “Europe is genuinely doomed to fall apart unless we pull together. “This is not the time for compromises, we need a fundamental reform to reconstruct it from the ground up.”

´Obama can still be a thorn in Trump´s side´
Arutz Sheva [Israel], by Benny Toker    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 1/20/2017 5:36:32 AM     Post Reply
Caroline Glick, a senior editor at the Maariv and the Jerusalem Post, sat down with Arutz Sheva to discuss the protests against the inauguration of US President-elect Donald Trump, and her expectation that outgoing President Barack Obama will do his utmost to make life difficult for his successor. "There will be a lot of disgust in terms of the radical protests against the president during the inauguration and the reception afterwards." Glick said. "I realized that there was going to be a lot of army officers and police officers around every corner because there are many people who will try to

The globalist: Barack Obama’s
legacy in the Middle East
Jerusalem Post [Israel], by Michael Wilner    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 1/20/2017 5:30:29 AM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON – Year after year, in successive speeches before the UN General Assembly, US President Barack Obama struggled to explain his complex worldview in simple terms. It was a difficult task because our world, in Obama’s view, is a contradictory place. But come September, like clockwork, he treated the UN assembly as an opportunity to carve out a cohesive doctrine – a chance to tie together all of those foreign policy decisions made along the way into one consistent and harmonious vision. Roughly halfway through his presidency, a doctrine emerged from those texts. Obama was an American globalist . He operated on



´A lot of people will be very nervous´:
Alex Salmond claims Donald Trump
has a ´character problem´ and hopes
the Oval Office will change him
Daily Mail [UK], by Tim Sculthorpe    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 1/20/2017 5:12:38 AM     Post Reply
People will be ´very nervous´ about what Donald Trump´s presidency will mean but the responsibilities of the office could change him, Alex Salmond has said. The former SNP leader is one of very few British politicians who has worked with Mr Trump in the past - and had explosive rows with the President-elect. Mr Salmond made Mr Trump a business ambassador for his Scottish government but the pair had a bitter falling out over wind turbines planned off the Aberdeenshire coast near a Trump golf course. Mr Salmond told the Today programme: ´We will see which Donald Trump turns up at the

Military veterans occupy John McCain´s
office to protest the ´irresponsible´
appointment of Exxon Mobil CEO
Rex Tillerson as secretary of state
Daily Mail [UK], by Kelly Mclaughlin    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 1/20/2017 5:06:34 AM     Post Reply
Military veterans gathered at the office of Sen John McCain on Thursday to protest against the appointment of ExxonMobil oil tycoon Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. The group of nine veterans live streamed the protest on Facebook, calling Tillerson´s an ´irresponsible pick´. McCain was reportedly in the building at the time, but wouldn´t meet with the veterans, who stood in formation in his office. Seven of the veterans, who had ties to the group Iraq Veterans Against the War and the environmental group Greenpeace, were arrested after Capitol police were called. ´We have a real concern about an oil

Hope & Change Comes Eight
Years Into the Obama Presidency
American Spectator, by Daniel J. Flynn    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 1/20/2017 5:04:36 AM     Post Reply
Barack Obama finally delivers on his message of hope and change on this, the last day of his presidency. Don’t accuse the man of not fulfilling this ubiquitous, and amorphous, campaign pledge. He didn’t stop the rise of the oceans or heal the planet. But he did give America Donald Trump. And in his final days, he behaves a bit like his successor. Kinda. Sorta. The president graciously refers to Trump as “freely elected.” But his chief of staff, Denis McDonough, declined to say whether Obama considers his successor “legitimate” after CNN’s Jake Tapper gave him several opportunities. Forty-four plans to attend

Democrats’ real fury is
over their own collapse
New York Post, by Seth Lipsky    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 1/20/2017 4:49:36 AM     Post Reply
The word in Washington is that Donald Trump will deliver a unifying inaugural speech after he accedes — at precisely noon — to the presidency. And that he will pivot to a proper presidential persona. Certainly the oath Trump is about to take — the affirmation required before he “enter on the execution of his office” — ought to be the occasion of national unity. It’s an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. What makes it so unifying is that every officer of the United States — every legislator and judge, not just of the federal government, but of the

The Soap Opera Comes to an End
Weekly Standard, by Noemie Emery    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 1/20/2017 4:38:58 AM     Post Reply
Picture The Clintons as a top TV series that made its debut in January 1992, as Bill and Hillary appeared on 60 Minutes on Super Bowl Sunday to refute charges that Bill had had a fling with a chanteuse called Gennifer Flowers. It peaked in 1998 with the gigantic impeachment debacle (a loser for everyone except Hillary), was renewed for 16 more seasons after Bill left office, sustained by the ongoing, aspirational “President Hillary" saga, and then wrapped up in a sensational six-hour special, featuring a stunning reversal of fortune that tied it all up with a bow. If the


Trump Nominees Make Clear Plans
to Sweep Away Obama Policies
New York Times, by Michael D. Shear    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 1/20/2017 4:32:09 AM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON — President-elect Donald J. Trump’s cabinet nominees, while moderating some of their stances, have made it clear during two weeks of hearings that they intend to work hard to sweep away President Obama’s domestic policy by embracing a deeply conservative approach to governing. In dozens of hours of testimony, Mr. Trump’s nominees told senators that they favored less regulation, a smaller federal government, more state control over policy decisions and taxpayer money, and greater personal responsibility by Americans across the country. The sometimes contentious hearings continued up until the day before the inauguration, as Mr. Trump triumphantly arrived in Washington on

Imprisoned ex-House Speaker Hastert wants
assault victim to return $1.7M in hush money
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 1/20/2017 4:18:07 AM     Post Reply
CHICAGO – Imprisoned former House speaker Dennis Hastert wants one of his sexual abuse victims to return the $1.7 million in hush money the Illinois Republican paid him over several years, according to a court filing this week in an ongoing civil case. The document is a counter claim to the victim´s breach-of-contract lawsuit that he filed last year, arguing that Hastert owed him $1.8 million — what he said was the unpaid balance of an unwritten $3.5 million hush-money deal. Hastert, 75, is serving a 15-month sentence in a federal prison for violating banking laws as he withdrew thousands

52% View Trump Favorably
Rasmussen Reports, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 1/20/2017 2:55:13 AM     Post Reply
Voter attitudes about President-elect Donald Trump have changed little since Thanksgiving, with just over half of voters continuing to give him favorable marks. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 52% of Likely U.S. Voters share a favorable opinion of Trump, with 30% who have a Very Favorable one. The president-elect is viewed unfavorably by 48%, including 37% with a Very Unfavorable view. (To see survey question wording, click here.) (Want a free daily e-mail update? If it´s in the news, it´s in our polls). Rasmussen Reports updates are also available on Twitter or Facebook. The national

Likud Minister: We are all praying
for seriousness and bravery
Arutz Sheva [Israel], by Tal Polon    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 1/20/2017 2:49:36 AM     Post Reply
Minister of Infrastructure and Likud party member Yuval Steinitz expressed this morning in an interview with Army Radio his “hope and belief” that Trump will stay true to his promise to move the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. “We’re all praying that, aside from the humor and colorfulness, Trump understands the weight of responsibility on his shoulders, and reveals himself to be a serious and brave president. I hope and believe that he will move the American embassy to Jerusalem.” According to Steinitz, an American embassy move to Jerusalem would set a precedent for other countries. “It’s absurd that

An insider’s view: Eight years
watching the first Jewish US president
Jerusalem Post [Israel], by STEVE RABINOWITZ    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 1/20/2017 2:45:05 AM     Post Reply
As US President Barack Obama stood before the packed synagogue sanctuary, a white kippa comfortably atop his head, he spoke of the impact that images of kibbutzim, Israel’s founders and the 1967 war had on him as he was coming of age. “To a young man like me, grappling with his own identity, recognizing the scars of race here in this nation, inspired by the Civil Rights struggle, the idea that you could be grounded in your history, as Israel was, but not be trapped by it, to be able to repair the world – that idea was liberating. The example

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